Chevrolet HHR Noises and Vibrations

bobthebikebobthebike Member Posts: 11
Hello: Upon cold starting the HHR, it makes a "gurgling" noise from behind the dash. Weird, but it disappears a few miles down the road. The temperature guage always reads normal and I have no wet spots in the interior. Any ideas on what it could be? Other than this little quirk, the HHR is one fine little ride! ,BK


  • abr19096abr19096 Member Posts: 4
    Look up on floor leaks.
    There is an issue with the fan blower getting wet
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 26,753
    Try this topic for more on water coming in through the air intake area.

    But is the water full in the reservoir tank for the engine coolant. Check when cold because the tank is under pressure. A low coolant level might cause gurgling as the coolant is pumped through the heater core.

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  • rstruthersrstruthers Member Posts: 29
    Sounds like air bubbles in the engine coolant passing thru the heater core. Shouldn't be a problem. As the engine cools it will draw in air from the overflow tank. Check to see that the tank is up to the proper level.
  • bobthebikebobthebike Member Posts: 11
    Guys: Thanks for all the replies. I'll check the coolant overflow bottle to make sure it is full. ,BK
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Member Posts: 1,739
    There should be lines on the bottle for hot and cold. Don't just fill it all the way full as you stated as all that will happen is when engine gets hot and tries to dump fluid into this bottle it will pour out onto the ground.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 26,753
    I see my post didn't have the link.

    This liink is about water leaking into the heater box through a cover that loses its seal. Although it's unlikely that water slushing inside the heater/ac box is causing a gurgling sound, someone else may benefit.

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  • peegee12peegee12 Member Posts: 4
    My 2009 HHR has acquired a vibration at 60 mph -- no shimmy, not when applying brakes. Currently have about 22000 miles. I'm taking it in to a dealer next week for rotation/balancing -- any other suggestions?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 26,753
    Keep rotating wheels per the recommended schedule. I'm guessing about 7500. It helps prevent uneven tire wear. I'd also watch for brake rotor drag due to calipers not moving freely.

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  • sdasda Member Posts: 6,417
    I just had my tires rotated and balanced. 24000 mi. 2LT. I experienced just a tad of steering wheel vibration between 57-60 mph. One tire was less than .25 ounce out of balance. Now it is smooth sailing. Actually somewhat impressed with ride quality of the Firestone GTA 03s. They seem to be wearing well and ride smoothly to boot. I generally buy Michelins to get a vibration free ride.

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  • roamingaroundroamingaround Member Posts: 2
  • roamingaroundroamingaround Member Posts: 2
    I just test drove a 2010 HHR and liked it very much except for the outside noise(road and air etc.) even with the raido on I could still hear the road alot.Not sure if I am over reacting or I'm just use to a quiet ride. I would like to know if anyone else noticed that?
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    My HHR is an 08 with 43000 mi and when I hit between 57 and 67 mph the rear end shakes. I think the shocks are bad cause it shakes on smooth rd but when I hit a bump at this speed it really vibrates. Brakes are good - just checked. Tires are balanced - just had them changed and it did it with the old set too!

  • icehogicehog Member Posts: 2
    It was one of the rear shocks. For $75 I replaced both myself with little effort. Done in 45 minutes.
  • bruno35bruno35 Member Posts: 1
    does anybody have any knowledge of bumping noises in front end of the 07 hhr/ can determine if its the tranny mount or the right front strut.any options please.
  • petalpusherpetalpusher Member Posts: 4
    In 5 years my 2006 HHR has been in the shop 16 times. Seven times to repair recurring water leaks. Four times to replace brake pads/machine rotors. Three times for sway bar links replacement/repair. Steering shaft replaced. Also broken power window, broken dome light, trim falling off, check engine light unresolved, power steering light unresolved, two signal flashers broken, speakers blown, and rear hatch repaired. The array of noises this car has made is astonishing - ticking, clunking, humming, whining, thumping, and creaking.
    The latest humming/roaring noise was explained by my dealer as bad tires. I got new tires and the noise remains. Bad front wheel bearings diagnosed today at 64,000 miles. No warrantee and I'm out about $900 this time. I am so disappointed with this vehicle and for buying American made - had Toyotas all my life and never had problems like this.
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