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I'll be consolidating the 2001 Lexus LS430 with
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    First! That feels good.

    I think Lexus LS is da Best!
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    Will random visitors to the LS 400 board be able to find this board as easily?
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    The LS 400 board is linked here as will be the 2001 LS 430 board.


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  • gr22gr22 Member Posts: 1
    Hello: Have been a long-time Volvo owner & am looking for a change to Lexus. Thought I would post here for some advice.

    Live in the Atlanta area & am looking for a 99 LS 400 w/approx 20 to 25k miles. From reading comments, sounds like a very good car. Any idea on price? Also, since the last car I purchased was pre-internet, any hints on the best way to check the marketplace & get a good deal. Never really trusted the Volvo dealers here & am not sure about Nally Lexus. I appreciate anyone's help. Thanks.
  • scongroscongro Member Posts: 80
    Every Lexus dealer I've ever been to has treated me great (but I've only been to 2, none in Atlanta)

    For a car with that mileage, look to spend somewhere in the 45K-48K range, depending on options, mainly the NAK and NAV, but the latter is hard to find on the used market.

    I'd check out your dealer's CPO inventory, and try to get a certified Lexus, sinc the warranty is great (3yr/100K)
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Member Posts: 128

    Check out for used car prices. The lexus dealers, even with the CPO warranty should be selling the used LS400s for around the same price to less than those prices. Also check out for used car prices(retail prices).

    For a used 99 LS400 with about 20K to 24K miles you should be spending about $45K for a typically equipped LS400(includes HIDs, CD-changer, Heated seats, moonroof).
  • wenfenwenfen Member Posts: 4
    Hi Greg,

    Please email me ga_rosebu[email protected] (make sure you do the underscore thing after ga)
    I would be glad to give you some info on the Y2K LS400 we just purchased from Nalley Lexus in Gwinnett. I believe that they DO have a 99 LS400 on their lot.

    Thanks, Wenfen
  • grider1grider1 Member Posts: 2
    I looked (didn't drive yet) at pre-certified 99 LS400 with 17K miles. Dealer lists $51.5K with 100K extended warranty. This price is high relative to suggestion of $53+ for a brand new 2000 (esp. since LS 430 is near). Can anyone tell me what they are getting similar 99's for?

  • swithrow2swithrow2 Member Posts: 41
    2000s are rare, since the production is cut. Thats why 99s are going for more in your area.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Member Posts: 128

    Better to buy a brand new 2K LS400. You can get one for about the same money!
  • swithrow2swithrow2 Member Posts: 41
    If you can find one!
  • vmelabvmelab Member Posts: 4
    The O/D light on my 93 LS400 sometimes blinks. Dealer checked on it one. They clean up some area (don't quite know what area) and fixed the problem without replacing anything. Then couple months later, the problem returns. Is anyone experienc this problem? Any what is the fix? Thanks for any insight.
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
    I'm not getting very far with my dealership as to base prices, option packages. The previous responses have had consideralble ranges. Most recent letter from my dealer follows:

    "The negotiations are still under way with Lexus north America and Lexus Japan
    for the prices. We will have the cars here mid to late October. The prices
    should be here mid September as far as base and option packages. They tell us
    mid 60's to mid 70's asa guide line.
    Sorry there is not more info."

    I thought the base price was going to be close to the y2k level. now it seems much higher. commments?
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Member Posts: 128
    IT will stay close to 2k levels. I wouldn't expect more than a 56K to $57K starting MSRP. But remember that HIDs and 6-CD changer will be standard for 2001.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Member Posts: 128
    YOu also have to expect prices to go up a bit, considering the yen's value is rising relative to the dollar since Lexus rolled out the LS430 at Detroit.
  • flint350flint350 Member Posts: 250

  • bigrichzbigrichz Member Posts: 4
    Hard finding a 2k LS 400. Took me 2 months to get one w/ beige interior & Nav. Well worth the wait. Never driven a car a nice. Hard to see how Lexus can improve this car with the LS 430. It's hard to improve on perfection!! (ha ha)
  • morg7morg7 Member Posts: 5
    I got my new copy of Motor Trend in the mail yesterday. There's a nice article in there comparing the Lexus LS 430 against the Beemer 740il, Mercedes S500, Audi A8, and um, um, cadillac dts.(yuck) It's pretty interesting. According to the writer's report card it's clear that the S Class was "their" favorite.
    One negative comment the LS did recieve was that it resembled an oversize 2000 Avalon, which is in a way true, and that is not a very good complement.
  • swithrow2swithrow2 Member Posts: 41
    I'm gettin excited here! March is coming soon!

    Okay, will I be able to just waltz in and purchase an LS430 by march?

    -Stephen, 98LS
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
    Got my MT issue and basically they were amazed at
    the ls430, they liked the way the s (sport) looks
    and gave rave reviews for dash design to ls430.
    Price no object the mb s500 sport (big
    bucks-85-90k)--If you look at the dashes the nav
    screen is biggest in the lexus and higher on the
    dash for better viewing. They compare this
    interior to a corporate jet. hope the head room is

    NAME ON IT--I can look at it and drive it, if its
    not to my liking then i can piece meal order the
    options i want but will have to wait till after jan
    to get it. the first cars out are all ultra
    luxury. When looking at the option lists there are
    a few things included that i don't think i want,
    but my salesman tells me the lease deal would put
    it in my budget--my wife says get what you want
    (she's so sweet) Price: about low to mid 70's
    including taxes. No mention as to the residual
    values, but my salesman says they will be
    competative. MB is 66% after 3 years. From the
    mini brochure i have, that ecru wood, sort of grey
    doesn't really appeal to me, i prefere the maple,
    but i'll have to see it in person.

    STANDARD--HID headlights, 16"wheels,abs,trac,vsc,
    power trunk closer,water repellent front door
    glass,6disc cd changer, airbags(side
    curtain,front),woood and leather wheel with audio

    Mark Levenson audio,nav, lexus
    link(mayday),moonroof,radar cruise control,
    advanced air suspension, heated rear seats w/power
    recline and massager, parking assist sonar,
    semi-aniline leather in black,bordeaux , comfort
    leather in ecru interior,laminated side glass,
    power sunshades,front climate control seats, rear
    power slide with memory, rear a/c with purifier.
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
    Is the above picture with ecru wood and interior? If this is the ultra lux package, then i don't mind the wood color, the mini brochure shows a grey colored wood.
  • flint350flint350 Member Posts: 250
    Nofeer, I took those photos of the prototype at the NY Car Show in April. The lighting was not good and you couldn't get too near the car. I ran the shots through Photoshop and it gave them a little goldish tone - more than I recall in the actual car. It was (unfortunately IMHO) closer to gray wood than gold or brown. The car exterior was silver. By the way, did you get that list of options from a dealer? What state? I checked my local dealers last Thurs and they didn't have that list yet (MD)
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
    I got that list posted in detail on the ls430 edmunds site,from my dealer in columbus,OH. if the wood indeed is greyish (i'll just have to see it in person) then i'll custom select my options. My sales rep faxed it to me on friday. Take alook at my posts on the ls430 site, i give my 2 cents as to MB 430 or 500.
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
  • bluebeastbluebeast Member Posts: 258
    K&N website does not list the applications with part #'s anymore (under construction ??), so, does anyone know the part # for the replacement filter for a 96 LS400 ? First someone told me to order E2606 and then I was told E2443, which is right?
  • phil57phil57 Member Posts: 4
    I've inquired about attending an auction with an auto broker to purchase a used Lexus. My target is a '97 model with 35,000 to 40,000 miles. Has anyone had such a car buying experience, and possible savings for such a purchase? The broker is asking for a fee of around $1,000 for his part in any transaction. What sort of price range could I expect, on a wholesale basis, for a winning bid?
  • nofeernofeer Member Posts: 381
    I've talked to a broker similar and he only charge no more than $500 and supplied the sheets from the previous autions--sometimes the list of cars entering the auction-- to give me an idea of prices number of cars. What happens if you go to this auction (hope its a big one) and you don't find the car you want. Do you think you'll save $1000 if you don't use a local dealer deal or private sale?

    too high!!!
  • phil57phil57 Member Posts: 4
    NOFEER: my thought was to go directly to an auction where Lexus dealers get their used cars, pick one out myself (the auto dealer I've contracted with would buy it for me), have it inspected on the spot (the auction house has, I've been told, one or two companies that can do this), get my own extended warranty at cost, and have a reliable (though non-Lexus) dealer to work with. My goal is effective use of time: I would get a good car, at a good price, without having to shop from dealer to dealer. Has anyone had the experience of buying at an auction?
  • balderdashbalderdash Member Posts: 17
    Hello, everyone. This is my first time on the forum. I spent several hours reading everything here to see if anyone had talked about the problem I have with my LS400, but no one has. I’m writing this in the hope that my problem will resonate with some of you out there, and I’ll get some feedback, and your perspective.

    When the LS 400 first came out in 1989, I immediately decided it was the car for me. I spent the next 10 years waiting until I had the money to buy one. You can imagine my anticipation, then, on the day I finally drove out of Serramonte Lexus in my brand new silver 1999 LS 400. But then a funny thing began to happen. Something I would never have imagined. I realized the car had what seemed to me a serious flaw.

    It was obviously not a sample defect, but a basic design problem. I’ve been driving the car for 18 months and 30,000 miles, all along hoping I would get used to this quirk, but that hasn’t happened. An avid reader of Car & Driver and Road & Track, I read each issue hoping to find a reference to this problem, anywhere, with regard to any vehicle. There was never any mention of it in regard to LS 400s, but there were two references to it, about other vehicles.

    The problem? What the technical people refer to as “throttle tip-in.” I noticed almost from the beginning that it is impossible to drive my LS400 both quickly and smoothly. I had to choose one or the other. Quick means quick, not fast. When you push the accelerator pedal the car lunges. Only by pushing very gently can you avoid the lunge, and the few seconds, or even tenths of a second lost in that way deprives the vehicle of quickness.

    Example: You get a brief chance to jump into an adjacent lane while moving in slow, jammed freeway traffic. You hit the pedal hurriedly to take advantage of the brief opportunity before the car behind closes the gap. The LS400 lunges forward awkwardly into the lane, and then you have to hit the brake with a jolt to avoid hitting the car in front. Instead of a smooth zip zip operation, it’s a lunge-jolt maneuver. You look and feel clumsy.

    Example: You’re driving in heavy but steadily moving traffic on the freeway when you notice that there’s a jerk in an adjacent lane who is thinking about jumping in front of you, even though you have left less than a minimum safe distance between you and the car in front. If he succeeds in doing this, you will be forced to apply the brake. (I consider being forced to apply my brake to accomodate a lane changer as being “cut off,” because I devoutly believe that one should only make a lane change when he/she can do so without affecting the forward progress of the car you are pulling in front of). So you hit the accelerator to close the gap even further in an attempt to deter the jerk. The LS 400 lunges forward and then you have to brake because you got too close, to quickly to the car in front. If the attempt to gain speed quickly results in a throttle downshift, then there is a hesitation, a roar, and a lunge, which is even worse.

    Let me note in fairness to the LS 400 that in the vacinity of 50-60 mph and faster there is usually enough torque in 5th or 4th gear so that the car will gain speed smoothly and quickly without having to experience the lunging, which usually occurs at lower speeds.

    Now I know that this lunging doesn’t have to be. I previously owned an ES300 which was both smooth and quick. The maneuvers I described above could be accomplished with that car with ease. The ES300 lacked high-end poop, but that’s another story.

    I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Member Posts: 128
    My parents 2K LS400 has, I guess, the same throttle tip-in as you state. But I've never had a problem, nor have they, with having to hit the brakes after zooming into traffic. I find the tip in just fine. Part of it just may be because the 1998-on LS400s have alot of torque down low.

    ALso, have you tried normal or snow modes to see how the throttle tip-in is?
  • swithrow2swithrow2 Member Posts: 41
    Yep I have the tip in, its almost nonexistant in PWR mode. I can't stand to drive it if it isnt in PWR.

    I took it back to the dealer when it was new, they explained it to me.

    Stephen, 98 LS
  • lexusfanlexusfan Member Posts: 22
    I wonder if Lexus will make the throttle tip-in user-adjustable (or at least dealer-adjustable) now that they are moving towards drive-by-wire on all their vehicles. I think this is an area where drivers experience a wide range of preference. Those who like to drive smoothly will likely prefer a slower tip-in, but that response would be much too slow for sportier drivers who require instantaneous response.
  • lexusfanlexusfan Member Posts: 22
    I forgot to mention that many other features on the LS are adjustable via the C-BEST system--seems like only a matter of time for throttle response.
  • lexusfanlexusfan Member Posts: 22
    Just wondered if anyone else misses a folding back seat. I know the none of the Lexus sedans have ever had that feature, yet many Toyota sedans do. Is utility too plebian for Lexus owners? :) Or is it that most LS owners also either have a truck, SUV, or minivan in their stable, or have everything delivered so as never to be in need of carrying long objects? Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay for luxury. :)
  • whathillwhathill Member Posts: 9
    I read a good road test of the LS430 on the car connection site.
    hope this works. Great review.
  • whathillwhathill Member Posts: 9
    It didn't - Go to
    and find the review.
  • ejstefanejstefan Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know where I can acquire replacement hood struts for my 91 LS400? My dealer does indeed have them, but for 3.5x what I paid for replacement hood struts for my Taurus SHO at O'Reilly's...
  • violator2violator2 Member Posts: 6
    Try Pep-Boys. Or a local parts store.
  • balderdashbalderdash Member Posts: 17
    I greatly appreciate all your comments in response to my query about the throttle tip-in problem I have with my 99 LS 400. I guess it’s a very subjective thing. What I consider to be intolerable lurvhing just doesn’t affect others the same way. The comments by “enigmaone” to the effect that he (she?) is completely undisturbed by it leads me to this conclusion. I am assuming that we are both talking about the same car, that is, that his 2000 LS 400 is no different from my ‘99. At some point, either ‘98 or ‘99, Lexus added 30 bhp. Before that, there may not have been enough bhp or torque in the 260 bhp models to have made the tip-in problem that noticeable. “Lexusfan” suggests that for “sportier” drivers, a more damped throttle tip-in would make the response too slow. It’s actually paradoxical, because that’s just what I’m complaining about. I can’t have “quick” and “smooth” at the same time. Must smooth throttle tip-in necessarily result in slower response? As I said in my original forum entry, my ES 300 (for one) had both quick response and smooth tip-in. I’ve tried PWR mode, as “smithrow” suggested, but that didn’t rally make a difference for me. I tried SNOW, but that felt like the car was stuck in 2nd gear.
  • swithrow2swithrow2 Member Posts: 41
    Its swithrow.....;)

    And the change was made in 98, mine is a 98.
  • rrosen2rrosen2 Member Posts: 1
    does anyone know if an upgrade available at this time for nav system since jan 2000 and if so what cities are included in the upgrade?
  • mewheemewhee Member Posts: 2
    Hi All-

    Just in case some of you haven't seen a fairly good pic of the LS430's interior, try the following -

    Can't wait to see 'em live ;-)
  • joekuhnjoekuhn Member Posts: 4
    I just finished a 1200 mile trip in my '98 LS 400. Is my butt sore. It was like sitting on a plank. My wife says these are the most uncomfortable seats of any car we have ever owned and I agree. It doesn't make sense for a $50K plus car to seats as bad as these. Agree, disagree? Is their any fix?
  • joekuhnjoekuhn Member Posts: 4
    I didn't read the original comment on this subject but if you are referring to the abrupt throttle application, I agree. Only extreme care in applying the throttle avoids a lurching takeoff. My 2000 Corvett has better throttle action than my 98 LS 400
  • bluebeastbluebeast Member Posts: 258
    It's all relative, ....for years a person sits in a car with no cushion (Yugo), they trade it in for a Ford Pinto and can't beleive how good the seats are, a yr later they trade for a Chev. Citation and again can't beleive how good the seats are, this goes on until reaching the pinnacle of cars..LEXUS!! I think you've just gotten so used to a great thing that your rearend is spoiled.
  • aimanaiman Member Posts: 61
    If you think LS400 seats are hard, you really need to get urself a Lincoln. MB E class has even harder seats.
  • balderdashbalderdash Member Posts: 17
    Hard Seats
    To members Joekuhn and bluebeast...I guess bb is’s all relative. I used to drive cross-country in the ‘60s and ‘70s in American cars of the era. I’d get a pain in my lower back and be in agony for the whole 5 days of the trip. But the Hondas and Nissans and Lexus’s and even the Cadillacs of the 90’s are so comfortable that I can drive 10-12 hrs a day with no problem. Maybe it’s just me...maybe car seats in general are better now...or maybe all of the nerve endings in my lower back are now deceased. But reading this forum has astounded me by how people’s perceptions differ. Swithrow (my apology to him for misreading and misspelling his name before) says he doesn’t have any throttle tip-in problem, while joekuhn seems to experience it as I do. Go figure.
  • swithrow2swithrow2 Member Posts: 41
    I've owned two Lincolns, a Cadillac and various other comfortable cars. The seats in my LS400 are the most comfortable out of all of them, and I have chronic back problems. I never get tired.

    Stephen, 98LS
  • joekuhnjoekuhn Member Posts: 4
    Further explanation of my previous remarks. I don't have any problem with back support, lumbar support. It is just the part of the seat contacting my butt that is so uncomfortable. I have a Chevy pickup, a C5 Corvette, and a Honda GoldWing motorcycle and all are more comfortable than the LS 400. Has anyone tried cushions or reupholstering the seats?
  • swithrow2swithrow2 Member Posts: 41
    Mine are perfectly comfortable.
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