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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • 530ia2003530ia2003 Posts: 4
    I'm planning to buy a 2003 530i with titanium gray metallic color. I would appreciate input/thought from anybody regarding this color.
  • jbf5jbf5 Posts: 32
    530ia2003, I bought an 03 530i a few months back and was planning to go with Titanium Gray based on the colors in the catalog. But when I spent some time on a dealer lot (on a sunny day) looking at colors, I ended up liking Sterling Gray much more. It seems to have more luster and almost glows. Titanium Gray seemed sort of flat. I have a few coats of Zaino Z-5 and Z-2 on the car now, and have gotten quite a few compliments on the color. Bottom line is, be sure you see the colors live on the cars, outside if possible.
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    Have to say 4 weeks into this ride and it is awesome. Should have made this purchase a year ago. Oh well.....

    I need some help on what wax to use? Is Zaino Z-5 and Z-2 a BMW wax, or are there special BMW waxes out there?

    How often do you guys/gals really wax your car?
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    I now wax my 5 when the water no longer beads up nicely on the car. I was doing it more often, but realized that it was not necessary. I also do it in sections. Maybe the hood, roof and trunk one time, then the sides another. That way I am not spending hour upon hour waxing. I use the BMW auto wax sold at the dealer. It is an easy to use liquid that requires little effort. Congrats on your 5.
  • karmikankarmikan Posts: 116
    Absolutely agree that you need to see the color on the car. Sterling Gray didn't really appeal to me in the catalog but when I saw it on a car I really liked it. Don't see many 5's in this color but it seems to show off the car's lines nicely.
  • srfastsrfast Posts: 138
    I had a difficult time deciding what color to order and picked Sterling Gray. No regrets. Click the link to see pictures of my car.

    Hope this helps.....JL
  • jbf5jbf5 Posts: 32
    Dzuba, Zaino is a third-party line of car care products ( Z-2 and Z-5 are polishes. There's an Edmunds board devoted to Zaino and another devoted to competing products. I've been very pleased with Zaino's results, but the process is effort-intensive. You may need to enjoy the journey as much as the destination to find it worthwhile.
  • tbrown12tbrown12 Posts: 18
    I can either buy a used 528i sport with under 30k miles and waranty with no money down on a 5 year purchase or get an 18k mile per year lease for 4 years on an '03 Acura TLS fully loaded. I like the BMW better as far as ride and fit for me.

    Concern: First time ever looking at a German car.

    The BMW folks say as long as I start with low miles and get the extended warranty I should be OK maintenance wise. Just stick to the schedule.

    The Acura lease people say the 528i will depreciate later this summer when the new 5 series comes out. Plus the annual maintenance for tires at 15k-20k miles, brakes (at 30k), rotors at (30k),inspection I and II, oil, hoses, belts, etc will add another $100 month to the 528i each year. Then in 5 years once I own it I'll be upside down. Even if I try to move it earlier I will be hit.

    I like the BMW but since I have never owned one, I am concerned with these potential additional costs.
    I don't want to spend another 1-2k year to drive the car, if the Acura people are correct.

    Who is telling the truth and who is B.S.'ing.
  • msealsmseals Posts: 257
    In response to your questions, it sounds like the Acura dealer is trying to blow smoke up somewhere to make a sale. Yes Acura's and Honda's for that matter have resale values of gold. I should know, I just sold my 2000 Honda Civic Si back in December of last year for $9500 with 60k miles on it just because I wanted to get rid of it fast. I made about $2000 on the sale so that was cool. I had a 5 yr loan on that car and had paid about 3 yrs of it. Now I have a 1998 528i and I love it. There really is no comparison to the Civic of course. But I got a great deal on the 5er. Now my question is, how will you be upside down after the car is paid off? If you don't owe money, how can you have negative equity in the car. I believe the BMW might depreciate faster initially on the car. But I think that after about 2-3 years it will equal out. I do know that BMW's and all luxury brand cars really take a hit with higher miles. Acura's and Honda's don't because of the perception of them being bulletproof. Truth is, that Acura and Honda have scheduled Maintenance plans (just like every car) that you should follow. And don't be fooled, Acura and Honda parts aren't cheap. The difference in price will come with the labor costs if you go to the dealership. Of course Acura's and Honda's have mechanics more readily able to work on them. But with the BMW if you go to the dealership you will get robbed for regular maintenance if it is not covered under the maintenance program they have. Once that expires you can do what many people do and find either a very reputable BMW mechanic, or do it yourself if you are mechanically inclined. Most of the Inspection stuff can be done by a shade tree mechanic if you have the right tools and parts. There really isn't anything that is excessively hard, it might take time though. As for breaks and rotors, Acura's and Honda's tend to warp rather quickly. The pads last, but the rotors can't take the heat and warp. And like I said before, Acura and Honda parts are not cheap! In the end, if you follow both brands scheduled maintenance plans, I would say it is a wash in costs. The only factor might be tires if you have the sports package. But then again, my Michielin's that were stock on my Civic were $144 a piece and they were crappy in the rain and snow. In contrast my BMW's Dunlop Sport A2's cost about $67 apiece and were great in the snow, rain and had better grip on dry surfaces as well.

    It is up to you, I use to valet cars for two years and have changed my personal car every 2 to 3 years and I can freely say that my 528i is the best car I have ever driven in terms of balancing everything someone might want in a car.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Congrats on your 530i! I know you did a lot of research.

    Regarding waxing, I have continued my use of Maguire's Professional #26 on both my 1995 Maxima and 2002 Honda S2000. I washed and waxed both cars about a month ago in 2 1/2 hours total. I wax my cars about 3 times per year on average. Most of the time, the previous wax is still beading, but I prefer not to wait. My Maxima continues to get compliments that "it looks brand new" at 140,000 miles.

    I have not tried the Zaino and Zymol products. It is my understanding that they may provide a better "wet look" shine immediately after use, but do not last as long as Maguires and take considerably more time to apply (multiple steps, I believe). Perhaps if my Honda S2000 were a Ferrari 360...but for now I am extremely pleased with Maguires.

    Good luck with your 530i. That's still my top choice for my next sedan.
  • 530ia2003530ia2003 Posts: 4
    Thanks for everyone's comment. After taking a closer look at the titanium gray color, I've decided that it does not have the gloosy look as in other colors. I'm going for Black Sapphire Metallic with gray interior.
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    For what it is worth - go with the Black Sapphire Metallic. It looks absolutely beautiful. Mine happens to have the black interior as well which I love, but if you like the gray interior go with it.

    Good Luck

    PS - On the downside, my black interior does show the lint quite a bit, but a quick vacuum with a portable Dust Buster and a rag - and I'll deal with it. It looks that good IMHO!

    I am off for a 2 1/2 hour drive one way for a 1:00 Golf Playday in Peoria, IL and can not wait to hit the highway. I could take my 98 Max GLE and save the miles on the 530, but not today!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 122,996
    If you can buy the BMW for the same price as leasing the Acura, The BMW should be cheaper in the long run. At 18K per year, you'll be out of warranty on the Acura in less than 3 years. I'm assuming since its a 528i, that the BMW is a 2000 model. That should also be out of warranty in about 3 years. You'll have to pay for maintenance on either car, and even though the Acura should be cheaper on that front, at the end of 4 years, you have zero equity. Even a 7 year old BMW with 95K miles, should be worth at least $12-15K, and you should only owe about $4-6K by then.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • sdg380sdg380 Posts: 109
    Obviously, this is somewhat of a "beauty in the eye" discussion, but after debating between Sterling and Titinium, I went with the Titanium. Both look really nice, but:(1) I have a gray interior and titanium gives 530 nice monochromatic look;(2) I can't stand dark(ish) cars in hot weather, and titanium is much lighter shade, almost white;(3) titanium is absolutely the very best color to not show dirt, bar none (guess I'm admitting my car isn't always spotless!);(4) silver is far and away the most popular car color, somewhat boring as a consequence, but avoids controversy at trade time (plus there's a reason it's popular).
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    tbrown: you said that after 5 years when you own it, you will be upside down. How's that work?

    colors: Buy what you like and ignore all others (ok, except the spouse...). Choosing a color because you think that other people think it looks cool is, well, pathetic.

  • msealsmseals Posts: 257
    That is exactly what I was wondering too. How can you be upside down on a car you own and don't owe money on? Me thinks the Acura dealer was pulling someones leg financially. At the end of the Acura lease you have nothing! And you will have paid for all the maintenance with nothing to show for in the end.

  • Wow I really like the Sterling Gray. Should have gotten it instead of the Titanium Silver Metallic on my 5er.
  • beemer4mebeemer4me Posts: 42
    Is the 5 series noticeably quieter inside than the 3 series on the freeways?
  • 530bmw530bmw Posts: 130
    My problem is the opposite of yours, I own a sterling gray but like the titanium better. Would you want to make a trade?
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    Yes, the 5er is quieter on the highway than the 3er. How do I know? Well, we have a 2001 530iA with 22K miles and a 2001 325iT with 15K miles and I have tried both on the highway. Overall, they are both relatively quiet (compared to other vehicles) but our 3er is louder than our 5er. That is to be expected because the former is near- luxury and the latter is a luxury sedan. My 2 cents.

  • many miles you got? lol hehe :)
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    I just got home from my London-Paris-London trip last night (at midnight), and have been doing a little catch-up. First off, thanks to all of you for your kind words. ;-)

    On this trip I encountered a few tidbits that I thought y'all might enjoy.

    I picked up a magazine in the lobby of my hotel in Paris and found the published prices for the 6 cylinder E60 for France:

    525i (Petrol): 42,000 Euros
    530i (Petrol): 45,000 Euros
    530d (Diesel): 41,000 Euros

    Hmmm, am I missing something? Unless the 530d is de-contented when compared to the 525i and the 530i, how is it that it costs less? If I remember correctly, the published specs for the 530d rank it right behind the 530i in acceleration off the line, and even faster than the 530i above 40 mph. Go figure.

    Speaking of diesels (part 1); I rode in one of the new W211 E-Class cabs again on this trip. I hailed it at something like 4:30 AM Monday morning for a ride from the Gare du Nord area to Charles de Gaulle airport. When we started rolling, I immediately noticed that this one was a diesel just like the E220 CDI that I rode in back in April; however, it felt somewhat faster. When we merged onto the autoroute we were following some other traffic up the ramp, and as we hit the main roadway, my driver opened it up, and I was stunned at how fast that thing went from 60 kph (a little less than 40 mph) to 160+ (100 mph and then some). When we got to the airport the driver turned to me while patting his steering wheel and said, "What do you think of my new taxi?" I told him that I loved it. While retrieving my baggage, I noticed that I had been riding in a new E320 CDI. Hmmm, given my dislike of the new E60, maybe by the time the lease is up on my 2002 530i, MB-USA will be importing that thing; I would buy one in a minute.

    Speaking of diesels (part 2), on my flight home from London yesterday, I was seated next to a Petroleum Engineer who works for UOP (I think that used to stand for "Universal Oil Products"). Anybody out there remember the black "UOP Shadow" Can-Am car? If you do not, check out Anyway, this individual does a lot of work on figuring out the process for removing sulpher from fuel, specifically diesel fuel. Cool! I had to ask, "Why is it that Europe has Low Sulpher Diesel already available and we will not be able to get it for several more years?"

    His response was a little surprising, "Well, actually, Europe and the U.S. use the same basic diesel fuel. The difference is in their legislation. In the U.S., the government is reticent at best to legislate standards that are as yet unobtainable, in Europe, they write the legislation so that it spells out what the standard should be, and they hope it gets there sooner or later. Basically, Europe uses Low Sulpher Diesel simply because their laws and standards say it is."

    Needless to say, I was shocked. Everything I have read regarding diesel fuel indicated (to me anyway) that Europe was using a different flavor than us.

    Best Regards,
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    You know what is even funnier? 530d that costs less than 530i brand new out the showroom actually will be more expensive as a used car, at least that is the trend in Germany.
  • seivwrigseivwrig Posts: 388
    The E320 CDI will be brought to the US. I think as soon as 2004
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Cool! That said, I forgot about one very important criteria (at least for me). Will I be able to get an E320 CDI with a manual transmission? Probably not. Oh well, back to looking for a nice condition CPO 2003 M5 or a 540i 6-Speed. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,570
    On three business trips a year or so ago I had occasion to rent turbo-diesels (sorry for the redundancy), two Audis & a VW. Hey, what can I say -- BMW's aren't rented by National.

    Anyway, I learned very quickly that they perform very well and use very little fuel, relatively speaking. I'd buy a BMW diesel in a heartbeat, if any were available over here.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    shipo... Are those prices inclusive of various taxes? Wondering if the diesel doesn't get some fuel or economy tax break (or the petrol engines get some fuel or economy tax penalty). Is their a French or EU gas guzzler tax? Fuel economy reward?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Americans want cheap fuel, both petrol and diesel. Compare our fuel prices and fuel taxes to their European counterparts. Heavy trucking interests dominate US fuel legislation. These big firms can use umpteen millions of gallons of diesel annually. If low sulphur fuel costs (and it does since TANSTAAFL), even if just a few pennies a gallon, those interests are going to resist it as long as they can. And most American motorists aren't into diesels yet. Plus GM and Ford have lagged in diesels so they need time to catch up. Delaying standards might be win-win for these big players?
  • I read in an article that the new M5 has throttle bodies for each of the 8 cylinders and they made them larger, as well as add 30,000 in upgrades so now its an 105,000 luxury car with the speed of a rocket. I'd like to know if the 1990-93 M5 has the same upgrades available through Dinan or AC Schnitzer and would the 1991 version have those throttle bodies for each cylinder? Would it improve the car's performance if I added a supercharger or a Twin-turbocharger? Would the car run even faster if I used NOS along with a CO2 (Cold Compressed Air) Kit? Or would the chemicals add together and slow the car down? What kinds of upgrades would you place on a transmission, manual or automatic, to be able to use it for high speeds?
         Can someone also tell me what is the differences between the 1991 m5 and a 5 series of the same year? Would it be possible to officially call a 5 series an M5 if the original M5 engine, "brains" and trans were placed into a 5 series that originally had a 2.5L or 3.0L V6 engine and a manual transmission?
          Also, I watched on World's Wildest Police Chases about a black 1990 BMW M3 coupe w/ 240 HP beat a new LT1 Camaro police car w/ upgrades and 350HP. After the camaro slid off the road after chasing the 15 year old car theif at 150 mph, 15 minutes later, the BMW broke down but I don't know the reason. Can you tell me how to modify a 1991 5 series or M5 in anyway to keep the engine keeping a sustanted maximum speed and yet not destroy itself?
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    joyrider147... You wrote, "Would it be possible to officially call a 5 series an M5 if the original M5 engine, "brains" and trans were placed into a 5 series that originally had a 2.5L or 3.0L V6 engine and a manual transmission?" No.

    M5 is more than just the engine and transmission. And I believe BMW M vehicles have their own VIN number (forget which digit(s) theirs). Think what you are proposing might cost a small fortune. You'd likely be better off either just buying a used M5 or aftermarket modifying the non-M5 car (Dinan chip, low restriction exhaust, better tires, lighter wheels, upgrade brakes, etc.).
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