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BMW 5-Series Sedans



  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Posts: 42
    I don't know why BMW's are so much fun and satisfying, but they are. MB is a fine car but it doesn't turn on like the BMW. Sometimes before going to sleep I take the Beemer out for a spin. It always puts me in a better mood no matter how tough a day I've had. I end up sleeping better. Its a therapeutic vehicle.
  • GLeenGLeen Posts: 46
    Did you mean much more wear?
  • jls21jls21 Posts: 40
    A couple of questions and comments for you having just read through about the last 40 posts. I picked up my 530iA about 2 weeks ago. It is unbelievable. Of course, I can say that having come out of a 92 Camry. It is Aspen Silver/Black with Steptronic, Premium, Cold Weather pkg, Convenience Pkg, in dash CD, and Xenon lights. I agree with you about spending money on important options. My suggestion to anyone is test drive a car with xenon lights at night, and you'll buy them. I would live without the Convenience pkg and Cold pkg before foregoing the xenons.

    The Euro fix for the center console - what does it accomplish? There is no space to put my junk - and I am keeping this car NEAT inside. As far as the cupholders go, I figure it's just a matter of time before they break.

    I have been looking for excuses at the office to "need to drive" somewhere. The engine noise is music to my ears, and the handling defies gravity.
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    One thing I'm not sure about is whether the sports package adds the sports seat also. If one wants to be pampered would getting the sports package still be a good idea?
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    They do not offer any extra pampering-they are more adjustiable,but that is more intended to grib you firmer in the seat,as the old term "bucket seat" implied.More side bolstering is added to stop the driver from swaying side-to-side during side cornering.So you might find them a bit more constricting,and sometimes very broad shouldered men actually find them less comfoftable.
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87
    My error..yes the sport tires get MORE wear and are more costly to replace. With all that however, it does make the car.
  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
    The tires that come with the Sport package cost around $300-$325 each to replace. They are "Ultra-High Performance" rated (translation= greater handling w/more wear).

    They also seem more prone to "collecting" things(nails, glass etc.) from the road due to their larger "contact patch" or "footprint".

    The "Sport" seats are a $475 option on TOP of the Sport package, plus you MUST also get the optional leather or Premium package with it. Also note...heated seat option canNOT be ordered with the SPORT seats.
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    If available in Canada, consider the 16 way comfort seats. The ultimate in pampering and comfort for long trips.
  • jarbitaljarbital Posts: 3
    I recently purchased a 1990 535i. According to the vehicle history at the local dealer, the battery was replaced one year ago with the standard BMW battery. I left the car parked for 10 days and the battery was completely drained. Took 2 days on a trickle charger to get it back up. The dealer said this is normal, as these cars have to be run at least every 5 days or the battery can go dead. Does anyone have experience with this? I can't believe this great car has this apparent flaw. I not yet convinced the dealer in this area is any good, so I need opinions on whether or not the dealer is correct about this.
  • steven36steven36 Posts: 13
    I'm offered $1k off MSRP of 530i-A, with convenience pkg., auto trans, Prem. Pkg., Xenon lights. (adding a 6cd changer). I was told this is a standard deal for year end model. I can get immediate delivery. Is this good or should I look for a better price?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Seen better, but it depends on where you're looking.
  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
    I have not have experience with this specific car,
    but experience with similar situations.

    Since you are not the original owner, there are some other variables to check into. The main one is "current draw". Something (an old alarm system, glove box light, or defective relay) can be drawing current from the battery, causing it to go dead. A qualified person specializing in electrical/shorts can check the car out with an "Ammeter" to see if there is excessive current draw. (A good car stereo/alarm shop can do this as well).

    Another variable is to have the Alternator "load tested" to make sure it is charging the battery properly.

    Good luck, and please share your outcome.
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Posts: 42
    I can't agree with you more about the Xenons. I tried them on a test drive and when I drove my own car home I thought the lights were off.

    I looked through all the posts about the console. I saw it there somewhere. Its about removing the present telephone holding console and replacing with a space providing console. It isn't much space but it is in a very convenient location. My wife says no to the three hundred dollars. So that's the law until I can get a couple of new reasons like perfume and nail file holder. Go to and get in touch with Steve. I bet he will know the where's and how's on this issue.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    But a lot of the flames that you get are because you state everything as if it is a fact, and many of your posts are very condescending. No matter if you're talking about BMW's, or how salesmen are all slimy cheats, etc.

    Until you tone down the rhetoric, people are going to flame you.
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    I have asked about the comfort seats but nobody seems to know anything around my area. It's not listed in the options list and apparantly it hasn't been ordered before. So I don't know what it'll take to upgrade it. Maybe the salespeople just suck. let me talk to a manager!
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    Depends on the area. I bought almost the same one for $2400 under MSRP, less another $2760 for euro delivery. Some areas are MSRP, period.
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    They are listed in the US brochure, but I don't think many buy them. See if the Canadian BMW factory site lists them ( I didn't think they could be worth the $1200 until I tried them.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    When I was calling around for quotes on my 2001 530i, I worked with the price starting at invoice, not going down from MSRP. Of course, no one will sell at invoice, but if you go into negotiations knowing invoice and even Edmund's True Market Value, you will do much better than trying to work a deal down from MSRP. I went through about 6 dealers before finding one who was reasonable and flexible. Good luck. Patience pays off.
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    Last time I went there wasn't even a brochure that just had the BMW 5 series. It was one with all cars in it.
  • lgrosslgross Posts: 55
    I just checked the site. The equip them differently there. A lot of things that are optional in the US are standard in Canada. Such as moon roof, heated seats, CD player, wood trim, leather seats, passenger power seat. But, they dont seem to offer comfort seats. They do offer them in Germany, so it's not just a US thing.
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    Ya a lot of the options in the US are standard though there are a thing or two that is standard in the US but optional here. Anyhow. I have asked 2 sales people already. One didn't know what I was talking the other one sort of knows. Still both depended on a sheet of package that listed all the options and prices but it couldn't save his life.
  • vishnu11vishnu11 Posts: 59
    Anybody have any experience negotiating price with Herb Chambers BMW in Boston? What's the experience you have had? And how much over invoice did you pay?

  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31

    Those prices sound good to me. Here in NY, your lucky if they give you $1,000 off.
  • hnnguyenhnnguyen Posts: 5
    How long do the performance tires last compare to std tires?

    Please advise on how to "properly" setup the stock DSP sound system for the 5-series. I noticed there is a lack of bass when using BMW preset options.

    Thanks. Hnn
  • cb44cb44 Posts: 87
    The sport tires probably get about half the life of a standard all weather tire on average. This could mean 18-20K miles on the sport tires.

    The DSP EQ settings should create more of a "V" setting - lower freq's boosted high, midrange flat and higher freq's set higher. Also the echo and room size should be set low.
  • jarbitaljarbital Posts: 3
    Thanks 5speed5 for the reply.

    The dealer checked the car out and found the charging system to be ok.

    They said that there is a slight draw for the computer that occurs when the car is idle so these cars need to be put on a trickle charger if they sit longer then a week. In fact, BMW just came out with an on-board charger (sounds like shore power for a boat) that allows the owner to plug the car in to 110V when the car sits.

    I've also read this in repair manuals and the owners manual. Must be real.

    The dealer said in happens to all BMWs, even high end stuff. Hard to believe.

    I'm still going to search for a current draw, that may be making the situation worse.

    Thanks for the comments.
  • akuma1akuma1 Posts: 37
    It is hard to believe that expensive cars like BMW and Mercedes can have so much problems. Maybe the question should be who's cars have the most problems?
  • vasgarvasgar Posts: 7
    I have frequently had a smiliar thought.I love the 530I and will probably purchase one this summer: 2002 year model. However, I have driven an Acura since 1988: three Legends (coupes) and one 3.2TL. All vehicles were virtually trouble free. When had them serviced I receive a loner (free) and a complementary wash. I purchased the vehicles at two separate dealerships, both of which treated me as a valued and "appreciated" customer. Having said that, I have to acknowledge that the sales person I have been talking with in Virginia Beach has also acted in a professional manner.
  • cmr530icmr530i Posts: 278
    I received a bit of a windfall and was contemplating getting the BMW phone installed in my 530i. Does anyone have it? And if so, can you give me your opinion of it? Thanks.
  • sec1sec1 Posts: 16
    Those quotes seem to be very similar to the ones I got.

    Personally, just ordered a 530I (orient blue w/ gray leather interior) w/ premium pkg,cld wthr pckg, xenon lights,premium HI-FI stereo, & cd in dash and got $2700 off MSRP! Very,very happy with the deal I got.

    Went to 2 dealers and they both offered $1500 over invoice. Went with the dealer who offered to add pinstripes (personally like the look after i saw a couple with pinstripes. They don't stand out,but adds a nice touch and makes your car a bit different than others), plus it doesnt hurt that the dealer is only a 5 min drive from home.

    Now, I just wish that August 10th will get here sooner.

    Good luck Gleen
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