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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • i was wondering does anyone know if there are any changes in the 2003 camry?
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    I have exactly the same question about the 2003 Camry. Hopefully they will have removed some of these annoying little problems squeaks smells and
    poor paint jobs. The don't buy the first model out holds true.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Just as a note, our 2002 LE has an 8 way power adjustable seat (seatback angle, seat height up/down, seat fore/aft, front lip of seat cushion up/down). And our 2002 LE (made in Kentucky) is assembled better than our 2000 (made in Japan), or at least it is so thus far.. Before 10K, the 2000 had developed a squeaking rear suspension over moderate bumps, and the latch to the center armest broke off in my mother's hand (she is no powerhouse). Right now, at 33K, the plastic around the gear shift seems to be losing adhesion. So, as for my family personally, we have not experienced any assembly issues with our 2002 Camry (which now has nearly 9K miles), and are very satisfied with it. The car is refined, composed, and efficient in everything it does. My niggling complaints- a slightly spongy brake pedal, the headrests don't articulate as they used to, and the headlights are no longer auto-on. Other than that, the increased power, better handling, upgraded interior... I could go on... make for a markedly improved vehicle, and I DOUBT there will be many, if ANY, changes to the 2003.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    I am surprised to hear that the LE can be equiped with an 8 way power seat as when I was looking at the XLE both edmunds as well as the dealership had the power seats listed only as 4 way with no option of getting it with an 8 way seat.
    Had I realized the LE had the 8 way power seat I would have looked at that model closer.
  • vic19vic19 Posts: 56
    We recently purchased a 2002 Camery LE with 8 way power driver's seat. I was comfortable until I read these posts. I'm only 5' 8" but you guys are right the bottom cushion is short and detracts from comfort. I would have been happy with the seat except for you guys. This will teach me a lesson.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Vic19 made a very curious statement in his last post. "I would have been happy with the seat except for you guys." This statement confirms what I have long thought about some issues on this and other boards. If people don't know to look for a problem, none will exist. If one goes in looking for a problem, it will be found.

    I'll give you another example of this. About two years ago, one person on the Sienna topic complained of poor alignment on his van. He probably did have an alignment issue but was very vocal about it. Soon after, a large number of people began to complain about alignment issues. The original poster complained of pulling to the left. Other lurkers read this and decided to do something they had never done before. They drove down the highway and let go of the steering wheel. Sure enough, the car "pulled" to the left. In reality, it was more of a drift which is quite normal due to road crown and does not indicate alignment problems.

    These folks went to their dealers and complained of alignment problems. Most were told they had no problem. They reported back about how unresponsive Toyota dealers were to this "problem." It was a hot topic for quite some time and I still read about it from time to time. It was driven by nothing more than the power of suggestion.

    I don't want to minimize this for those who really have a problem. Everybody is built a little different and has different expectations. I would only argue that if one goes in with the expectation of discomfort, one will find it.

    BTW, the Solara seat is very different than the Camry and I personally find it extremely comfortable. I've also driven Volvos and think the Solara seat is nearly identical to that seat.
  • vic19vic19 Posts: 56
    I posted the above a bit tongue in cheeck, but it is true that the bottom cushion is short. Compared to my BMW 5 or an S class that I owned it is short. The bottom cushion on the S moved in and out electrically. I wouldn't sell the car just because of the short cushion, but it is disconcerting that Toyota would do it in what is a full sized car. GM did or my still be going it in the back seat of their cars, but that's GM.

    Consumers sense of what is acceptable and not acceptable is partially or maybe primarily what they learn other consumers are experiencing. The fact that Japanese cars were preceived to be so much less prone to bugs certainly translated into what consumers were willing to accept from US manufacturers.
  • george00george00 Posts: 81
    The power seat in my LE4 is 8-way and the driving position is excellent. The problem is in the configuration and hardness of the seat-back. I am grateful for the various comments. Often on this and other internet sites, people come on who respond to any expression of problems with phrases like stop whining and get a life. It's a pleasure when responses to what is after all, to me, a very serious problem, are serious and concerned.

    Mimi919 - your offer is most kind. At the moment, I am trying various combinations of seat cushions. I bought a bunch of them and am mixing and matching; things seem to be getting better. I am also considering getting a new back, as mine is causing too much trouble, and the one thing doctors are stymied by more than any other is a bad back. Anyway, thanks so much - people like you remind me why I bother.

    Cliffy1 - you note that the Solara seat is really more comfortable than the Camry seat. Let me ask you the same question I asked Toyota and they refused to answer, and I promise I will not hold you liable for anything that happens to me, my car, or anything else: Will the Solara seat fit in the Camry?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Its not that I don't want to answer, its just that I don't know. Due to differences in the body and floor pan, I would doubt it but that is not an answer. Taking a tape measurer and looking at where the bolt holes are will give you a better idea. Beyond that obvious piece of advice, you also need to look at the electrical requirements of bother seats, plus the seat belt attachments. Also, you need to make sure anything mounted under the seat (security systems and audio amplifiers) will fit both. That is just too much for me to know on this subject.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I read that the Camry will get adjustable gas/brake pedals. Anyone know if this is true and when it will be? I think I read that it would be in the late 2002 model year.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    The Camry will have this as an option hopefully before the 2003 model. Originally it was going to be available before the end of 2001 but it keeps getting pushed back.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Was Ford having some problems from its owners having to do with the adjustable pedals? I thought I heard something about that somewhere.
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    When does Ford not have a problem with something? :)
  • jeffrey15jeffrey15 Posts: 61

    The adjustable pedals on the Taurus have been cited as being to close together thus causing the possibility of hitting the wrong one. Sounds like a bunch of baloney to me, but the NHTSA is looking into it.

  • pbwithpbwith Posts: 7
    Hi. I recently purchased a 1999 Camry LE. I really like the car a lot.

    I am interested in adding a remote control transmitter (you know, what you dangle on your key chain) for automatically unlocking the doors and trunk.

    The already have power locks. Anybody know if I can simply buy a transmitter that will allow the functionality I desire ? If so, I imagine it needs to be programmed somehow ?

    Thanks for your help !
  • sam_beaversam_beaver Posts: 61
    I hope I'm not starting anything here. I just want a little advice on a brand new car. We don't drive a whole lot, so 3 months into our new 2002 Camry it still has only 1500 miles on the odometer. Which is more important for oil change intervals -- the time, or the mileage? Do I wait for 5000 miles even if that takes all year, or is there some point at which I really ought to bring it in even if it only has 2000 miles on it?

    And whatever your advice is, should I continue with that for all subsequent oil changes, or is the first one particularly important/unimportant?

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    5000 miles or 6 months sounds fair. Did you not receive a complete maintenance manual with your Camry? It even recommends a 7500 sevice interval for moderate use, but we prefer to service more often than that. We also do everything (at least until the powertrain warranty is up) at the dealer. I especially like the fact that they check the tire inflation, and brake pad wear, as well as top off all fluids, with the regular oil and filter.
  • gvlgalgvlgal Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2001 Camry from Car Max and I had remote keyless entry installed at Circuit City for $159 and it works great. There were other remote keyless options that ranged in price from about $375-650 that included a security system and/or remote start and other functions that I didn't feel were worth the price difference. The brand of keyless remote I have is the Rattler 100, which is the basic model. It doesn't unlock the trunk, however, but I think the Rattler has other models which can be programmed to unlock the trunk, but that wasn't an option I was offered with the basic remote.
  • mmccloskeymmccloskey Posts: 168

    The comments made by Cliffy1 regarding the Solara seats being more comfortable is true.

    I have a 2K SLE and was considering a 2001 ES300 and test drove one last year. The first thing I noticed was the bottom cushion seemed smaller/shorter than in my Solara. The seat in the ES300 wasn't as comfortable and the overall difference between the my Solara and the ES300 wasn't worth the extra money. I am rather tall (4' 26") and in most cars the bottom cushion is too short, but the Solara's bottom cushion appears to be nearly 2" longer which results in a more comfortable seat for me. Maybe it's because the Solara was designed for the American/Canadian market while the Camry/ES300 is a 'global' vehicle. Anyway, you may want to test drive a Solara to see if the seats might be more accomodating over the Camry's. BTW, the headrests on the Solara articulate (tilt forward) and this feature makes the seat more flexible for each driver. As for swapping seats - the design of the Solara seats is quite different than the Camry so you'd have the visual impact of different front/rear seats in a car.

    M. J. McCloskey - 2K SLE - Silverstream/loaded
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    4" 26" ... you almost threw me for a loop there :)
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    When will the 03 Camrys arrive in the Northeast ? What new features will be available ? Will Cassis Pearl ( red ) replace Salsa Pearl ?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I like Salsa Red Pearl. It's beautiful on an SE model.
  • jbg12jbg12 Posts: 7
    I'm going to be purchasing a Camry, Accord, or Passat in Sept/Oct. I tested an SEV6 that exhibited unsophisticated harshness on bumps at relatively low speed. Was this specific to this car perhaps? No reviews that I've seen have mentioned such behavior. Otherwise really liked the car and much prefer it to the LE/XLE. Any thoughts? Thanks
  • biyonic2biyonic2 Posts: 15
    I got to test drive a loaded 2002 Camry with the bigger engine for over 200 miles. My general thoughts:

    Great steering, suspension, and overall "feel" Good general driving power from the engine.
    Good brakes. Great big comfy leather seats.

    Although the engine was capable for general driving it had no passing power. I would not buy this car because I could not pass trucks on a 2 lane with total confidence. That is something that is important to me as a driver and may not be to you.

    Also had issue with arm rest to high and too low - but that is nitpicking.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    My only input on the SE besides that which you mention is that I feel the Black lettering and emblems are cheap and not very visible. If I were getting an SE, I'd see if there was any way to get it without that- though I do like the blacked out headlamps.

    biyonic- how in the world did you manage to test drive a car for 200 miles?
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    The new Camry is much better than the previous edition. But there is still room for improvement :

    - about 25 more HP would be nice ( V6 )
    - HID/Xenon headlights
    - tilting feature for the steering wheel
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I think that can be considered the Lexus ES 300.
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The steering wheel does tilt. Do you mean telescope? Any coolguy-very shrewd assertion.
    Whats up? Whats goin on? Any 02 Camry owners have anything to say? Rants/Raves?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    but the darn car does need steering wheel radio controls. Even the Es300 doesn't have them, that's a shame.
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