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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • Yep I have the tip in, its almost nonexistant in PWR mode. I can't stand to drive it if it isnt in PWR.

    I took it back to the dealer when it was new, they explained it to me.

    Stephen, 98 LS
  • I wonder if Lexus will make the throttle tip-in user-adjustable (or at least dealer-adjustable) now that they are moving towards drive-by-wire on all their vehicles. I think this is an area where drivers experience a wide range of preference. Those who like to drive smoothly will likely prefer a slower tip-in, but that response would be much too slow for sportier drivers who require instantaneous response.
  • I forgot to mention that many other features on the LS are adjustable via the C-BEST system--seems like only a matter of time for throttle response.
  • Just wondered if anyone else misses a folding back seat. I know the none of the Lexus sedans have ever had that feature, yet many Toyota sedans do. Is utility too plebian for Lexus owners? :) Or is it that most LS owners also either have a truck, SUV, or minivan in their stable, or have everything delivered so as never to be in need of carrying long objects? Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay for luxury. :)
  • I read a good road test of the LS430 on the car connection site.
    hope this works. Great review.
  • It didn't - Go to
    and find the review.
  • Does anyone know where I can acquire replacement hood struts for my 91 LS400? My dealer does indeed have them, but for 3.5x what I paid for replacement hood struts for my Taurus SHO at O'Reilly's...
  • Try Pep-Boys. Or a local parts store.
  • I greatly appreciate all your comments in response to my query about the throttle tip-in problem I have with my 99 LS 400. I guess it’s a very subjective thing. What I consider to be intolerable lurvhing just doesn’t affect others the same way. The comments by “enigmaone” to the effect that he (she?) is completely undisturbed by it leads me to this conclusion. I am assuming that we are both talking about the same car, that is, that his 2000 LS 400 is no different from my ‘99. At some point, either ‘98 or ‘99, Lexus added 30 bhp. Before that, there may not have been enough bhp or torque in the 260 bhp models to have made the tip-in problem that noticeable. “Lexusfan” suggests that for “sportier” drivers, a more damped throttle tip-in would make the response too slow. It’s actually paradoxical, because that’s just what I’m complaining about. I can’t have “quick” and “smooth” at the same time. Must smooth throttle tip-in necessarily result in slower response? As I said in my original forum entry, my ES 300 (for one) had both quick response and smooth tip-in. I’ve tried PWR mode, as “smithrow” suggested, but that didn’t rally make a difference for me. I tried SNOW, but that felt like the car was stuck in 2nd gear.
  • Its swithrow.....;)

    And the change was made in 98, mine is a 98.
  • does anyone know if an upgrade available at this time for nav system since jan 2000 and if so what cities are included in the upgrade?
  • Hi All-

    Just in case some of you haven't seen a fairly good pic of the LS430's interior, try the following -

    Can't wait to see 'em live ;-)
  • I just finished a 1200 mile trip in my '98 LS 400. Is my butt sore. It was like sitting on a plank. My wife says these are the most uncomfortable seats of any car we have ever owned and I agree. It doesn't make sense for a $50K plus car to seats as bad as these. Agree, disagree? Is their any fix?
  • I didn't read the original comment on this subject but if you are referring to the abrupt throttle application, I agree. Only extreme care in applying the throttle avoids a lurching takeoff. My 2000 Corvett has better throttle action than my 98 LS 400
  • It's all relative, ....for years a person sits in a car with no cushion (Yugo), they trade it in for a Ford Pinto and can't beleive how good the seats are, a yr later they trade for a Chev. Citation and again can't beleive how good the seats are, this goes on until reaching the pinnacle of cars..LEXUS!! I think you've just gotten so used to a great thing that your rearend is spoiled.
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    If you think LS400 seats are hard, you really need to get urself a Lincoln. MB E class has even harder seats.
  • Hard Seats
    To members Joekuhn and bluebeast...I guess bb is’s all relative. I used to drive cross-country in the ‘60s and ‘70s in American cars of the era. I’d get a pain in my lower back and be in agony for the whole 5 days of the trip. But the Hondas and Nissans and Lexus’s and even the Cadillacs of the 90’s are so comfortable that I can drive 10-12 hrs a day with no problem. Maybe it’s just me...maybe car seats in general are better now...or maybe all of the nerve endings in my lower back are now deceased. But reading this forum has astounded me by how people’s perceptions differ. Swithrow (my apology to him for misreading and misspelling his name before) says he doesn’t have any throttle tip-in problem, while joekuhn seems to experience it as I do. Go figure.
  • I've owned two Lincolns, a Cadillac and various other comfortable cars. The seats in my LS400 are the most comfortable out of all of them, and I have chronic back problems. I never get tired.

    Stephen, 98LS
  • Further explanation of my previous remarks. I don't have any problem with back support, lumbar support. It is just the part of the seat contacting my butt that is so uncomfortable. I have a Chevy pickup, a C5 Corvette, and a Honda GoldWing motorcycle and all are more comfortable than the LS 400. Has anyone tried cushions or reupholstering the seats?
  • Mine are perfectly comfortable.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I think it is probably deceased nerve endings :)
  • The rear view mirror night/day button on my '92 LS400 is not working properly. On hot days, only 1/2 of the mirror turns to "day" and the other 1/2 remains in "night" mode! Anyone has this problem or knows what these mirrors cost?
  • To balderdash. Thanks a lot. Your responses have been most helpful.
  • persepolis: My 92 SC 300 did the same in the heat, replacement cost is high. I just live with the dimmer on and sold the car in 97. swiftm
  • Thanks swiftm, I didn't think this was an easy one to fix. Since murphy's law applies here; the electric antenna just broke so that's where the cash might have to go now!
  • In response to #59, take care of your car and it will take care of you.
    I have over 130K on my 11 year old '90 LS 400.
    Never had any AC, mirror, starter, power steering, or oxygen sensor problems. Changed the timing belt for the fist time at 120K whether it needed it or not. It has been a perfect car. Just had the brakes checked and the original rear pads are still good.
    My experience is that 100K is still young. I think the '90 is a prettier and cleaner looking design than the subsequent upgrades.
    My wife has a '98 LS 400 with navigator. The navigation has spoiled me, so with hurtful heart I have my order in for a gold LS 430 Ultra. I hope I enjoy it as much.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    that situation reminds me of some Chrysler products years ago, don't remember which models exactly. They designed the Y-pipe off the exhaust manifolds to go right underneath the starter on the V8 engines. In order to change the starter, you had to drop the Y-pipe to do it. Invariably, the donut gaskets on the pipe, at the manifold, were rusted solid, as would the manifold studs that the pipe was screwed into. You can see where we are going with this. To replace a $50 starter may cost $300-500 by the time you drill out the manifold studs, replace the Y-pipe, and, if the Y-pipe was welded to the next pipe, may have to replace the entire system up to the muffler. Talk about "what were they thinking at the design table". Replace your starter and get a new exhaust system due to poor design. Old memories, I guess.
  • For some time now, I have been looking for a new replacement driver's floor mat for my 1990 LS 400. The old mat was a light tan color. The dealer informs me that the only new replacement is a darker tan color floor mat. I would like to keep my Lexus all original, so would like to find a new replacement driver's mat for the car with the original color. Can anyone give me a tip on how to obtain one?
  • To #60:
    I did not state that I don't take care of my car.
    In fact, I am the opposite. Preventive maintaince is my goal. Brakes pads prior to them running thin, oil changes 3-4K, hoses replacements, belts and the list goes on. The car is fairly reliable. The LS400 is a top notch car.
    It actually feels very solid still, rides nice and
    I get compliments all the time. That said :

    the DESIGN and part cost for the car is not porportinate. Especially things like LCD displays as stated in earlier posts.

    Reliability and design are 2 diff. things. It can be designed wrong, but still be reilable.
    My starter is still working fine and so's the AC.
    The starter goes at about 200K.

    The fact that the starter is UNDER the intake manifold is questionable. I, as a ME, cannot see benefit from this location. It invites a host of problems that can occur from the removal of a very complex assembly, the intake with all the EFI components, etc. At least what Marsha7 says about the Chrysler is that the Y pipe is just a Y pipe, you'd be hard press reinstall it wrong.

    I have seen the arguments that it's a expensive luxury car and so goes the cost. NO , the initial goal of LEXUS was to provide AFFORDABLE luxury cars, I assume that should include the maintence portion as well.
    LEXUS is not practicing what they preach.

    The LS400 sales have been dwindling since it's introduction, to almost 40% or so.
    As the COST skyrockets, the sales will continus to be lack luster. The intro of the LS430 is welcome. But it has yet to "technically" pull FAR away the likes of new RL and Q45. 60-68K for a Japanese car ? That's like paying 32K for a VW Passat.

    LEXUS service is top notch and part of that is factor into the cost. But other companies have proven customer service does not have to constitute high costs.
    LEXUS is doing something many Co.'s do to make up profit, make up profit from your captive consumer who already own's your product.
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