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Jaguar S-Type



  • Never owned a Jag. Have had 5 Audis (talk about finicky cars), 4 Porsches (loved them all) and a host of other things.

    A local used car dealer, someone I have known for about 25 years, just bought a 2000 S type with V8 at the local auto auction. 1 owner, just under 70,000 miles, clean Carfax, etc. Asking $15,000 for it.

    Will go and drive it in the next few days.

    I know it is not Japanese quality, it might not even be American quality. The mechanic at this particular dealership only works on Japanese cars, but he is a Jag nut. currently owns three of them (none currently on the road--boy does that tell me something). Says he will be more than happy to perform whatever services it needs.

    Assuming I like the way it drives, and I can get it for the right price (not sure what that might be), other than all the reasons already cited on this forum, tell me why I should not buy it.

    I have a winter beater (Geo Prism) that I will keep since its trade-in value is about 40 cents. The family car in my wife's 2004 Lincoln LS bought new (so far, so good).

    Really want to get back into the Porsche program but just too cheap to drop $50,000 for a summer toy.

    Thanks for any insights and help
  • Jaguar will replace S-Type with XF

    Dale Jewett | | Automotive News / November 28, 2006 - 9:36 am / UPDATED: 11/28/2006 11:31 A.M.

    Jaguar Cars said today that it will replace the S-Type sedan with a new model, to be named the XF. The XF will go on sale in spring 2008.

    The luxury automaker, owned by Ford Motor Co., said the XF would debut next fall -- timing that would indicate a possible debut at the 2007 Frankfurt or Tokyo auto show.

    Jaguar said the XF was developed at its Product Development Center at Whitley in Coventry, England. It will be built at Jaguar's Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham, England.

    The automaker declined to release any other details.

    The XF's platform will be made of steel, according to the Automotive News Future Product series, and not move to an all-aluminum structure similar to one used for the XJ sedan. Moving to an all-aluminum structure would have delayed the program by 18 months.

    The S-Type shared its platform with the now-defunct Lincoln LS sedan. Jaguar officials have said that the new car will not be based on a reworked version of that platform.

    Jaguar said that more than 270,000 S-Types have been sold globally since the car was introduced in 1999.

    Through October, Jaguar S-Type sales in the United States totaled 5,335 units, down 28.4 percent from the same period last year. When Jaguar launched the S-Type in the United States, its annual sales goal was 22,000 units.

    Jaguar's total U.S. sales through the first 10 months of this year stood at 17,874 units, down 31.4 percent from the same period in 2005.

    You may e-mail Dale Jewett at [email protected]
  • I just got back from my local trusted mechanic who works on S-Type Jag cooling system problems EVERY DAY here in Dallas due to their terible quality. His diagnosis of the white, milky substance in my oil fill tube is the "motor is toast"! So I called Jaguar Assistance and was told "We will not help you". So I have been on the Internet and found this Edmunds Forum on S-Type Problems and am amazied at the problems and the number of ruined motor stories! Not surprised at the quote I saw for $13,000 to replace the 4.0 motor as my local dealer quoted $1,200 including $75/gal of antifreze to replace the split burp tank that caused the initial overheating problems. I have had the thermostat housing/tubes fail and the rear window regulator problems also!

    My question - does anyone know of anyone pursuing Jaguar legally on this quality problem. If so I want to join in!!! There has got to be some way to get financial relief for the 1,000s of S-Type owners who have been cheated by Jaguar. Never, ever acquire a Jaguar!!!

    Any help or leads would be most appreciated!

  • My '93 XJS convert has an intermittent radio problem.
    Whether the radio is on or off when I turn the key, if I DO hear a loud pop in the speakers, the radio WILL function.
    If i do NOT hear this pop when I turn the key, the radio will NOT function.
    Does anyone have any info on this problem?

    In addition, here's a pic of my XJS:
  • Shocked to hear about your engine failure problem,was going to see a new S type-R, this week!! does that also have the potential to have same engine problems?? :confuse:
  • I believe the newer S-Types would have the same problem if the motor is made of aluminum and there is any plastic in the cooling system = 1 overheat and the motor is ruined. When I was trying to figure out how to solve my anti-freeze leaking into the oil problem, I was told that the only way to repair such a failure is to replace the motor with new as rebuilding an aluminum motor is very chancy when it has warped! Now Jaguar may try to convince you that the standard warranty covers that problem and you can buy an extended warranty but they will use any excuse to void the warranty. For example, if you ever change your oil at any non-Jaguar location or do it yourself, that voids the warranty as far as they are concerned. I don't know about you, but $100 for an oil change + $100 - $200 for any other just diagnostic look at you car when you take it into a Jaguar service location is highway robbery! My next door neighbor just had a 50K check-up on his Jaguar which has a 100K extended warranty = $1,200! My opinion after owning 2 Jaguars over the past 10 years (a 1990 Sovereign whose head gasket went out at 40K miles again leaking antifreeze into the oil and costing us $3,500 to repair and our 2000 S-Type which is a total loss)and trying to work with my local Jaguar dealer Millinium Jaguar in Plano, TX is that Jaguars and their service program are the worst designed and most expensive on the planet other than an exotic car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. I speak from considerable experience as I have owned a large number of cars in my life and currently own 14 cars including 10 classics that I have purchased and restored myself. Let me give you some other examples of Jaguar service rip offs:1) Replace the starter motor on our 1990 Sovereign at 40K miles = almost $600 at Millinium - any GM, Ford or Chrysler car would be $50 to $75 for the replacement starter motor and an hour of work to replace yourself and you haven't voided any warranty!, worst case $250 at a factory service location, 2)When the S-Type burp tank failed 2 years ago as the original problem that destroyed our motor, I took it to Millinium and called Jaguar from there after the diagnosis = Jaguar's position = tough luck!, I got a quote for Millinium to fix the burp tank before I knew that the motor was already ruined and they wanted $1,200 to replace what is essentially a plastic milk jug (Price = $250+)that failed while I was still within the 1st 3 year factory warranty but over by 3,000 miles on the 36K limit. Clearly the tank failed due to accumulated heat and pressure fatigue and Jaguar had lots of S-Types doing so. I still have the failed burp tank for law suite purposes. When I reviewed Millinium's burp tank repair quote for reasonableness, I found they were charging me $75 per gallon for replacement antifreeze!!! I knew I was being ripped off and had the repair done elsewhere for 1/2 the price even paying full price for the Jaguar replacement parts!

    Bottom line is we got burned as no other car had ever done to me by the 1990 Sovereign and lost a lot of money when I could only get $5K for it used! But my wife wanted another one and I tricked myself into believing that since Ford had owned them since the mid-1990 and the S-Type had a Ford V8 motor that it should be reliable? One of the worst decisions of my life! Currently, our 2000 S-Type is at the CoPart Auto Auction salvage car facility in Dallas to be auctioned tomorrow and the current bid for the parts is $3,050 and I feel luck to get that! I could not trade it in due to the check motor light being on, nor run it through the normal used car auction the dealers use for trade-ins because any used car sold at auction with over $500 in repair problems voids the sale! So this $50K car is sitting among the insurance wrecks and cars that have been ruined by flood and is being sold for scrap!!

    Think carefully about buying into such a transportation scheme unless money is no object to you?
  • "For example, if you ever change your oil at any non-Jaguar location or do it yourself, that voids the warranty as far as they are concerned."

    Mike, that may void it in their mind, but not in the mind of the law. If you maintain the vehicle to the manufacturer specs, it doesn't matter where you have it serviced or if you do it yourself. Of course you do have to have proof of this.

    They may tell you its not covered because you didn't have Jaguar do the work, but they are just hoping you accept that and walk away. I would tell them that if they don't honor the warranty then you will take it up with the Consumer Protection Dept. of your State Attorney General. Also, you will pursue legal action. In my state, Mass., in cases of consumer fraud like this, you can sue for 3 times the loss plus attorney's fees.
  • My 2002 S-Type has a reverse parking aid with no visible sensors. It was suggested to me that this may be because the system is radio rather than ultra-sonic but I cannot judge. Anyway within the last two days it has refused to beep. Is there anything I can do to fix it? I cannot find anything in the manual. :(
  • jcnewtonjcnewton Posts: 1
    Hi Everybody, new owner of a 2003 S-Type. Love the car but finding a couple nits.

    Has anyone else ever had problems getting the sunglasses holder in the overhead to stay closed? Are there any tricks?


  • hamptla1hamptla1 Posts: 1
    Kind Folks,
    I am considering a 2004 4.2 s-type with 87,000 miles. Is this a wise move or a waste of money?
  • Few if any V8 S-Types have made it to 87K miles without the cooling system failing and thus the aluminum motor being ruined = $14K to replace to the owner - never Jaguar Ltd.! I have written about this problem in detail in my previous contributions where our 2000 S-Type motor failed at 61K miles resulting in a salvage sale. Others failed as early as 26K miles! Please review for more detail. I believe you would be throwing away what they are asking you to pay for the car plus the agravation of unreliability, horendous service fees and the naging daily problems of the car sticking in Park, windows failing to operate, etc., etc. all documented in these pages!!! My advice, run, don't walk away from a Jaguar!
  • johndahliajohndahlia Posts: 7
    Has anyone helped you with that yet? I have a 2000 s type and my "Fail Safe" also came on, now it won't move. Engine does start. Any info you can give would be greatly appricated.
  • johndahliajohndahlia Posts: 7
    Can anyone help me? I have a 2000 S type that the Fail Safe light came on. Now the car starts, but won't move anywhere. If it does move, very slowly. Need HELP!!!!!! :sick:
  • johndahliajohndahlia Posts: 7
    I would like to add my comments. I have recently bought a 2000 S Type. I am stationed overseas and thought it would be a wonderful retirement present. My wife loves the car, get's compliments wherever she goes. She called me the other day and said that engine light was yellow and then went red. Fail Safe Mode kicked in and she couldn't drive it past 10mph. I had a friend put it on a scanner and came up with a code. I called the local Jaguar Dealer Jim Burke out of Birmingham, AL(which is 84miles away), and talked to the service manager Chris Pelton. He had called my wife, asked her do a couple of things to narrow it down and decided it might be the Gas Pedal position Sensor. He then called my wife back to see if we needed them to come out and pick the car up. Chris Pelton and the Jaguar staff was more than helpful. Please don't think that all Dealers are out to get your money, some really care about there customers.
  • rmbaker47rmbaker47 Posts: 8

    I don't mean to be overly pessimistic here, but just wait till they get the Jag in their shop and quote you anywhere from $200 to diagnose the simplest problem to $15,000 to replace the motor! You are in their service grip/trap now and are due for a rude financial awakening.


  • xjsguyxjsguy Posts: 8
    But, you ARE being overly pessimistic about that.

    Can you post the absolute PROOF about THAT DEALER doing that?
  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    Has the "S" become perfect? No complaints since May 8. What's going on??
  • mikeselldmikeselld Posts: 16
    I'm good. Three and a half years and no problems. :)
  • rmbaker47rmbaker47 Posts: 8
    No the S has not become perfect! It is junk!!!! I am getting on with life having accepted the big loss on scrapping our piece of crap jaguar! Bought my wife a new Toyota Solara Convertible to replace the junk jag! This is the "grass roots" reason Toyota is replacing Detroit as the leading car manufacturer! I will never, ever in my life buy a ford product including all their junk divisions like jag and mercury. My best advice to the world is to do the same, let's kill them off and be rid of the mechanical problems and severe financial losses of their product ownership! "Quality is Job One" is a complete joke on America by the Ford family. Henry must be spinning in his grave at what the latest "Ford" did to the company!

    Mike Baker
  • md2md2 Posts: 15
    i have a 2000 s type 3.0 v 6 and its been a great car never had any problems with the car change my oil and filter every 3 months or 2500 miles flush the trans once a year and the car has been good to me
  • rmbaker47rmbaker47 Posts: 8
    From my continuing research into our S Type engine cooling system failure - its seems to be isolated to the V8 equipped S Types as far as I can tell. But you still should have the window failures and front lamp assembly failures = $1,200 per lamp assembly replacement! My brother-in-law just got rid of his V6 S Type after the same front lamp assembly failed 4 times for a total of $4,800 in repairs at the dealer! To coin a phrase from boat ownership - "Jaguar - A hole in the road you pour money into!"
  • md2md2 Posts: 15
    i have had my v6 s type for 7 years and never had any major repairs on eather one every thing works great sorry to here that you are having so much trouble maybe its the people who work on your cars dont no what they are doing i just love my jags
  • md2md2 Posts: 15
    i have had my v6 s type for 7 years and never had any major repairs on either one every thing works great sorry to here that you are having so much trouble maybe its the people who work on your cars dont no what they are doing i just love my jags just had my oil changed and trans flushed i flush my coolant every year so every thing stays clean
  • tom136tom136 Posts: 1
    Could some body please reccomend a knowledgeable and trustworthy service and repair shop in Seattle WA ? (not the dealer) I need to have some warranty work done.
  • md2md2 Posts: 15
    Tom136 Try a Lincoln Dealership in your area Lincoln aka Ford motor co owns Jaguar and thus many of Lincoln car Dealerships work on Jaguars try you have nothing to lose i take my Jaguar to a Lincoln Dealership and they do great work on it good luck also as a note Jaguar s types are 90% the same as a Lincoln LS
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Maybe you'd like to help out your fellow Jag owners in your area by visiting our new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section. :)
  • barb2barb2 Posts: 2
    Proud to read more about your S-Type Jaguar. This is what I'm going for maybe next year. Love this type of Jag. Thanks for posting.
  • Have a 2000 Jag S Type 3.0 I got the error message CATS system failure fault. Car was bouncing up and down like a Jeep. Took it to the dealership. They "fixed" it. Replaced the lateral acelelometer. I picked it up, drove it 4 miles and the error message went back on. Bouncy bouncy went my Jag. Took it back to dealership. NOW they say the CATS "module" is fried due to "water intrusion" into the trunk and that is causing it to send error messages when there is no error - it's the CATS computer module itself that is damaged. I say &(*#&#!!! to water intrution causing the module's downfall. My trunk has never been wet. ANYWAY, my warranty doesn't cover water based damages, and the Jag dealership is charging me $535 for a new CATS module and $566 in labor. AM I GETTING RIPPED OFF BY THE DEALERSHIP? I have to decide on whether or not to have it fixed by these crooks by tomorrow (8/4/2007). Thanks!
  • don't do it, the interior fit and finish is crappy to put it kindly, Jaguar cut many corners when it first produced this car. If you have to get this model, the most I would be willing to pay would be 25000-30000. A better choice might be the new Jaguar XF, although its styling may not be what you are looking for. The first model year will be based on the Lincoln LS chassis, but after that the Jag will have a separate chassis from that of the Lincoln.
  • I don't know if my response comes to late but to put it briefly I would say yes. Is there any evidence you have to show the dealership that prior to taking it to them for service there was no water damage. They should have walked around it prior to you leaving and taken some short hand notes. You should have recieved this as a copy. If you have this and there is no mention of water damage technically the dealership is culpable and should cover your cost. If you don't have any other proof you are out of luck. I am slightly confused about the CATS system though, I thought it first debuted on the 04 Jag XJ8.
  • l8apx3l8apx3 Posts: 5
    I've recently replaced my 2000 S-type 3.0 with a new XJ. I'll have to agree that it's been a reliable, comfortable and entertaining car to own and drive each day. I have a Jaguar Car Cover and Windshield Suncreen available for FREE, to the first person who responds . All I ask is for you to pickup the shipping charges.
  • Anyone care to comment on the quality of the audio system in the 2007 3.0 sedan? I see there's not option to upgrade (at least from the manufacturer) so I'm curious what the owners think of it
  • i just bought a 2000 s-type down in nashville. i went with Great Lakes Warranty Co. and they seem to do things well. go with a minimum of the silver coverage. you can get their info by googling them.
    JAMES :sick:
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    2016 BMW 340i
  • My driver side brake light does not work - I have changed the bulb and fuse and still no go. However, it does light up when the car lights are on - just not when I step on the break. Any ideas?
  • I'm considering the purchase of a 2007or 2008 Jaguar S. I have been told that they are identical automobiles for both years. I have been searching for reviews and would appreciate any information regarding these cars. I understand that Jaguar has worked diligently to improve faults on previous years models. I owned a 94' XJ for five years...purchased with 24,000 miles on it. I loved it but did incure issues over time...we gave it to my son who drove it another two years and sold it at 75,000 miles. I do not drive a lot of miles anymore...maybe 8,000 a year...
    I would appreciate any knowledge or insights into the 07,08 S models. I currently have a 2002 Lexus RX 300, which I really love but I am ready for a Sedan again. My Lexus has been virtually maintenance free for 5 years... but I love the Jaguar. Any information regarding these cars would be much appreciated. Thank you and Regards, Marchgirl
  • I have 2001 s type and have had atransmission problem which was finally resolved but now I'm having electrical problems and the dealer can't figure out whats wrong. Fuse #21 located under the glove box keeps blowing every 4 days. When it blows the AC, Radio and all the gauges stop working and the lights stay on. They say it can be 1 of 4 modules or a wire. Has anyone had similiar problems? Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the Orlando area? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello to all...My husband and I met with a salesman yesterday with one of our local Jaguar dealers...He is trying hard to sell us the 07'"demo" with 5,000 miles on it and only discounted the car by $3,000. The warranty, of course, would be deleted by these miles. Since the 08' is the last year of production for this car, I am thinking that it may retain it's value as a "collector's" car in the future...Any thoughts out there on this?!! This dealer has a brand new 08' in the color and options that I want, however, this salesman was a bit of a [non-permissible content removed]....was very confrontational with us...and I know their service dept. from the past and don't care to deal with them in the future...He tried very hard to get us to wait for the new XF model for sale in March 08'. I don't like the looks of this car regardless of all the new techno details. To me, it looks nothing like a traditional Jaguar..and don't quite understand why Jaguar is going this direction. I don't want a Jaguar that has a glowing and pulsating red ignition switch that "comes alive' when I start it...Too much stainless steel look and not much of the tradition that makes a Jaguar what it has been in the past history. I'm sure tecnno automobile enthusiasts will love it and it will be a real thrill on the Autobon...
    Any intelligent comments will be appreciated..thank you...and Best Regards,
  • Only a $3000 discount for one year old model and 5000 miles is horrible. It's a used car!!!! I would think a 3-4000 discount on the new one (2008) seems about right but use the main part of Edmunds to check it out. You might want to get some bids from other dealers and if they won't meet the price, buy else where.

    Absolutely forget any idea of this being a collector's car. Value will sink like a rock as soon as you drive off the lot and will stay there until it is rust. I love my 04 S but understand the financial cost of that love.

    I agree that from what I have seen, I like my old model more. Also NEVER buy the first year of any model. But from their point of view, they must update or die. The demographic mix must get younger to sale the cars. As they say "You can sell a young mans car to an old man but you can't sale an old mans car to a young man."
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,091
    Given the pricing just announced for the XF, who the heck is going to buy a new 2008 S-Type ????
    2016 BMW 340i
  • This is both a serious and an "INTELLIGENT" reply.
    "Your" dealer is hiding the swampland from you.
    There is no, repeat, NO legitimacy to this offr.
    Not only are you being "offered" an absolutely confidence deal on a USED CAR, you are also being gouged in that there is "no waranty".
    I don't know where you are however, it is easy enough to search for other same/similar type Jags in other areas as you obviously have access to the internet.

    BTW-That is how I found my almost perfect 1993 XJS convertible.
    I found it at a legitimate dealer in texas and I am in WI.
    Tell this con artist that you KNOW what he is attempting to to to your checkbook and will remember it.
  • Thank you xjsguy for your reply. I did find exactly what I wanted from another local Jaguar dealership. The salesman was not pushy and very informative. I had my pricing information with me and it worked out for us...Supposedly $1,000 over dealer invoice and he threw in custom pinstriping. I met with the artist to discuss color options and had my initials put on the door (very small and discreet). I pick it up tomorrow (Saturday). This salesman did overstep his bounds, however, when I had to meet with him twice on my own, without my husband, he started to call me "sweetie" and "babe"...also found opportunities to touch me on several occassions...putting his hand on my back, shoulder and arm. He's an older, chauvanistic guy...days are past for him...(my opinion) who still thinks he's 35 at 70...a yucky, old man as far as I am concerned...Looks kind of like Bob Barker..!
    Anyway, I'm happy with my 2008, black S-type Jaguar...I've already researched the snow tires for it...although I don't really need to be out in the bad weather anymore..
    Best of luck to you! (whomever you are..!) Best Regards, Marchgirl PS. I'm in the beautiful Northeast!
  • We had a brief discussion about swow tires on the Jagtalk forums at last week. You might want to check it out.

    Congratulations on the new S and getting what you want at the appropriate price.
  • Hi,

    2002 2.5 external gauge permanently reads 52 degrees C.

    Its affecting the climate control as heating only warms up at 28 degree setting.

    anybody any ideas how to rectify? :confuse:
  • I have a 2002 S-Type 4.0 with 80,000 miles. Recently tuned, but still misfires when under load (acceleration) in Drive. Runs very smooth at cruising speed. All other gears, no problem. Also misfires occasionally when idling. Anyone had a similar problem...with a solution? Thanks.
  • I bought a used '06 S Type 3.0. Am extremely happy with it, but need to add Bluetooth capabilityand wouldlike to be able to use IPOD.

    I'm in LA.
    Any suggestions on where to take it for reliable advice?
    As for the phone, not crazy about the portable parrot; isn't there a way to plug into existing phone system?
    Thank you.
  • Thanks for the reply. I did check the ignition coils, and I "think" I may have found one misfiring intermittently. Will see when the new one comes in and I install. (8 OF THEM AT $70 EACH!!)
  • chornchorn Posts: 5
    Does the turn signal work? Usually the brake and turn signal bulf are the same.
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