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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I personally do not like the Conti's (not the new one), but they are very stable in wet conditions. I drove through a downpour and felt so good that I slowly increased the speed from 50 to 85+ and could not detect any instability. This was far superior to my experience with (on diff. car) Michelin MXV4's and Goodyear RS-A's, both of which would start losing it around 60 in heavy rain.

    Conti SportContact's bad rep. has been that it becomes very noisy after about 8,000 miles and starts losing grip fairly quickly after that. However, I do remember reading from a magazine that Continental has corrected those issues and improved the wet traction with the CSC2. I am inclined to go with Bridgestone or Michelin when mine wears out, but keep us posted on how yours work out. I did notice this weekend that mine were starting to get noisy, and I have only about 6,000 miles on them.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I am happy to hear that the unfortunate incident at least is being taken cared with some satisfaction. I have to admit that sounds like a very good offer, indeed.

    I agree with you about the used car. Dealer can do its diligence with the car to make it presentable and provide warranty, but the unknown is how the previous owner has treated the car. Anecdotal evidence from the owners and the BMW mechanics suggests that break-in is crucial, especially with M models. Many who didn't follow the procedure properly often seem to complain about excessive oil consumption problem.

    So where about DC area are you moving to? I am probably going to be back in that area in about a year as well. I used to live there for 16 years, and it is a nice area but getting too crowded, and the housing price is just ridiculous. One word of warning, many people there just can't seem to drive, and the traffic is quite bad.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    jb_shin... Tire noise seems to be the bane of nearly all maximum performance tires. Either they transmit too much road noise at all times or they wear quickly and then start transmitting a ton of tire wear-related noise. Seems like I have heard one or both said about nearly ever brand or model of maximum performance tire made. My former Yokohamas became very noisy. Issue seems to afflict some higher end cars more than others (e.g., BMW and Porsche). May be due to aggressive suspension set up.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    Perhaps, but I should have said that comparatively speaking, old Contis are worse than others. I don't seem to recall hearing as many such complaints about Michelins or Bridgestones.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    Reminds of Mr. Fusion grinder that was sitting on top of the DeLorean in the movie, "Back to the Future". This would be one of the greatest inventions if it works as they say.
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    Does anyone know if there are any current leasing incentives?

    Edmunds says no - but they may be a week or so behind in updating their site - and I can not find anything on
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Yes, Yes, Yes. They're very low right now, at least what BMWFS offers through BMW centers.

    I just got a 530i, 5 spd, SP, PP, Zenon. The low rate made it very good.

    Hope this helps,

  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    The car you have is almost exactly what I am looking for: I may go with the Step vs. CWP.

    Would you share your months/miles per year and payment info?

  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Posts: 51
    Just read the posts on the theft...geez, didn't the police consider theft of $46k car to be a felony??? In any case, nice perspective by Snagiel..... yes, it is metal and replaceable.But it sounds like it will be replaced by something other than a BMW...I'm curious as to what you get, there are a lot of nice cars out there now. Keep us posted,Snagiel. Sorry for your loss,but as you say, in the scheme of things it is just a car...Good luck with new car search!
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    My dealer just received a 330i with the limited edition Performance Package (in Imola Red, no less), so I undertook the obligatory test drive and was very impressed. The body was extremely stiff, forgiving over bumps and imperfections, and steered and cornered unbelievably well. The interior was typical 3-series: businesslike and functional, but a little drab (certainly by 5-series standards).

    Alas, across the street was an Infiniti dealership. I thought I'd check out the G35 Coupe 6MT. (I can already sense the horror in those who spend quality time in the the G35 vs. 3-series/5-series boards...)

    First off, the weakpoints: The interior is interesting but certainly falls short of the material quality used in the 5-series. And the engine--while very powerful--doesn't sing as sweet or smooth a note as does the venerable BMW inline-6.

    But, it's gorgeous car, handles and brakes as well as the 3-series, accelerates like a 540, has terrific navigation and stereo systems, and offers it all up for several grand less than a loaded 330ci. Demand is high on these relatively low-volume cars, so I'm paying sticker of $37.5k.

    By no means am I back here to troll, brag, or otherwise try to degrade the 5-series. Regulars here should know how much I respect BMW, and how much I loved my 530i. At this time, however, it simply made more financial sense to me to go with a different make that offered excellent performance for the dollar.
  • dabimmerdabimmer Posts: 165
    So happy to hear you received an equitable settlement for your 530I
    loss. Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a G35 Coupe, I'm very
    seriously thinking of selling our little '02 Civic EX and getting one. I hope
    to keep my Bimmer for at least 3 more years, its an '01 and only has
    13,400 miles on it. Will be sorry to see you go from this board, hope
    you do hang around. Maybe in the near future you'll return to the
    roundel, sure hope so.The G35 is a Gorgeous car !
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    I get a "family deal" with BMW. I also put down 9 security deposits. My lease is less than $450 / month with 15k / year. Sorry, you probably can't match this deal, but the current lease incentives are very good.

    With a little negotiation on cap cost, and by putting in the extra security deposits, you should be under $500 / month with 15k / year.

    BTW, the 530 SP 5 speed is a blast to drive! At least for this 54 YO.

  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    Wow - can I be a part of your family for a short time and get a 530 as well?

    Are multiple security deposits allowed in all States? I live in Illinois!
  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Yes, AFAIK, allowed in all states. Each extra security deposit lowers the factor by .0001. So, a factor of .0014 with 9 extra SDs becomes .0005. In my case, I get better than a 15% yearly return on my money!

    Actually, this is our second new BMW in 7 weeks. My wife just got an 03 X5. So, our family plan is maxed out for now. Anything for the family!

    Good luck,

  • george94george94 Posts: 75
    I don't want to stir a large debate but it seems like a lot of people from this board do lease their 5-series bmw. I personally bought my car with about 1/2 down which kept the payment down to about $400. I am just curious. Can you share your thoughts on this subject? I understand some of you use it for tax write off if you can but anything else...?

    Snagiel, congrats on your choice. If my kids were older I would probably do the same.
  • weberamgweberamg Posts: 43
    I'm leasing my current automobile, although it's not a 5 series. My lease vs. buy decision boiled down to what was drilled into us in business school...Buy assets that appreciate...Lease assets that depreciate. Of course this isn't true in 100% of the cases, but it worked for me.

  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    There are some basic issues that are critical to the analysis:

    1. How long do you plan to own the car?
    2. How many miles will you drive during the time you will own the car?
    3. Do you take good care of the cars you drive?
    4. Is the car you plan on buying likely to depreciate quickly?
    5. Are there any incentives from the manufacturer that advantage one over the other?

    Personally, I think leasing makes since if you like to trade vehicles in every 3 years or less and you don't put too many miles on the vehicle per year and you take good care of the car and if the car is likely to depreciate a lot.

    A key to avoiding depreciation is to buy cars that tend to hold their resale value well. Too bad so few cars made today have that potential or are likely to be classics.

    The incentives can work to make one more attractive over the other depending upon how generous they are.

    But I'm also a big fan of buying one or two-year old used cars, preferably CPO thru manufacturer's dealer. You avoid the depreciation hit, get most of the warranty, can get some incentives, etc.

    So don't forget about CPO.
  • cbgb1975cbgb1975 Posts: 51
    Let's summarize Snagiel's deal.....drives a new 530 for 17 months,.... car gets totalled by thieves and settlement is 3 grand less than purchase right now that new 530 car experience cost $176 month......then gets another great new car ,G35, with 6 grand left over from settlement....that is sweet!...Congrats,Snagiel! Nice bounceback from a bad crime experience. Enjoy the G !....
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    If I didn't remember the horror of seeing my car stripped, that whole chronology would indeed seem funny. Heck, now I realize why insurance fraud is such a problem!
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    I asked this on another thread but never got a reply - hoping you can help me! What is the multiple security deposit concept? I see that it lowers the lease factor by .0001 but is it really refundable at the end of the lease, i.e. "Here's a check back for your earlier deposit" or is there some catch. Also, if the car is totalled/stolen, do you lose the deposit? Thanks for the help. I was going back & forth between a 5er and X5 and am now leaning towards the X5. What about leasing a 1 yr old CPO?

    Thanks again.

  • joatmonjoatmon Posts: 315
    Yes, they are refundable at the end of lease or if your car is stolen, totaled, et. all. Why do they do it? Well, their risk goes down for every extra deposit you put down. A lease with lots of extra security deposits just isn't likely to go bad (default,etc.).

    I'm not sure of the financing on CPO. I'd check with a dealer. BTW, I have an 03 530i, and my wife has an 03 X5. Both nice. You can see the common ancestry, but they are very different. 530i = sporty, fun, smiles. X5 = capable, luxurious, roomy (not in cargo area, but in the fromt and back seating area). Both very nice. You can't go wrong with either one. Drive both and see what suits you best.

    Hope this helps,

  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    The plot thickens.

    At the suggestion of a friend of mine (whose mother works at a BMW dealership in Chicago and swears these cars are next to impossible to steal), I contacted the dealership where I bought the car (but have never serviced) to run an inquiry on my keys.

    Only ten keys can be made for every BMW, and all requests have to be made by the owner, through a BMW dealership, and straight through BMWNA. An hour later, the dealer called and confirmed that a copy of my key had been ordered (I have never ordered a copy), but no additional information was available to him.

    Now, I'm in touch with the legal department at BMWNA, who'll be researching this and getting in touch with local police once they determine where and when (and by whom) the key copy was made.

    I'll keep you apprised...
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Whoa! "Gone In 60 Seconds"?

    That's kinda creepy!
  • bmwgurubmwguru Posts: 51
    Snagle, you need to find out who at the dealership sold or tried to get the key made. BMWNA's policy is that you need to have proof of ownership of the vehicle before you can get a key made. Usually a copy is made of the driver's license and title or insurance info.In the past the dealer had to fax the information to BMW for release of a key to the dealer. Current policy states that dealers must keep the info for two years. Every so often dealerships are audited for this info. If they fail, they can lose bonus monies from BMW or the dealership depending on how severe the violation. If the dealer cannot provide you with the info on who got the key, ask for the general manager and/or owner and explain that you will be taking legal action. BMWNA will not be held responsible for the loss of your car. It is the dealership that got the key who is.
  • sirtigersirtiger Posts: 38
    That is really freaky! This reminds me when I was a student when someone posed as me to get a college ID under my name! It came as a shock to look at the ID that had my name but someone else face on it. Identity theft is a serious problem.

    How are BMWs next to impossible to steal?

    I always believe all cars can be stolen as long as the thief is skilled and wants it bad enough. Living in NYC, I have enough locks in my car to keep me occupied for a while before I pull out of the parking space when I go out.
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    Faced with the desire to sell my 98 CLK, decided to drive the G35C and came away very impressed. Nicest design out of Infinity since they hit the market, IMO. I understand an interior upgrade is in the works, so it will (and still does) make a compelling choice for the coupe buyer.

    In my case, I had driven the new CLK500, but the 12-month wait and the optioned price that took it beyond my threshold made it a no-option in my book. New E is beautiful, but wanted to wait until it develops in the market for a couple of years. MB is also pretty proud of their pricing with the E! Great car, though.

    Allow me to say that I've learned what so many have been saying about BMW... that it is one of the finest overall driving experiences on the road. Purchased a 2003 530 Sport (Silver/Charcoal) with all options but Nav. What a sweet driver... terrific balance, steering, ride, etc. Got 3.9% year-end money and closed the deal in January. Have had it long enough to heartily recommend to anybody!

    Sport seats are wonderful, overall sense of quality is apparent, engine is smooth and responsive, enjoy the DSP sound and hope to enjoy until after the new 5er has gained its legs in the market. Like the situation with the new E, would not want to buy a 1st year car, but this experience tells me that BMW builds a heck of a car in the 5 Series! Will be interesting to see if/how they improve on this experience.
  • bmwgurubmwguru Posts: 51
    BMW's are truly next to impossible to steal. What happened to Snagle sounds to me like an inside job or a lazy or improperly trained dealership employee.
  • ryokenryoken Posts: 291
    They're next to impossible to drive off with. You can winch anything onto a flatbed and haul it away and strip it clean.
  • I am interested in buying a 99 or 2000 BMW 5 series. Can anyone explain the difference between a premium package and a sport package? Also, I have 2 young children in car seats. anyone own one of these vehicles with young children? If so, how much room do you have in the back? Do you have any problems getting the kids in and out? I really want something sportier than a minivan. Thanks!
  • lmm540ilmm540i Posts: 6
    Premium package involves comfort-convenience items such as leather interior, sunroof, garage door opener, rain sensing windshield wipers etc. sport package on the 540i gives you a lowered stiffer sport suspension, M steering wheel, 17 inch wheels and low profile tires. Especially if you are buying used, I would look for both premium and sport packages--it shouldn't cost you that much more. And the sport suspension isn't in the least bit unpleasantly stiff for normal driving. The back seat is roomy enough, but I have no idea how the carseats would work.
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