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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    tcole3 - My wife has a 2002 Diamante LS and has the same problem. Because the dash lights up anytime the car is running you can easily drive with the headlights off at night. She has become quite disciplined at making sure her headlights are on. She also runs the car with the fog lights always on so if she should forget to turn on the headlights, she will still have the fog lights to make the car visible to other motorists. I don't drive her car often, so I haven't discovered any easy way to guard against forgetting to turn the lights on. If my wife was complaining about the problem I would design a circuit that would use a photocell to test for exterior darkness and sense for a lights-on condition and warn her if the light were off. But she says she does fine with the headlights so I haven't been motivated to design the circuit.

    Since the headlights go off when you turn off the engine, even if you leave them on, you could drive with the headlights on all the time. This would give you daytime running lights for safety and assure that you have your headlights on at night. Only drawback is the need to replace headlight lamps more often. I guess my wife sort of does that by keeping her fog lights on at all times.

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    regfootball - The LS and ES have the same suspension. You can safely go from the 15" to new 16" rims. I would recommend staying with ther rim and tire width specified for the LS model to assure that your tires clear suspension parts.

    I am not sure if the speedometer gear will have to be changed out to offset the larger tire circumference. Since I have the 16" rims already, I have not had reason to check into this.

    Mr. Vivona
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    cho7819 - I hope you will find my brake rotor article answers all your questions:

    As to the EBD system. It helps with brake distribution, but it cannot help prevent pulsation if some wrench jockey uses an impact wrench on the lug nugs.

    By the way, I am at 24,500 miles with the orginal rotors and they are still perfect.

    My last Mitsubishi was at 110,000 miles when I traded it and it never had the rotors replaced and they were perfect. I always make sure the lug nuts are properly torqued.

    Mr. Vivona

  • Hey all--

    I just got a '93 ES. The research seems to indicate problems with brake rotors and possible valve issues. Anything else I should be prepared for? My car is in top conditon now, but would not be surprised to see some of these things break along the way as it is an older vehicle.

    Question: what is the big problem with the valves and how can it be fixed? Either permanently, or just temporarily by good maintenance.

    Would love some insight from you guys. The Yahoo and AOL boards for this car are dead.

    Oh...anyone else things Mitsu. made a big mistake with that Diamante nosejob for '02?? Took me a while to like the '97s and when I finally came around they screwed it all up. I still maintain that the first gen cars are the best looking. I think they look as good today as when they came out in '92.

    Thanks in advance for the info!

  • tcole3tcole3 Posts: 10
    Mr. Vivona - Thanks - I will do what your wife is doing and make myself become more disciplined about the lights. I had my other car for 8 years so retraining does take discipline. I tested leaving the lights on and turning the car off but they did not turn off automatically. I thought the car would sound some sort of signal if you left the lights on but it doesn't. Thanks for help. Theresa
  • How often should I have my transmission fluid changed? Is my car equipped with a maintenance free tranny? This information I'm sure is available in my owner's manual which unfortunately I don't have and I haven't been able to find answers thus far. Help is appreciated.
  • hac72hac72 Posts: 2
    Why would anyone consider buying a Diamante (or Mitsu)?? These cars get the worst depreciation of all the Japanese vehicles and the reliability is somewhere between Kia and Dodge. Why not buy something solid like a Maxima? Same price, but better (by far) quality and resale value. Some people just puzzle me.
  • When you factor in the deep discounts available on these cars, they carry a significant price advantage for the equipment they have (either in ES or LS trim). You would have to fully max out a Maxima to get the Diamante's equipment, and pay a few thousand more.

    Not sure if I would agree with you on the reliability front, they seem to be generally well-built cars. The resale becomes irrelevant if you keep the car 8-10 years. Otherwise, the best buy would be a used Diamante. They are bargains.
  • It seems to me that the Diamante is simply a car without a mission. They don't really market as anything in particular, while suggesting it is a near-luxury vehicle. However, its pricing structure and features compete more with uplevel Camrys, Accords, and Maximas. I am not talking about the MSRP here, but the price people actually pay for these things.

    While a solid and well built car, it has rather unremarkable technology. A four speed automatic was cutting edge in 1986, but not anymore...especially when true near-luxury cars have 5-speeds and/or some sort of manual shift capability. Everything else on the car are features that have been standard in the market place since the early-mid 90s.

    The Diamante in 1992, while considerably more expensive in todays dollars, at least had features that were new and cutting edge. The trace control, adjustable-suspension w/ 11 different heights, speed-variable steering, and much more. The audio system was killer, versus decent as is characterized by new Diamantes. My point is that the car had something to set it apart. Now, it has nothing to distinguish itself.

    I think Mitsubishi doesn't try to market it because they know they have truly nothing interesting to market. They need to decide if they want make this a true near-luxury car and add the appropriate accoutrements or market it as an Accord/Camry killer and slash the prices to what these things are actually selling for. Either of these moves would help to alert the US market to what excellent cars these really are.

    Just my two cents...
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    nice question. but why would i pay more money for a bland honda or a cheesy pontiac?

    i've been satisfied so far with my 2001 Diamante. The level of equipment for the price vs Maxima or Accord was much better. I would have had to spend 5 grand more. For what I paid used I'd bet in 4 years I'll still be able to get almost 50% of what I paid to trade. My depreciation will be nothing like a typical GM product and my upfront cost won't be usurious like a Maxima or Accord.

    Plus the Diamante is an attractive car, with many features for the money and at least in comparison to Accord and Camry, feels upmarket.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Did you turn off the car and open the driver's door? The headlights should automatically turn the lights off about 3 seconds after you open the driver's door. An alarm will also sound during this process.
  • tcole3tcole3 Posts: 10
    I will try your suggestion. I believe I did turn it off and shut the door and nothing happened, but will try again. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • tcole3tcole3 Posts: 10
    I tried your suggestion and it worked, the first time I had left the keys in the ignition. Thanks again
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Your welcome. Glad to be of some help. I knew that if my 93 Diamante and my 02 Lancer worked the same way, then your D should have the same feature.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I got a flyer at the auto show for a new Diamante model. The Diamante VR-X. A sports model of the Diamante. Available in one color, red. Sports suspension, spoiler. Titanium color wheels (i think). Perf. lthr. steering wheel.

    Anyone else see anything on this car?
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    looks hot! why did i get the 2001? I didn't know this was coming! Now I'm stuck with a dowdy ES when I could have this thing!

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    make sure you click on the link for vr-x, too.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    also click on the link for the VR. Its probably more likely the US spec VR-X will actually be closer to New Zealand's VR.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    from what i've seen this car will get a horsepower boost as well.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    hmmmmmm not much interest......anyone visiting lately?
  • gtroopgtroop Posts: 85
    Has anyone installed poly bushings on their 92 - 96 Diamante? I am thinking of doing this to tighten things up a bit and eliminate some side to side sway. Any tips, opinions?
  • czibertczibert Posts: 38
    Hey all...was at the dealer today and saw a new VRX on the lot. They just had one and it is this sort of ugly (in my opinion) burnt red/orange color. Has Titanium trim inside in leiu of the plasti-wood, perforated leather seats and steering wheel in black (wish this color was available on regular D's). The wheels look good, but not sure if I like the big spoiler on the back. The door handles are blacked out too (I think they just omitted the silver strip in them). Didn't have a chance to thoroughly inspect, just had a couple of question about my '93 and had to get going. I did notice that the list price was only $28K, versus $29K for the LS in the show room.

    Where did this model come from? Seems like no announcement and it just appeared out of nowhere.

  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    I usually refer people to as a place to buy genuine Mitsubishi OEM parts at wholesale. They have now added an online store. You can now look up a part and get the price even if you are just curious. Just click "Buy OE Parts Online Today"

    If Magauto is out of the part, another dealer offering the same online service and the same prices is Just select the online Mitsubishi parts catalog.

    Both sites use the same web site system. You use an Explorer-type interface to select parts and many parts provide you with an illustration. That can be handy even if you are just taking your Diamante apart for modifications.

    Mark these sites for your future reference.

    Mr. Vivona

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    check links on post 647 and the VR-x similar or different in any way to these pics of foreign models of Magna/Diamante?
  • Highway noise really bothers me. That's one of the reasons I bought my 94 Diamante?because it seemed quiet. But, I had no idea how quiet it actually was until I found a chart comparing cars from 92-93 model year. This is a link to a PDF containing a comparison chart of the Diamante to other high-end cars, including the "whisper quiet" Lexus ES. The Diamante appears to be the quietest car on the list at 67 dB, except for the BMW 7. Does anyone know where I can find updated information on interior noise levels of cars?

    Click on this link and search for "diamante":

  • czibertczibert Posts: 38

    I checked the links, the VR-X does look like the VR from New Zealand. I wonder why it's not on the US website yet. The only difference I noticed was on the NZ model the silver strips were still on the door handles. The one I saw, the handles were all black.

  • stim02stim02 Posts: 1

    I'm looking at a '98 Diamante ES; this is one beguiling vehicle. I've test driven it twice now, and I believe I have a good feel for the car.

    Here are a few questions, if anyone can help me out:

    * The climate control display is odd; different is good, but I found it very difficult to read the display during the day (yes, the headlights were turned off). Is the display supposed to be this dim, or is there a problem with this particular car?

    * I've heard some scary reports about Mitsubishi reliability. Specifically, can anyone offer some objective advice/experience regarding the '98 Diamante (i.e. anything to look for)?

    Overall, I love the exterior styling, and the interior (despite a few cheap-plastic looking components) is acceptable. The car drove well (decent suspension, quiet, good radio), and I think it's a great alternative to the boring Accord and Camry.

    Any help would be great.

  • bizilabizila Posts: 1
    Hello. This is my first time on this discussion. I have a 1997 Diamante LS. I have two questions. Question 1: The in dash cd player displays "E-03" when I try and play a cd, any cd. The audio system is the Infinity with the the cd trunk changer. Changer works fine, indash does not read. Any one know what the code means? The second question is entry light timing when I open the doors. How do I adjust so the interior light stays on longer than 3 or 4 seconds? Thank you!
  • czibertczibert Posts: 38

    The '98 would be a good choice in a used sedan. I agree about the Camry and Accord, both are far too bland for my tastes.

    I have a '93 ES, and have had minor problems. Going strong with 148K miles and just drove (a week ago I got back) from Phoenix to Seattle with no problems. I haven't heard of any major reliability problems with regards to the Diamante, so not sure where you got your info.

    As far as the climate control goes, the display on '97 and new Diamante's is hard to read and has been critcized in about every review written about the car. Just something you will have to live with... Just make sure it blows cold air and you should be OK.

    Hope this helps,

  • czibertczibert Posts: 38
    Not sure about the CD problems (sounds like the dealer could give an easy answer)... As far as the light goes, I don't believe the delay is adjustable...sorry.

    Maybe a techy like Vivona could shed more light on it.


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