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Mitsubishi Diamante

Welcome to the continuation of the Mitsubishi
Diamante II
topic. Those of you joining us from
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  • boscolauboscolau Posts: 13
    I managed to get white paint splattered on my black Diamante. It came from the road, but whether it was from something that dropped off a painter's truck or from the highway department painting lines I don't know. All four tires and the lower body panels are splattered.

    We are under severe drought restrictions in the Atlanta area for residential water use, so I can't wash it in my driveway during daylight hours.

    I've taken it through the local carwash, and it didn't come off.

    What's the best way to get the paint off without hurting the finish? Shall I take it to a detail shop and let them handle it?

    Any thoughts on this would be great.
  • Strange bug in the system. I used a link that boscolau had put in another Diamante topic to get to this topic, and when I posted, the post came up as being from boscolau...
  • boscolauboscolau Posts: 13
    diamante is a good car!
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91

    I have the Black D as well. It's probably the Black Burma Pearl.

    If you have a good close look its actually dark speckled green mettalic paint in bright light, nice effect.

    Unfortunately being a metalic paint you have to be very careful as it scratches very easily. You have to be careful on what car polish you use to remove the spots, you might remove the clear top coat. It's back breaking work if you have a whole lot of paint splatter to remove.

    I would suggest taking it to a auto detailing shop and let them fix it up. It might cost $120+ depending on the amount of work they have to do, but it'll be cheaper than if you make it worse.

    I'm having mine done this weekend to remove the scratches from using old rough rags to wax the car. Black is very susceptive to scratching I would be very careful on your approach

  • boscolauboscolau Posts: 13
    Thanks for clarifying your identity. I really appreciate. Edmunds, please fix the bug. =)
  • Thanks for the advice, ccancio--yes my car is the Black Burma Pearl, so I guess I'll getting it detailed.
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91
    ...whewee just got back from the reading the infamous "Diamante a Car to Avoid" group, what a raving lunatic!

    Anyway, just ordered the Pioneer CDXP1250 12 disk CD changer via the internet for $205 incl tax and shipping from .

    I will keep you posted on how I go in installing the sucker.

    In the meantime for any light entertaining relief or if you're bored go the the discussion group "...Bohlen a Guy to Avoid!" err I mean "Diamante a Car to Avoid!"

  • bohlenbohlen Posts: 21
    It seems that this discussion group is slowly dying...I guess the "raving lunatic" can still stir a good debate!

    I hope you are enjoying your Huynd..err Diamantes.
    Hey, ccancio, compared to kangaroos you used to ride in NZ, Diamante is a Rolls-Royce (a joke, so please don't get offended).
  • bohlenbohlen Posts: 21
    Our topic "Diamante - A Car to Avoid!" served its purpose well: hopefully it swayed a lot of people from a piece of junk called Mitsu Diamante.

    Let's switch to this lovely topic and see if we
    can make it more energetic.
  • maury2maury2 Posts: 12
    All you have to do is check out the MOST CURRENT issue of MotorTrend; page back to the compilation of recent road tests which is in the back and there you'll find the 0-60 time for the TL as 6.7 seconds. The full road test of this car appeared in either 7/00 or 8/00. This is another example of your failure to acknowledge the fact that the Diamante is an inferior product. I don't buy cars based only on their acceleration capabilities but since you brought it up; it is my duty to correct you. The TL is clearly quicker than the dowdy Diamante. ;)

    Hi Bohlen, I was going to respond to you in the other topic but they closed it, thanks alot twoof1.
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91
    >Hey, ccancio, compared to kangaroos you used to
    >ride in NZ, Diamante is a Rolls-Royce (a joke, so
    >please don't get offended).

    ..Hehehe, unfortunately for you, there are "NO" kangaroos in New Zealand.

    Your ignorance is beyond belief, but frankly after all the garbage you spew out lately .. I'm not surprised at all.

    >Our topic "Diamante - A Car to Avoid!" served its
    >purpose well: hopefully it swayed a lot of people
    >from a piece of junk called Mitsu Diamante.

    Actually I'm betting that a lot of readers who have read all of your ( and Maury2's)regurgitated/reduntant post's regarding the Diamante will actually look at the Diamante more seriously now.

    The number of positive reader feedback far beats the negative, even with the several BOGUS postings by your buddy Maury2.

    Thanks a lot for that Bohlen and Maury(... you two wouldn't be working for Mitsubishi ?!)

  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    it appears that we are both correct. The online review of the 1999 Acura TL states 0-60 of 7.4sec. the June 2000 print issue in the back road test summary section says the same thing. Did they make any changes to the engine in the TL in the 2000 model? I don't have the most recent edition handy, but I'll try to look it up tonight. I NEVER slammed the TL in fact if you read my post I said it is a great car so chill out. I was simply clearing up the fact that the performance of both cars is very similar which it is, unlike your opinion that the TL is "far faster."
    in regards to your statement:
    "This is another example of your failure to acknowledge the fact that the Diamante is an inferior product."
    I was taught a long time ago not to argue with ignorance. Your therapist must have a field day with you.
    Thankfully the moderator froze the Diamante bashing topic. in his post he says:
    "The Town Hall is not to be utilized to seek some sort of revenge for a bad product or dealer."
    It is in this spirit that I request we ALL chill out and return to more civilized conversation.
  • maury2maury2 Posts: 12
    To answer your question, yes, from what I read there have been changes to the 2000 TL over the 99 edition. The 2000 has a 5 speed automatic transmission as opposed to the 4 speed for the 99 and the engine output was recalibrated for stronger mid range acceleration; this explains the faster acceleration figures for the 2000. It's a shame that you have to resort to name calling, I guess that it's some sort of ego boost for you. I'm sorry to disappoint but I've now owned both cars and I can speak objectively on both and that is unfortunate but the Diamante is not an equal rival to the TL. I really have no owner loyalty to any brand; I've owned models from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota and I think I can be objective. I'm not a narrow minded staunch supporter of any of these but I can tell you that the Hondas that I've owned have been the most trouble free.
  • boscolauboscolau Posts: 13
    Why do I have to care about that silly second, especially I am not driving on a race track?

    Also, a slower car does not make a product inferior. TL is faster, but is definitely more inferior to Rolls Royce!

    VTEC got another controversial problem, which you will never read in any US magazine: VTEC works like a turbo and lift the car nose up when it starts working. A luxury car with arguably unfortable acceleration feel. Hummm.... I like the linear acceleration of my Diamante more.
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91
    Boscolau, just curios what color and what year is your "D" ? Still got the stock stereo setup?

    I'm wondering when the time comes to change the tires if I can put P225/R60's on the stock 16" rims?

    Vivona, are you still there, or are you sick on what is going on in this discussion group?!
    How far can you go on the stock rims, I think they're 7" wide, can yo put 50's on them?

  • maury2maury2 Posts: 12
    As usual a well thought out, logical post from you, thank you!!! Have you or do you own a TL, have you lived with one for over 3000 miles and can you compare the two cars objectively, I think not. If you'll reread my post, I said that the acceleration issue is just ONE of the reasons the TL is superior, IMHO. I did not bring the issue of up 0-60 times up, someone else opened up that can of worms, I just said that it feels to me that the TL is quicker than the Diamante; according to MotorTrend it is significantly so. BTW, (a turbo?) that is not how VTEC works and I find that the TL's acceleration is as linear as the Diamante's only much stronger feeling. Can you give me a link to the article which states that the nose lifts up on the TL and where they describe the acceleration as being uncomfortable. Again, I've driven and owned both cars and these are my real world experiences, can you say the same thing?
  • boscolauboscolau Posts: 13
    If only one thing can make a car superior, I don't see how your opinion make sense.

    VTEC kicks in only at 4500rpm, like a turbo, kicks in only at certain rpm.

    And the article, it's in a oversea publication. But I will try to find other source for your pleasure.

    However, if you can quote MotorTrend as a convicing and objective source, I don't see how publication overseas can't be.
  • boscolauboscolau Posts: 13
    ccancio, mine is a 99 black Diamante. I have put a JVC CD changer to my car. My tech did it this way: Make the JVC becomes the primary stereo unit and make the original cassette an auxilliary to the JVC changer.

    I have no idea about the wheels and the rim, but my guess is 225 may be too big for the original rim, just my guess.
  • boscolauboscolau Posts: 13
    Here's one, for all who are interested.


    VTEC uses a dual stage mode and you can see the torque curve actually falls a little before VTEC kicks in. This is the 1997 technology and Honda has made this happen at 4500rpm.

    So, you can think: the car start moving from 750 rpm, and unless it hits the 4500 rpm mark, VTEC will not kick in. When it kicks in, the car will go faster suddenly, yielding an unlinear change in acceleration.
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