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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I had the same reservations as you about the ecru (yes it really is an off white for those unsure) vs. the ivory (which is the color most of us would call ecru) and must tell you it stays cleaner than you would think. I have two kids who are getting in and out of it quite often after baseball games, parks etc. Stays cleaner than you would expect and easy to clean anyway.

    Just got back from London again and couldn't believe how many SC430's I saw over there. I love that car more and more everytime I see it. Saw a black with ecru interior over there and it was a knockout. All the blacks I see here have had black interiors. But the ecru makes the blacl exterior look all the more awesome.
  • slexyslexy Posts: 31
    There are 166 posted feedbacks for this tire on Tire Rack's web site. None are for an LS 430, and one is for a GS 400. There are mostly, very positive comments in all tire characteristics, except for tire wear (around 20,000 on different cars), and the tread follows the lines in the roads. Has anyone replaced their Dunlop SP 270 225/55 17 W's with the same size tire in the above model from Bridgestone? At $152 per tire vs. the Dunlop price of $258, the Bridgestones look attractive, although I expect to get about 28,000 miles out of my Dunlop's. FYI the new Pirelli P Zero/Nero tires in "W" look similar in tire construction/characteristics to the Dunlop 270's, but Pirelli won't have the exact same replacement size until the end of the year. I am very interested in these, since the tire tread/style look much nicer to me than the Dunlop's. Any input on replacement tires will be appreciated.
  • To all Lexus owners:

    Took my lexus to the dealership yesterday because of suspicious rattle. After one of the salespeople rode with me, we switched to another car and I heard the same minor "noise". One reason I think we Lexus owners pay so much attention to those noise may be because the car is just too quiet. I later found out that those noise was just some materials rubbing sound. Can't beat that. Any other experiences? P.S. Most of that noise comes fromt he passenger's side.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Yesterday I checked the pollen filter on my 01 911, mostly because I was curious as to where/how it was mounted in comparison to the Lexus. To my great surprise it was completely clogged! 9k miles, 1600 in Europe, 3500 from POE, and the rest local, no dirt roads, etc.

    Within the last year or so I have changed out the pollen filters on a 95 LS (20k mile interval), a 00 GS3 (8k miles), and an 01 RX (15k miles). None of the Lexus filters were even close to being clogged.

    What gives?

    Now I know that Lexus strives mightily to reduce the blower speed to achieve QUIET, and I also know that one of the reasons they can do that is the Lexus products do not allow much atmospheric "leakage", very little "outflow" of stale cabin air.

    Using previously "conditioned" airflow, recirculated again and again, allows them to keep the cycling of the A/C compressor fairly low and thus their MPG numbers artificially high.

    But the airflow outlet ducts for the 911 are even smaller than any of the Lexus products of which I am familiar. Maybe the difference is that Porsche keeps the blower speed up fairly high, creating a higher level of outlet flow due to air pressure.

    Or maybe the actual exhauster airflow for the 911 is into an aerodynamic low pressure area, unlike the Lexus products wherein the "exhauster" outlet is always within an aerodynamically created high pressure area, under the rear quarter panel.

    My wife and I have both noticed that we become drowsier on long trips in the Lexus vs the 911, do you suppose the excitement of driving the 911 keeps us wide awake or is it the low oxygen content along with the comfort and quiet in the Lexus? Or maybe some of each?

    Has anyone used a CO2 sensor in their Lexus to see just how bad things get on a long drive?
  • I usually put the window down every half hour or so, to keep the car fresh. Just a few seconds. I would think a Porsche is just so different, that one is just more attuned, and therefore wide awake. I enjoy my Lexus, but a Porsche is a Porsche. I just can`t think of being sleepy in one. Good nite Tony
  • trmgatrmga Posts: 50
    I'm getting ready to purchase another Lexus. Can anyone recommend a dealer in the Raleigh, NC/Norfolk/Richmond/Northern VA/Wash.DC area where they got a particularly good deal?
  • kvsm3kvsm3 Posts: 32
    A dealership I highly recommend is Pohanka Lexus in Chantilly Va (NVa). I just bought a Lexus IS 300 2 months back. I know they have incentives on those cars and I did get a good deal. I am sure they will have good deals on all other models as well. This was my first Lexus purchase and by no means is it going to be my last. The dealership sales team is very good. My salesman is Burton Ellis. Very easy to deal with.
    The service at Pohanka Lexus is outstanding as well.
  • balderdashbalderdash Posts: 17
    I see several comments have been made about squeeks and noises. My '99 LS400 was vault-tight and never squeeked or rattled, but my 2001 LS430, purchased in June,2001 is another story. I took it back to the dealer six times to work on a squeek in the driver's door panel. They finally seem to have fixed it after supposedly finding a broken or loose weld that was allowing "too much flexing." There is additionally an array of subtle things, that suggest that the new car was not assembled nearly as well as the old one. For ex. the front seat came loose, the cover door of the moonroof closes with a harsh clank, and the AC seems to have a mind of its own.To save my marriage I had them reprogram the door locks so that putting the car in gear wouldn't automatically lock all the doors. My wife has a thing about locked car doors because when she was a girl her father used to alway make sure her door was locked, and she resented his over-protectiveness. Go figure. Anyway, our garage is too narrow for doors on both sides to open at the same time. So I park so I can get in, then back the car out for her to get in. So naturally, when she goes to get in, the damn door is locked, and I couldn't remember to unlock it for her after it locked by itself going into reverse!Just thought I'd share that oddity with you all.
  • jrdh23ajrdh23a Posts: 10
    Does anyone out there think this tire, which was developed for the LS430, is any good? I think they are loud and awful. My dealership says they have had lots of complaints about them and Lexus is trying to somehow make amends. They are now recommending Michelin MXV4 Energy Plus and there is a possibility Lexus may kick in some for these replacement tires. Any thoughts on these Michelin tires.
  • sorry1sorry1 Posts: 4
    I am the sorry owner of a 2001 LS430 who has had the same steering column noise "fixed" for the sixth time. The steering column makes a loud grinding, moaning sound when the ignition key is shut off and the steering wheel retracts. I have read about others with the same problem but cannot locate those messages. Is there anyone else out there with the same problem?
  • bcleepebcleepe Posts: 53
    I had mine fixed six months ago and the problem was gone. The dealer said all they have to loosen up the grip tiny bit to ease the retraction.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Is that your only problem with the car or do you have others?
  • sorry1sorry1 Posts: 4
    After spending approximately $60K on a new car, expecially a Lexus, don't you think six repairs in 12 months on the same manufactures defect is enough?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Thanks for your politeness. You should have read the board - it had the answer but I won't waste my time pointing out to you where it is.
  • humbledonhumbledon Posts: 1
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem, just haven't been to the dealer to have it checked, since in 20,000 miles, thats the only thing I can complain about, I did just replace the tires with Michelin MXV4 Plus. Since thats the only problem besides hitting a deer (ouch), no external dammage, just the under pan
  • sbenls430sbenls430 Posts: 2
    Dear trmga:

    I have just bought one from the internet sales manager at Johnson Lexus in Raleigh. You should definitely call him as he will offer you a great price. He beat all my other offers, even from my local dealer and priceline. He will not monkey around with you either. I emailed him and he immediately called me back and in less than 2 minutes gave me a great price with no haggling. His email address is You will not be disappointed. If you have already talked with someone else there you should still call him back because he will seriously compete for customers outside his market. Scott
  • slexyslexy Posts: 31
    Go to and read the feedback from actual consumers who bought this tire. Check out the feedback on Bridgestone Pole Postion also. But, for now (until the Pirelli P Zero/Nero tire in our size comes out), I like the Dunlop SP 270's in a 225/55 17 W. Lexus cars are so quiet, that you will hear road noise from any tire depending upon road surface conditions (especially in a W rating=strong sidewall). They handled nicely with my Euro suspension, and will get about 28,000 miles of wear by rotating every 5,000 miles (probably more if you rotate/balance every 3,000). What amazed me about the tires is that in 26,000 miles, I have not balanced the tires! My dealer showed me every 5,000 miles that the tires were wearing, and still are, perfectly. I do check tire pressure every two weeks. But, because the fit to the stock, chrome wheels was so perfect, I hardly ever had to add air (except for hot/cold, expansion/contraction depletion. I never had a flat even with all the construction going on in my area.
    I wish tirerack had more info on the Dunlop's ( "N/A" shows for most categories of tire characteristics). Bridgestone and Michelin are fine tires, but they will only get 17,000 to 20,000 miles of wear according to the consumers who bought them and gave feedback on The main complaint I have about the Dunlops is that they are about $100 per tire more expensive than the Bridgestone's Pole Position or Michelin's Energy Plus MXV4's. But, I like to change tires as infrequently as possible, so I will go with the Dunlops for replacement until an overall better value comes along (in my exact tire size). I was told by my dealer that the great short turning radius on the 430 means that I should probably stick to the exact same size tire for replacement. Good Luck with whatever tire you go with, and let's all of us using this chat room (even if it is only from time to time) share our replacement tire experiences.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    OK OK< it's summer time but i would like anyones insights as to the best winter tire for my ls430 16", i have some snow and ice about 6 times a year. If winter tires can address my traction problems then i won't have to depend on my wife's suv. I love driving this thing.
    Also, what about just having studded tires/ or winter tires on the back? Anyone with experience with winter tires on the ls430 and 16" tires (no euro suspension)
  • 02ls43002ls430 Posts: 1
    Just got my wife an 02 LS 430, Euro/Nav/ML. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to change the C-Best settings yourself? Also, wondering if anyone has a list of all the C-Best Options-they seem to be "sprinkled" throughout the owners manual. Thanks for any info.
  • slexyslexy Posts: 31
    Oops, my posting of #2989 was in response to posting #2981 vs.#2931.
  • sorry1sorry1 Posts: 4
    Sorry, didn't mean to come across as rude, I am just very frustrated with Lexus and the situation. I did read through the board and was able to find a message which contained very useful information for me. Thank you.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    We got our 02 LS ultra a couple weeks ago. I noticed that the bass for the ML is very weak. I have to boost the bass to the max to feel any low frequency sound. Does the ML systems in LS come with a subwoofer? We had an SC with ML and the bass is much stronger. Is this a problem with my particular ML or this is true for all the LS. Thanks.
  • hjzhjz Posts: 1
    I have a brand new lexus ls 430. I took it to the local car wash the other day. please note though that it was the _first_ time it was EVER taken there. I have used this car wash over the past 10 years with no problems till now. they applied the tire dressing onto the car. I made sure that there was NO over spray on the car or any other blemishes on the car before I left the car wash. when I got it home, there was some tire dressing "thrown" from the tires on the inside of the wheel well, and down some of the trim panel. knowing that I was going to wax the car the following morning and NEVER having ANY problems with this car wash, I left it on. next morning when I go to wax the car, the tire dressing will not come off! I tried everything that I had but it did not come off. took it back to lexus and they used some kind of solution to get some of it off - not much though. the lexus body tech had never seen anything like it. the car wash had said it was tar and that it was NOT there tire product. I had the lexus tech and another body shop tell me that it was not tar but most likely something else, or the tire dressing. both techs tired to get some of it, but was mostly scared to do further work because of the paint coming off. so... just in case it was not the car wash, has someone else had this problem with the paint? the spots seem to be a yellowish-green color and seem to be "etched" into the clear coat. any feedback will be appreciated! thanks!
  • nealm1nealm1 Posts: 154
    topgun, you have a sick stereo and need to have it fixed. Maybe the subwoofer is disconnected. The bass on this unit is awe-inspiring; not boomy, rap-wagon bass, but it is tight, precise, and concussive with the right program material. I have NEVER had the bass knob set past 12:00, and I am an inveterate fiddler and play with the controls constantly. If you even think for a moment that the bass is defecient, there is something desparately wrong with the system. Just ask them to crank up one of the demonstrators.

    I am sad to report that after 6 mos' absence, my groan is back! This weekend, it groaned at me twice. I am just sick about this and sympathize with sorry1. There is a TSB on the issue, which involved more than lossening a fitting, but its effectiveness is, apparently, temporary. Oy!
  • trmgatrmga Posts: 50
    Thanks Scott. I'll definitely be talking to your guy.
  • scottphillipscottphillip Posts: 249
    My 2002 makes the same noise at times. When I took it into the dealership for an oil change it went mute. :)

    The noise doesn't really bother me.

  • c5goldc5gold Posts: 4
    I'm a new member to this discussion. I also posted this question on the member's board - sorry for the duplication.

    I pick up a new LS430 UL tomorrow. I've seen several references to default settings for nav system and ??. Does this refer to the dealer's ability to "program" various functions in the car ? On the test drive, I noticed the auto door locks do not unlock (rear) when car is shut down or in Park. Is this programmable ?? What else is ?
    Any info would be appreciated.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    c5gold, you can have the dealer program the doors so that when you put the shift control into Park, all four doors are unlocked at the same time. There is also an option that controls when the doors lock automatically: either as soon as you take the shift lever out of Park, or when you reach 12 mph, or never (I think).

    You can also have them program the remote entry control to unlock all 4 doors at once. The default is that when you press the Unlock button on the remote entry control once, it unlocks the driver's door only; pressing it twice unlocks all the doors. To me it is more convenient to unlock all four at once, but I realize to some people it may be a security issue; you might feel more secure if it only unlocks your one door, especially at night, in a big city.

    An additional tip: When you lock the doors with the remote control, it doesn't turn the headlights off (assuming they are on), but if you press Lock a second time, it does turn them off. Quite neat.

  • marwankwmarwankw Posts: 6
    Hi, I'm interested in installing the original park assist sensors kit from Lexus to my 1998 LS400, the dealer told me that the sensor kit include 2 sensors for back only, anybody know if I bought 2 sets of sensors will I be able to put them in the front also? will it work?
  • dustbirddustbird Posts: 11
    Just bought a '01 LS with Lexus Link, but am not sure I *need* this service. Would appreciate comments on experience with Lexus Link...good, bad, or otherwise.
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