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Pontiac Bonneville



  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    I called JET earlier in the week. Here's a link to a bunch of information on this unit, including a posting from me!

  • jashoujashou Posts: 18
    I did purchase the Jet PCU module and should be receiving it in the next few days. I have called jet and am still waiting for them to mail me the performance specs. I purchased it thou i-5 automotive for $195.00. You can contact them at 714.981.3773. If you go to the web site they answer alot of questions. My main concern is the warranty, they say it is legal and it will not void factory warranty. I still want to research that before I install it.
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    The warranty is an issue to consider. The general take on mods is "The mod needs to be proven or at least likely to have caused the problem before it affects the warranty." Yu have to cut a wire for this one. Hmmm.

    I will probably do it as soon as someone give a favorable report.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I convinced a colleague of mine to look at one of those new 2000 SE's that I mentioned earlier a local dealer was unloading for peanuts. Lovely car it is - white with a gold/tan interior, bucket seats, console upfront, fold-down rear armrest, alloy wheels, power seat, spoiler, etc. but no keyless entry, remote trunk release or floor mats. What's that? No remote trunk release?

    I called my friendly neighbourhood dealer on this guy's behalf to see if they could match/beat the deal (they said "no way", under $17k+tax was just too good a deal) and they speculated that the car had been designated for rental service and somehow got diverted to a dealership. My colleague looks to be buying the car because it's just too much car for the money for him to ignore but the lack of remote trunk release is going to bother him (he's looking into a dealer-installed kit). I just find it weird that they would make them at all without that most basic of "options".

    Are there other SE owners out there with similar experiences?
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Remote keyless entry and the remote trunk release was available only in option groups 1SB and 1SC on the 2000 SE. In 2001 it became a standard feature.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Thanks Stephen - GM seems to have corrected a number of oversights between 2000 and 2001. And yet the cupholders remain.... A friend who worked on a GM assembly line back in the late 70's feels that this is GM's strategy - as a way of justifying price increases from year to year when the cost per car of these extras is, in fact, negligible.

    Still, I think it's at best odd and at worst unconscionable that a Bonneville would ever have been offered without a remote trunk release.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Although I agree with you that basic poor designs like the front cupholders and glove box should be corrected as soon as they become evident, I have no problem with a marketing strategy of offering a base model at less cost. Everything costs money and adding extras allows a customer to "build" their "custom" vehicle and pay for what they want. I'd actually like to see more of this (like the old days) when you ordered a car the way you wanted it instead of having to take what they've got. However, I do not want to go back too far when you could get any color as long as it was black :)
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Stephen, I fundamentally agree with you but decisions are made about what will constitute basic equipment on every car model & I believe that those decisions have to be consistent with the expectations of the target market for each car. I suppose that I have just come to view a trunk release button inside the car as a pretty basic feature & I am surprised that it was not part of the base equipment for 2000 for a car of the calibre of the Bonneville.

    I want to add that yesterday was the first time that I actually sat in an SE model and I was pretty impressed. As I said earlier, this is a LOT of car for the money. No wonder it's the biggest seller in the Bonneville line.

    Re. Marty's fuel range feat - I gassed up this morning and tried it myself and couldn't get it past 471 miles. Perhaps our terrain here is too hilly (that kills the fuel economy) or perhaps I just didn't drive it long enough. I had also read somewhere that the SSEi's tank was 1 US gallon larger than the SE/SLE's tank (although Pontiac's own literature would indicate that this is not so).

    Marty: how long did you have to drive before you achieved your phenomenal 522?
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    I won't disagree with you that an inside trunk release and remote door locks should be standard equipment on a base Bonneville SE. Pontiac/GM must agree with you also since they added them in 2001.

    Keep in mind that the fuel range is a function of the amount of gas actually in the tank and the current MPG. The only way to achieve a reading of 522 is to have a completely full tank of 18.5 gallons and immediately experience 28.2 MPG.
    Once the amount of gas in the tank reaches 18 gallons, the MPG needs to be 29. As I see it, the only way to get this reading is to have a completely full tank and get up to a sustained 50 MPH quickly and efficiently (no heavy foot). You could exceed Marty's record by filling up and then immediately hitting a downhill stretch.
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    Could someone explain if there is a downside to cold air induction such as increased emissions, lower fuel economy, etc. On Horsepower TV on TNN this afternoon, they put CAI on a 1994 LSI Camaro and went from a baseline of 231 hp to 239 hp with only the CAI as a change to the car. It would seem that if there is no downside and an increase in horsepower, the car manufacturers would jump at it as it seems to be a win-win situation.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Fuel Range:
    Thanks again Stephen - once again, your words are sage. It does, however, beg the question about fuel tank capacity. The Bonneville brochure I have lists the tank at 70 litres or 15.4 imperial gallons (that would be 18.5 US gallons). Yet, for some reason, Edmunds lists the SE and SLE as having a 17.5 US gallon tank whereas the SSEi has 18.5 gallons. I do not know where Edmunds is getting their info but, if true, it would partly explain why, on a full tank, I couldn't muster anywhere close to the SLE's claimed 555 mi. max hwy range (that would be 18.5 gallons x 30 mpg).

    I have read about this subject before and know of only one person who actually did a poor man's CAI modification. He put this aftermarket pipe/scoop which went downwards and towards the front. Apparently, one downside is that it would collect road crud - and he had to be careful about snow, slush, ice, etc. - but he claimed that it gave his (get this) Cavalier an extra 10 ponies! I haven't heard from this guy in years, so I don't know if he stuck with it or if he had to clean/change his air filter more frequently or had longer term engine trouble (and warranty arguments with GM). However, a true CAI kit is another thing altogether. Apparently makes a bigger difference for turbochargers than for superchargers - with normal-breathers at the bottom of the impact list. Have I got this right?

    As to why GM doesn't do this upfront (or make it an option), I'm sure that it has to do with costs but if they thought that the market was there, I'm sure it could be developed as an option - but I wonder if they would have to tune out the resultant increase in torque steer....
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    AS far as I know there is no downside (besides increased intake noise) from a CAI. All it is doing is allowing the engine to breath easier without raising the intake air temp, like a straight cone-filter does.

    If you drive the car the same (not likely) you should notice a slight improvement in mpg. Emmisions is unaffected. I ran my car through Maryland emissions the other day for fun (a friend of mine works there and was curious what my mods had done). The car appears to be running with lower emissions than stock.

    If your car is super'd you will hear the supercharge a lot more.

    Also on colder days you will hear the exhaust gasses being recirculated by the EGR valve for a bit.
    Hope that helps.

    ONe of the main reasons GM does put one on stock or any other manufacturer is sound and cost.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I am reasonably sure that there was a 70's-era Olds 442 that you could get with factory-installed CAI. I didn't know about the extra noise. I've heard CAI types debate about from whence the air is taken in - their argument goes that if it's not connected to a scoop up front or down below, then it's probably not taking in colder air to start with. Others argue that as long as you're not sucking in air from the exhaust side of the block, then you're ahead of the game. I'm afraid that most of the rest of the talk about advanced timing, etc. is way over my head.

    Hey! I came across a review of the Bonneville on a CHRYSLER fan site and - get this - it's positive towards the Bonneville SLE (not even the SSEi!) as a competitor to their beloved 300M. Check it out at: .

    There's a nice pic of a red SLE there (I have never seen this colour up close and personal & I think it looks quite nice):


    I hope these links work here.

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Great link iceman. Thanks. One thing I like about the Bonneville vs. the 300M is its rarity. 300Ms are a dime a dozen; nothing special. 2000/1 Bonnevilles are rare and turn heads. More importantly to me however is that GM feeling. Chrysler just doesn't do anything for me.
  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    I have a large stack of parts in my basement:

    M62 supercharger

    2000 SSEi wheels and tires

    2000 SSEi sway bars

    3.25" and 3.5" supercharger pulleys

    My email address is in case anyone wants to compare inventories...

    Scott A. Cook
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Stephen: I couldn't agree more with you in the 300M vs. Bonneville dept. plus, although I think the Mopar lads did a good job styling that car, I think the backside is criminal (of course, that's entirely subjective). I much prefer the Pontiac's aggressive looks - particulary in SLE/SSEi trim.

    But as if we Bonneville owners need any more convincing in the Chrysler vs. GM debate, check out this link which I posted in both the "Bonneville vs. Intrepid" and the "Aurora vs. 300M" fora:

    The 2000-01Bonneville/LeSabre and 2001Aurora get the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "best pick" designation for large family sedans. Thanks Pontiac for protecting my kids! Conversely, the Intrepid/Concord gets an "Acceptable" designation whilst the 300M cops an abysmal "Poor" rating. Yeesh.

    By the way, neither of those chat groups referred to above have much activity any more. In ezrapon's words, "there is nothing left to argue ... GM has smoked the lesser car and it would be a fool's issue to argue the facts. I only hope if I happen to hit another car, it's one of those soft Chrysler products." Here here!

    Scott: Were you able to do follow through with this past weekend's scheduled mods? If so, we're all ears. Plus - are those leftover wheels the alloy or chrome ones. I've been thinking about moving to the chrome ones as I can get them at cost but it's still a bundle.

  • refinerrefiner Posts: 59
    Just ordered the rear sway bar,front end links,poly bushings. The guy at Saner mentioned Intense. Said the 1.25 front bar messed up his dies. Still waiting on the stage II MAF. Called RAT last week they said I had 2 people in front of me. I think the headers are next. Get a healthly bonus in April or May. Looking at the gas prices from last summer. You can just imagine. Our first billion dollar year. Still way behind Exxon Mobil.
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    Saner's trouble must be the explanation on why I haven't received mine yet. I ordered them January 23rd and lead time was only to be 4 weeks. No hurry on my end but it would be nice to have them. I must say that they were very accomodating in that they were willing to invoice after shipment although they aren't yet equipped to handle credit card orders.
  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    I spent my last two Saturdays under the hood of the SSEi:

    Thrasher ported and polished cylinder heads, with oversized exhaust valves

    NGK TR55IX Iridium spark plugs, indexed, and gapped at .065"

    Home-ported lower intake manifold

    S-ported supercharger

    3.0" pulley

    RAT Stage 2 MAF sensor

    RAT throttle body spacer

    RAT underdrive accessory pulleys

    Caspers AFPR

    Grand Prix dipstick

    The car feels VERY strong, but I can't get any quantitative numbers until we have some dry roads in Ohio.

    Next weekend's work includes slotted brake rotors and carbon fiber brake pads, experimentation with static fuel pressure settings, etc.

    My leftover wheels are N93 - multi-laced aluminum.

  • zzahhzzahh Posts: 47
    I'm tellin' ya, Good Year Stock, can not lose.
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    Very cool. Now if we can't get a limited slip setup for you.

    When you get a chance how about you rate the mods by apparent performance and ease of install.

    I am dying to see your trap numbers in april.
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    I order my 1.25 front bar back in November and still have not seen it. I will shoot JOhn at Saner another email. Good guy, lousy delivery times.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    It does my Bonnie soul good to hear about your spiritual encounter at Disney World. Also, golly good to hear that your epiphany wasn't bespoiled by any intrepid apparitions.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Well guys, I've just come in from shoveling - round one. We've got 16 inches with drifts of 2 feet so far and it's still coming down steadily. I found a lump in the driveway and discovered my Bonneville under it. The mountain turned out to be wife's Suburban. This is heavy stuff - packed, not loose and fluffy. Good exercise and all the businesses around are closed so even us Dads get a day off (Got to find a silver lining somewhere!)

    Hope your skies are sunny

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Glad to hear both of you guys enjoy your Bonneville rides...I test drove a '00 SE myself last month and I came out very impressed. Currently, I own a '00 Impala LS with the same exact 3800 Series II V6 under the hood as the I know about all the pleasures of owning one of the best V6's out there ;-)

    GM has put out some great sedans beginning in 2000 and both the Impala LS and Bonneville SE offer lots of bang for the buck, great quality, unmatched performance and driving pleasure for the dollar and excellent safety records.

    Intrepid? Mopar? Chrysler? Sorry but their already STALE cars and products simply suck....the 'Cab Forward' non-sense has many problems inherited in that design scheme, lousy performing engines (Look good on paper but somehow the numbers don't translate to the asphalt), automatic transmissions that don't last beyond 50,000 miles and a plethora of build quality issues that the Bonneville simply doesn't have. Add to that a troubled DCX company and weak resale value.

    Go GM!

    I live in Miami and last september me and my wife went to Disney World...we went to GM's Test Track ride and it rocks!!! Too bad, the ride breaks down too often (It is mighty complex I might add) and the lines are very long unless you decide to split and go into the "Single Riders" lane or get ahead early in the day and get the Disney's FastPass.....

    You both are welcome to participate in the Impala forum and club right here in Edmunds.

    Love my Impala! ;-)
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    It's good to see you loving that Impala again!

    Wish I was there in Fla today - this is a monster storm!

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I see you dig your way out of the snow pile...good to see you back again! ;-)
  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    Check it out:

    Yes, we have the chip for your car. Prices are as follows:
    ASE Chip $449.00
    Installation $90.00
    Stock chip $30.00
    Plus shipping
    You need to send us your ECU to make the installation, you can expect 15-18 HP more to the wheels (actually your engine delivers 190-195 HP to the wheels). The ASE chip also removes the top speed limit and increase the shift points by 600 RPM.
    Feel free to contact me if you need more info.
    Best Regards,


    This email was from ASE Chips - (714) 632-9344. I can't wait to get rid of the speed limiter!

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    My son and I did Fast Track twice in August. I too was impressed by the Bonneville presence.

    This New England storm is really something. Unlike Ken I worked the last two days. The SSEi handed great.
  • I can't gush enough good things about my wife's Bonneville SSEi. Being Japanese, she loves suprising people with the fact that she gave a big thumbs down to the conservative syling and ride of most Toyotas and Hondas marketed here in the US, and chose a Bonneville. Actually, she was ready for a TransAm, but wanted something with 4 doors...

    I sing the praises of Pontiac, they have converted us with 8 booming speakers, rear air conditioning, and snazzy programmable remote car keys that set the seats and more for his and hers riding. (Not that she lets me drive it much...)

    - Mason
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