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Pontiac Bonneville



  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    so I thought I'd check in with the more tame crowd...

    Here are my thoughts on the last fifty or so posts.

    My engine ran great for 43,000 really HARD miles. Then I installed aftermarket (ported, polished, oversized valves) cylinder heads. Since that day, I started burning oil like crazy, and smoking blue. I finally had enough and tore the engine down again. Turns out that I installed JUNK heads. I'm sorting through that issue right now...

    There are many legitimate GTPs running well into the thirteens, in full street trim, without nitrous oxide. Three weeks ago Jack Neal of Massachusetts made the first 12-second pass in the country under these conditions. He has now made five runs in the twelves with the best one being 12.871 @ 104.79mph. To date, he's the only one to do it with an L67 powered car, on street legal tires, without nitrous oxide. You should see his car in G.M. High-Tech Performance magazine soon...

    The two second range times you read about are 60 foot times - not 0 to 60 mph times. 60 foot times are a good indicator of how good your launch was, which is paramount in drag racing. The fastest GTPs are at 1.77 to 1.81 seconds, which is on par with a mildly modified LS1 with drag radial tires. GTPs are definitely making waves out there.

    I say quit bitching about the door panel rattles. Install some headers and a custom 3" exhaust, and your rattles will disappear instantly...

    2000 SSEi
    Many, many mods, and many more to come
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    This is my 3rd car with this feature and none of them have ever worked to my satisfaction. I think that one of the problems is that I really don't want the interior temperature to be the same all year long. In the extreme seasons (winter and summer), I tend to use recirculated air to get quick heat-up or cool-down and then I establish the interior temperature appropriate for the season and what I'm wearing. When I do that, I don't have problems with the fan racing hard for very long.

    Today it was high 70's and I set the temp at about 73°F. After a few minutes on recirc, everything worked quite quietly and effectively after that.

    I'll let you know what happens once the 90°F weather comes.

  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    Thanks for all the input.

    I guess maybe I am going to have to get used to this car. The "auto" feature on my volvo works really well, I guess I have been spoiled.

    Thanks again.

    Rich (boosted1)
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I'm glad not to have it. Several Caddies prevously had the feature and I hated it - always trying to outsmart the foolish sytem. I do however, wish I had the dual climate controls. Impala LS has the manual dual controls and that is the system I wish I had in this car.

    Planning to be back in the PA area again next week - driving down on Sunday afternoon and back on Wed during the day. I'll be thinking of Rockaway for sure!

  • rb8225rb8225 Posts: 33
    My wife and I took a drive over to Windsor today in the SSEi. Went shopping for drugs and to the Casino. (Not what you think; you can buy Claritin over the counter there). Anyway, I found out our Canadian friends are keeping a big secret - My 0-60 times were a LOT better over there! Must be the air or something ;-)
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Not very well understood but it's true that our 0-60 times are as much as 40% better than Stateside ones. There are a number of theories to explain this: (1) our air is cleaner and colder - thus condensing more Oxygen into the combustion mixture; (2) our closer proximity to the most powerful spectrum of the North Pole's magnetic influence actually reduces friction in our engine components; (3) 60 km/h = 35 mp/h.

    Take your pick. I'm flummoxed myself.

  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    Ken, I'm getting ready to leave for Maine next week and just wondered if you had decided if you wanted the stabilizer bar? If you definitely don't want it, I'll leave it here but if you're still not sure, I can bring it while you decide.
    The Bonneville looks nice with its first wax job but I have decided to go the Zaino route this fall. I just need to remember to bookmark their site so that it is there when I need it.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Can you post any pictures of your extremely modified Bonnie?
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    I agree that the auto climate control keeps the fan on ultra high for a long period of time; but it settles down after a while and I like it. However, I did like the systems in my previous Bonnevilles better.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I wonder if the issue is the placement and/or sensitivity of the system's thermostat. Anyway, as I said earlier, I find that with a little playing with the temperature and recirc switch, I can manage the fan speed.

    What I didn't like about climate control in my previous cars is that I'd often get the air conditioner coming on in the parking garage - when 2 minutes later I'd be outside in 0° weather and waiting for the heat to come on. After a full winter, I never experienced that with the Bonneville.

  • vezinivezini Posts: 38
    I am looking at the Bonneville for my next car. I have heard that the SE has a little softer ride than the SLE; any comments on that?
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    "60 km/h = 35 mp/h."
    Yeah, that might be an explanation :)

    Speaking of metric/imperial speed, I love using that E/M converter button to mess with my friends when they're with me. Usually the scenario is me driving through a notorious speed trap at about 45mph (limit is 55), tapping the button, yelling "check this out!", and flooring it for a few seconds.

    Man, you would not believe their faces the first time I did it! Now its getting passe. I need to either think of a new gag or get some new friends.
  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    I did a little digging around and I found out that OTC Tools makes a hand-held version of the Tech2 scanner. One little problem -- it's not cheap. The base unit costs $2699. That's a little too rich for me. Hopefully I can find a GM dealer around here that can change a few settings for me.

    If anyone is interested, check out the following link:


  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    I also found this out yesterday. Another problem other than price is that there is a software update service that I think is only available to certified and registered dealers and repair facilities. So even if you buy the tool you will be stuck with the software for '92-'99 models only. And the update software is many hundreds of dollars more, plus you need a 32MB flash card for the latest software and the tool comes with a 10MB card. Another $400-$500.

    Maybe someone will come out with a cable and software for a PC that doesn't require the hand-held tool. That would be cool.

    I read about OBD-III in the July 2001 issue of GM High Tech Performance magazine. The government and manufacturers are tossing around the idea of broadcasting a diagnostic signal from the PCM to the feds as an alternative to emissions inspections. That leads to some scary privacy issues, but in the interim some inspection stations are starting to use a scan tool to download vehicle performance data instead of hooking up the tailpipe sniffer. The current OBD-II systems have this capability, so it is going to be more difficult to change the PCM settings without getting caught (although things like the DIC greeting or steering effort obviously don't count).
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    One of those bad news / good news days. First the bad news: my wife drove the Bonnie into work today and hit a curb (those darned things jump out into the road without any notice). RIP one Eagle-RS-A 235-55-17. Plus: significant abrasion on the lip of the wheel.

    With only 6k miles on it, I don't want to replace two tires, so I'm looking for one. I get my dealer working for me and he tells me that the local goodyear rep initially couldn't even find this tire on his price sheets because it's OEM. Eventually found - price? $425 Cdn (=$275 US) incl. taxes. I'm getting it at cost (or about $180 US). And - it's going to take a good couple of days to get the tire I'm looking for up here.

    The good news? The dealer's put me up in a 2001 Regal GS until my tire comes in. Now that car goes like stink!

  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66

    I hit a rock in the road the first week I had my car; took the tire right off the rim. Had to get the tire and wheel replaced. Good thing for me was the tire size -- Eagle LS 225/60-16. My dealer had no trouble finding that size.

    I've always thought 235/55-17 was an odd tire size. Not many tires available in that size. Reminds me of my 84 Trans Am -- 215/65-15. I think Eagle GTs were the only tire available in that size. It would make more sense to my anyway for OEMs to use more conventional tire sizes.

    That Regal does scoot, doesn't it. Almost wish I had bought one. LeSabre has more room and the bucket seats are better. Too bad LeSabre doesn't have the L67.

    Good luck.

  • vtech83vtech83 Posts: 66
    Every once in a while, I'll try a new product to see how good it really is. Blue Corral Car Wash is the real deal!

    They claim that you won't need to dry your car at all after using this stuff. I was a little skeptical about that, but let me tell you, there was hardly any water left on my car after I was done. It only took a few minutes with a terry cloth towel to get the rest of the water up.

    Wash a section at a time and then rinse off with a stream of water (don't use any spray attachment). Once you have washed the whole car, rinse it all again with a stream of water. Wait a few minutes and most of the water is gone.

    I've used a dozen different car washes before, including the stream of water trick to minimize beading water on the car. Nothing I have used works as well as Blue Corral. It also helps if your car has a good coat of carnuba on it.

    Check it out. Should be available at most auto stores.

  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    Anybody out there own a Black Bonnie SSEi with no door badges? I saw one yesterday parked in Annapolis Junction, MD and wonder if is was anyone on the board.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I'm wondering what happened here - thought I posted to bring along the stabilizer but I don't see the post - maybe I'm losing it! In any case - I've been away from Edmunds for a few days and you're probably en route by now so it may be too late. I'm returning to Maine tomorrow from here in PA - if you see this - please do stop by. I'm in the book for Kittery.

  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    Good timing, Ken. The van is all packed and it looks like it will take two stabilizer bars to get the tires to sit on the wheelwells. So, since there is only the one bar, I think I can find a place for it and I'll bring it along I tried to fire up our old Apple LCIII for e-mail use in Maine and unfortunately, my daughter(who's almost 23) had tried to reload the operating system without having all of the disks. So, aside from not having enough room in the van for the computer and it needing a new OS, I'll have to mooch off my cousin's computer to stay current with the doings at Edmund's. I'll be in touch so that I can hand it off. You may have the best handling SE around.
    A friend of mine, who is a lot older than me, if that's possible, came by last night in the middle of his second childhood or at least adolescence. He was driving a 1968 Olds Cutlass that was a real sleeper with a factory 350-375hp 4-speed that he had just bought from the Volo Museum here in Illinois. He wanted to know if I wanted to drive it and of course, I said I most certainly would. We took it out in the country and I hammered it through the gears to the point where he was looking a little pale. While it was fun to drive a car like that, the comparison between it and the SSEi was pretty amazing to me. It probably was a bit quicker on acceleration due to the gearing but it felt like a lot of show for the amount of go. Also, at 70mph, it started to feel pretty light in the front end over the less than interstate quality roads. He said of all the people that he had let drive the car, I was the only one who had put it through its paces, including him. I offered to let him drive my car on the same road for him to get a feel for the difference that 32 years had made but I think he was still a little wobbly after watching his life flash in front of him.
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    For the benefit of our Canadian friends, I forgot to mention on the previous post that I wound up having to go to a bunch of extra work due to your tax laws on liquor.
    Normally, when I drive to Maine, I stay on the U.S. side simply because it is more direct. Customarily, we take all of life's necessities including an ample supply of Gordon's Gin and Johnny Walker Scotch. So for this trip, I did as I always do and loaded enough for our "needs" and what we need to entertain when we are there. After everything was loaded, it dawned on me that this time, I had decided to stop in Toronto to visit with the people at the Toronto distillery who I had worked with the last several years. Nothing wrong with that except that with the huge differential in taxes on liquor between the two countries and the resultant tremendous problem of smuggling, I realized I had loaded far more than you are allowed across the border. So back out came most everything I had packed so I could get to the booze box. Hopefully, I guessed correctly about how much you can legally take into Canada since I have no desire to be the poster boy of the Customs people in the war on smuggling. Dan, I'll be crossing back into the U.S. at Thousand Islands which isn't too far from you. It would have been fun to see your car and meet you but aside from having to get to Maine to get building permits, I also didn't think you would have been similarly eager to see a 1988 Caravan loaded to the gills.
    The Bonneville is resting snugly under my Camaro's car cover since neither is going anywhere fow a couple of months. I'll miss it but that should just make me appreciate it more when we get back to Illinois.
  • rb8225rb8225 Posts: 33
    Michael- You're not paranoid enough. Check this out!

  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    The article in GM High Tech Performance correctly points out that all of the technology to monitor a vehicle's performance already exists - it's just a matter of implementing it. The OBD-II generates the data; GM already makes a data recorder for diagnostic purposes (and apparently more subversive activities); OnStar telematics (cellular and GPS) provides remote control/monitoring and global positioning capabilities. Just imagine, the police would be able to send you a speeding ticket based upon your vehicle broadcasting how fast you were going and where, without ever witnessing it. From a technical perspective, this is all very impressive, but YIKES I hope it doesn't get rammed down the consumers' throats. The Register article just goes to show that this stuff has already begun to happen, and no one is the wiser for it. Yet.
  • skyhawk3skyhawk3 Posts: 42
    I did not activate on star immediately. In fact they sent me a reminder. I activated it while driving to Maine. At the time I was on a stretch of 95 between 128 and the NH border, where I usually move about 85+. The on star representative commented during the activation procedure "You're moving rather quickly". I did not comment, but I suspect that in the event of a serious accident there will probably be some sort of log of speed, etc. within the 'black box' of this car that could be displayed.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Ed - where do you live? I travel that I-95 stretch you just referenced on a daily basis but haven't seen your SLE yet - will have to keep my eyes peeled!

  • refinerrefiner Posts: 59
    Just got back from So Cal. Was out there for 2 and half weeks. Seen one Bonneville a SLE. Picked up my stage 2 MAF and AFPR from RAT while I was out there. What a outfit.I ordered it four months ago. What fuel pressure is someone with a AFPR running? A good place for cheap tires is they have the Goodyear RSA tires for $129.00 apiece. Intense did you get your PCM reprogrammed thru ASE chips? Just wondered if they had a quick turn around time.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Matt - I bet it was good to get back behind the wheel of your SSEi! What did you have for rental wheels? Hard to believe so few Bonnevilles out there - I see lots of them now in the North-east.

    On my way home from PA yesterday I became the Spruce Green filling in a Maple Red SE sandwich! Must have looked like a Pontiac Christmas Tree! I had these new Bonnevilles as travelling companions through northern Connecticut into Mass. A black prior generation SSE joined in the convoy for a while. It's funny - seems like last month I picked up 2 other new SE models in basically the same stretch.

    Bonneville hunting has become one of my favorite drive time passtimes.

    I wonder how many Mark will see on the way here from Chicago.

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    I travel I95 (and all other major roads) all over eastern New England. Keep your eyes out for me in my Midnight Blue 2000 SSEi. When are you going to organize a meet for us in this area?
  • cuzinbruceycuzinbrucey Posts: 10
    It may be too late, but here is a link for the size tire...

    I have never used them (just used to find them). But they list the tire for $125 US.

    Cuzin Brucey

  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    Scott new has his rocker arms available for sale. I will get a set soon I hope. New heads and rocker arms should make a big difference in our cars.

    Check out the link:

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