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Jaguar S-Type



  • Low Coolant warning light came on within one hour of purchase (approx odometer reading less than 50 miles). Purchase vehicle in Delaware, light came on while driving the NJ Turnpike. Took to dealer in Maryland, was informed it had to be removed according to service bulletin. No fix to date. In addition to this, Jaguar response center was continuously receiving airbag deployment signals from my car, which dealer was unable to fix. Response center removed me from call sequence. So I guess if I have an accident, pressing the call button won't do any good.
  • car85car85 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a new 2003 8 cylindre S type jaguar. From day 1 I had problems. The command system and the cell phone are terrible. What is scarry is that the dealer told me they often do not believe the customers when they complain about the phones!. 2 months after buying the car the entire break system had to be changed. There was a fault in the electric hand breaks that burnt the system. The electrical system in the car is very poorly designed.
  • I purchased a new 2003 Jaguar S type last spring & since that time I have had to replace 5 of the center caps on the wheel. The dealer tells me they are being stolen but I know they are not. One came off in my hand when I was wiping away brake dust. Is anyone else having a problem with this??

    My brakes also "sceech loudly" from time to time. The dealer tells me this is because of the type of brake pad that has to be used and to spray pressured water into the wheel. It happens so often that I really wonder if something else is going on. The dealer tells me everything is fine and not to bring the car in until the 10,000 mile warranty check. Anyone else have this same problem?
  • I have had the same problem with the center caps. I have purchased at least 10 so far. The parts guy at the dealers informed me that they were informed by Jaguar to keep plenty on hand. They crack easily, and the prongs that fits into the center of the wheel breaks off (poor grade of plastic)and once you hit a bump they pop out because there is nothing to keep them in. It is evident Jag knows about it, but they aren't will to replace free. They are making a forture charging $20 each. But then again, I had an Acura NSX who's plastic center cap cost $75. As far as the brakes goes, I haven't had any noise problems except a faint squeak here and there. However, I do pressure wash my wheels at the do-it-yourself wash. Also, checkout That's where Jag owners hangout. Someone there may have experienced the same problem.
  • My wife complained about screeching brakes too. They readjusted the brake calipers 2 times before the noise went away. One of the times I drove an X-type for a loaner and heard the same noise so it might just be a sound that is characteristic to Jaguars or the brake pads they use.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • Just bought a Jaguar S Type and although I did notice the pause in the shifting, there is something else. I notice a hesitation in the engine........almost like it is missing slightly, or wanting to chug. Anyone know what this is?
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    texas_2004 you will have to get use to strange occurrences from Jag. As an owner of a 2000 S-Type for 4.5 years, I've had all sort of things go wrong, small and major. I know I will never by a Jag again. The customer service people, and people at Jag Corporate sucks big time. From reading different Jag boards, I have come to the conclusion that there are some Jags that are trouble free and many more that are troublesome. I believe if you start having problems in the beginning you will always have problems. Mine started 25 miles from the dealer and has not stopped since. (i.e., new engine, 2 trannys, new phone system, new heat and air units, leaking coolant container, new exhaust silencer, and the list goes on. One big thing, I strongly suggest and wished I had done. BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    It appears, that the standard equipment battery provided by Jag has a life expectancy of 36-40 months before failing, and some has failed within 24 months. The bad thing about this, is that they fail without warning, no slow cranks or anything, just stop working. Don't get caught like I did, with having to tow the vehicle to find out what happened. I didn't think it was the battery because it operated fine prior. 5 Minutes ago it was fine, then nothing. In addition, after reading different Jag boards, it is apparently known to the British that the Jag batteries are of an inferior grade. Please opt for a more quality battery at less cost. I paid $210 for a Jag battery when I could have gotten a better one with a longer warranty. Try Auto Zones's Duralast 49-D (7 years-2 yr. free replacement)$64.99; Advanced Auto Part Autocraft 491 $64.88 (6 year-3year free replacement); Interstate's Mega-Tron-Plus MTP-92 $106 (85 months warranty); or the new spiral cone generation yellow top battery by Optima for under $129.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,897
    in the trunk? If it is, it'll need the vent tube that comes on the stock unit so that any overflow and the gases are vented overboard.

    Those with Lincoln LS's (which does have the battery in the trunk) who have gone with a "superior" (and far less expensive) aftermarket replacement have often ended up with corrosion and/or damaged paint. Plus which, it's a bad plan to have hydrogen venting into what is essentially the passenger compartment.

    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    Optima claims their spiral cell new generation of batteries are spill proof, free of vibrations, lighter and last longer than the old generation of batteries. You can check out their claim on
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    That's about the asking price for the mesh grill, however, you can easily install it yourself, saving yourself additional money. To put it in perspective, Jaguar charge $20 for a plastic center cap that only last on average 4 months before it cracks and loses it's legs. On the other hand I owned a 95 Acura NSX who's plastic center cap cost $75. So go figure. Plastic is expensive. It's not based on the product but the car.
  • brucec35brucec35 Posts: 246
    My wife and I were strongly considering buying a used '03 Jag S type to replace her Saab in the next year sometime, since with their rapid depreciation they are a relative used car bargain (upper 20's for a $44,000 car after 1.5 years!)

    But after hearing that they still haven't got their act together in terms of quality, we're gonna pass and stick to reliable brands. My least favorite activity in the world is getting cars to and from the dealer's repair shop and paying for repairs.

    I wonder when they'll wake up and realize that their lousy reliablity costs them money. A great handling and performing car that looks fantastic and it still can't get large volume sales...hmmm, wonder why?
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    Someone, please explain to this dummy why the best trade in value I am offered for a 2003 Jaguar S is $27k from a dealer when I know he is going to sell this between $36-$39k. I paid for every conceivable option which isn't worth $500 more when they come up with the T.I. value. Do they have to make $9-$12$ profit on this used car?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Another good place to ask that question is in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. There's a guy hanging out there who is a dealer and an expert on such things.

    You need to tell him your mileage, exact options, general condition, color and your location. Check other posts to be sure you provide all the information necessary.

    Let us know what you find out.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sorry folks, as explained in the Membership Agreement (link on left) and our Rules of the Road (link at top), the Town Hall may not be used to buy or sell things.

    I had to remove a couple of messages for that reason.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    My message # 721- Not trying to sell anything. I traded in the Jag on June 19th and took big time lumps. Kind regards-
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    No merrel, I didn't think you were trying to sell anything at all. I was referring to two messages that I had to remove.

    Sorry for your lumps. I see you've picked up a C240 - good luck with it. Take care - see you around the Town Hall. :)
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    He might list it for $39K, but that doesn't mean someone will pay that much even fully loaded.

    I found this one - ail.jhtml?paId=149199788&aff=sacbee&src=&cid

    listed for less with only 14K miles, but it isn't fully loaded. However that price is only a list price that's subject to further negotiating and discounting.
    If I were going to get a used non-loaded S-Type, I'd see if I could find something nice for under $30K. If I were in the market today and they discounted that car down to $30K, I'd think about buying it. Trading to a dealer at one year old is a money-losing situation.
    I am not selling that car and I am not going to buy that car. It is only an example I found from an internet search to see what late model S-types were being listed for locally.
  • mikeselldmikeselld Posts: 16
    I've had my 04 S type 3.0 for 5 months. Before leasing, I read everything on every board but I first started here. While I now frequent another board (I don't think I'm allowed to state the name) I still check here occasionally. Kind of my first home. Very little has been appearing here so I though I would post my impressions of this car and a few comments.

    I LOVE this car. I have had allot of new cars over the years. This car has been absolutely perfect and has filled all expectations. If you look at JD Powers initial quality, you will see Jag is the top rated European luxury car. This model has been around in variations since 1999. With ongoing improvements, I think you will see a car with "the bugs worked out". Some have comment about lack of quality. Wrong. I might avoid pre 2003 due to reported transmission problem. A lot of cars have some weak point statically but the majority of people don't experience it. Also remember that if you pay 45000 for a car, your tolerance for imperfection is minimal.

    With proper snow tires, the Michigan winter was no problem.

    Compare this to a 530i; you will love the luxury, performance and beauty. I personally also love the lack of iDrive. Check the 6/2004 Road and Track for good comparisons.

    Anyone who buys a car in this price range and then acts surprised that the trade in value after one year is lousy isn’t researching their purchase very well. I remember an old economics professor of mine (in my previous live) saying that the value of an object is what you can sell it on the open market for, not what you may arbitrarily place the value. I used “dream car” like an S losses allot of its dream value just by being used. Just a fact of our live. I personally didn't even look at a one year old fully equiped 2003 4.2 for 35000 initial asking price for the same reason.

    The current Jaguar is not the old Jaguar from 15 years ago. Thank you Ford. Try it, you’ll like it.
  • kellynkellyn Posts: 1
    I started reading your complaints about the Jag S-Type and for a moment I thought my wife had beat me to the message board. Now I know what the "S" stands for! It has been in for repairs 24 TIMES since she bought it new from Momentum in Houston. 3 time the past 60 days. It's there right now! And they want another $400 to get it out. The last time we went to pick it up AFTER BEING THERE A MONTH, and after forking over another 430.00 it WOULD NOT EVEN START! A week later we picked it up and It ran for 4 days before the dashboard lit up again and the temp meter pegged out. Jaguar USA Customer service supervisor was good enough to offer to call the service department and AUTHORIZE THEM TO REPAIR IS RIGHT AT OUR EXPENSE! Buyer Beware!!!
  • qsmithqsmith Posts: 1
    I'm deciding on buying a new car , my options are AUDI A6, WITH THE 4.2 V8 FOR AROUND 44,000 or 2004 S TYPE , for around $40,000.00......or I just may wait for the 2005 A6 and go with the v6....what would you do ??
  • mikeselldmikeselld Posts: 16
    No question, the Jag. I felt the Audi was very nice but had no eloquence.
  • jugster2jugster2 Posts: 4
    Through six model year's the Jaguar S-Type is still the most elegant midsize luxury sport sedan out there, bar none! OH! The New Audi A6 is a looker and the Mercedes E-Class is by no mean's a slouch. We now have our 2000 S-Type 4-year's and 4-month's. One major problem and many minor issue's, but our Jaguar dealer has always been excellent about fixing everyone of them. We still love this car just as much as the day we took delivery. Just had the tire's rotated and Hi-speed re-balanced, cost a nip up $75.00, but coming home from our dealer on the freeway at 70-75 mph, it was like a hot knife going through butter! It cost's a lot to maintain a car like this, but when we are out on a long road trip, it is well worth it. We got our S-Type from Jaguar of Troy, owned and operated by one Irma Elder and her Son's in Troy, Michigan. They truly run a class act in selling and servicing Jaguar and Saab car's. We have always been treated well on each and every visit. Actually the Service Dept is much better than the Showroom Sales Staff! In 30-year's of purchasing new vehicle's, I have never come across both good sale's and good service from the same dealership. It has always been one or the other, or both were terrible. Well, Just wanted to drop in and say hello! to all you lucky S-Type owner's out there.
  • jugster2jugster2 Posts: 4
    Are you for real? Are you talking brand new or used or a demo? A 2004 S-Type 4.2 V8 for only $40,000. That's not a deal, that's a downright steal! If you're talking brand new, you must be talking Ford Motor Co employee purchase plan. WOW! What I would give to come across a deal like that! We paid $41,600 for our 3.0 V6 back in 2000 brand new.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I just priced a 2004 S-Type V8 with no options on for zip 90210 and it came out to $41,900, which is still very low, but not as low as $40,000.
  • jules1jules1 Posts: 1
    I was horrified but not surprised to read your message. I have a 200 S type V6 that was 4 years old in March. My car has 24,500 miles on the clock. Of course just after the warranty is up all hell has let loose. Everything that goes wrong costs a fortune to fix. First a passenger electric window, then the steering column and then the passenger seat is stuck in the forward position. I have had the run around with Head Office too and they finally offered to pay for labor on the last two items (the car has been in two Jag shops for 2 weeks) at a cost to me of $3000. I don't see any reason to keep this car once it is fixed to wait for the next shoe to drop. I just hope I can sell it privately and not be ripped off any further by Jaguar. Are you keeping yours?
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    After 4.5 years of ownership of my 4.0 S-Type,and over 150 days in service, and lots of money out of pocket for repairs, I do not suggest anyone to keep a Jag past warranty unless you have deep pockets and love the vehicle. Also, resale sucks! Jag customer service sucks! What more can I say but purchase a in awaiting 05 SC430.
  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    Sorry to hear about the S-Type's service history. I was looking to go upscale from my 2003 Hyundai Sonata now that I've come into a bit of discretionary income*, but may have to wait or keep looking. (If it's any consolation to those of you who've had horrific post-warranty expenses in your S-Types, E-Class Mercedes don't seem to fair any better.)

    Thank goodness for Indian casinos in California...
  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    Seems like a fun car, the two year lease turn backs are coming up so I can buy one and extend the factory warranty out to 7 years. Any comments?

    What is the tow capacity of the S type R? I want to tow a Sea Doo (or two)...

    I've had a Lincoln LS for the past 7 months, I like and the V8 has good power, just not enough for me.

    I know a number of people that have the S type 4.0, they love the cars and have few if any complaints. I don't know anyone with the R package.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Since most are leased for 36 months or longer and the R is lower volume, the selection of 2 year lease returns will be be very slim. 3 year lease returns next year.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    Coincidentally, I have also been driving an LS (2003 V8 Sport) for the past 7 months or so.

    The S Type R does intrigue me. My local Jag dealer has been after me to test drive one. 2 things have kept me from doing so.

    1 – I expect that the power would be quite enough to keep me entertained.

    2 – The price (even of a used one – and even with a $4K drop in MSRP for 2005) is still a bit more than I would like to spend. Today.

    OK – 3 things – after driving the LS in SST mode for probably 95+ percent of the 11,000 miles – I find the J Gate shifter to be very annoying. (I have driven both a 4.0 and a 4.2 Sport.)

    OK – 4 things – even with the 6 speed trans. (and 16 / 24 EPA) I think that the fuel tank capacity is too small . . . (quibble)

    OTOH, with HP and TQ in the 400 range, perhaps I could do without the ability to so easily control the trans. shifting.

    And then I’d have to buy one . . .

    - Ray
    Wondering if next Spring’s 300C SRT-8, at 400+ HP, will be even quicker than the R . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • I'm a 2000 S-Jag owner. I'm looking to sell the lemon...Jag and buy another car. My Jag dealer of course is courting me like crazy. I'm a "repeat" customer. I was actually considering the 2005 Jag S.

    But reading all of your messages, the memories came flooding back. All the trips to the dealership, the screaming matches (You sold me a LEMON...No we didn't) I actually bought a stick-on decal that read "Lemon-and the name of my dealership" It was all in a lovely shade of yellow of course. That's when they decided to replace my transmission.

    And what's with the Asian girl in a Jag deal? I get so many people STARING ME DOWN that it's just plain uncomfortable. I was stopped by a cop once and she asked if I bought the car?!?!?!

    All of your messages just reminded me of why I should never be stupid enough to make the same mistake. I'm going for the 20005 Acura RL.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,897
    them non-Asian vehicles.

    Most of what I want only comes from Europe, and I'm not pleased with what that means in terms of reliability. I actually buy cars and expect them to last (without debilitating expense) 150K miles, minimum.

    Audi, VW, Jaguar, BMW & Merc -- what's the common theme? Fun to drive, but make sure you've got a full-coverage warranty of some sort. Yeah, but. . .taking the car in more than once or twice a year amounts to an intrusion on my time, even if it's "free."

    My present car is still working (knocks on desk), but its replacement is totally up in the air. If the German stuff lasted, it'd only be a fun decision having to do with which good vehicle to choose. Given that none of them has that rep, I'm considering only Asian stuff. . .if I had to replace my current car next week.

    What a shame.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • In participating in a well known Jaguar talk forum for a couple of years it has become increasing evident that there are two very different thoughts on owning a Jaguar. The tried and true belief that owning a Jaguar is all about perception and image, which comes along with it the woes of Jaguar reliability. Much better than the past, but it is a Jaguar and to be expected and tolerated. Afterall you are driving one of the most recognized prestige vehicles on the road, and that's all that matters. These owners will fight you to end, if you criticize Jaguar and it's reliability. Partly because it has improved substantially since Ford took over, but it is miles from the reliability stats of its competitors.

    The second thought is that if you pay upward of $50,000 for a vehicle,you expect it to be reliable, fun to drive and look good.

    I belong to the second belief.
  • I am looking at a 2001 Jag S type. 8 Cyl with everything including navigation and cd changer. It has 35000 miles and they are asking 23500. Is this a good buy?
  • You people with S-type woes might want to wander over to your local Cadillac dealer and check out the new STS. The parking lot at the company I work for looks like a Premium Motors Pre-Owned lot. We have an LS, 300C, S-type, X-type, S-classes, 5-series, CTS <mine>, and an X5 or two.

    The S-type belongs to the CEO and he's about ready to dump it. More often then not he has a loner Jag. My CTS has been rock solid and the STS has the same base mechanicals. Check it out, you may be pleasently suprised.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I am not saying this to all S-Type driver but some.

    I also noticed some "new type" Jag drivers are quiet different from the traditional Jag drivers.

    The traditional Jag drivers seems to be more educated and you can tell they drive expensive cars (they are proud of their "status" too).

    After Jag introduced the X-type & the S-type, it seems that there is another group of "new Jag" drivers (usually S-type drivers). I don't think I can say they are proud of their "status" and they don't seem to be well-educated but I am sure they are proud of their cars. They think they are someone and they look down people, more liked those Lexus drivers (if they are that "rich", why can't they affort European luxury cars ??). However, the way they look and the way they act couldn't fit them into the Jag. They are more liked truck drivers or big American car drivers.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,897
    to consider your use of the word "status" in your post.

    If your point is that traditional Jag drivers don't care a whit for reliability, or the cost or time-consuming nature of repairs (even on warranty), then I guess the best thing to do would be to just say so.

    I'm guessing that many "new Jag" drivers (your quotes) expect the car to measure up against other luxury and/or performance vehicles in the same price class. This concept has given me pause over the past few years.

    If what one wants is a vehicle that's lots of fun to drive, with marginal reliability, my choice would be either Audi or BMW. If one wants reliability, Lexus or Infinity come to mind. It's not at all clear to me where Jaguar fits in, other than with respect to styling.

    I guess your put is that the group of people attracted to the "new Jag" (your quotes), but not willing to spend money on it aren't really worthy. "If it don't go, chrome it," is a phrase from many decades ago.

    Anyway, you're almost certainly right.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    Well &#150; I went to my local Jaguar dealer on Saturday. I asked to drive an S-Type 4.2 Sport. No such animal on their lot. So &#150; the General Sales Manager offered his S-Type R for a drive.

    (Oh, please don&#146;t throw me in THAT briar patch!)

    OK. I drove it. For about 20 minutes. On winding back country roads, briefly on the Interstate and through the local Mall area.

    I want one.

    I currently drive a 2003 Lincoln LS Sport. My recommendation to any LS V8 owners looking to &#147;step up&#148; when the time comes to make a change should NOT drive this car, unless they are ready to spend the money.

    Those who have read my posts (here and elsewhere) over the years my have noticed that I typically test drive a variety of cars &#150; even when I am not seriously in the market.

    This car affected my as no other has in recent memory. And it was not only the intoxicating acceleration of close to 400 HP.

    The car: 2005 S-Type R &#150; Metallic BRG (emerald?) called Jaguar Racing Green over Champagne. Optional Nav. List price ~ $61.5K Approx. 3,000 miles.

    I have driven a couple of S-Types and XJs. I rented an S-Type for a long weekend in 2001 while I owned my Y2K LS V8 Sport. It was a 4.0 V8 Sport and a nice car. Not worth any premium over my LS at the time, to me, but I enjoyed driving it from Phoenix to and around Tucson and up Mt. Lemon.

    This R is a different breed of Cat.

    The motor is absolutely intoxicating. Jaguar got it right here. There is just the right amount of sound at around town speeds and in light to moderate acceleration to confirm that this is a sporting vehicle. When you request real acceleration, it is smooth and very, very powerful. Effortless. Wow.

    This 6 speed trans. is a joy. I am on record as driving my LS in SST mode nearly all the time, and manumatic shift control is something I have enjoyed now on 3 consecutive cars (2 LSs) and expected never to be able to give up. This trans. has made me re-think that position.

    The motor and trans. work together extremely well. The shifts at WOT and high rpm are very quick, but not harsh. At lower speeds and smaller throttle openings, the shifts are rather intriguing. Watching the tach and listening to the exhaust, there is a pause and then a drop in rpm, almost like a relatively casual manual shift, but with absolutely no hint of any interruption in the acceleration. Smooth. A very well sorted and calibrated drivetrain. Most impressive. How did they do this?

    I played with the J gate &#150; found it still unsatisfying, as expected. But this drivetrain&#146;s extraordinary coordination allowed me to leave the trans. in D and enjoy the rest of the drive. It did the best job by far (I left it in Sport mode) of any car I have driven in shifting at appropriate times &#150; and not shifting when I would not have. Outstanding. I want one.

    In checking rpm at highway speed I was surprised to see that at a steady 60 it showed approx. 2000 rpm. Based on my reading (see links below) I expected 1600 rpm. Does anyone know if Sport Mode delays or de-activated TCC lockup?

    The ride was a very pleasant surprise. In driving both S-Types and XJs I have not been as impressed as some others have been. The S-Type R has very aggressive rubber, with 35 series rear tires only 10 MM narrower than on the rear of a new Corvette. (275/35ZR18 Continental Conti Sports on the rear of this particular example.) I was absolutely amazed by the smooth, well controlled ride. No harshness anywhere except when I drove over the speed bumps at a local Mall perimeter road. And these are extreme speed bumps. Otherwise, it was better than I expected and very, very pleasant.

    The handling was what I expected. I certainly did not stress the chassis or approach the cornering limits in my drive, nor do I in my typical public street driving. It went where pointed, at speeds sufficient to be interesting, with no drama and enjoyable precision. The steering feel is excellent. In a brief run up to over 80 mph on the highway, it was stable and smooth. This is a very competent and confidence inspiring chassis. This is no Town Car (I had one again as a loaner recently) - and this is a good thing.

    The interior was quite comfortable for me. The driver&#146;s seat is quite comfortable and supportive. Seat heater worked well &#150; I would miss my cooled seats, but . . . If I decided to buy one like this with the Nav system, I would investigate the effect of the Nav install on the various controls for such things as climate control and radio, as I have seen some rather annoying ergonomic effects in other vehicles when the big Nav screen is added. But I just had the sales lady set the HVAC and I turned off the radio for the drive. And I still do not see $2K+ worth of value in any Nav system, for me. Only oddity I noticed was the adjustable center front armrest has only 2 postions &#150; and is not as easy to set as in my LS. The gauges are clear and straightforward. In observing the tach as mentioned above, the needle shows a unique movement pattern - almost like an old mechanically driven tach. (See opening sequences of Grand Prix.)

    I set the moonroof in full vent as soon as I started the car, as that is how I almost always drive my cars. Not a hint of wind noise or buffeting at any speed up to over 85 mph. Sweating the details pays off here.

    Issues: Price. Now, I have driven 2 new Caddy STSs &#150; a 1SE and a 1SF (aside from equipment levels, the primary performance related differences between these 2 are larger brakes, LSD and a significantly and noticeably more aggressive final drive ratio in the 1SF) &#150; and the most comparable STS to this S-Type R would be the 1SG with the QAF Performance Handling Package at even a slightly higher MSRP. And even though the STS drives quite well indeed, if I were buying a car in this price range today, it would be the Jag. Full stop. No contest. I even found the S-Type to have slightly more leg room in the rear (sitting behind where I set the driver&#146;s seat) than the STS, though the STS may have a bit more headroom. And, I also find it interesting that most other competitive sedans (from my viewpoint) (Audi RS6 &#150; if it were still available, M5, MB E55) are priced over $70K.

    Motor / Trans.
    Looks / Styling

    No Manumatic
    No cooled seats
    Price . . .

    Wow. Did I mention that I want one?

    Now, realistically, I would need to make some significant &#147;lifestyle changes&#148; to buy one of these Cats, even assuming a significant end-of-year discount. (Edmunds shows a &#147;Marketing Support&#148; MFR to Dealer incentive right now of $7,500 for a 2004 S-Type R.) So I am guessing that at about this time next year (assuming no drastic changes to our US economy), an &#145;05 without Nav could be purchased for somewhere in the v. high $40s to v. low $50s. Hmmm . . .

    But most telling is probably that this is the only sedan I have driven in 10 years that makes me even t
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    Post was chopped - continued:

    But most telling is probably that this is the only sedan I have driven in 10 years that makes me even think that such changes might (MIGHT) be worth looking at. And if my year end bonus comes in at 10 times what I expect. . .

    The General Sales Manager offered me an &#147;extended test drive&#148;. Hmmmm . . .

    - Ray
    Pondering alternatives . . .

    Links: - _id=594&page_number=1 - id=31&article_id=594&page_number=1&preview= - _id=1893
    2016 BMW 340i
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,897
    Well, Ray, once again you've generated a very useful treatise.


    Being a "buy & hold" kind of car person, I'm keeping my manual LS for the forseeable future. You, on the other hand, move around a bit and give us lucid descriptions of why. Thank you.


    However, if I ever choose to spend the kind of money the S-R costs (which is highly unlikely), I would really, really (really) expect it to continue providing the kind of performance you so eloquently describe for well in excess of 100K miles.


    . . .without multiple "free" (but enormously time-consuming & intrusive) visits to the dealer to remedy warranty "issues."


    . . .without huge expense for mission-critical hardware repair, after the warranty runs out. I'm more willing than most to do without extraneous crap that packs up (in fact, I usually don't want it in the first place), but have a lot of trouble tolerating engine or (especially) transmission problems, or anything else that renders the vehicle dead beside the road, or extremely uncomfortable (windows that fall down in cold and/or rainy weather, for example).


    That said, keep the posts in the various boards coming. I can continue my Elmer Fudd approach to car ownership while living vicariously through you.


    Good luck!
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    "I would really, really (really) expect it to continue providing the kind of performance you so eloquently describe for well in excess of 100K miles. " - cdnpinhead


    I share the concern about reliability.


    Two things:


    1 &#150; I have confirmed that the Jag dealer does, in fact, provide a loaner for all service as long as the vehicle is under warrantee. Lost time / inconvenience is an issue for me.


    2 &#150; The quality of Jaguars appears to be improving. This link indicates that Jaguar certainly is expending significant time and effort and $$s in the persuit of quality. Although quality does not necessarily equate to (long term) reliabilioty &#150; Jaguar certainly seems headed in the right direction. . .




    - Ray

    Potential Jag owner . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    "Being a "buy & hold" kind of car person"


    If I did buy any car this expensive, I would likely become one.


    - Ray

    WELL aware of what frequent change costs . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    My dealer insisted (?) that I take his S-Type R - 3,400 mile 'demo' - for a day.

    (See my review from a couple of weeks ago - 20 minute drive of this same car.)

    Input on what I should be watching for / should not miss = welcome.


    - Ray

    Resistance (may be) futile . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • I am interested in buying a used s type which has run less than 30.000 miles. Appreciate it very much if any one could advice whether its worth buying an s type or not. These reviews has really scared me.....Any idea about the s types from 2003 & up.?? Thank you for your time. drchef
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    It would likely use the new XJ's aluminum chassis which is 60 % stiffer than its predecessor and 40 per cent lighter than that of the equivalent steel body:

    Future aluminum S-Type?

    I think the grille of that car needs to be smaller but I like it a lot.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    A note: 2005 S-Types use 6 speed ZF automatic transmissions.
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