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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I think it is probably deceased nerve endings :)
  • The rear view mirror night/day button on my '92 LS400 is not working properly. On hot days, only 1/2 of the mirror turns to "day" and the other 1/2 remains in "night" mode! Anyone has this problem or knows what these mirrors cost?
  • To balderdash. Thanks a lot. Your responses have been most helpful.
  • persepolis: My 92 SC 300 did the same in the heat, replacement cost is high. I just live with the dimmer on and sold the car in 97. swiftm
  • Thanks swiftm, I didn't think this was an easy one to fix. Since murphy's law applies here; the electric antenna just broke so that's where the cash might have to go now!
  • In response to #59, take care of your car and it will take care of you.
    I have over 130K on my 11 year old '90 LS 400.
    Never had any AC, mirror, starter, power steering, or oxygen sensor problems. Changed the timing belt for the fist time at 120K whether it needed it or not. It has been a perfect car. Just had the brakes checked and the original rear pads are still good.
    My experience is that 100K is still young. I think the '90 is a prettier and cleaner looking design than the subsequent upgrades.
    My wife has a '98 LS 400 with navigator. The navigation has spoiled me, so with hurtful heart I have my order in for a gold LS 430 Ultra. I hope I enjoy it as much.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    that situation reminds me of some Chrysler products years ago, don't remember which models exactly. They designed the Y-pipe off the exhaust manifolds to go right underneath the starter on the V8 engines. In order to change the starter, you had to drop the Y-pipe to do it. Invariably, the donut gaskets on the pipe, at the manifold, were rusted solid, as would the manifold studs that the pipe was screwed into. You can see where we are going with this. To replace a $50 starter may cost $300-500 by the time you drill out the manifold studs, replace the Y-pipe, and, if the Y-pipe was welded to the next pipe, may have to replace the entire system up to the muffler. Talk about "what were they thinking at the design table". Replace your starter and get a new exhaust system due to poor design. Old memories, I guess.
  • For some time now, I have been looking for a new replacement driver's floor mat for my 1990 LS 400. The old mat was a light tan color. The dealer informs me that the only new replacement is a darker tan color floor mat. I would like to keep my Lexus all original, so would like to find a new replacement driver's mat for the car with the original color. Can anyone give me a tip on how to obtain one?
  • Delliott: Go to, Swiftm
  • To #60:
    I did not state that I don't take care of my car.
    In fact, I am the opposite. Preventive maintaince is my goal. Brakes pads prior to them running thin, oil changes 3-4K, hoses replacements, belts and the list goes on. The car is fairly reliable. The LS400 is a top notch car.
    It actually feels very solid still, rides nice and
    I get compliments all the time. That said :

    the DESIGN and part cost for the car is not porportinate. Especially things like LCD displays as stated in earlier posts.

    Reliability and design are 2 diff. things. It can be designed wrong, but still be reilable.
    My starter is still working fine and so's the AC.
    The starter goes at about 200K.

    The fact that the starter is UNDER the intake manifold is questionable. I, as a ME, cannot see benefit from this location. It invites a host of problems that can occur from the removal of a very complex assembly, the intake with all the EFI components, etc. At least what Marsha7 says about the Chrysler is that the Y pipe is just a Y pipe, you'd be hard press reinstall it wrong.

    I have seen the arguments that it's a expensive luxury car and so goes the cost. NO , the initial goal of LEXUS was to provide AFFORDABLE luxury cars, I assume that should include the maintence portion as well.
    LEXUS is not practicing what they preach.

    The LS400 sales have been dwindling since it's introduction, to almost 40% or so.
    As the COST skyrockets, the sales will continus to be lack luster. The intro of the LS430 is welcome. But it has yet to "technically" pull FAR away the likes of new RL and Q45. 60-68K for a Japanese car ? That's like paying 32K for a VW Passat.

    LEXUS service is top notch and part of that is factor into the cost. But other companies have proven customer service does not have to constitute high costs.
    LEXUS is doing something many Co.'s do to make up profit, make up profit from your captive consumer who already own's your product.
  • "That's like paying 32K for a VW Passat"

    What does it matter what country a car comes from? If Mother Russia or Austrailia can make a car that is as good if not better that its competitors, at a cheaper price, I'll buy it.
  • Doesn't matter what country it comes from. It's base on past "pricing schemes" the Car Maker chose to sell thier cars in. i.e. VW equals value/price ratios have been good until lately.
    Passat at the top of the line is 32K, but
    they should be closer to Maxima's or Accord EX V6. Out of the marketing scope for that kinda car. I'd expect to pay 26K or so. MAX.

    Now LEXUS 34K at 1990 vs LEXUS ~65K 2000
    Double the price.
    Accords have risen about ~50% in that time.
    See the diference.
  • melevk, you have a good point about the costs of service and associated products. I paid my dealer $14+ for each spark plug plus installation--way out of line.

    As to the 34K cost of the 90 LS400, that did not include many features that you get for 65K in the 2000 model. Add those features and you would have increaced the price of the 90 by at least 10K. (My 90 with TRACK, CD, Sun Roof, Heated seats, and Memory Adjustments came to better than $40K plus an addional 1.4K for the cell phone. So maybe 65K is not too far off base, especially when you throw in inflation.
  • #67:
    True #67 , 41.5K vs 68K. I didn't take inflation into account but the high tech electronics are supposed to drive down pricing. Old expensive technology is standard fare now.

    Look at CDs for example, you could buy a decent CD player now for much less than in 1990, yet I suspect most dealer charges $5-$700 still for that option now vs let's say 800 then ? What their cost to produce the item,which they proabably OEM , is not inline with what we are charged.

    Cell phones and IC Chips are a good example of price/performance value.
    A car is much more sophisticated of course and I don't see prices dropping. But mfg tooling and techniques cannot change that much, thus production cost should be lower. as it should reflect in the overall cost of the car.

    As to service and parts, tooling justification for early 1990's parts have all been written off and it's pure gravey for LEXUS and all car maker.
  • A simple economic rule applies to luxury anything--vehicles, homes, services, whatever--economies of scale. Low-production vehicles such as the LS spread the cost of manufacturing among much fewer vehicles, versus Camry or Accord: I seem to recall 25K for LS versus 400K for Camry. Think also of the quality of the materials. The LS leather alone may cost many times what leather in a Camry would. Also consider the cost of maintaining dealerships at a much higher level of service. My main complaint about Lexus is that there aren't enough dealerships to handle the service volume of 10 years of Lexus sales in the US, thus deteriorating the level of service (longer waits for appointments, drop offs, etc.)
  • You have to look at the price of the LS400 next to its competition. Its still a bargain. What Lexus essentially did was move the LS400 up, ans slide the GS series to pick up where the LS was. You have to remember, when the LS400 came out there was only one other choice, the ES250. Now people that want a Lexus have several different avenues they can take. True, the 1990 LS400 sold better than any of the consecutive years, BUT there are now other Lexus models to choose from, get what I'm saying?

    Also, chastizing Lexus for raising the price of a LS400 more than Honda raised the price for an Accord is simply idiotic, they are two very different cars in two very different price classes.

    -Stephen 98LS
  • Also,

    You are comparing a stripped 90 LS, to a loaded 01 LS.
  • So how does MB lower the cost of the S-Class when they went to the new generation ?

    Yes they are in different price classes .
    Just because they are in different classes DOES NOT mean they the pricing margins cannot be in-line with other compaines.
    The LS has moved more upscale, yes, but better does not mean it HAS TO be more expensive.
    I do take the point that LEXUS has moved more models to take up the niche left whne the LS moved up, but you only have to look at the sales for the GS has also been dropping off. Only the ES300 sales is climbing , and that's nothing more than a HIGH end Camry, same TOYOTA in-line 6 the last time I looked. I might be out of date on that one.
    So if you like that one, then yes they did fill the low end niche with a very nice model 35K or so ? The dealer situation you described is related to their sales, LEXUS is not expanding enough, with only 1 MILLION cars in 10 years.
    Many people don't want them to expand and that's the exclusive club. Like it or not, all corporations/divisons want to have deep pockets like GM and Ford and they would sell their mothers to be in that position.
    But I believe that to remain true to LEXUS's initial ideals , they have to bring in line ALL their models.
  • In response to previous postings I would like to say that the Lexus I purchased from a private party at 89,000 miles is wonderful. My previous car was an 84 RX-7 and while there is no comparison between handling abilities I believe that the Lexus grip is loose yet very controlable if you can handle it right. As far as triple digit speeds go 1) I never recommend it. I'd die if they took away my license 2) Again, the handling is very light yet controlable. I wouldn't make any hard turns.

    I just wanted to know how common and at what mileage about do people have "eventual" LCD problems with their radio/air conditioning displays?

    I'm planning on purchasing GS300 graphite wheels on the car. Has anyone gone plus sizes on the car? If so how big, what kind or rim/tire and how is it?
    I may also install aftermarket shocks and springs, lowering the car 1 1/2 - 2 inches using Blistein shocks and some springs. Any reccomendations? Comments?
    Last does anyone know of any sites/stores that sell aftermarket import parts for the LS? I'm really looking for clear front signal markers which I think can be only ordered from Japan?? I'm trying to increase mods on a budget which seems to be impossible with the LS. I'm forgoing the obvious 9K turbo install a shop suggested.
  • Thanks to Swiftm for the tip about where to find a front floor mat
  • LCD problems: 1990 LS400, radio at 138K. 1998 GS300, radio at 28K. No problems yet on 1996 LS400.
  • Yes MB was over-priced. Thus they probably had room to move downward. I don't know about the diff chassis, etc. but they probably had to cut corners to lower the cost.

    Lexus was a wake up call to all the luxo-car co's.
    Though they haven't totally join the ranks in terms of pricing, they are headed that way.

    I think the one that remained true to initial corporate ideals is probably ACURA. 3 cars + the NSX fill a good line up with a reasonable price range. Although the low end Integra, priced correctly, needs a redesign badly.
    The RL is a good car, not in the leauge of the LS400 or 430 but ideally a good luxo crusier.

    I await the intro of the new RL.

    Infiniti anyone ?
  • The new Q45? No thanks. Looks like a Taurus.

    As for the S Class, enigmaone is 100% right. The interior plastics feel cheaper than those on my Explorer, and sitiing in the car felt like a step down from my LS400. If I were to leave Lexus it would be to Audi if anyone.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    From reading Smartrac's post/familycar review, it seems the increase in hdroom is only .2" (i.e. 2 tenths of an inch more) from the LS400. That does not bode well for me. I scraped my head on the moonroof extrusion in the LS400 and didn't buy a MY200 bcz of it. When the announced remake of the LS430 came out, they crowed about the increase in height of 2". Well, only 2 tenths of an inch apparently went to headroom and I doubt that will make any real difference to me. Very disappointing, after all these months of anticipation. Still, I'll wait to sit in one to be sure, but I could be headed for a deposit refund. (Never did like that grey ecru wood anyway).
  • Something doesn't make sense here, as the new LS 430's height is definitely more than .2" higher than Y2K LS 400.

    I wonder where did all the space go due to the increase of the height of the car (making it uglier in the process) ? More padding for safety, maybe?

    In another week, I want to check it out too.
  • its actually .85 inches more
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    You have to understand that maybe there were other reasons as to why the height was increased 2". Obviously headroom is one, but I also think height was increased for a higher seating position as well as more room was needed to install curtain airbags.
  • RictraRictra Posts: 11
    I have a 1998 LS400 (MSRP was $58,120) with 19,000 miles. I searched the Blue Book rating on the car to see what the value is. Says $46,255 Retail if I were buying from a dealer or $36,040 trade-in value. These differences seem unrealistic and unreasonable. However, I want to trade for the new LS430 - standard configuration with the Levinson System Package. Which dealers are likely to discount the new car by 7% or more? What would be a reasonable trade value on my car? It is in almost perfect condition. I don't lease or finance, but wondered if leasing is something I should consider since it appears that negotiated high residuals is about the best way to achieve a good discount.

    Also, what is the luxury tax this year? Does it reduce in 2001?

    Augusta, GA
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    The ball is in the lexus' court. short supply on a new design, they will call the shots untill later in the year. when the e class was redesigned, the old style took a major hit, people didn't want the old style. same with the ls400. in fact the lease residuals fell on the ls440 y2k (possibly since they were discounted). you might do better with a private sale rather than trade

    HEY--what lease time to you guys suggest in view of the table given of residuals in the ls430 posts?.
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128

    I wouldn't expect any dealer to even discount the LS430 by a considerable margin. YOu are going to pay at or near full MSRP for a LS430.
  • My LS400 is a 98 as well, MSRP just short of $64,000. My lease end residual is about $44,000. I know a Lexus salesman who said that they have high demand right now for 98+ LS400s, he was going to suggest that I buy my car and sell it. However at lease end I'll have about 83,000 miles so thats kind of out for me, you might want to look at the market in your case though, 19,000 miles on a 98 is really low. See what they're selling for in your area.
  • Please don't sell you 98 LS400 to a dealer without giving me a shot. I don't own yet but have been drooling over a very reasonably priced '97 LS 400 with low miles. As I have been reading these postings tonight, though, it seems the 98 has some nifty extras worth waiting for. Maybe we can figure out a win win?

  • RictraRictra Posts: 11
    >>I wouldn't expect any dealer to even discount >>the LS430 by a considerable margin. YOu are >>going to pay at or near full MSRP for a LS430.

    When I bought my 1998 LS400 from my dealer I negotiated dealer cost + 4.8%. There seems to me to be plenty of wiggle room for a fair deal. Maybe not during the months of October to December, but once the flow of LS430's start they will work the deal. It's hard to pass on a customer who will write a check. But we will see. I am not desperate to trade or buy. And, who knows, I may find some other car that I would rather have. However, it is hard to find anything that compares to the quality and customer service I get from Lexus. It is a pleasure to own the one I have. The only reason I am considering trading is because my LS400 is black. To keep it looking good I have guys come over and wax it every weekend. I hate to drive it if it's raining because I know it's going to look bad. I just hate to be a hostage to my car.
  • warnerfwarnerf Posts: 19

    Since you're not desperate to trade or buy, just wait until the car has been on the market for at least 1 year. Believe me, they'll start dealing. And the deal will only get better the longer you wait. Time is on your side, my friend.
    I was just at my local dealer today and the sales guy told me they're still "at window" on the IS300 since it's only benn out for a few months.

    I also own a black luxury sedan. I don't know what kind of wax your guys are using but if they have to apply it every week I can almost guarantee it's not a very good wax. I use Zymol's Estate glazes. Man, we're talking about a blazing, showroom shine that will last for months due to the high grade carnauba (50-60%) that Zymol uses for these waxes. I've receved many compliments from strangers at gas stations, parking lots, etc.

    Normally, these waxes go for anywhere from $475 to $800 for an 8 ounce container. They have a smapler kit for $190 which contains 3 samples - 4ounces each of their top Estate glazes. Chack it out on
  • warnerfwarnerf Posts: 19

    Sorry for the typos in that last post. I typed it quickly. Later.
  • My Nov. issue of C&D came in the mail and it had numbers on the LS430. 0-60 @ 6.7sec 0-1/4 mile @ 15.2sec @ 95 MPH 30-50 MPH in 3.7sec 50-70 MPH in 4.7sec 70-0 MPH in 171 feet Interior dBA @ idle in a quiet 40 dba Full throttle @ 69 dBA I think everyone gets the point.
  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68

    Consider Zaino prof. wax system; you can find more infor. in Edmunds search for "zaino", or, good luck Swiftm
  • Rictra,

    I'd have to agree with swiftm that Zaino is unbelievable stuff.

    My Lexus dealer even asked about it when he saw my 4 year old ES the other day. Couldn't believe it still looked "showroom".

    Try the Zaino. Reasonably priced. Enjoy!
  • drewsrxdrewsrx Posts: 57
    Did anyone read the review of the LS430 in the November issue of Car & Driver. I am surprised that they gave it a pretty poor review, and said that nothing about the interior has really changed since 1989. I do not know why they said that.
  • Car and Driver has a lot of German bias.

    Zaino, I agree as well GREAT stuff.
  • For those of you who live in the New York area,
    The television program, MOTORWEEK which airs on PBS will be reviewing the LS430 this saturday(10/14). It airs at 4:00PM on PBS(for the new york area) check local listings for other areas.
    It will show the LS430 in action. Dont miss it.
    If anyone does not catch it, they can purchase the video for that week, at, after the show airs.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    IMHO, the LS430 won't stay at list for that long. Lexus has only 4000 customer advance orders versus shipments between now and 12/31/00 of 8000 only 5-6 weeks of pent-up demand. In comparison, the new Merc C-class has 100,000 advance orders!

    Unless you HAVE to be the first in your neighboorhood to own an LS430, it probably pays to wait for 3 to 6 months. That's what I plan on doing.
  • For me it's not a matter of being first on my block, but wanting that quietness as soon as possible. Ever since I first read about the tomb-like quiet of the Lexus LS430, my MB E320 has been sounding noisier and noisier every day. It's so bad I don't even enjoy listening to the radio any more. Quietness, and reliability -- those are the two primary reasons I want that car.
  • I thought that the 8000 number was for the 2001 _model_ year, not calendar year.
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    BROCHURES are out! Just picked mine up today.

  • Why in the heck would anyone pay $10 for a Brochure that will be free at any Lexus dealer any second now?

    I've seen it all, man! This is just a car you guys...albeit a very exceptional one.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    I believe Lexus put out a release suggesting shipments of 8k units for calendar year 2000.
  • includes picture gallery, and interior/exterior
    color choice options:
  • cfg1cfg1 Posts: 85
    Rolloman - Well that ebay item has no bids yet. But, you never know, some1 might fall for it.
  • bluebeastbluebeast Posts: 258
    Read on another board about how people were getting loaner cars from their Lexus dealership (when in for warranty or major service)that are Lexus's. Is this a Lexus standard? The reason I am asking is the Austin Texas Lexus dealer (only one in town) has NEVER provided a Lexus loaner (at least not since 1998). We used to get Toyota Corolla's until a few months ago, now we get Chevrolet junk.
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