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    Thanks for your comments. One dealer asked about the trade-in but the other did not even ask.

    I will take a look at the sites you have suggested for the CD changer.
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    It is great to see that you are still posting here but you haven't said anything about the G35, how do you like it. Share with us won't you? I'm sure it is appropriate seeing as how you are one of the best contributors to this board. We
    would love to hear your input on your great car.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I am one happy camper today I must say! Picked the car up last night - drove the Highway home for an hour and had a blast. Almost impossible to keep the car under 70 - 80 MPH, I mean impossible!!!! I may have to look into the BMW installed radar/laser. The car just goes.

    Along the way (2 years) you all have been extremely helpful and I mean that. I look forward to joining the BMW Club and pinging you all as questions arise.

    Shipo, Snaigel, Reiz, and all the rest - THANKS!
    Beers on me when we meet!

    Today it is raining a bit, and I need to go back to Chicago for a meeting - I may take my Maxima until my heart slows down.
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    Pleasure delayed is usually that much sweeter when it is realized. Congratulations!

    Best Regards,
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    I didn't want to unleash any of the tired "G35 vs. 5/3 series" rhetoric by coming in and gloating about the new car. But, since I've now been on both sides and you asked, what the heck...

    First, since I have the G35 Coupe, I don't think any comparison to the 5-series is appropriate. The closest competitor--in size, price, and mission--is the 330Ci (which I test drove and evaluated pretty thoroughly). The 330 earned marks for its high quality (if somewhat drab) interior, its ultra-smooth drivetrain, linear braking, great steering, and all-around great balance, feedback, and feel.

    The G35, in turn, shined with its 280hp/270lb-ft powerplant, short-throw shifter, great seats, powerful (Brembo) brakes, awesome exterior styling, and, perhaps most importantly, immense "fun-to-drive" factor.

    Overall, the G35 offered slighly more performance, but the 330 offered slighly more refinement and control. BMW purists would be drawn to the latter, and bring up things like heritage, prestige, motorsports, BMWCCA, etc.

    But, of course, there's one last pragmatic issue: price. With the relatively low volume of the G35 Coupe, they're being sold at (or darn close to) MSRP. Even still, my fully-loaded (including Nav) G35 came to $37.6k. A comparable '04 330Ci would invoice at $41k and sticker around $45k. So we're talking roughly a $5k spread, which isn't trivial in my book.

    So, I went the G35. I love the car, plain and simple. The only awkward thing so far is, this car drawn attention, big time. I suppose a red Ferrari spyder driven by an attractive blonde might generate more head-turns, but not much.

    Do I miss my 530? Of course. Do I compare the two? Not really. I understand the nature of wanting to find the "perfect car," but auto enthusiasts should spend more time celebrating the excellent choices before them, as opposed to battling incessantly over which car is best.

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    Interestingly enough, BMW does not offer this extended warranty to new car buyers, even at an additional cost. They have no factory extended warranty program, except on CPO cars.


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    fjk & kyfdx... Keep in mind that CPO is BMW's program. It is designed and controlled by BMW NA. Not by BMW dealers. Just like with BMW's original factory warranty program and the maintenance/service programs. Dealers have to agree to the terms and conditions of the CPO program. Their complaince is monitored (though not apparently too much, from the detailed articles on this in Roundel (BMW CCA) and Bimmer magazines.

    CPO is essentially designed to promote resale value of BMWs. And it helps dealers sell used cars at good (read: higher) prices. This benefits both BMW AG/NA and dealers. People will pay more up front if they know resale down road is high. And people will buy used cars and pay more for them if there is a good warranty on them.
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    Thanks for the very helpful review. Hope you continue to enjoy your new car. Keep us posted.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    kyfdx: interesting! GM lets you extend the original warranty up to three years I think.
    riez: I understand that this is BMW's program. But I would think that a dealer could decide whether to "CPO" a particular car or not. If a BMW dealer gets a used BMW as a trade in and has a buyer for it "as is", I don't know that he "required" to "CPO" the car. If it were me, I would want the additional warranty. The dealer could easily say that the car does not meet the CPO requirements to get around whatever agreements there are.
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    Terrific tribute from you to both cars and I agree... we do try to search for the "perfect car" I especially liked that last paragraph. Remember, keep us posted; similarities and differences in cars are what makes the car world go around. You have active emeritus status on this board..never forget that.Thanks again.
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    Thank you for that great post. Although I am not a big fan of the look of the G35 sedan, I do love the exterior look of the coupe. This takes on special importance to me because after this year I am seriously selling my 528i and getting a 330Ci or a G35 coupe. The difference for me is price as well, but in a different manner. I would go used and that being the case, the 330Ci as a CPO stands out to me much better than a new G35 coupe. I think the interior of the G35 is larger and I am sure the performance numbers are better as well, but I have had performance cars before and that only gets me in trouble with the law. I have to admit, this is my first BMW right now and I really love it. I am use to smaller cars and so I thought it would be too big based on the outward appearance. But some how magically once behind the wheel, the car is a lot smaller and nimbler to move around in traffice. The only thing I keep thinking about is that if the 5er is that great in traffic, imagine how great the 3er is. Plus I feel like even though I am 31, the 5er makes me seem like I have money and it is almost a deterant from finding a woman who is out for money, because I don't!!

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    I have found a good lease deal on a 530i at my local dealership and he has two cars with the options I want. One is Jet Black and the other is Black Sapphire.

    The salesman says he prefers Black Sapphire since it doesn't show the dirt as much as Jet Black.

    I have this picture in my mind of a black on black BMW and I want to make sure that the Sapphire will look black. It is hard to make a comparison on the lot since both are pretty dirty.

    Please post your satisfaction with either color and whether Black Sapphire really does hide dirt better. All opinions appreciated!


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    Prior to my current Sapphire Black 530i, I had three other cars that were Black (not BMWs mind you, just other black cars), and I can tell you that clean or dirty, the Sapphire Black is a much richer look what with the extra layers of clear coat that the Metallic paint includes. Oddly enough, unless there are two cars side-by-side, it is very difficult to tell which color is which.

    Best Regards,


    If you want to see my ride, click on the following:

    Then you can check out the various photos that I have posted. ;-)
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Member Posts: 539
    A Cadillac dealer would wash both cars so you could see them. Since they are dirty you should be able to make a determination as to whether the Sapphire really does hide dirt (probably not).
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    I just picked up my new '03 540iA on Monday and I'm so thrilled with everything about this car. My dealer gave me the DVD for the Nav and before I load it in, I wanted to make sure it is the correct one. The label on the disc says "Mini". Is BMW using the same disc that is in the Mini Cooper cars?
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    Will someone give me a good reason to choose a 525 over the 530 since the lease difference is about 50-60 per month. I like the extra power of the 530, but is it worth the difference. I am coming from a Saab (SE) and an Audi(sloow). Thanks for any input.
  • srfastsrfast Member Posts: 138
    If you are going with the Steptronic, go with the 530i. If you are going 5 speed, either I6 is OK. I own a 530i with 5 speed and it really moves.

    Hope this helps....JL
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    ...Congrats!... I know what you mean and learned to set the speed limit warning tone real quick, like on the ride home. Bonk....bonk....bonk...all the way...Have fun in your great new drive!
  • srfastsrfast Member Posts: 138
    Sapphire Black is more classy & richer looking than Jet Black, but black is black. Sapphire will not "hide the dirt better." Owning a black car is a very satisfying experience, but it takes hard work and CARE to maintain. I've owned a Jet Black 325i for 11 years and though there are a few minor scratches, it still looks great. From day one, it has been hand washed and Zymol'd on a regular basis.

    Hope this helps...JL
  • rweiss2rweiss2 Member Posts: 6
    You make a good point. Yes, I would get the Steptronic so the 530 is better. I only wish I had the guts to go back to a 5 speed after all these years. Saw your page. Great looking car.
    Thank you again
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    Only wish you had the "guts" to go back to a 5-speed after all these years?

    What "guts"? There's no guts required to drive a 5-series manual - 400 hp M5 included. They are among the smoothest shifting, nicest feeling manual transmissions out there. If I ever came home with a 5-series sedan with an automatic transmission, my 5'1" 105 lb wife would divorce me. And she has not guts (or gut) whatsovever.

    Seriously, if you prefer an automatic, go for it. But if you are inclined to consider rowing your own, try it before you decide. The 5-series really rewards the do it yourselfers.
  • dzubadzuba Member Posts: 159
    You're kidding - there really is such a thing?
    I better start reading the manual!
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    Snaigel: You opinion of your G35 coupe (and how it compares to a 3er & even a 5er) is definitely relevant and appreciated on this board. I'm pretty sure all of us know that you're not trying to start up the G35 V. BMW argument.

    While many here on the board have had success with BMW's CPO cars, how much off of the asking price do you usually get? The reason I ask is that I always see CPO BMWs listed in the paper for very close to their original value. X5s, 530s, & 3ers all hold their value well as we all know. I know that CPO makes the used car more expensive and worth more (due to the warranty), but, but how willing are the dealers dealing on say the perfect used BMW? Is is supply and demand or what?

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    loving every drive in my car! My dealer sent me a second $100 certificate (first one came last year at this time.) to use toward the purchase or lease of another BMW. Nice touch , but I don't think I'll be using them any time soon.

    dzuba and crete Congratulations on your new 5's! Enjoy in good health!
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    fjk... From what I remember regarding the lengthy articles in Roundel (BMW CCA) and Bimmer magazines on the BMW NA CPO program, dealers DO have the initial choice as to whether or not they want to CPO a car. But only cars that meet the CPO criteria can be CPO'd. Once they get the pre-owned car, they have to make an initial final decision. A dealer is NOT allowed to simultaneously offer a pre-owned BMW as either a non-CPO or CPO car. It has to be one or other other. The dealer can't say something like "I'll sell it to you for $30,000 or $31,500 CPO." BMW reportedly monitors program compliance. A few dealers have temporarily lost the ability to participate due to their violations of the program's rules.
  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    nyccarguy... Key is to negotiate hard. Find multiple dealers that have cars you are willing to buy. Try to play one dealer against another to get your sale. Use the BMW NA CPO locator on their web site. Makes it easy to find cars you might be willing to buy. I drove 600 miles to find the unit I wanted. My wife got her's 150 miles away.

    I did my negotiating over e-mail and telephone. When I bought mine, the dealer ended up dropping his initial asking price by $1,000 and I ended up getting the initial trade amount I asked for.

    If you buy, will you trade a car in? That complicates the sale and price analysis.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Member Posts: 539
    You are right that once a car has been certified "CPO", the dealer does not have the option of taking that back. I assume that the dealers must pay something for the extended warranty. Otherwise why would BMW extend the warranty?

    The dealer is the one who knows if a particular car meets the critiera for certification, and they could offer a price differential on an uncertified car if they knew that it could be certified. Doing that on a regular basis might violate the "rules" for CPO cars.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Member Posts: 539
    To get the best price out of the dealer, you must be prepared to walk away from any deal. If the dealer/salesman thinks you will pay more, they will hold out for more. Last Halloween, the local Cadillac/Oldsmobile dealer wanted to sell me the last 2002 Seville they had. I really wasn't looking for a new car as my 98 Aurora was still good. But the salesman said they had a $15,000 discount. So I thought I could trade for $25,000. The discount was really $4000 + $2000 for incentives. The dealership was willing to throw in more but it was't $15,000. So we talked for a couple of days and I increased my offer to $28,000. They came down to about $31,000. The incentives were going away Halloween night and the salesman asked if I would go another $500, so I said OK, thinking the sales manager would never go for it. They took the offer though. So it was a good deal, but if I had really wanted the car (list price was over $50,000 - $51000 with gold trim), they would have held out for the $33,000 they wanted to start with. I figure that I got ten grand off list price.
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    I like Jet Black. Black is Black. My 86 was Jet Black and still looked real good last week when we parted ways. Every time I washed it, I'd get comments like, "Ja getta new car?", or "Ja git it painted?". FWIW, we ordered both my 03 530i and wife's 03 X5 in Jet Black.

    On another note, the dealer in Greenville, SC has a Silver 530i, 5 speed w/ NO options. MSRP of $41,795. Last of the breed, at 525 prices.

    Happy motoring,

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    Hey dzuba, mind if I ask what you're paying? I recently found a 2002 530i, black/gray, SP, PP, with 13k miles on it. I don't think it has premium sound, xenon, or heated seats. The dealer is asking about $35,000 for it. The asking price is certainly fair, but who pays asking price? What should I offer?
  • need4speed1need4speed1 Member Posts: 28
    Does anyone know whether front air dams/chin spoilers, advertised for 1997-2000 5 series, fit on 2001-2003 models? Also, as far as quality goes, how does fiberglass rate? I've seen body kits on eBay that are like AC Schnitzer or Hamann kits, but made out of multi-layers of "hand-laid fiberglass."

    Does installation of roof spoiler and M5 deck spoiler require drilling?
  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Member Posts: 51
    Look up "speed limit" in manual, though I think bc display is "limit" set a speed, and then you will hear a single tone once you exceed it. If you drop beneath this speed,you will hear the tone only when you exceed it does not keep beeping,thankfully. Very handy for hway, letting friends drive, or even around town where limits can be ridiculously low. I do not need it now that I'm used to it, but still for hway trips it is useful just to stay within 10 of the posted limit. Not sure if this is standard or part of PP.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Member Posts: 16,331
    I was just asking a general question. I'm not looking for a car at the present time. My 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH is still beautiful at a little over a year old with only 6200 miles. A few years down the road after I buy a home, the BMW dealer will be my first stop.

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  • wabendswabends Member Posts: 102
    I am negotiating for a 2001 530i with AT, PP, CWP and Xenon. The car was traded in at a Merc dealership by the original owner and it has 21200 miles. Asking price is $35000.

    Is this a good deal? Also, can I buy extended warranty from BMW if I buy the car from a Merc dealership?
  • riezriez Member Posts: 2,361
    wabends... If you buy a pre-owned MY 2001 BMW from a Merc dealer, you get the remainder of the original 4/50 b-to-b warranty and the remainder of the free maintenance agreement. You cannot get an extended warranty from BMW; however, you could buy an extended warranty from a 3rd party.

    If you want an extended warranty thru BMW, then you'd have to buy a CPO car from a BMW dealer.

    Have you checked out BMW NA's web site, the CPO locator? You should. Might be interesting to see what you find near you.
  • george94george94 Member Posts: 75
    Does the system turn on the AC on its own when the condition changes inside/outside or do I need to select the AC on the display? Can someone clarify it for me?
  • karmikankarmikan Member Posts: 116
    I'm pretty sure that you have to turn the AC on manually. The fan is auto but when it's trying to cool the car it just blows in a lot of outside air, not AC cooled air.

    A bit strange to say the least.
  • karmikankarmikan Member Posts: 116
    Does anyone know how the heating works on the outside mirrors?

    The owners manual says "Both mirrors are defrosted automatically when the key is in position 2". That would imply that they're heated all the time because position 2 is "Run". Difficult to imagine that's true because wouldn't the heating elements would burn out really quickly?

    Maybe the heating control is linked to the outside temp sensor or maybe to the rear defogger. Another possibility is that the heating is set on a timer so that they come on for a set time after the ignition is switched on, but that wouldn't make much sense either because heating wouldn't be needed most of the year. Aarrgg!! My head hurts.

    Anyone know the answer? Thanks in advance
  • wabendswabends Member Posts: 102
    Thanks for your advice. I checked the BMW centers within 150 miles but none came up with such a price for a MY 2001 530i with the specs that I was looking for. Most of the sales advisors appear to be interested in pushing new 530's out to make room for the MY 04s.

    I will keep you posted on the outcome.
  • george94george94 Member Posts: 75
    Thanks. Yes, I do indeed find it strange. My wife's Honda Oddysey works automatically. I can't believe BMW calls it auto climate when it depends on manual switch to turn ac/heat on.
  • karmikankarmikan Member Posts: 116
    The heat comes on automatically and the fan speed is auto too but the AC seems to be manual. A long shot - could be something to do with mileage ratings or something equally obscure.
  • wabendswabends Member Posts: 102
    Thanks for your advice. I checked the BMW centers within 150 miles but none came up with such a price for a MY 2001 530i with the specs that I was looking for. Most of the sales advisors appear to be interested in pushing new 530's out to make room for the MY 04s.

    I will keep you posted on the outcome.
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Hmmm, I actually prefer having to manually engage the A/C, in fact, cars that I have driven that engage the compressor automatically drive me crazy. Oh well, I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time. ;-)

    Best Regards,
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    Three months ago I purchased an Electric Red MY01 CPO 530i, Sport/Premium, Xenons, CD+changer for 36K. The car had 13K miles, was in showroom condition, and was a late-year car (thus, a little longer free maintenance interval and warranty left). I was told by a local dealer that if I wanted one of their cars to be sold CPO that it would add 2K to the price. Others have estimated the CPO value at a bit less.

    Based on what I paid, I'd say the price is close, but a bit on the high side (given the absence of the SP, CD+changer, and no CPO). Good luck.
  • george94george94 Member Posts: 75
    Shipo, if you have the a/c on and the outside temperature changes as often happens in Boston/Vermont area...does the a/c change to heat automatically in order to maintain the inside settings?
  • shiposhipo Member Posts: 9,148
    Yes, even with the A/C button selected, if the temperature in the car falls below your set threshold, the heat will come on, aided of course by the A/C, which will also dry the air. On a cold rainy day, this is a good thing; otherwise, I would rather have the A/C switched off.

    Best Regards,
  • dzubadzuba Member Posts: 159
    Have I said yet that I love this car!!!!!

    I have not had time to read all the manuals yet and join the clubs - but I will, so here is my first goofy question.

    Brake dust - soap and water, or is there a better method? Is there some special spray that loosens up the dust?


    PS - I was considering saving my 98 Maxima GLE for the rainy/snowy/crappy days and the high mileage trips - but after drivng my 530 for a week - I may sell it and drive the H out of the 530. That is what they are meant for right? Between the extremes - I would rather drive it, replace the tires when needed, then pamper it.
    So in three years I may either keep or sell my 02 530, and it will have 80-90K miles on it!!
  • george94george94 Member Posts: 75
    One more annoying question for you or anyone. I have 530 MY 03 with SP and PP, 5spd. Is there any indication or display which tells you if a door was not all the way closed? The only thing I seem to get is the internal light stays on. I have kids in the back and often they don't close the door...
    I have hard time believing that 50K car has no display telling you this. Am I missing something?
  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Member Posts: 51
    I have a friend with a '96 Celica Supra who keeps his wheels clean as a sparkling whistle ; he only uses soap and water and they look great. No long term worry at all. I am using BMW wheel cleaner , also another wheel cleaner "safe for clear coated wheels" to loosen the dust. It is less elbow grease and seems to work well. Has anyone used Wheel Wax? If so, any thoughts would be appreciated...When my brake pads are changed, I will be asking dealer for the ones mentioned in earlier posts that create less dust,name escapes me right now.
  • bmwdriver02bmwdriver02 Member Posts: 46
    Returned from a 500-mile round trip to Virginia (from NYC, about 250 each way). My 02 530i handled beautifully on the highway! Averaged about 27 mpg. Can't wait to do that again...
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