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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I purchased mine 10 days ago Basic XLE for $29950 plus fees came out to $3309 OTD, Dont really care about the rear entertainment system, as my kids use their Ipads most of the time and I installed an aftermarket Navigation Unit and Backup Sensors for $1370, so for about $34300 OTD I have an xle with backup sensors and Navigation( way better Navi than the factory one)
  • Went to the dealer y'day to get a base model of 2012 Sienna XLE AWD without any packages. The one they had though was with NAV and rear parking sensors. The OTD for that model was $ 40K. I walked away since that seemed a lot. Anyone in WA state who purchased 2012 Sienna XLE AWD base with no packages ???
  • I purchased my 2012 XLE Sienna for 33095 out the door price with zero percent for 60 months on May 31st. The added options were the wheel locks and carpets with the door still protector. The other benefit i get is lifetime tires up to 600 dollars and lifetime free car washes whenever i want them. This was in Baltimore Maryland at Jerry's Toyota. The only negative thing is there customer service is not good so i get my work done at another Toyota dealer. But if i need my tires i go here because they are only free through them. Jones Toyota in Bel air Md is another great dealership with great customer service. They off lifetime free oil changes and i got my 2010 Corolla Le from them at 16650 out the door price. I could have done better but we needed a second car fast. They also give free hot dogs, popcorn, coffee, manicures, shoe polish and car wash for life. Hope this helps.
  • Looking around Richmond, VA and Black Ext. color
  • clcdclcd Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    We were offered by this same dealer a 2012 LE v6 FWD (tow pack, mat) for 26200 cash payment after 1000 rebate, or 27200 with 0%/60m. Early this year their offer was 27800 while another local dealer offered 27200. No promotions were available at that time. So my feeling is this is an average online quote at this time of the year, but better than those starting from sticker.
    They didn't have the color we wanted though, to get the color right we were offered two choices:
    1) take a 2013 same model (tow, mat, plus roof crossbars) for 26700 cash, or
    2) a 2012 model (tow, mat) plus entune navigation for 26500 cash AR ( or 27500 with 0% finance).
    Net-net we think offer 1) is better because we don't really care about integrated gps, however we prefer the 0% finance so we took 2).
    Dealer doc runner fees were fixed standard. We were told in advance so we have that in mind while negotiating.
    This is our first new car experience, we hope we were doing ok. My feeling is there is still room for say 500 lower if we wanted spend two more hours there. The online quote is a low ball offer to get people to the dealer, but definitely not their bottom line.
    About the sales rep, not the type we like though, not very informative, too pushy and resulted in backfire several times.
  • Hi,

    Where did you install the navi and backup sensors? I just got a basic XLE but with a $1000 higher price than yours. Sad... Thanks.
  • clcdclcd Posts: 3
    Well I think yours is better. It's XLE vs my LE, sticker difference is 3500 base to base. You got sunroof, leather seats, power front passenger seat. I would be much happier to take your model. Trade? :P
  • clcdclcd Posts: 3
  • I too think that 2013 offer is a bit better deal for paying cash (LE comes with automatic climate control). When I purchased last month Toyota incentive was 750 and we paid 26,006 cash after incentive (not including 395 dealer fee, has tow & mats). For 700 more I would have preferred 2013, but didn't think 2013s get discounted so early. Agree that it may have been possible to knock off another 500 but that would have been after 2hrs of mental agony. But I think going with option (2) you got one of the best prices for the LE w/Nav (about 500 more than LE).

    In my case there was nothing "open" (color, financing etc) before I stepped in the dealership so did not get to see the traditional haggling side of things, just paid and drover off. At the end it was the price and that was not bad at all. :)
  • Our 2008 Sienna had a great buyout price of 11500 and we know it is in good shape because it has been ours.
    Oddly it was leased in NY so not with SETF, but rather TFS. TFS told us (at first) to go to any Toyota dealership and they would do the transfer paperwork rather than us just sending in a check through the mail (as is customary) to buyout the lease. I didn't think too much of it since there was a brand new dealership in BRadenton that I wanted to see anyway. We go in and the dealership is new and shiny, they bring out the paperwork and it is 14300 not itemized. I ask them how they got to that figure, I mean expect to pay tax/reg etc but this was much. They try to stick us for 900$ dealer fee to fill out 30minutes of paperwork, plus another 800$ that couldn't be accounted for they said it was inspection fee.

    I stormed out called toyota and after a bunch of calls someone pointed us to a lexus dealer in the area that did the paperwork for us for about 100$ very fair they are I guess a TFS company.

    The Toyota dealerships are absolutely terrible in our area (Sarasota/Manatee counties) and this is about the 3rd really bad experience in one down here that has sworn me off of individual dealerships. I wonder is it just SETF arrogance becuase the stock answer from Toyota each time I have called to complain is "Sorry each dealership is independently owned we cant do anyhting"?

    I wish I had known this in advance because it was stressful,
  • ywalletywallet Posts: 8
    edited September 2012
    Hello Everybody,

    This is a wonderful forum and I thank you all in advance for sharing your wisdom.

    We have a 2nd baby coming and with family visiting often need to get a minivan.

    Since 2013 models have come into market I was looking for a 2012 new car to get some price leverage and finally have a quote that seems to be OK but need your feedback -

    Its for a Sienna LE Dealer Demo Model (2012/5338A) with 6K miles, includes LE Convenience Package + LE Preferred Package + Towing Prep Package for 26,500. My guess is I would need to pay separate sales tax that is not factored in the dealer's final price. Does this look like a decent deal for a 2012 LE with 6K miles ? The MSRP on the sticker was 29,700 + 220 (anti theft) + 220 (Towing prep) + 325 (Carpet foor Mats/Door Still Protector) + 810 (Delivery Processing and Handling Fee) = 31,275.

    LE Convenience Package –
    includes fixed center console and roof rails.

    LE Preferred Package -
    Dual power-sliding doors and power rear door, an eight-way power driver seat with power lumbar support, electrochromatic rearview mirror with Homelink, multi-information display with backup camera, rear window sunshades, AM/FM/MP3 CD audio with integrated SiriusXM satellite radio capability with 90 day trial subscription, auxiliary audio jack, USB port with iPod connectivity, and hands-free phone capability and music streaming via Bluetooth connectivity, and steering wheel audio controls

    Towing Prep Package -
    includes 3500-lb. towing capacity, engine oil cooler, heavy-duty radiator and fan. Anti-theft system with alarm and engine immobilizer.
  • From the mention of LE Preferred Package I guess it is a 4-cyl LE and the 26,500 for a 6k demo is on the VERY high-end of price scale (even after all the packages and accessories).

    If you review some of the posts here you can see that New 2012 LE V6 8-pass FWD were purchased (with all those options plus more) for less than 26,500. I myself purchased one in Aug for 26,401 + ttl. In Sep Toyota has more incentives (750 vs 1000) so I think the best price to target on V6 LE 8-pass FWD is around 26,250 when 1000 cash incentive is used (including destination & dealer fees, mats, tow prep and roof rail cross bars), depending on the local market couple of hundreds more.

    I would stay away from that LE 4-cyl deal, moreover V6 would be a better choice in my opinion (the 4-cyl only has miniscule mileage advantage and at times is underpowered for a van of such space & versatility). This may be the reason Toyota dropped 4-cyl all together for 2013.
  • Based on the MSRP and two-prep you noted, I see it is an LE V6 FWD that you are dealing with (separate mention of Preferred Package made me think it is LE 4-cyl). Even then 26,500 for a 6k used LE V6 is high. The guideline I noted earlier is a good gauge of new 2012 LE V6 FWD prices.
  • Thanks for your reply and valuable advise isodyok - it indeed is a V6 LE FWD but with the 6K miles I had a feeling this wasn't a good offer. I am in Chicago NW suburbs and unfortunately I haven't seen anybody post a purchase price from here since 2011 so am unable to make a fair comparison. We have a carmax that is selling the new 2013 LE at a price of 29,458 so my comparison was to see how much I can save my going with the older 2012 model that also has these additional 6K miles on it .. I will keep looking for more feedback and will continue to research further, will post the details here if I find something better.

    Thanks again.
  • Glad to be of help, this forum helped be immensely.

    There was a post here recently that 2013 LE V6 8-pass FWD with tow-prep, mats and roof crossbars offered for 26,700 cash at the same Boston dealer where I purchased my 2012. Add about 400 dealer fee to that for final price of 27,100 excluding sales tax, title and license. Approx. 500 premium compared to the price offered on a 2012 with comparable accessories. These are the best prices on 2012 & 2013 V6 LEs I have seen in the posts here and elsewhere. I do not see how they can be any more expensive in Chicago, provided you find a volume/value dealership. A few hundred dollars more on what I noted may still be reasonable. This should given you an idea. Good luck with your search.
  • I am not sure why, but I interacted with all the dealers in a 100 mile radius and the best offer I got was still the 26,683 for the Demo with 6K miles, next best was 27K for a new one - difference being it was missing the tow-prep package and the anti-theft package.

    All said and done I ended up buying the demo yesterday, I chose to do the 0% APR instead of the cash offer as it would help me span out the payments without any finance charge for 5 years.

    Any ideas on the extended warranties on these - I have read some stories about issues with power sliding doors on the Sienna and was wondering if it was worth buying the warranty - my dealer gave me a best quote of 1540 for a 8 year/100 K warranty - I would appreciate if people can share their thoughts on both the price and value of an extended warranty on the Sienna.

    TIA :)
  • Congratulations. One can only do what the local market and time affords. I traveled 170 miles for my purchase. Enjoy the new van. :)

    In my opinion the extended warranty (called VSA - Vehicle Service Agreement by Toyota) is a good investment if you plan to keep the car well beyond the 3yr basic warranty. Given the complex systems in today's cars a single repair can be as costly as the price of protection plan. The non-powertrain related items (power doors etc) may not be as reliable as powertrain in the long-term.

    If you decide to purchase, try toyotaofdanville, IL or Midwest Toyota, KS ( -- more details at siennachat. The same plan offered by the dealer can be purchased for about 1040 (the platinum plan, highest coverage with zero deductible) plus you may save on sales tax. All dealerships sell the same plans backed by Toyota and can be purchased before the basic warranty expires. While there are other coverage lengths I think 8yr/100k is the right period/mileage.
  • Thanks isodyok for being supportive and providing your valuable suggestions on every aspect, truly appreciate it.

    Yes, I was torn between the demo with 6K miles and a new 1 that was only $317 more but when I factored in dealer proximity and fact that the demo has engine immobalizer and tow prep package I thought that might be a better value down the road, we don't expect to put a whole lot of miles on the car.

    Yes, sienna chat is a excellent forum - I did get the 1040 quote from Midwest and am now waiting on Doug's quote - the finance guy at my dealership said he can match any quote so I would just hopefully trim the warranty I bought at 1540 down to atleast 1040 hopefully !

    Thanks again and I hope I will contribute more to the forum.

    I have 2 more questions about the Sienna -

    1. Are there different floor matts for the Sienna / Minivan's or the regular ones would work ? I got some from Sams Club and they seem to fit if I trim them a bit but was wondering about this.

    2. Since I have LE not XLE with fabric seats that are light grey color and will be driving with 2 kids are there any good seat covers I can buy to protect them from spills/accidents etc ?
  • Welcome. Given your deal is with 0% APR I think it is reasonable. The two-prep is a factory-only option and is good to have when needed.

    (1) Only mats that are custom-fit for the model would fit neatly. I am looking to replace my carpet OEM mats with all-season ones before the winter. I heard good reviews about hexomats that cover all of 2nd & 3rd row space just exposing the tracks for sliding the 2nd row seats. People at siennachat like these compared to OEM all-season mats.

    (2) I have the same "easy-clean" fabric-trimmed seats and two small kids to test them. Had not looked into covers yet, so please post if you come across something that are custom-fit.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
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  • Hey everyone,

    Just purchased a 2012 Toyota Sienna LE V6 MSRP (313xx) from DCH Freehold Toyota in NJ. Bought it OTD for 29700. Process was relatively painless. i think the purchase price before tax was around 274xx. I think this is the lowest in the central NJ area from experience from emailing back and forth. Made a trip out to Dayton Toyota earlier, large selection of vans, but great unwillingness to negotiate. Thanks for the help through the posts guys!
  • dealsforcardealsforcar Posts: 1
    edited September 2012

    Firstly, thanks to everyone for the informative posts. I was able to get a 2012 Sienna LE V6 for 26,700 (excluding taxes and title) in Fayetteville, AR. The dealer was unwilling to add any packages (like towing prep or all-weather mats). Tax is approx 6% in AR, which I will have to pay once I get my registration papers in mail 2 weeks from now. The dealer was very nice and gave me 4 color options. I went with the Silver one.

  • I'd really love to get some advice on getting the best buying price for the Sienna I want. I'm looking at 2011 and 2012, XLE and LTD. With the XLE, I'm OK without the Ent. Package, I figure we watch way too much TV at home, do we seriously need it in the car too? Talking is a good thing for families to do. :)

    I'm looking for front wheel drive, 6cyl, leather interior, full safety features for the kids. I was reading that some of these safety features are add-ons, not sure if that's true or not, but fact remains that I'd not be driving a minivan unless I had kids, both of whom I'd to protect by owning a rolling pillow ! Without the kids, I'd be ripping it up in a Cobra!

    So, I'd love to hear some advice, I'm getting all kinds of dealer talk, I'd like to make a smart purchase.

    I'm a bit worried about the used market because I'm replacing my Jeep due to the repairs it needs - my father has owned his own garage for 40 years, he's gotten too ill to keep it going and I don't want to ask him to work on the cars anymore, he just can't. I'm super worried about paying all this money for a used van and then being back where I am now, needed a mechanic.

    I would very much appreciate your feedback. I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, I'm totally appreciative of buyers who've gone before me.

  • permiepermie Posts: 13
    I bought a 2103 Sienna XLE 8 passenger with NY (Entune) package, mats, lower body side moulding for 3100 off MSRP which was 36770-paid 33670 plus 199 doc fee and sales tax.
  • Congratulations, seems like prices in NJ and Chicago aren't as great as Boston, Phoenix etc.
  • Congratulations !! Can you advise if the 26,700 price was after $1000 Toyota rebate or without rebate ?

    I bought the car at ~ 27, 700 and was wondering if this is due to rebate or is there really a $1000 price difference between IL and AR prices.
  • Can anyone please tell me if $28,795 before tax and fees is a good price for a new 2013 SIENNA LE 3.5L FWD 8 PSGR? It has the following optional equipment.
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    Door Edge Guard
    Cargo Net
    Anti-theft System with Alarm and Engine Immobilizer
    Towing Prep Package: Includes Engine Oil Cooler, Larger Radiator and Fan

    Do you think I could get this car for less? And if so, what do you think is the lowest price I'd be able to get this car for? Thank you in advance for your help.
  • ranajoranajo Posts: 57
    I am in Northern VA and am looking to buy a new Sienna XLE or Limited.

    I am getting the run around from dealers as to the specific rebates currently being offered. Could you let me know whether the 2012 and 2013 models have any special rebates associated with them?

    Is there any customer loyalty discount being offered?

    Thanks for your help
  • permiepermie Posts: 13
    1000.00 on 2012's 500 on 2013. I bought 2013 xle 8 passenger with entune and BLIND spot monitor with cross tracking -new for 2013. I got 3100 off MSRP without the 500. rebate. You should get 3600 off MSRP
  • ranajoranajo Posts: 57
    Thanks for the prompt response.

    When did you buy your Sienna? Is the $500 rebate for the 2013s' still in effect for October?

    I assume that there is currently no loyalty discount offered by Toyota to prior customers.
  • permiepermie Posts: 13
    yes it is I ordered my 2013 and got delivery in mid August before the 500 rebate-Love it!
  • Hey drop me an email for the guy I bought mine from...nobody in VA could beat the deal, period...MD dealer.

    Good Luck!!
  • ranajoranajo Posts: 57
    permie, thanks for the information.

    mastergunner, your profile indicates that your email address is private.
  • permiepermie Posts: 13
    Check prices at and you can even beat those-shoot for 3600.00 off msrp
  • ranajoranajo Posts: 57
    Does the $3600 you cited include the dealer processing fee which runs about $500 in VA and $200 in MD?

    In other words, should I be looking to pay MSRP less about $3600 plus TT&L only?

    I am using Fitzmall as a benchmark.
  • permiepermie Posts: 13
    add ttl and sales tax after 3600 off msrp. or 3100 off after rebates over. Get the blind spot monitoring with cross tracking on the 2013
  • 2013 with the following options for $31,597 out the door.
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    Cargo Net
    Anti-theft System with Alarm and Engine Immobilizer
    Towing Prep Package: Includes Engine Oil Cooler, Larger Radiator and Fan
    Door Edge Guard

    2012 with the following options for $30,164 out the door.
    Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector
    Cargo Net
    Anti-theft System with Alarm and Engine Immobilizer
    Towing Prep Package: Includes Engine Oil Cooler, Larger Radiator and Fan
    Roof Rack

    I'm in Southern California and I can't seem to get any dealerships to give me lower than the above quotes. Do you think I could do better? Which of the two offers do you think is better?
  • Is the $500 rebate on the 2013 offered by Toyota? I'm in Southern California and there is no rebate for the 2013 that I am aware of. There is only 0% APR.
  • ttttcattttca Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    I just got 2013SE. Internet sale ( Dan Pasenelli) 3500 off MSRP. Toyota of Poway,San Diego. Straight forward guy, no pressure. 0APR for 36 months. Hope this help.
  • I have not been able to find an XLE in Sandy Beach color with entertainment package any where in NC. I was told I can order one which takes 6 weeks to be delivered.
    Total: $33,134 + $499 dealer fee + $147 tags & inspection + %3 NC tax $994 = $34774

    What do you guys think? I have not yet tried to negotiate on pricing.
  • Just bought a 2013 Sienna LTD AWD w Limited Premium Package and Limited Convenience Package + $395 special color (Blizzard pearl) and $880 delivery fee.
    Sale price was $43500 (before tax and dealer fee) which just a bit under invoice. MSRP was $47595.
  • In April 2011, I bought 2011 LE Model for $30,900 OTD.
    No freebies like door still protector or cargo net or anti theft.

    Hope this helps.
  • I am planning to buy XLE with DVD package. Pls can you let me know what was the final price that you got quote for? I am also from NC. Thanks in advance.
  • ranajoranajo Posts: 57
    The MSRP was $47495 ........... bought it for $43,000 plus taxes & tags. Dealer processing which is quite high in Virginia, was included in the above price.

    Am pleased with the deal I got ....... and thanks to everyone who provided feedback on appropriate pricing.
  • I ended up buying a Limited AWD for about $5000 less than MSRP before tax. You should at least get $4000 under MSRP. Fred Anderson in Raleigh offered the best rate. I had a really good experiance and the sale person was great (John at Internet Sale). He sent me a 3rd wireless headphone today for free (two weeks later).
  • I bought a 2013 Sienna LTD AWD w Limited Premium Package PT, Limited Convenience Package CX + $395 special color (Blizzard pearl) and $880 delivery fee, Clear Paint protection, Window Tint, Door Edge Guards (two front door) and carpet mats.

    Sale price was $43500 (before tax and dealer fee). MSRP was $48,492.
  • We are looking to negotiate a price on a 2013 Sienna LE with Navigation, cloth seats, cargo mat, but no moon roof. The MSRP is $33906. I've never negotiated like this before so I need advice. How much should I reasonably expect to pay? We are selling our old vehicle separately and are per-approved for $30000 at our credit union.
  • Options: BD Blind Spot Monitor, Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector, Wheel Locks, Roof Rack Cross Bars. MSRP $35,287 including destination charge. I paid $32377 including destination but not including tax and tags. That's $89 below invoice price if my numbers are correct. Bought in Northern NJ today.
  • h2_h2h2_h2 Posts: 2
    dschwarz1, What dealership in Northern NJ did you get this from? Did you get the 0 APR for 60 months as well? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • Got it from Parkway Toyota. Got 0 APR for 36 months (they also offered 0.9 for 48 months, 1.9 for 60 months, but there was no 0 APR for 60 months)

    I got the price by calling about 10 dealerships on 10/29 (Hurricane Sandy got in the way). Followed up on 11/1 and 11/2 with the dealerships that were open. Agreed on the price on the phone, put down a deposit, they got the car in and we met to close the sale today.

    No guarantee they'll have the best price today, but it's worth a call. Dealers lost a lot of business after Sandy, so they're looking to make it up now.
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