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2008 T&C Ignition Switch Problem

craigmikcraigmik Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Chrysler
Last Saturday, after washing my 08 T&C (including the inordinate amount of brake shoe crud off the wheels), I went to start it and it wouldn't crank, click or do anything. No accessory either. Checked it with my spare key and nothing.

I let it sit in the driveway until Sunday and checked it again. Still nothing. Call roadside and they brought it to the dealer Monday. Got a call from the dealer and they said they found nothing wrong.

This really scares me because now they have nothing to fix and I know this is going to happen again at a very inopportunistic time.

Anyone else have this problem? Perhaps I am imagining things or I have forgotten how to start a car after 26 years or driving. I was not drunk and trying to start the glove compartment so you can rule that out.

Oh yeah they tell me I need brakes at 21K too.


  • kmbtwpkmbtwp Member Posts: 1
    I had the exact same service call. I have had several times when my 08 T&C would not crank. I usually turn off all electronics and it starts. The dealer said nothing was wrong. They also told me I needed new brakes at 21k as well. I ended up getting new brakes from Monro but have already needed them redone because they gave me the wrong size.
  • bob326bob326 Member Posts: 1
    I had the exact problem. I turn everything off and the car still would not crank. Had to jump start the car three times. Every time the mechanic says the 2008 T & C is experiencing a drain of the battery. They cannot find the problem but believe the problem may be coming from the electronic starter the dealer installed prior to us buying the car. The problem occurs about every two weeks.
  • disappointed31disappointed31 Member Posts: 2
    We are having that exact problem with our 2008 T&C. I am SO DISAPPOINTED in this van. We have had 3 other Dodge or Chrysler vans and NONE of them were as much of a pile of crap as this one and we bought this one brand new and have had NOTHING but problems with it. We have an appointment at the dealer on monday to fix the problem with the battery just being dead. It has happened on us twice.. Nothing left on and the vehicle only sat for 20 minutes the last time it was dead.. Makes NO SENSE!!!
    The navigation/radio randomly just shuts off and can't get it to turn back on. Shut the van off and then sometimes it will come back on. We had to put new brakes on it at 37,000 miles. Then at 40,000 miles we thought the wheel bearings were bad they replaced passenger side wheel bearing because it was humming so LOUDLY still didn't fix the humming took it back in turns out there was a bearing in the transmission that was out. They tore apart the transmission and then couldn't get a bearing from the factory so they had to put in a brand new transmission. Thank goodness the dealership we are going to is VERY helpful. They even gave us a vehicle to drive while ours was getting fixed. We have had the problem with the automatic doors sensing something was there when it wasn't fixed apparently there is a recall on that. Our keys had to be replaced there was a recall on that too. I wish we would've traded it off before the 36,000 miles warrenty went off. We did buy the bumper to bumper extended warranty with a $100 deductable but how many $100 deductables are we going to have to pay for this junker!!! :lemon:
  • jbernardjbernard Member Posts: 1
    This is our third T&C and the second consecutive bought brand new. I really wanted the Honda van, but my wife fell in love with the 'my Gig' system. Ok let me tell you what happened the other day. I took my boys to get a haircut in the van and returned home no problems. A couple hours later I go to run a errand, I press the key fob to unlock the door nothing happens. I have to open the door the old way by actually using a real key from my key fob to unlock the door! When i go turn the ignition nothing happens....no sounds, no bells, no interior lights, no radio, no dashboard lights. Must be a dead battery right?? Well a tried three times to jump it off to no avail. Headlights work, horn blows loud. Do you guys have any sugesstions? My van has a little over 50k and is warrenty. Is it the battery or is it electrical?
  • xwesxxwesx Member Posts: 16,775
    Best thing to do first is test the battery, but it sounds like the problem is electrical - possibly related to the body control module (BCM). It is sad that a vehicle as new as yours is suffering such a malady, though! Good luck.....
    2018 Subaru Crosstrek, 2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2013 Subaru Forester, 1969 Chevrolet C20, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250
  • leftsittingleftsitting Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2010
    Oh I am so happy to know that I am not the only one with issues on this van.
    My dealer says they have never heard of any of these problems before.
    My 2008 T&C 3.8L van has had numerous problems.
    I do have 42,000 miles on this van and it is out of warranty - so my issues are at my cost.
    We have had to replace both front hubs.
    I have had two sets of brakes AND rotors and guess what I need yet a third set put on this van.
    AND let's not leave out the fact that about once a week I am left sitting to find someone to jump start me. It did this to the mechanic last week and he "tested" my starter and declared it was bad so I put a new one on and guess what three days later - I am left sitting with the same problem. It clicks but will not start.
    I have had my battery tested, and my alternator and they all test good.
    Other issues that I have are oil usage - did you know that it is "normal" for that van to use up to 1 quart of oil for every 1,000 miles driven - has anyone ever heard of that? Mine is about 2-3 quarts low at every 3,000 miles.
    My hands free phone doesn't work for me or two different phones I have tried - yet it does work for the mechanic that looks at it.
    My nav / sat. locks up periodically and I have to turn off the van to restart that, however I must admit that doesn't happen often.
    Can anyone tell me what other makes of cars have sat. tv in them. That has by far been the best thing about this van for our family who travels alot. I am ready to trade it in.
  • disappointed31disappointed31 Member Posts: 2
    We have had the same issue where the van won't start and nothing has drained the battery. We also have had the nav/sat go black and it won't turn back on until you shut the vehicle off and then turn it back on. I once again took it to our dealership and explained both the problems. They of course couldn't get it to happen to them. They ended up putting in a new battery. They also installed a new nav/sat system and we have not had either issue happen again.
    We have put on the second set up front wheel bearings at 50,000 miles. The new nav/sat might help your hands free phone too..
  • annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
    I've experience the same problem with the oil use. Two weeks ago my oil light comes on. I know I was overdue for an oil change, but out of curiousity I pulled over and checked. I was 3 quarts low!!! I almost blew up my engine. When I took the car into the dealership and complained about the oil use, it turns out I had a oil leak in the lower manifold! I never saw a drop of oil in the driveway!
  • leadfoot69leadfoot69 Member Posts: 31
    I have had my battery go dead on me now 3 times for no apperant reason just go out in the morning and starter just click charging system and battery both check out. doing a amp draw test on it right now and looking for what the draw should be with everything off key in hand. mine seems hi at .3 amps i would think it needs to be below .09????
    And mine is using oil aswell 3.8l at 4200kms was down 2 litre now at 5k km and down .5 L already again.
  • stanoskistanoski Member Posts: 76
    Its your alternator EVEN if they tell you it isnt. Same exact thing happened to my O5 and yes, they burn oil, lots of oil. Sometimes up to a quart per 1,500 miles + or-.
  • vikir1978vikir1978 Member Posts: 2
    I am having this exact problem. It is the third time this has happened to me in the past 6 months. It will be driving fine. I will turn it off to go to work, grocery shopping, etc. When I come back to start it NOTHING! I have full power in the van (i.e. radio works, lights work, air/heat works, power windows/locks work, etc) but there is no crank, no click or anything. The first time it happened we spent 3 hours trying to get it to start, and out of nowhere I tried one lst time and it started right up...the 2nd time we were getting ready to go home from a cook out and it would not start, again tried jumping it, and everything else...NOTHING. left it there over night, and in the morning we went to try one last time b4 we had it towed and it started right up. Yesterday I was grocery shopping and when I went to start it up to go home, NOTHING!!! I am so timred of this!! Does anyone know what the problem might be????
  • hsumnhsumn Member Posts: 2
    I also have a T&C 2008 and started having the same problem several months ago. Most of the time it will start after 4-5 times or taking the key out and waiting 5 minutes + but I have also, like you had to let it sit for several hours before restarting.
    There is a Technical Service Bullentin (TSB) #08-025-11 - a flash for WCM. I had this done a few days ago ($95) but it didn't fix the problem. I plan to take it back and ask them to check the voltage on the circuit board, etc.
    Please post if you find a solution.
  • annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
    My 08 T&C as at the dealership again for "disappearing" oil.

    In June 10 I had an internal oil leak and all the oil was going into the lower mainfold.

    Today, 10/5/11 the van is back at the dealership. One month ago I had an oil change and on 10/4/11 the oil light came on and the engine was 2 quarts low!

    The dealerships is waiting to hear from Chrysler for approval to take the engine apart and possibly a replacement engine.

    The dealership said there is no reason why a 08 van should be burning thru that much oil.

    I would take your van to the dealer and tell them how much oil you are going thru.
  • bobh00bobh00 Member Posts: 3
    My daughter is just starting to experience these same problems and they are becoming more frequent. Have you resolved your issues??
  • bobh00bobh00 Member Posts: 3
    Have you resolved your starting issues?
  • vikir1978vikir1978 Member Posts: 2
    No the problem is not resolved. We had several people look into it. They found nothing wrong and no codes were being thrown. They ended up taking apart the dashboard and thesteering collumn and found nothing...when they put it all back together we have not had the issue again. They think maybe something was getting grounded out. And them messing around in there temporarily fixed the problem. It is very frustrating...I guess we wait until it happens again.
  • bobh00bobh00 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks, my daughters's van is acting up now and it is becoming more frquent. I was hoping chysler or other mechanics had it all fiquired out by now.
  • tommyp2tommyp2 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 T&C and yesterday it wouldn't start. No radio, no idiot lights, nothing on the dash lit up. My neighbor has a scanner and hooked it up, but since there was no power from the iginition switch, he didn't get a reading. Now I have to get a tow truck to come to the house, take the car out of the garage and take it to a dealer. I can''t move the gear shift either. It could get tricky tomorrow.
  • mambokingmamboking Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same exact problem with my wife's 2008 Town and Country. Often will not start when she get into car. Put key in ignition, turn it...no sound. She usually tried it 5 or 6 times.. then it will start. We had it towed once already to the dealer The following parts have already been replaced... a BIG WASTE OF MONEY since they didn't fix the problem:
    1) Wireless Ignition Node(WIN)
    2) Starter.

    Once when this happened, my wife tried getting out of the car and using the "remote start" feature we have on the key flob... it did NOT work.

    I am now personally suspect the entire problem has something to do with a re-call we had where the dealer had to take apart the dashboard. The problem started shortly after the deal did the recall work under the dash - they must have screwed something up.

    Did you ever get this problem resolved? We are dependent on this van... and I just can't count on it anymore. Please advise.
  • leftsittingleftsitting Member Posts: 3
    I thought I had fixed the probelm...we took the car in to a battery place and they said basically since we have all the "bells & whistles" on this car that battery is too weak to hold up very long. So we purchased a lot bigger or stronger battery and sure enough it worked for quite awhile. Now the battery is about a year old and very seldom I will have the problem again. Only this time if I just keep trying the key it eventually starts. I will turn everything off in the car sit for a few seconds and just keep trying and it will work - I haven't had to be jump started yet. That now makes me feel like it is the starter going out.
  • tnelluctnelluc Member Posts: 1
    85,000+ miles so far. Within past year experienced Van not starting.1st Time got a jump; 2nd time a jump did the trick; 3rd time AAA guy came, wiggled the key a few times & it started & took to dealer. They couldn't find anything wrong. 5th time - no help around. Trying to figure what to do. For a reason, I know not why, turned key to ON POSITION, moved gear lever from PARK to DRIVE and back, turned key to start & it started. Couple more times that problem occured and followed the same procedure & it started. Wrote CHRYSLER, they had no answer but go to Dealer. Dealer didn't have a clue. Just finished a 4,300 mile trip up north - no problem. Was thinking about not having a problem yesterday. Today, after going to store it wouldn't start. Did the same procedure above and it started......Go figure...It's probably in the wiring but they aren't interested in the customer after the sale.
  • seth31seth31 Member Posts: 3
    Occasionally my van will not start. there is a few times that when I do attempt to start it when it turns over it immediately shuts off at the same time there are my AC and rear defrost and rear windshield wiper buttons flashing when they stop flashing is when the problems occur and then there's times it won't start at all but after it sits awhile it will start up like nothing's wrong with it. I've replaced the relay switches the battery and alternator then I was told to replace the computer and have it reconfigure to the van which I did and it still is not solving the issue. at one time my wife had to drive down the road with the alarm going off. that is also another issue we are having when it starts acting up the alarm light on the dash is lit up and then there's times we get it started and the blower motor in the van blows hot on the passenger side and AC on the driver side and then sometimes when we get it running the MPH needles don't work for the RPM's gas nothing on the dash cluster if anyone has experienced this issue or has an answer and can help me I would greatly appreciate it thanks
  • seth31seth31 Member Posts: 3
    By the way it didn't let me post the fact that my van is a 98 With the issues above If that makes a difference
  • gillesc2gillesc2 Member Posts: 1
    2008 Town & Country 85000mi
    After the car stayed parked all afternoon in heavy heat after the AC has been fixed last week, came back to pick up the car, didn't start. Retried several times, finally started, drove back home.
    Since, just got worse and worse. Yesterday I tried to start it for 15 minutes but nothing, dashboard stayed black. If door opened, alarm sound would come off and mileage would display.
    Brought the car to the dealership this morning - they say they have to replace BOTH the key and the ignition system - it will cost me about $700!
    Apparently this is a pretty common issue on those cars, why there isn't a recall on that, and why Chrysler doesn't pay its share since it's obviously a design issue?
  • leftsittingleftsitting Member Posts: 3
    Try a new battery first, it has fixed my van every time....I have put three new ones in it so something really zaps them, not sure what. I had to get a larger stronger one.
  • brewer1942brewer1942 Member Posts: 1
    Has the win switch been replaced, where the chip key goes? There was a recall on the switch way back in 2009. Had mine replaced under recall.
  • jguzek1jguzek1 Member Posts: 1
    Hey I'm having the same problem with my town and country. Did you ever get the problem fixed? What were the parts and labor?
  • connieh1968connieh1968 Member Posts: 1
    My van has been sitting since Friday. I'm having the same issues. This has been going on for about 2 years, after sitting for a bit, it would finally start. We have replaced batteries, battery harness.

    Chrysler said they cannot reprogram my keys that I have to buy new ones.

    This is frustrating!! :sick:
  • tonimarshalltonimarshall Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2006 Town & County Chrysler Van. The van sometimes will not start. When I turn the key it starts & immediately shut off. My mechanic said that the alarm system is not reading the key. I had someone reset the key, and after a while the problem occur again. Now it runs down the battery and I need a jump. If there is a recall on the keys or alarm, I would like to know who I can call or contact.
    Also, the sliding door on the back right side will not lock or unlock. It get stuck all the time. If there is a recall on the door, I would like to know who to call or contact. I called the Chrysler 1-800 number, and they said that there is no recall for my vehicle. Thanks

  • jaws858jaws858 Member Posts: 1

    I don't have a permanent solution, but possibly a temporary fix. First, let me tell you what my problem is. Like most of you have mentioned, I have been stranded with my 2008 T&C not starting. I turn the key and it gives one click. It doesn't attempt to turn over....just a click. I have had it towed to the dealer one time and been jump started by a tow truck one time. Many other times, I was able to turn the ignition from 2 to 100 times and eventually the van would start. I have tried switching the gear shifter as some have stated, it seemed to work from time to time. I have had the van at the dealer 5 times now, all for the same problem. A couple of times they couldn't recreate the problem. They changed the negative battery terminal one time and said that fixed it. It didn't. They changed the starter one time and said that fixed it. It didn't. The last time they changed the battery and said that fixed it. It didn't.

    The most success I have had from getting my van to start was from my own non-mechanical knowledge tinkering. Here is what I did. I was trying to follow the cables in the wiring harness, beside the battery, to find any loose connections. After messing with it for about 5 minutes, I gave up and found nothing. When I went to start the car next. It started right up. It worked like that for about 3 months with no problems. Then it wouldn't start anymore. I went under the hood and messed with the wires again. Another 3 weeks of starting with no problems. Then, I couldn't get it to help anymore. That's when the starter was changed. 2 days of working and then the problem again. I messed with the wires and good for about a month. Then trouble again. Took to the dealer and they changed the battery. 2 days again of starting and then it gave me problems again. Now, every time it gives me problems, I mess with the wires and it works for a while.

    I know this is not a permanent fix, but maybe someone can figure out how to relate this wiring issue with some of the other temporary fixes and come up with a real solution.

  • tsu670tsu670 Member Posts: 293

    My wife's 2010 T&C Limited died at a stop light when it was only 3 months old. Wouldn't restart. Towed to dealer. Has it for 2 days and finds a place where the wiring harness in the engine was grounding out. Replaces entire wiring harness (under warranty, of course). That was 4 years ago. So far, so good (knocking on wood).

  • rolltriberolltribe Member Posts: 1
    We are having the same problems with our 2008 T&C. I have replaced the battery twice in the past year and a half. I just replaced the starter over the weekend, then the van failed to start today. My wife took it back to our local Kauffman tire shop and they ended up changing the batteries on our remote/fob keys. I hope I haven't spent $$ on batteries and a starter and the problem was due to batteries in the keys. I know there is an active recall with ignition switch problems, but the dealership I use for warranty service - Hayes Chrysler Dodge in Lawrenceville, GA has told me they still don't have the parts to perform the warranty recall for over 6 months.
  • huge2huge2 Member Posts: 1
    They know about the problem. It's well known and I love when they act like they don't. Start by using only the key Fob thing alone.. Do not hang anything else on it. That worked for me.
    There was a recall on my 2010. but the recall only worked temporally. Now they want me to pay for a new ignition switch, where the key goes in on steering wheel. $500 repair. Crazy!.
  • aloha_guyaloha_guy Member Posts: 1
    I too, have this exact same problem with a single click and no start. On another forum, i have posted this exact problem. The most promising suggestion was to have the transmission gear position switch checked. I plan to have this done and will up-date. It has been a successful remedy.
  • paulfatupaulfatu Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2008 town N country van as a matter of fact, it's now parked in front of my house now. I got up this morning to go to work, started it with the remote star twice and it was good but when I got in and put the key it refused to crank even though it have full power. This is not the first time six months ago, I had to buy a new battery now it has started again. Hope someone could help me.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    One thing that can interrupt the signal to the starter relay is the neutral safety switch---they can corrode, or come loose. The remote starter you used by-passes the neutral safety switch (but not the ignition circuit). So at least part of your ignition switch is working for sure.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,745
    edited December 2016
    The ignition switch on these is very different from what everyone has experienced in the past. Here is a section of the schematic just showing the ignition node.

    Pins 5 and 6 are the high speed CAN data bus and the switch communicates the drivers inputs on the databus to the other modules. Pin 12 is the park signal and notice how the schematic doesn't effectively inform the technician if the signal comes from the shifter assembly, or if the signal comes from the ignition switch and the shifter controls it to ground. There is nothing with this system that can be reasonably performed without a scan tool that allows the user to see what modules are active on the data bus and what the inputs and outputs from each of them are. Even if someone worked hard enough to figure this out by hand, its very likely they could not complete the repair without a scan tool that can access the vehicle security system.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    So does pink/white go to the starter relay?
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,745
    No. It only goes to the Totally Integrated Control Module (fuse block under the hood). It is only an input to the module and does not directly participate in engaging the starter.
  • oldf100_365oldf100_365 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 T&C 4.0L with 205000 miles, 160000 of that is mine. I've pretty much learned more about this vehicle than I really wanted to know. I'm not 100% certain, but evidence would indicate that the problem is in the wiring in the automatic slide door on the driver's side. I've had problems with the flashing dash board as well as the "turn - click, turn - click, turn - start" issue. Whenever these problems are happening, the retaining plate on the wiring has come loose. I found a post somewhere that when this plate is loose, it binds up the wiring and causes a short. I just verify the wires are in place, tighten down the plate, and the problem goes away. Crazy solution to a crazy problem, but it has worked for me every time. I probably ought to put checking the bracket on my regular maintenance list when I change the oil.

    I also had the problem with no response from the ignition (no click, no lights, no nothing) but the remote start still worked. I had it towed to the dealer and they had to replace the WIN to fix the problem.
  • marcsimonsonmarcsimonson Member Posts: 1
    oldf100_365 said "

    I have a 2008 T&C 4.0L with 205000 miles, 160000 of that is mine. I've pretty much learned more about this vehicle than I really wanted to know. I'm not 100% certain, but evidence would indicate that the problem is in the wiring in the automatic slide door on the driver's side. I've had problems with the flashing dash board as well as the "turn - click, turn - click, turn - start" issue. Whenever these problems are happening, the retaining plate on the wiring has come loose. I found a post somewhere that when this plate is loose, it binds up the wiring and causes a short. I just verify the wires are in place, tighten down the plate, and the problem goes away. Crazy solution to a crazy problem, but it has worked for me every time. I probably ought to put checking the bracket on my regular maintenance list when I change the oil.

    I also had the problem with no response from the ignition (no click, no lights, no nothing) but the remote start still worked. I had it towed to the dealer and they had to replace the WIN to fix the problem.

    Where do I find the retaining plate on the wiring?

  • nikoaa2ninikoaa2ni Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. had the battery, alternator and fob keys tested. They all passed. drove to Maryland from NJ and the car will not start after filling gas in Maryland. Few attempts and it started. Next day bought a new battery. Problem came back. The key guy said it is a known issue with Chrysler. suggestion, turn the key to ON and wait few seconds then start. Did that and it happened again. Decided to change the starter as it is 9 years old. Yesterday it happened again. fey tries and it started. Went online this morning with Chrysler chat. They are not aware of the problem. by the way my fob keys were replaced about two years ago and it happens with both keys.
    How come Chrysler claims they are not aware of the problem. There are pages of the same complaint here.
  • jrbleaujrjrbleaujr Member Posts: 1
    There are various youtube videos that indicate the starting problem to be in the TIPM. One easy thing you can try is a hard reset which consists of disconnecting the battery terminals and holding them together for a while to drain the capacitors of any charge, then reconnecting battery and trying to start it. If the problem keeps happening then they say to disconnect your battery then remove your TIPM. A lot of times it is just a bad connection to the TIPM. They said the terminal connectors are notorious for not making good contact even if it felt like it clicked in place. As a last resort you can replace your TIPM or have it repaired. Good Luck!
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