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  • I'm not saying there should be a porportionate (increasing) level of safety based on price, simply that perhaps a car that is (significantly) more expensive should perhaps meet the same (or yes, even better) safety margins of a less expensive car. Paying for additional features and a "name brand" (and better quality, performance, etc.) is great, but shouldn't safety be another factor that one gets when paying alot more for a more expensive car?? The more expensive brands always talk about safety along with everything else, but apparently they aren't delivering on that front as well as less expensive cars that are.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    Right, I understood your point. I shouldn't have even mentioned safety "multiples." My point was that very expensive cars are not necessarily safer than cheap cars. Some brands may mention safety, but it is not necessarily the primary focus among premier marques. Even some of the most expensive cars ($100k+) are less safe than some cars that cost $15k.

    Would you feel safer in a 5-Star Honda Civic or a Lamborghini Gallardo?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Would you feel safer in a 5-Star Honda Civic or a Lamborghini Gallardo?

    I'd feel much safer in the Lambo, as I'm sure that I would die of boredom if I was forced to drive a Civic.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    div2, you crack me up! :shades:
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    I'd feel much safer in the Lambo, as I'm sure that I would die of boredom if I was forced to drive a Civic.

    Lol! :P
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    I just got an email from a BMW dealer (who continues to send me spam!) about a program just announced by BMW....

    All 2003 5-Series CPO cars not only will have the 2.9% interest rate, but BMWFS will also make your first two payments. I haven't talked to anyone, so I don't know the details; if that means you don't have to make a payment for 3 months, or if you just have two fewer months on the loan.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone looking at a CPO E39... :)
  • I got a BMW Motorcycle several years ago and BMW made the first 5 payments. I'm sure this is the same type of program, they will make the first 2 payments of 36, 48 or whatever. There may be a minimum or maximum number of payments required and there may be a rebate option instead of 2 payments.
  • aam1aam1 Posts: 26
    Dear Forum Members:

    I have a 2002 E39. I recently noticed that the coutesy lights/lamps in both the passenger and driver footwells are not working. Just wanted to find out how I can locate and replace the burnt out bulbs. Any and all help is appreciated. The lights/lamps at the bottom of the doors are still working.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    I think I posted this in another forum, as well. If you lights just suddenly stopped working, I would check the fuses first before I tried to replace any bulbs....
  • Is there NOT a dealer close by?
  • aam1aam1 Posts: 26
    There are several dealers nearby but I don't want to pay them labor at $125/hour if I don't have to.

    As to checking the fuses, these two lights are the only ones out. All the rest are working as are other electronic functions.
  • I understand completely -- if, however, it gets hairy, you may find the dealer is less money overall.

    $125 an hour?

    Whew! All the techs have MBA's or what!?!
  • aam1aam1 Posts: 26
    That is the rate my Rockland County, NY dealer charged me the last time I had my car in for out-of-warranty repairs.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,323
    I lease 'em and won't buy 'em.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    I've seen as low as $80/hr and as high as $120/hr for BMW service....

    No, they don't have MBAs, but FWIW they have some pretty serious school and training for BMW techs. They don't just hire kids out of the local vo-tech....
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 131,070
    Yeah! They go to school in Cleveland!!

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I just CPO'ed my 2003 e39SP in January and got 3.9% along with a new set of Dunlop SP Sport2000's. My Pirelli PZero Nero's "seemed" to have plenty of tread depth at 12K miles on them, but what can I say? Also received a full detail and service - the car is better than new! Fabulous car in every way...
  • Hello,

    I also have an '06 525xi that I took delivery in Nov '05.I seem to be having a similar problem.The care vibrates(although subtle) especially over 65 mph. I noticed it when I first got the car and since then have been to the dealership no less than 8 times. They have balnced it (twice)rotated the tires (twice), Changed a tire (once) and yet I still have the problem. They Brought their head tech( a german dude)who did not think there was a problem and said that the problem is with the bad american roads !

    Its good to know that I may not be imagining this problem after all.

  • Have you had high-speed on-car balancing performed? Ties tires/wheels to suspension. Maybe tires out of round. This should help to determnine source of problem.
  • "Have you had high-speed on-car balancing performed? Ties tires/wheels to suspension. Maybe tires out of round. This should help to determnine source of problem."

    Good input. In cases where balancing does NOT do the trick, there is a good possibility that the wheel and/or tire is out-of-round. Easy to tell if that's the case by jacking the car up and spinning the wheel/tire. Use a fixed position pointer that has a small gap between the pointer and the tire. Look for a gap variation as the wheel/tire is spun.
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 44
    So far I have heard that the sport package for 07 will have a new "sport" steering wheel and 20 way seats. Does anyone know if these are the optional current "comfort" seats? Also, I heard there will be an ipod jack standard for 07 and that there is NO face-lift according to my sales rep for my 06.

    I just leased an 06 525i last November. It's black sapphire / black, Premium Pkg, Cold Wthr, Xenons, Steptronic, Navigation and Sirius radio. I got a very good deal on the lease and have all the options I want except....

    Previously I had a 2001 330i with Sport/Prem, Step etc.. I LOVED this car but I need a lease for business and it would have been out of warranty.

    Am I crazy for not being happy with my brand-new E60 becaue it doesn't have the Sport Package? I wanted something larger and it seemed perfectly fine when test driving but now that day to day is here it is different. I really wanted the NAV and cold weather packages that this particular car had so that is why I chose not to get one with Sport Pkg. I do actually feel that the power IS underated for the 525i bye the way. In most cases it just flies. However, I do notice the slightly floaty feeling at higher speeds and myself having lower confidence on twisty canyon roads. I even upgraded the tires from the stadard Conti's to Michellin Pilots but they feel about the same in this car. Also, even though I've had the dealer check the alignment it still seems like I have to correct it too much and on some roads I cannot tell if it's off or not. The car has been in two full days for a creaking / squeaking noise that they have been able to hear but are unable to get rid of despite replacing all the door seals.

    Should I just get the 2007 with the sport package or stop whining and keep the beautiful E60 that I already have that so many others would be thrilled with. Also, I'm assuming that the 2008's will have some sort of "face-lift" that may or may not be an advantage. I could wait for that.

    Any opinions or should I shut up and enjoy the car! I feel either way to OCD and ungrateful or just plain not completely happy with the car. I could probably afford to get out of it and into another new one but it would not be easy financially but not that hard either.
  • jabroltajabrolta Posts: 32
    I know how you feel. Not having the SP can be depressing since the car handles better. I am having a similar dilemma. I ordered 06 330i (PP, CW, SP) last year and did not get the Nav system because of some bias editoral reviews of the IDrive. I regret it to this day :mad: . I am thinking of ordering the 550i. If you want performance, then bite the bullet and get the 550i with the SP. Based on the Edmunds customer reviews , the car does not disapoint. We BMW owners have OCD about our cars :shades:
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 44
    Yea you're right. I may go for the 530i however. The 550 is just tooooo much car for me I think. :)

    PS: I actually really like the iDrive most of the time. But it does have it's moments. And the Nav is not as good as my friend's Honda or the one in the 05 MBZ that I briefly owned. Yuk :(
  • sdg380sdg380 Posts: 109
    JMC, it may be easy for me to talk since I'm happy with my '02 530 (but am lustily eying a 550), but I'd say be happy with your beautiful car, and enjoy it until the end of the lease, or at least until a swap wouldn't be so costly. I would only observe what we all know, no car is perfect, and there are always trade-offs. In this case, it is virtually impossible to get the same sporty feeling of a 330 in a 5-series simply as a matter of physics--more weight and size to start, stop, and turn. Yet you make the very comment that makes a 5 the right choice for me, you "wanted something larger".

    Naturally, everybody raves about a 3-series as being the perfect sports sedan, and it may well be, provided that (relatively small) size vehicle is right for you.

    Sure, you could get hosed financially to upgrade to a 5 with the sport packege, and it's your dough, but you state that "it would not be easy financially". And while I don't mean to suggest that a SP-equipped 5 won't be sportier than your 525, I feel confidant in saying it still won't be as sporty as your 330 (this is apart from my personal feelings that non-SP BMW's are sporty (eg, firm) enough, especially on our crummy Midwest roads, never mind the mandatory bi-annual tire swaps.)

    While I know we all wish to avoid what I call "car envy", we're not talking about changing to a new pair of socks, and considering you're driving one of the finest cars on the road, I think you should stop worrying about further optimization (new tires on a brand new car?), and just enjoy your fine car. Don't mean to be harsh, but maybe you guys are right about OCD--let us know what you decide.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    So far I have heard that the sport package for 07 will have a new "sport" steering wheel and 20 way seats. Does anyone know if these are the optional current "comfort" seats? Also, I heard there will be an ipod jack standard for 07 and that there is NO face-lift according to my sales rep for my 06.

    The new "Multi-Contour Seats" (as they're called for the upcoming 07) will be like the comfort seats in the way they adjust 20-ways, including upper and lower back articulations, sides in and out, and thigh extender. However, they differ from the "comfort seats" because the new seats will also have the lateral side bolster support that the typical BMW sport seats have.
  • mikerochmikeroch Posts: 69
    I have a copy of the Canadian specs for the 2007 models.

    There are very few changes, including none to our sport packages here.

    BTW - Comfort seats IIHS ratings "Good to Adequate"; Regular and Base seats = "Poor" (!!!!!). (Due to active head restraints on the comfort seats not on the others).
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 44
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll probably check out the 07 with Sport Pkg regardless. btw, I was able to sell the almost new OEM tires that covered about 1/3 of the new tires.
  • 330blast330blast Posts: 49
    Hi there, I am looking for a sales brochure for 2003 5 series. I have checked with BMW NA and they don't have any left. Where are other places I can look for?
    Any recommendation/lead is appreciated.
  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    I have a PDF of what looks to be a European 2003 sales brochure written in English, drop me an E-Mail (via the E-Mail address in my profile) and I'll send it to you free of charge. ;-)

    Best Regards,
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    I actually have a real one. What info are you looking for?
  • 330blast330blast Posts: 49

    Thanks for your reponse.

    I actually want to own a hard copy if possible. Soft copy is denititely very helpful (Thanks to Shipo). I have checked ebay also, but no luck.
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    I have a 2006 530i and I recently had sirius installed. Now I have problems with FM reception, it is constantly cutting in and out in places it never did before. Has anyone out there had a similar problem?
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,470
    I saw a gorgeous Black 1st generation M5 (E28?) on my way to work this AM. It was in great shape and had some aftermarket black wheels. The guy was moving too. That's definitely a stealth cruiser.

    I saw a 1983 533i for sale in the paper last weekend for $650. Hmm :P

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2017 Pilot Touring AWD, 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport 4WD

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 131,070
    In the early '90s, I went to see an '83 533i, stick, that was for sale.. I think it had 180K miles.. Really, in pretty decent shape, cosmetically... The guy was asking $3500..

    On a 90 degree day.... take off for a test drive with my girlfriend.. urban neighborhood... zipping around corners, stoplight to stoplight.. pretty strong engine... about 4 blocks from the guy's house, a nasty noise from the engine and it quits...

    I leave it there (and her), jog back to the house... "Uh, your car just died." We get in my car, and drive back.. "No problem... when I get this fixed, are you still interested?" Uh...sure... I'll call you.. :surprise:

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I saw a gorgeous Black 1st generation M5 (E28?) on my way to work this AM.

    My original plan was to sell my M6 and buy an E28 M5 after my son was born, but I got tired of looking and ended up special ordering the Club Sport-which is a whole 'nother story... Anyway, you can pick up nice a nice E28 M5 for @$10K or an E34 M5 for under $15K. I'm still tempted; a Conforti chip and a euro exhaust will give an E28 M5 @300 hp at the crank, while an E34 will end up with around 350 hp. Yowza!

    I saw a 1983 533i for sale in the paper last weekend for $650. Hmm

    Could be a diamond in the rough, could be a money pit. It's probably not cost-effective unless you can perform 99% of the maintenance and repairs yourself. FWIW, my wife still says that my 1987 535is was her favorite BMW.
  • jo2jo2 Posts: 41
    I just wanted to give you my 2 cents. I have a an 06 530i sports package/premium package/navigation. It is a fantastic car - But I am truly pissed I didn't get the ACTIVE STEERING OPTION. I have this very sport car with a somewhat looser steering wheel (very annoying). Also the steering wheel on my car is much slimmer than most which I find to be harder to hang on to because there is less of it. I just assumed that the sport package came with the bigger steering wheel and the active steering, I would make sure the car came with these options before I bought.

    If money is not an issue get the 530i the engine is fantastic and it doesn't sound like its working as hard as the 525 in my humble opinion. As for the cold weather package - we have it in our X5 and the heated seats are nice but I don't really miss them at all in my 530i.
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    Odd that your 06 530SP does not have the sport steering wheel! My 03 530SP has the "M" steering wheel with thumb rests - very meaty wheel. Was under the impression that all SP-equipped cars had the "M" steering wheel :confuse:

    Also, my 03 is a pre-"active steering" car and the steering is just about perfect! If your car feels loose to you, have your service dept look into it.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 273
    2004-2006 BMW 5-series (E60) with Sport package had the standard steering wheel (except cars with SMG). The same is true for 97-98 E39. Starting from 2007 all sport package cars getting M-steering wheel and very sporty comfort (do not confuse with E39 comfort) seats. As to AS it makes the steering lighter and less precise. I would avoid this option if I could.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Does a 5 "automatically" come with Servotronic steering even without AS.

    When we bought our 2005 X3 (a special order), we placed the order on Saturday (all the items we spec'd were on a printout.) We reviewed and re-reviewed the build and price option on the public BMW website and found Servotronic was a $250 option.

    We went to the BMW store on Monday night and literally gave the dealer $250 (which became our down payment on a 36 month lease) and they were able to effect the mod to the order -- we love the Servotronic yet it seems such an odd thing to offer a BMW without a $250 night and day difference feature.

    I assume the 5's come standard, normal with Servotronic -- however, I am now questioning this in light of the previous posts.

    Do BMW 5's (all of them) currently come with Servotronic as a standard part of the content?

  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    Having driven AS-equipped e60's, I also prefer the precise feel of the standard setup. Even the new M5 went without AS.

    Although I love the sport seats in my '03, believe the "sport comfort" seats in the upcoming '07's will be wonderful.
  • JingleJillJingleJill Posts: 120
    I have a 2003 525i w/sport package. The tires are shot at 32k miles. Does anyone have any tire recommendations? I live in South Texas, lots of heat and little rain.

    Thanks for any suggestions...
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    Great tire, great price = Falken Azenis ST115's -- these are summer tires with Z rating and they are silent.

    Also great tires come from Pirelli (prefix PZero) they cost more.

    Continental and Dunlop too offer some very good tires, again for more money.

    The Falken's will endure about 32K miles or more.

    The cost ~ $160 each can be installed by a retail partner even if you order off the web (which I did, twice.)

    Look em up (google or dogpile) @ Falken Azenis ST115.
  • rich545rich545 Posts: 386
    I just got Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires put on my 545 with SP and I love them so far. My suggestion would be to stay away from run-flat tires like the Dunlops that came with my car. Firstly, they cost more, and comparably I find that they are much harsher over bumps. I guess it all depends on how you drive though. They tires I got are Z rated which you may not want or need.
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 44
    I have Sirius and honestly have not noticed because I have never even listened to FM radio since.
  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 44
    Personally, I would avoid the Dunlop FM901 tire. They are LOUD and hard and I had them only a month. If you can afford them I would try the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2. I've previously owned the Continental ContiSportContact 2 and the Bridgestone Potenza S-O3 Pole Positions. The Conti's were good all around and less expensive and the Bridgestone's handles better and actually lasted about 25% longer. Anyway, the reps at TireRack seem to be very informative. They recommended the Avon Tech M500 to me for budget high-performance and the Michelin's if price wasn't as big a concern.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The Falken Azenis ST115's are darn near DEAD silent and they are UHP summer tires with a UTOG wear rating of 360 -- I would feel they can go over 30,000 miles, are NOT suited for COLD weather (daytime temps under 40 for days and days) but they actually didn't have too much problem in the snow -- but I wouldn't use them in a geography that actually has a real winter (unlike Cincinnati for the last few years, for example.)

    The Falkens are around $160.

    The Pirelli PZero Nero M+S would be my UHP All Season choice -- but again they are only good for moderate snow, but they can withstand the cold temps without issue.

    The Pirelli's, I would assume, since they are Ultra HP tires will give up a bit of tire life but they ARE very quiet (we had them on our last Audi TT -- lease ended so I cannot suggest miles of tire life.)

    There are several HP tires, too, that are offered -- and it seems like the European mfgrs are bringing a somewhat odd combination to the US: "H" rated, low profile (50 or less), wide (235 and wider), all-season rubber, with treadwear traits of at least 30,000 miles.

    They sound like the Swiss Army Knife of tires, but generally speaking (with direct experience) these tires somewhat to a lot hobble the cars they are mounted on.

    The tires, noted above, are fine for high speeds and touring-type moves, less fine, however, on the twisties where the suspension is being exercised.

    If you don't do the twisties -- the H rated tires all season or not (usually they are all season, however) will probably be "adequate."

    Drive it like YOU live.
  • juniorbmwjuniorbmw Posts: 29
    Not wanting to do anything illegal, but I figured since I just got this new computer with a DVD burner in it, I said let me burn a copy of my 2004 NAV DVD and use that in the old beamer just in case.

    Something might happen to the DVD, it could get scratched, or as I’m bad at handling such things, I could accidentally eject it, then damage it putting it back in.

    Any way I thought I would use the copy and store the original DVD incase it was needed in the future. I figured, with a new DVD costing around $250, and it not being covered under BMW’s maintenance program, this would be a wise and money-saving move.

    However, after burning the DVD and inserting it in the old beamer, it would not calculate routes.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Can anybody provide any insight on how to burn a copy of the original NAV DVD for use in their own vehicle?

    I’m a little ticked off that I even have a 2004 DVD when I brought a 2005 BMW any way, and being that there are new construction houses going up all the time, I would think that every few years one has to update the DVD.

    Any thoughts?

  • jmcmbzjmcmbz Posts: 44
    The disc should be covered under warranty (not maintenance) unless you are out of warranty correct? If the disc looks fine why don't you tell the dealer that it stopped working? It may be worth a shot. If you have to buy a new disc, there are a bunch of BMW Nav DVD's available for cheap on eBay. I have not attempted to copy my disc but I would be wary as it may be protected in a way that would make it un-usable if you try to copy it. You could also check with Navteq the supplier. They are based in California. By the way, I have an 06 5-Series and it came with a 2005 version 2 disc. I am used to the NAV now but my friend's Honda has way better NAV and so did my 05 MBZ (the car is much better though!).
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The DVD map data base is updated regularly. Having said that, there may NOT be a pertinent (to you) update for your geography. NavTeq's web site does have the updates listed by region.

    When I called them, they suggested I skip a year and update next year (which will be 3rd or 4th quarter 2006.)

    The cost was $199.

    No one forces you to update your map disc. A new map disc is certainly not cheap to create even though production costs are probably a fraction of what they used to be.

    Perhaps in some areas, an annual $199 would have merit if things change so quickly your map data base contains a lot of "non digitized roads."

    Both my wife's 2005 X3 and my 2005 A6 have sat nav. Our MAP discs are close but NOT identical. I have had my car 9 months, my wife almost 11. A new pair of map discs in Sept or October is probably gonna happen.

    I see no way to get this free.

    However, on previous cars, the dealer salesperson did send me an update "1" time gratis -- and it was in the original shrink wrapped jewel case, so I doubt it was a bootlegged copy.

    I see no reason NOT to be able to have a backup for YOUR OWN use. I also have sympathy and empathy for the companies that produce this stuff -- they are in it for the money.

    The discs, one would imagine, will drop in price as the penetration improves -- in the mean time, bite the bullet and "ask" for a free copy, but if you don't get one, just buy it. That, to me, seems like the appropriate course of action.

    Jus' my $.02 worth. :shades:
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