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TCM on 2001 Isuzu Trooper?

chuck117chuck117 Member Posts: 4
edited October 2014 in Isuzu
2001 ls trooper,need to locate where transmission control module is located?


  • rhtransrhtrans Member Posts: 84
    I don't think this year had a separate TCM. I believe it just has a PCM that controls engine and trans. It should be in the right rear of the engine compartment by the battery..if not then its behind the center console.
  • chuck117chuck117 Member Posts: 4
    what would make newly rebuilt transmission go into limp mode, there was no problem with limp mode before trans was fixed,also all izuzu parts places say the tcm is located near shifter have not yet been able to locate,would it be under rear of console instead of in front of shifter?
  • rhtransrhtrans Member Posts: 84
    If it's in the console it would be in front of the shifter below the radio and ac controls. Alldata only shows a PCM that controls engine and trans for any 2001 trooper, 2WD-4WD, S-LS- or LTD with a 3.5L in the engine compartment by the battery. If the computer is putting the trans into failsafe mode then you must retrieve the fault codes that are causing the problem. It can be a simple connection problem at a sensor or case connecter...or even a broken wire somewhere...don't just assume it's the computer. Have it checked properly by a qualified shop.
  • chuck117chuck117 Member Posts: 4
    Theres a computer looking part below stereo, but was told to me with having bright yellow connection leaders, this is the computer for airbags control system,not sure if they are correct, but sounds plausible, but if they are wrong this might be tcm or just computer for air bags?... also told to me,transfer case module under pass there is)?could this have any bearing to limp mode problem?
    Also i do know qualified izuzu tech is my best answer,I live where that doesnt exist,dealing with trans guy under warranty work, that cant find why trans is not recieving enuff power too engage trans? He has checked all wires underneath vehicle that runs trans power,did find wires that may heated and may had able to cause problem ,was all replaced,no luck. This censor or case connector you talk about?would this be located from PCM(behind battery?) that we could trace to A to B or C and D if thats what it takes? sorry to keep u guessing,Hes been guessing 5 months.
  • chuck117chuck117 Member Posts: 4
    Where can i find online or any other location,which gives me diagram on wiring structure in vehicle on 01 trooper ls 3.5 lt....? from pcm to trans, to get problem solved?
  • rhtransrhtrans Member Posts: 84
    You are saying there are "no" fault codes stored and the trans is always in limp mode(high gear) are there any fault codes? if not Listen...forget about all the other modules. Pcm in engine compartment next to battery. Has two large connectors. One is J1(blue) and the other is J2(red) . If you unplug them should be able to see colors. There are two connectors on the tranny. One six prong and one 4 prong. The six is on the side of the trans over the front small pan on the drivers side and the four is in the middle of the trans over the larger pan on the same side. Ok..J2 connector- terminal 43- goes to terminal D on the four prong connector(gray/white wire). This is the shift solenoids 12 volt source that powers all three shift solenoids in the large pan. Make sure you have 12volts on terminal D ignition on. If you don't, there is the problem.. the other three terminals(abc) are grounds for the solenoids. J1 terminal 5 on the PCM goes to terminal C (J1-5/C) green & red wire, Then J2-31/ is terminal A (green), and J2-10 is B (brown&yellow). Using an ohm meter..check for opens & shorts in the wires. Unplug pcm(keep trans plugged in) side of meter to terminal 43..using other side of meter on terminals 5-31-10. 5 & 31 should be round 20 ohms, 10 should be lower round 10-15 ohms. Just know if the computer has a code stored, it will cut all functions to the solenoids causing high gear only(limp mode) Also if there are any open wires or shorts the computer should set a code for the circuit problem.
  • bikemotobikemoto Member Posts: 1
    rhtrans..Saw your post regarding tcms on troopers. I have a basic scan code of 756..b solenoid.. replaced b solenoid. Checked for voltage at j2 pin 43 out of ecm..not there. swapped ecm out of good trooper..same. cleared fault with basic fault voltage. also on tranny i saw the 7 prong connecter that has a dummy pin. disconnected it..nada.. no voltage. Either im doing something wrong or im doing something wrong. You seem to have the most insight into these trannys that Ive seen on these forums and was wondering if you might drop me a line at [email protected] for a little chat on this prob. Otherwise off to the shop....Not a good prospect. Thanks, bikemoto
  • goodungoodun Member Posts: 1
    need the location of the transfer case control module it has torque on demand
  • troopertedtrooperted Member Posts: 1
    Iv'e replaced the coil pack, spark plug, fuel injector, I'm getting power to the wire to the coilpack , it's getting fuel to the injector, can someone please help me figure this out?
  • mufflers_28mufflers_28 Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. I have rebuilt the tranny, put in a new computer, and still cant find the problem. The tranny works great if you manually shift it, but starts in high gear if in drive. I will try the wire short problem, but I am afraid that is not it. Please let me know if you have any info that may help. You can email me or just post here. [email protected] is my email. Thanks.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
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    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum.

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