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    S-Types from 2003 are much improved. The V-8 engine has more power, less emissions, and is smoother. It uses a ZF 6 speed automatic transmission.

    2003 S-Types have a 10 % more rigid chassis than pre-2003 S-Types. The S-Type R has an additional brace by the rear subframe which makes it an additional 7 % more rigid.

    2003 S-Types basically have an all-new front suspension and a highly modified rear suspension. More aluminum is used in the suspension.

    2003 S-Types have a much better interior.
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    I have fallen in love with the jag s type 4.2. Tell me if reliability has improved on this car since the 03 make over. Would you buy a certified off lease or perhaps release one. Money is not a huge issue but I would love not to get stuck with a worthless 6 year old S with no warranty. Also How are the deals at the end of the years on left over new ones.

  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    2005s would be the best to get. The have an aluminum hood.
  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    They have an aluminum hood. 2005s have some suspension revisions along with a slightly revised interior and exterior.
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    I am considering purchasing a 2002 S-Type with 21K miles on it. Can anyone please provide me some feedback as to the reliability I can expect from this car? Thanks.
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    He Louvg,

    Not sure where you're, but I bought my 2002 Jag S-Type in Souther Cal last month, I've really done my research and homework and got a pretty good deal (you might want to talk to Terry in Smart Shopper's forum too).

    2002 Jag S-Type 3.0
    28,500 miles
    Listed Price: $29,900
    Got it for: $26,400
    Platinum Exterior/Black interior
    Options: Premium Package, Sports Package, Premium Sound, Moonroof, Navigation, Memory Seat.
    Jag Select Edition, 6 year, 100,000 mile warranty. The basic warranty pays the maintinance up to 40,000 miles.

    I can't believe how many people thought I've bought a brand new car, when they saw the car their first reaction was that I've bought a brand new Jag! The car's really well maintained, and the leather actually looks very new. I've been getting a lot of praise and I absolutely love the car. It's really beautiful and the elegant line is stunning.

    So far I've not had any problem except for the front window that makes squaky noise, which the dealer told me they would take care of. Jaguar's customer service has also been very excellent, they were friendly and willing to negotiate. Before I bought the car I've heard a lot of rumors about Jag's reliability, I've hesitated and I've decided on the Select Edition (which ranks #1 by Inteli Choice), it's probably a good idea even though my Jag has been flawless.

    Anyway- happy car shopping!
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    Thank you xkss for your reply. I am gonna start the hunt soon after filing my taxes.I really like this cat very much!!!
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    My 2000 S-type developed a miss in the number 4 cylinder. Can anyone tell me the location of the number 4 cylinder. This has been a great car - 93,000 miles with minimal maintenance. Love the vehicle.
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    Ok so I just purchased a 2000 S-Type with 92k miles. Although I have only had it for 3 days, it has already given me an awful experience. Last night I come home and park on my drive way wich is slightly up-hill. This morning I turn the egnition on and what do you know??!!... can't get it to move from Park.. it is just stuck there. I called road side assistance and they said to have someone rock the car back and forth while I try to put in in reverse. This was ridiculouse. It was literaly locked on Park because I had parked it up-hill. Anyone ever heard of this??.. anyway.. I had to have my car towed to Jaguar because now I can't get positioned to any other gear.
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    what do you think of this?


    I think the next S-Type would look nice with a front end like that of the 2001 Jaguar R Coupe.


    I hope the next S-Type uses the new XJ's aluminum chassis. The new XJ's aluminum chassis is 40 % lighter and 60 % stiffer than if it were steel. Aluminum construction helps the 2005 Jaguar Super V8, the flagship XJ, weigh over 800 pounds less than a BMW 760Li.

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    Hello All,
    I just traded my x type for a 2002 SType 4.0. It is loaded with Dynamic stability control, and a Navigation system. so far I LOVE it. Can anyone tell me where I got to get new CD for the Navigation, or is there a NATIONAL CD for all areas versus the Zoned one I have today?.
    Thank you all....
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    Looks like a Bugatti.

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    as well as the 2001 Jaguar R Coupe and the 2003 Jaguar RD-6.
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    Yes. I have heard of this. Please ask Jaguar for definitive info. since your car was at the dealer. Apparently this is somewhat common. That is, the car wil get stuck in park if it "settles" after shifted into "Park." The word "cables" was used?

    AAA can lift your rear wheels ... retension the drivetrain if-you-will ... and off you go.

    Ain't happened to me though.
  • latinhazellatinhazel Member Posts: 3
    Aparrently the "cable" was stuck on park. They said to make sure and use the hand break before setting the car on park because it can lock if I don't do it in this order. It's silly. I never had a problem like this with any other car I've ever owned.
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    The next Jaguar S-Type will likely use the new XJ's aluminum chassis. The car shown has styling cues from the 2001 Jaguar R Coupe and the 2003 Jaguar RD-6. What do you think of it?

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    When my mother's S-type locked up yesterday, the "helpful" AAA driver she called muscled the gear selector trying to move it out of Park and broke the cable that connects the gear selector to the transmission. The repair bill is $1750 and now the dealer tells us to always set the parking brake before putting the car into Park. Is this generally known by other S-type owners? Parking on a slope and not setting the parking brake first is what causes this problem, the dealer informed us, but it is rare for my mother to park on any kind of slope! Strange.
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    I have heard to do that with all AT cars: Set the brake first to take the strain off of the AT. It can be level or on a hill, doesn't matter. Ever notice when you turn the ignition off and it's in Park it will move slightly? That contributes to lockups too.

    Pilots have a standard routine they go through starting a plane and shutting it down. It is always considered "flying" (moving) until the engine is shutdown, that's why you can't get up and start to leave on airliners at gates -- everything has to be OFF. In the same way, you should think of your sport sedans as more than just a car and have a shutdown routine which includes setting the handbrake first and then the AT in Park. Actually, shutdown all electronics first (lights, radio, etc.), then set the handbrake, then the AT, then shut the engine down (ignition off). Additionally, what this routine does is let the A/C evaporate condensed moisture, which prevents mold/bacteria build-up causing bad odors, as well as other problems. You aren't driving a plain old car -- you are driving an F-16 on wheels. ;)

    The other reason to set the handbrake first: ATs can slip into gear and at idle move the car if it is left unattended momentarily. With the brake set movement is prevented. Safety precaution!

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    I'm shopping for a Jaguar S-Type 3.0 and I was hoping for some tips to get the best deal from the dealer. I'm looking at both purchasing and leasing. Any suggestions on how to approach this?

    Also, they have a 2003 S-Type 3.0 fully loaded with 17K miles for $28K. Is this a good deal?

    Your input is appreciated.
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    fowler3, that is some great information. Thanks!
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi pluvious, welcome!

    We have lots of great shopping advice around these parts. Check out the Tips & Advice section on and also the discussions on our Smart Shopper board. You'll find all sorts of tips and suggestions in both places, and the discussions on the Smart Shopper board cover just about any shopping situation you can imagine.

    For help in pricing a used vehicle I suggest two things - go to the Used Car section at the main link I just gave you and look up the Edmunds TMV© (True Market Value). Then ask in our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. Be sure to include all the necessary information that is listed in red above the post box.

    I hope this helps - let us know how it goes!
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    2003 Jag S-Type 3.0, fully loaded with 17K miles for $28k? Wow, that sounds pretty good. I got a 2002 Jag S-Type, 28500 miles, fully loaded (Sport Pkg, Premium Pkg, Premium Sound, Navigation), for $26,400. If you can get 03 with only 17 k miles, for only $28,000, that does sound like a very good deal. Is that ceritifed? My Jag is CPO by Jag.

    BTW- My Jag has been extremely reliable, not even one problem... by reading the msg board you would think Jag makes the worst cars in the world, but I do think it's people that bought lemons that are also most vocal (same for MBZ, Audi, and BMW).

    Let us know how it goes.
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    I came across this forum recently and I learnt a lot from it. So, thank you all.
    I purchased '01 S-type (25K miles) three months ago. So far, so good. I did not have any problems except this: Two times, the alarm was activated when I started the car. And after than it did not start at all. After trying everything, I decided to do a jumstart and it started fine. I did not have this problem again. Does anybody have any idea why could this happen? Could it be the security system? :cry:
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    2000 s-type jag w/60k...... after all the transmissions probs. i've read about i am wondering if it's my turn. driving up a very mellow hill i noticed a faint smell (tranny fluid??) the car started running very rough and the engine light came on. i was able to limp home.

    up till now this car was driving perfectly. what the ----happened??. need some answers...anybody got any???
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    It appears to me that the darn alpine stereo in the '05 S-Type R has no auxilary inputs! I simply can not live with an FM modulator. Any ideas on how to hook in my iPod into this?

    Any ideas when the Sirius comes out? Will I be able to add it to my '05?
    What about Bluetooth?
  • jescue1jescue1 Member Posts: 12
    Bluetooth will be a dealer fit item-pricing and orders slated for May 1st availability.No word yet on Sirius.
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    Well Sir, here's the solution. What you are experiencing is a very common problem with S-Types. I am an owner of a 2000 4.0. When it first happened to me, I ended up ripping to gearshift lever out of the console. The manufacturer instructed me that if that happens again, I should get out of the car, rock it, while someone pull the car out of reverse. Others who have experienced it recommended the following, and I do to: :lemon: :lemon: You have a load problem. To solve it: When you stop, put foot on brake, pull hand brake 1st, then put car in park. When starting up again to leave your parking position, put foot on brake, take car out of park, and release the hand brake. Go figure.... Best bet is to do what I do, at every parking situation, not just on inclines, I use the method above.
  • wcollinswcollins Member Posts: 45
    I have been an owner of a 2000 4.0 for five years. Have driven 103,000 miles, and have had many, many problems which has included 2 transmissions, 1 engine, new heat/air, phone unit, and a host of other problems. Now, I am facing replacing the transmission again at $6,500. It is well documented that Jags whether 3.0, 4.0, 4.2 or ZF transmission, all have problems. Jag is in denial, and offers no help at all, but "I'm sorry, we can't help you with your problem". I am averaging 50,000 miles per transmission and I don't drive the car hard at all. Jaguar corporate tells me this is considered "normal" or "not unusual" depending on whom you talk with. Please reconsider. In addition the resale value sucks. I paid $58,750 in 2000, it is now worth $10,000-$15,000 on trade in good shape, if I can find a dealer who will take it in trade. :lemon:
  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    First model years are rarely the best ones.


    Have you driven the 2005 S-Type or the new XJ?
  • mechrad1mechrad1 Member Posts: 26
    sorry to hear of your problems that year really was weak. I have a 2005 i bought used 15000 miles. payed 36k for 4.2l and i love it. It seems the newer ones are better. Perhaps you should look into trading on a certified 2003. These can be had for around 30k with 3 year warranty. perhaps you would get more on the trade at a jag dealer
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    I would like to find information on the automatic headlamps feature on the Jaguar S type. I need it for research, I'm looking for what conditions warrant the lights to come on automatically.

    Thank you!
  • wcollinswcollins Member Posts: 45
    After 5 years of ownership; and experiencing my first of many problems within one hour of driving from the dealership; I am calling it quits. After reading the many problems Jag owners are experiencing throughout their line, I have little confidence that the newer ones are any better from what I have been reading. In addition, Jaguar customer service sucks! They will deny any and all responsibility for their vehicles. As the report goes, Jag doesn't expect to turn a profit until 2009, and now the experts say that is it won't happen anywhere close to 2009, which leads them to think that Jag will be sold or discontinued. Cost cutting is one of the reason for Jag's failure. Jaguar needs to come out of the dark ages and concentrate on making a better product that not only looks good but works well. Jaguar is betting that people will buy based on looks alone. They fail to realize that websites like this and others can seriously damage their reputation. It is not like the old days before internet where the word took longer to get out. Now it is instantaneous. Jaguar needs to start with a longer warranty and stand behind their vehicles. Afterall, it is an expensive luxury automobile brand, customers should get luxury treatment, not a bunch of denials. Again, no thanks! :lemon:
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    Jaguar's XJ doesn't sell on its looks alone. It has an advanced aluminum chassis. I've visited and talked with other new XJ owners and most have reliable XJs with great dealer service.

    Jaguar's next XK, which will have to comply with new European pedestrian safety regulations, will use the new XJ's aluminum chassis. This will spread costs. Also, the next S-Type would further spread costs if it used the new XJ's aluminum chassis.
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    I guess you haven't had cars with auto boxes before? It's standard practice and common sense for ALL autos to set the park brake first, and is normally mentioned in the handbook (Ii haven't checked mine). I've been doing it since my first Mk.10 Jag in 1972! Cheers, Lionel
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    The trans in my 2003 S-Type R occasionally "hangs" in first gear, it won't upshift
    even when I lift off the throttle. This happens when driving slowly, like in moderate traffic. I'll be driving along at 20 mph at 4000 rpm, it just won't shift, then it finally does. I don't have the trans in S mode. It only does it very occasionally, usually it shifts normally. Dealer can"t find what's wrong. Anyone out there have an idea, know of a service bulletin, had the same problem???
    p.s. despite this annoyance I absolutely love this car.
  • mazeltovmazeltov Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2002 3.0 S Type yesterday with 29,900 miles on the clock. Drove it home - about 20 miles and as I pulled in the driveway the engine malfunction light came on. Is it likely this may be due to the fact the vehicle is due for a 30,000 mile service? Called the dealer but they were closed and today is Sunday so my joy is a little tarnished right now. Also, what is the 30K service going to cost me?
  • pokipoki Member Posts: 3
    after about 50,000 miles and 0 problems I noticed the trans is acting up >> is it a 5 speed on the s type 3.0? it has a 2 -3 -4 on the left side of the shifter...and is there a place to check and add the trans fluid level? LOVE THE CAR THOUGH.
  • jescue1jescue1 Member Posts: 12
    the light has nothing to do with the 30,000 mile service.This could be a loose/faulty gas cap or many other things.Check the in service date of your car.2001 and newer get no charge service for 4 years or 50,000 miles.Depending on this your car may be due for a 30 or 40,000 mile service based on time.If you are beyond the 4 year period I would expect to pay $300 or so.
  • rstoergerrstoerger Member Posts: 17
    I have heard of front breaks going early, but rarely rears (before fronts). 2003 S-Type 3.0L, my second. Both my 2000 and 2003 are problem free but this past Firday, I hear a grinding sound coming from my passenger rear wheel. Comes as the break is pressed, goes well after the car begins rolling again. I got it to the dealer today (Monday) figuring it was a break-pad warning pin causing all the noise. The car has only 18K miles and my last Jag went to 30K without breaks needing any work at all. My driving is usually high-way or slow city with very little stop and go (traffic). In my opinion, the breaks should have lasted longer.

    Eitherway, apparently not only are the rear pads gone, but the rotors as well because the grinding I heard on Friday was metal on metal and not some pad warning device. BTW, there was no other type of warning regarding break failure and I was simply asked if I heard any squeeking. So squeeking is the "breaks are going" warning indicator here.

    The dealer is going to cover the rotors and I will be covering the pads but I still am surprised that they went this early. Anyone have a similar experience.

  • dave_3ddave_3d Member Posts: 1
    Hi rstoerger,

    Many other people have experienced this. Back brakes burned down to the metal. Some on S-Types which are only a few months old.

    My back brakes burned down to the bare metal in 13,000 miles requiring a set of pads and a new rear caliper.

    There is a recall for handbrake issues.

    Do a search on Google for "s-type brake faults" you will find more information there.
  • jjelyjjely Member Posts: 1
    hey I'm having the same problem in my 2001. let me know if you hear anything.
  • mazeltovmazeltov Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. It turned out to be a catalytic convertor which was covered under warranty as was the 30K service and a 40K service will also be covered. This is a magnificent vehicle. :)
  • latinhazellatinhazel Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 BMW 323i and a 2000 Jaguar S-type 3.0 .. both with miles between 90 to 100 k.. and let me tell ya.... BMW is soo much better. I have had plenty of problems with the s-type's tramission.. although it hasn't fully given up.. but it's close.. delays on gear shifting and all sorts of problems. I love the look of the car and interioir as well.. but it doesn't and I don't think it will ever compare to BMW performance. Not to mention customer service and assistance is way better as well... don't get me wrong.. I love my Jag.. but I'm very dissapointed.. it cost more than my beemer but doesn't compare. :(
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    I'm looking for the best leasing deal I can find (i.e. best money factor rate, least down pm't, highest residual value, etc.) I live in California if that makes a difference. The car I plan to lease is a 2005 S type, 4.2L sedan, VDP Edition, Navigation system maybe, Quartz color with Dove/ Charcoal there anyone out there that can help me?...../point me in the right direction...I've dealt with a few local dealer already, and whereas their residual value is ok, their best money factor rate is too high. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated
  • pokipoki Member Posts: 3
    I will be taking the car to an independant service to have the trans checked out..if I end up needing a trans there is a guy in arizona that has transmissions at 1/6 the dealer price and will install it for a good price
  • mrichardsmrichards Member Posts: 1
    In February, our 2000 S type with 35,000 miles began making metallic grinding sounds ("eeks") when turning the wheel at low speeds. Our local dealer said it was a tie-rod problem requiring both to be replaced. Four months and $600 dollars later the exact same noise has returned, but it's worse and getting louder, and they now say it's the ball joints, for another $600. A limited phone conversation with a different dealer suggests a power steering system flush..

    There's only a hint of vibration in the steering wheel.

    Any advice?
  • pokipoki Member Posts: 3
    THERE IS a place to add tranny fluid to the trans but it usually has to be done in the shop IT IS A SEALED TRANSMISSION but can still get low on fluid after about 50K miles and this will help it shift a whole lot better and you might not need a new trans afterall
  • dwmmlmdwmmlm Member Posts: 1
    Not sure if related, but my 2002 S type (51K) is very slow to engage DRIVE when coming from another gear. Have you figured out what was causing your slow shift?
  • wam48wam48 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know about the current inception fee for leasing at 2005 Jaguar S? Who sets that fee Jaguar Credit or is a dealer set fee?

    What is the reson for the disp fee of $395?

  • jasteltjastelt Member Posts: 3
    The dealer reprogrammed the software and it seems to have helped but not completely solved the problem. They say a new software update for the tranny is due soon from Jaguar. I would have sworn it was a mechanical problem but they seem sure it's software. I guess that's a good thing. js.
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