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Pontiac Bonneville



  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    OK, folks, I just got my 2001 Bonneville brochure. Three changes are worth noting:

    1) There is an optional 3.05:1 final drive ratio for the SSEi. My 2000 SSEi has the MN7 transaxle with the 258 mm. torque converter and 2.93:1 final drive ratio.
    2) OnStar is standard equipment.
    3) The optional chrome wheels look different - much cleaner (in my opinion).

    Didn't notice any other significant changes...
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Since it's a cold/windy/snow showery Sunday here in New England, I decided to visit the old Bonneville Town Hall where we all started. It was very interesting reading the old posts. One question comes to mind: Where are all the regulars that used to post? How about an update from you if you are still out there.

    I've purchased the Hi Temp black and chrome spray paints and plan to do the inside of the exhaust tips(black) and the trailing edge(chrome).
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    I visited your web site and enjoyed your pictures. Three questions for you:
    1)What is a C5?
    2)What cars do you still have?
    3)What is the significance of h101? - I see it's your Vette plate and on your sail.
  • bonsfobonsfo Posts: 1
    My first time here. Maybe you can point me in the right direction.
    The Edmunds write up for the 2001 SSEi says Option Pkg 1SB is $0.00 and includes Remote Keyless Entry System, Full Feature Theft-Deterrent System and Rear Deck Spoiler and that it is NOT available with Option Pkg U1S. Option U1S is the Delco Trunk-Mounted 12 Disc CD Changer.
    How can I find out what part of Option 1SB you give up if you get U1S the Trunk Mounted CD Changer? Everything listed looks like standard equipment on the SSEi. Is there someplace at Pontiac or I can go to to really understand the details of these Options?
    I'm not really excited about an aftermarket CD Changer that connects through one of the FM buttons.
    Any help you can give me would certainly be appreciated. Jerry
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    If you want a cd changer, you have absolutely NO CHOICE, but to get the factory installed unit. No after market unit will work with the Bose radio, and the pontiac changer won't work unless its installed as a factory package.
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    Teh Gm power train site does not list the new transmission yet. When they post it I'll see what the difference is. Maybe a couple of tranny manuals and we could make the change.
  • h101h101 Posts: 62
    Responding to smfran's (Sun 29 Oct '00- 09:33 AM note :)

    <<I visited your web site and enjoyed your pictures.>>
    -- Hey, I'm flattered... I clearly have too much time on my hands...

    <<Three questions for you: 1)What is a C5? >>
    -- It is a fifth generation Vette... I have a '98 black coupe... picked it up in Bowling Green (the museum delivery option) at the National Corvette Museum... which is just across the highway from the Vette plant. It was a truly wondrous day and a spectacular two day drive home.

    <<2)What cars do you still have?>>
    I'm down to three :)
    - My wife's '89 GrandAm (Grey with crank up windows... and under 40,000 miles in eleven years.. just what she wants... geeesh
    - The '98 Vette... magnificent machine...
    - The 2000 SSEi (also black), also a great car.

    <<3)What is the significance of h101? - I see it's
    your Vette plate and on your sail.>>
    -It is the racing number of the sailboat, H is the lake designator for Lake Mendota, 101 is my number. I'm a sailboat racing addict.

    The car pix are fun, aren't they. The black '62 Bonneville convertible was new when I was stationed at Fort Devens in your neck of the woods. The powerboat was also new at that time and I had it out at Lake Shirley when I was there, in those days I was a water skiing nut. The boat still looks great, 'cept it's Johnson V4 has long since been replaced by a Mercury straight 6.
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    The difference in performance is very noticeable between the 3.50 and the 3.25 performance pulleys. The 3.25 allows the super charger to bring on the boost much sooner and it does reach a higher level of boost .I would not have a problem recommending the 3.25 as long as you run good 93 to 94 octane gas and at least a K & N replacement filter . I run 94 octane with NOS octane booster or 100 octane pump gas (Coastal) and have a 9" cone style K & N filter in a modified Trasher cold air induction and love the increased performance . I also have a 180 deg. thermostat to help lower eng. temp. and thus reduce Knock Retard . The 3.25 pulley needs a shorter drive belt , I went with a Goodyear Gator back belt
  • Thanks Doug,
    Got the picture of your Thrasher CAI. It looks awesome. The picture convinced me that I have to get one and I realized I really have to clean my engine compartment. Where did you get yours?

    Thanks again,

  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    I called Pontiac and asked about the performance 3.05 drive ratio in the 2001 SSEi and was told only the 2.93 would be available this year , I wonder what gives ?
  • The Thrasher site says that the CAI is made for the 97 or newer GTP. My Bonnie is a 95. Is this a problem? Maybe I should ask them.
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    Sorry , I thought you had a 2000 SSEi . I would say that Thrasher will tell you the same thing they told me , they dont make one to fit your car . I was on my own in making the modifications to the air box . Do you have a95 SSEi or is your car na ?
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    What the heck happened , are we back to the old site or is it just me ?
  • Hi everyone, I'm new to the board and seeking help. I just purchased a 2000 Bonneville SE a little over a month ago. The car now has 1700 miles on it and I took it in for an oil change. The guy who changed it showed me the dipstick and pointed out that the oil was very dark and I was about half a quart short. They didn't think it was normal, and I tend to agree with them. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help is appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    Most of the vets are still here. Question:
    I changed my pulley a couple of weeks ago, and the car seems to be getting faster as time passes. Is this because I did not disconnect the battery and the computer is slowly catching on to the new hardware? The weather is getting cooler, but these 200 foot burn outs are outstanding (showed an upstart in a 2001 SLE whar the i stands for.) Hows the exhaust drone? I wonder which way the drone would be affected by resonator removal this has to do with body harmonics and resonance and as you say exhaust gas movement. Perhaps the resonator's purpose in life is to subdue the drone. Maybe bigger pipes, less restrictive mufflers will allow a free flow before it can produce a drone. 1984 vettes had the problem drone, had to retune chasis harmonics somehow and reroute the pipes. Any luck on the header front? Hi-Po heads from Kenney Bell might be the next big move... how much can this chasis withstand?
  • zreddzredd Posts: 3
    Hello !
    I just finished my first tank of gas in a 2000 se but got only 16 mpg, is that normal?

    Also, any recommended modifications to improve performance.

    Has anyone put nitrous?

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    I missed not being able to check in while Edmunds was supposedly upgrading the Town Hall. First they said it would be down a couple of days and then not until the 6th. Meanwhile, we're back. Today is a gorgeous day in New England; sunny and mild. I took the opportunity to spray paint the insides of my exhaust tips black and the trailing edge chrome. I think it looks awesome! I'd highly recommend it.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    16 MPG is low. However, if the gas you put in was not good and you did a lot of city driving, I can see it happening. Keep an eye on it and try different brands of gas. It can make a difference.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    My dealer told me that using a half quart of oil between changes is normal on the supercharged engine. I never experienced it though on my previous non-supercharged 3800 engines. As far as color is concerned, I would check it 1500 miles after the oil change to make sure the color is not too dark. If it is, ask your dealer what is normal.
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    If you don;t disconnect the battery, it takes longer for the PCM to adjust to the changes.

    Doug, did you pull your resonator?
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    How was the fit on the new wires? I had thought about the jacobs coils. Just had not gotten there yet. I just ordered an Casper FPR. Let you all know how it goes.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    I was watching the local Fox affiliate today and they are runnig a week long special on "The Warners at Home." Unless you are not a football fan, or are from Mars, Curt Warner, The NFL MVP and possibly the best quarterback ever(millionaire) is the center of the special. The camera caught him leaving home heading to Rams Park. He was driving a silver 2001 SSEi with the new wheels. I wonder if he'd want a new pulley?
  • Snickle: Coils fit perfectly. Wires fit pretty good. Rear wires are a couple inches too long, which is actually good for those of us contemplating future intercoolers. Front wires fit pretty well. Very impressed with the overall quality of the Jacobs wires...
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    Ram Air Technology has heads available in two levels of modification . Both mods flow 212 cfm at intake (stock is 175) . The first level mod flows 157 cfm at exhaust , up from 144 stock . 2nd level mod flows 174 peak . They also offer polishing of the combustion chambers .
    Thrasher finally responded to me , I sent them pic's of the CAI in my car and asked them had anyone installed their headers or intercooler on a 2000 SSEi . The answer I got was not detailed at all . They said headers were easy , about 4-6 hours with some welding needed , but I could not tell if that meant in general or that someone had done it on a SSEi . As for the intercooler , they only said " thats another story " . Go figure
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    You never mention your 2000 Pontiac Montana. Do you still have it and do/did you like it? I considered one for my wife (being a Pontiac fan), but since I also like Toyotas (for her), I went with a Sienna.
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    How hard is it to swap the plugs? I was going to swap in Autolite 605s when I do the wires and coils.

    I also ordered an Autotans Interceptor. We shall see how it effects acceleration and shifting comfort.
  • Snickle: spark plugs are easy to swap. The entire job will only take 30 minutes...
  • dmckeowndmckeown Posts: 107
    Has anyone been able to note a performance improvement with any ignition related modifications ?
  • snicklesnickle Posts: 147
    I think intense is the only one on this page who has made ignition mods. Though I will be shortly.

    I am also waiting for my FPR and Autotrans Interceptor.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    For the second time in 14,000 miles my Low Oil Warning came on. I'm changing the oil anyway this week as I'm at 45% oil life. Anyone else been experiencing the warning?
    Intense - Montana?
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