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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited January 2014 in Toyota
Please continue posting your Sienna deals here.

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  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    We are about ready for the final step on an LE with TO--towing, UN (power windows etc.) bumper guard,and cargo net. I've read a lot of the back comments and it appears that Sienna's are now easier to purchase at lower prices than about 8 months ago, but where does the profit come in for the deal (in other words) what do we watch out for when they say "we know you're using the internet and have invoice prices from Edmunds etc. so let's just cut to the chase, and here's our offer. How much room is there to negotiate? We know there's that $1,000.00 rebate on MSRP, but they state that doesn't affect invoice. Will we hit once we start to close with hidden costs? Help! We'd like to do this soon.
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    We are also looking for a Sailfin Blue, several available on the Milwaukee area, don't know where you are. We have heard that the towing package is an OPTION, my husband wants it because we travel a lot and he feels it's better for the tranny. Sometimes it's difficult to keep all the options straight, but if you look at my previous posting you'll see our description. Here in WI they are offering us this for 23,349 or 23,218, almost sounds to good to be true, but we've gotten this type of offer from 4 dealers, maybe they're slower around here or incentives we don't know about
  • edeldiceedeldice Posts: 3
    We got a Silver Spruce Metallic LE with UN (TO pkg was on the car but was told that the ones they have on site all do; they'd have to order one without....whatever!)

    We paid $24,031. Here's the breakdown:
    Sienna LE $22,148
    TO Pkg 128
    UN Pkg 271
    FIE 399
    Fuel 6
    TDA 398
    Destination 480
    TOTAL "Invoice": 23,830

    We paid $24,031. Difference: $201

    Of course I think the TDA (advertising) and the FIE (factory installed equipment) are a load of crap and are most likely just profit for them. Still, I feel it was the best deal I could get in my area (NYC metro area). I checked at more than one dealer to see if they could do better and they were all like "buy it from the other guy; I can't come close to that number let alone beat it."

    Should I have argued on the FIE and TDA charges?

  • nuwave1nuwave1 Posts: 1

  • edeldiceedeldice Posts: 3
    Um, I never heard of that. Or an administrative fee. Nothing like that came up in my purchase in the New York City area this past Tuesday.

    Of course they did charge me for advertising (398) and for "factory installed equipment" (399) and for fuel (6). I think these dealers just come up with something to call their PROFIT when they know they're dealing with customers who have all the invoice prices and are doing their homework.

    Good luck in your car search!

  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    We are still waiting in Milwaukee area to see what the dealers will offer. We sent e-mails as have been suggested in previous postings,listing our requested price. Around here, they are offering 100-300 over invoice, maybe you southeasterners should try our northern climes. And yes what the heck IS Toyo Guard. Maybe they'll try and pull that on us once we get in, but they can tell that we've shopped around and used forums and info like this, and seem to realize that we'll walk.
  • zip9zip9 Posts: 1
    After using half a dozen Internet sites (autobytel, carpoint, carsdirect, ...) to send out request quotes, I finally got a deal I think it's "fair" from Toyota of Morristown, NJ.

    Here is the breakdown:
    LE invoice: 22148
    UN: 271
    TO: 128
    EF: 36
    N1: 190
    SK: 80
    Destination: 480
    Total: 23333
    Quote: 24000

    Will go and pick it up tomorrow (5/13). I hope
    the deal will go through.
  • jeff1962jeff1962 Posts: 4
    Can anyone recommend a good Toyota dealer (and salesperson) in New Hampshire? We are looking for a new Sienna and would appreciate any recommendations. Also, what kind of prices are you paying for an LE? Thanks!
  • quadfourquadfour Posts: 1
    what dealership and sales person did you deal with? thanks
  • edeldiceedeldice Posts: 3
    I dealt with Victor Varga at Toyota City in Mammaroneck. I have liked dealing with him, but frankly I'm irked about the "Factory Installed Equipmment" charge of $399. I should have argued it to get a lower price...although on the other hand I'm not sure how much lower I could have gotten anywhere else. I dealt with 3 different dealerships in Rockland and Westchester.

    Why? are you in this area? Where are you shopping? And what kind of quotes are you getting?
  • For all of you who are being quoted prices for advertising, factory installed equipment,gas,etc., come to the Buffalo NY area. I ordered an XLE last month for $26,200. The breakdown is as follows on the invoice:
    Base: 23,930
    destination 480
    HE pkg: 1020
    TO 128
    EF 33
    total: $25,624

    the difference between the real invoice and what I'm paying is $576 and that is without all the garbage that they are throwing on to the invoices to make it look like you are paying only a couple of hundred of dollars over invoice, when actually you are paying closer to a thousand! So if your interested, I purchased mine from Downing Halls Toyota in Lockport NY. Stop and see Niagara Falls while you're here it's very close by. Good luck
  • mslynnmslynn Posts: 2
    Some of you Southeasterners might want to try Bohn Toyota in New Orleans. They will work with you over the internet - but get their phone number and call them. The woman that is listed doesn't return phone calls OR e-mails. I'm assuming she's not there anymore. If you ask for their internet specialist, he will talk to you - I received a GREAT quote - now all I've got to do is sell my car....Please let me know how it's not TOO far to N.O.; it might be a nice drive back in a Sienna though!
  • buycar5buycar5 Posts: 4
    How did that deal go? That looked about 3% over invoice, not bad. What was the name of that dealer?
    I too am in the South East. Got a quote on loaded XLE from a dealer in IN about 7% over invoice. I'm hoping to find better.
    What is this FIE? Is that only in the LE and CE, or are they sticking it to all models?
  • okskiokski Posts: 3
    It was a great Mother's day..she had her Sienna XLE...equipped with..LL pkg#4...WD sunroof wind deflector...rear bumper protector...dest charge..$26946 plus tax...
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    I inquired of the Clearinghouse for that $150.00 coupon and was informed that in the midwest region, they sold out two months ago. Shoot.
  • m3838m3838 Posts: 3
    I sent one e-mail to about 25 dealers within 50 miles and got about 10 responces.
    In the mail I specified:
    CE base invoice -- $20 602
    Extra Value package - $847
    Tow package -- $128
    bumper protector - $40
    Invoice price $21617 plus 2%($432) over - $22055, to which I had to pay 8.5% tax at the end.
    plus delivery --$462
    plus handling fee - around $400 -- $23 000.
    Looks like the price I got was $438 over the invoice, but then I had to pay delivery and handling fees(including registration, licence etc.) My out of pockett expences were roughly $25000. Plus I got exended warranty for 5 years(100K mls) that was applied towards financing and lowered my interest from 8.9% to 8.5%, and increased my monthly payments from $300 to $330.
    The best offer was from Berkeley Toyota, I was given flat price, came over there and filled out the papers. End of deal.
    But the best part was the next day. If you are intrested, please read my follow up.
  • dana20dana20 Posts: 1
    Can anyone recommend a dealer in Houston? I'd like to find one that will give a fair deal. Thanks!
  • m3838m3838 Posts: 3
    Well, when we were ready for test drive, fleet manager asked us to file the papers first and then to look at the car and drive it. If we will not like it - we will toss the papers. He didn't play any tricks - it was Mother's day and I arrived late at the lot. We (silly) agreed and when we were shown the car - we were a bit disappointed.
    There were some minor problems with it. The guy wanted to go home and started to pressing us a little. He didn't mention that garage was just across the street, so we could roam the lot and pick the car ourselves. He was just calling there and the car was delivered. Well, we bought it. My whife didn't like it, my home folks didn't like it etc., so when I came back to the dealer (to bring the keys from my trade-in and pink slip), I asked this silly question: "if it is possible to switch cars, because i accidentally dropped by the garage and saw white CE that I liked. Off course the manager said "no", I was not leaving, he explained it to me a couple of times, I explained to him why I didn't pick the other one the day before and finally he allowed to do that!
    Amazing! So now I have white CE that suits us perfectly!
    Soo, my great thanks and highest rankings to Berkeley Toyota's manager Tim, who showed real respect for the customer in very tough situation.
    His advice at the end was: NEVER sign anything sight unseen, even on Mother's day, and even at his own dealership.
    Berkeley Toyota, at 2400 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA.
  • eckn994eckn994 Posts: 3
    You paid for the handling and delivery fees for $400 and $462 (total of $862)? I believe the destination charge of $480 includes the 'handling' and 'delivery'. If this is the case, you paid more than 2% over invoice ($432). You really paid $814 over invoice. If there was a 'dealers-trade' involve, then I see that they could possibly charge you for such fees, but not as high as $862.
  • bowden1911bowden1911 Posts: 2
    I am working with an internet sales manager in Dallas, TX who said I can get an LE at $100 over invoice. However, he is including the following additional invoice charges which I am not familar with.

    T.D.A. $ 247.00
    M.A.F. $ 323.00
    PIO HOLDBACK $ 96.00
    WHSL. FINANCIAL RES R $ 215.00

    The dealer assures me that any dealer has to pay these costs. Should I expect the invoice price to include these covering these charges?
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    It really sounds to me like the dealers are blowing smoke. I don't know whether Toyota charges the dealers on a per car basis, or whether this is just an estimate.

    Also, I thought "Holdback" was a credit to the dealers, not an extra charge. So I don't know what they're talking about.

    I suspect they're inflating the invoice to make you feel good about the deal you're getting.

    This is substantiated by one initial quote we've gotten that is very close (within $200) of our target price of 3% over invoice, less 2% holdback, plus destination charge, which comes to a profit of $700, which is not bad for filing paperwork.

    The best solution is to forget about costs and prices and just make it competitive. Develop your target price and keep on playing one dealer against another until they bottom out. When they do, you have your best price, and it's independent of what the car cost.

    We have just begun this process for ourselves. We are emailing dealers within about a hundred mile radius (we're in San Jose), have received about five replies so far, and are beginning the process of negotiating from there.

    Just ignore all the talk of their invoice and the MSRP, and open it up to bidding. Our approach will be to tell each bidder about all the bids that are better than theirs, but not the bids that are worse.
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    Does anyone know if the CA invoice prices are different from the other states?

    CA has different smog requirements, so I'm wondering whether perhaps the invoice prices are different. The Toyota dealers I've talked to so far are telling me the invoice prices are higher than my estimate, but I haven't drilled into what they're claiming is on the invoice.

    The Toyota web site shows the same MSRPs as the ones published by Edmund's, but I don't know if that tells me anything.

    Any help along these lines, thanks.
  • eckn994eckn994 Posts: 3
    Don't fall for that. If you did he knows that you are an uneducated buyer. He'll make you think that you're ahead by saying you're only paying $100 over invoice. But, in reality, you're paying way over $1,000 invoice. All those items you mentioned above are all bogus items. This so called 'Internet Sales Manager' is nothing but a spineless worm. This guy has no morales.

    Only pay for the following:

    1) Dealer invoice + negotiated profit to dealer (approx. up to 3%),
    2) Destination charge ($480),
    3) Tax + title and registration, and
    4) Nothing else

    Never pay for all the other non-sense stuff. If you don't feel that you're ready to negotiate, I suggest for you to read-up on 'How to buy a new car' from the library. I know because I did. Because of all the books I've read, I only paid $535 over invoice for my Sienna XLE with no Advertisement fees and all those fees you mentioned. Good luck
  • linda963linda963 Posts: 7
    Do you have the number for that dealer in N.O. or the internet address? And if you don't mind sharing, what great deal were you able to get and on what model? I am interested in the LE with UN. Thanks for any feedback.
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    Did you pay $535 over net invoice (less the 2% dealer holdback), or $535 over gross invoice (without the holdback)?

    I ask this because, as I mention in another post, I've gotten an opening quote that's 4% over net invoice. Seems pretty good to me, but then again, $535 for transferring a car from the delivery truck to you is also pretty easy money.
  • m3838m3838 Posts: 3
    I got my papers in front of me and clearly saw my mistake. The numbers were from different estimate.
    Here are my real numbers:
    Berkeley Toyota offered $23000 for CE with EV, Towing and bumper cover.
    If to break it down:
    base invoice 20602
    EPV 847
    Tow 128
    bumber cover 40 all together 21617
    included are:
    delivery 460
    TDA 247(?) all together 22324
    So I paid 3% over their "invoice" price.
    My mistake was paying those 3% profit AND 8.5% CA tax on destination charge and their TDA, which account to $1167, otherwords I overpaid about $130-135.
    All and all I paid $676 plus $130 -- $800 profit,
    you are right. Considering dealer has 2% hold back
    - they made awsome profit.
    Still, I don't consider myself robbed, because 3%, and even 3.5% above the invoice is pretty good price, and it's almost $2000 less than carOrder's.
    Besides, I was able to change car AFTER the deal was sealed!
    Hint. When you get your new car, don't rush to call your insurance. Wait for a day. If anything wrong will accure - you have the chance of going back to dealer and swapping cars, otherwise your car will be considered used.
  • zoltyzolty Posts: 1
    Does anyone recommend getting the extended warranty?
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    Extended warranties are a huge profit center for the dealership.

    It's not a warranty, it's an insurance policy, and a pretty expensive one at that, and one which is difficult to collect from.

    You're better off taking the money and investing it for the three years till your factory warranty runs out.
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    Stings, don't it, to know the dealer makes that much money?

    We're going to buy a car and basically drive it off the delivery truck. For shuffling paperwork and handling our check the dealership will probably make anywhere from $1000 to $1500, counting holdback and everything else.

    Sure seems like easy money to me. But something's got to pay for all those spiffy showrooms and sales managers that sit on their rears.
  • eckn994eckn994 Posts: 3
    I paid exactly 1.98% over invoice. I did not bother to negotiate with the 2% holdback they get from the manufacturer. I know Toyota and Honda consider their 2% holdbacks non-negotiatble. Other dealers that sells american made cars deal with their 2 or 3% holdbacks. I supposed I just got lucky getting that deal. It was a rough negotiating for five weeks but I managed to get what I wanted.
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