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Jaguar S-Type



  • cekscceksc Posts: 20
    The best color on this car depends upon where you live. I have the sappire blue-- which I love. It is a head turner and the chrome of the grill looks awesome against it. If I lived in the south (warmer climate) I might consider the lighter metallic blue (not sure of name). It is an awesome color. The silver is nice but too common. The black does not do justice to the appearance of this car. Jaguar does such a great job with colors that black seems like a waste.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Sapphire Blue! :D

    I just turned in a Sapphire/Ivory 4.0 that I loved.. I didnt drive it much tho >:(

    ALso looking at a Sapphire one right now, look stunning IMO..

  • jagdeanjagdean Posts: 6
    Sapphire is great, just sold a 2000 that was don't get me started on Pacific....there is a reason all 3 of my unsold new 2002's are pacific blue.
  • cekscceksc Posts: 20
    Some of the lighter colors (pacific blue) may be a bit feminine.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    I am an owner of a fully equipped 4.0 2000 S-Type. Problems from day one. Not to get lengthy, but here's a few: New engine, two transmissions, one gearbox, new a/c unit, new heating unit, phone rewiring, towed 4 times. The latest and second occurrence, Jaguar response center is constantly receiving airbag deployment signals. Contacted dealership, was told they don't know what to do, I am the only one they encountered with this problem. They indicated the call for help from their troubleshooting department at Jag HQ was no help. They don't know what to do, but I could bring it in. They kept my car a month the last time and refused then, and refused now to supply me a free loaner. Call Jaguar Corporate, they tell me tough luck they can't help me. It doesn't matter that they didn't fix it right the first time. I have learned to live with the chronic steering wheel shakes, and the banging suspension that has to be adjusted every 3 or 4 months. Am I being unreasonable to think if a dealership fail to fix a problem correctly they should at least accomdate you with a free loaner? That's the least they can do. Not to mentioned dealerships don't even want Jags as trade-in. They wholesale most of them. Also have you check how fast they depreciate. I paid close to $58,000, it's trade in value now is somewhere in the neighborhood $18,000 to $20,000.

    I'm sorry, I can't agree with your love for this car. Give me a Lexus. I respect my money too much to buy another Jag.
  • cekscceksc Posts: 20
    Have had NO problems with my S type. Clearly you got a lemon and Jaguar/ dealer should be trying to do more for you. As for depreciation, you should have known before you bought it that like Land Rovers, Jaguars drop like rocks. That is why I would never buy one-- I lease mine. They can be a great deal on the used market.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    "two transmissions, one gearbox,"

    Uh, aren't a transmission and a gearbox two different words for the same thing?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    for the "Lemon Law" provisions?
  • saifusaifu Posts: 23
    As some of you may recall i was in the market for a S-type last september/october.I have always loved the S-type's styling but i was always unsure about its reliability.I talked to several people here and then i finally bought myself a late 2000 4.0 Black/Black with sports package,navigation system,voice command system,premium sound,heated seats and sun roof(every option except parktronic).The car had about 28,000 miles on it when i bought it.
      I must say since then the car has behaved great.NO issues whatsoever with the car and i do love it.I feel that Jaguar does'nt perhaps have the consistency in their assembly lines to make all their cars flawless.Clearly as we can from the posts here, some cars have many problems but i consider myself fortunate for getting a good unit. I just had one question and one last comment.Since my car has a sports package does that mean that it has a different suspension from the standard S-type??I thought the only thing different would be the wheels. The comment is that the S-type is a great car unless it is a lemon and unfortunately Jaguar ends up making for too many lemons...but if you do get your hands on the right unit trust me you will enjoy it MUCH more then any boring Lexus.
  • cfgrosscfgross Posts: 54
    Your car has the same basic suspension as the non-sport, but it is tuned differently to give it more firm handling characteristics. In addition, and perhaps more important, it has the CATS system which is a computerized system that continuously adjusts the suspension's characteristics as driving conditions change.

    I'm glad to here that the car is behaving well for you as I was one of the people who encouraged you to get it. My '03 4.2 has been virtually flawless, although as I type this, it is in the shop having the instrument cluster replaced. I am very anxious to get it back, as I wouldn't trade it for any other car.

  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    In the state of Maryland the Lemon Law indicates a vehicle qualifies if the same problems occurs 5 or more times within the 1st year or 15,000 miles which every occurs first, or 1 time if it is a safety related issue. My vehicle didn't start developing chronic problems until after this has happened. Engine replaced at 39,000, transmissionS around 39,500, gearbox around 40,000. Right now, my car is constantly telecommunicating to Jaguar Emergency Response my airbag is deploying. It happened 4 times over the weekend. The dealer kept my car a month trying to solve this. A terminated service advisor who wrote up my repairs told they left it on the back lot for two weeks before attempting repairs, that the dealer took a shortcut on my repairs, and I probably will have the problem again. They should have replaced the total wiring harness as suggested rather than half. Since I have had an ongoing battle with this dealership they do what they can to pursuade me to take my business elsewhere, because I didn't buy my car from them. They denied me the use of a service loaner when the car is in for repairs, while at the same time they gave other customers vehicles. Not even when they screw up the repairs. Does Jaguar care, NOPE. Sorry your car is out of warranty. You have to deal with the dealer is what I was told on Friday. They refuse to believe the problem was caused when the dealer erroneously pulled a bunch of wires out of the dash by mistake (and they admitted they pulled the wires), causing massive electrical problems with the lights (front and rear), heating system went. Now my reversepark is making a long high pitch sound everytime I take the car out of gear. Called Jag. headquarters, and got the song and dance routine of "I'm sorry". Oh did I mention a banging front suspension. I will never buy a Jag again or visit Laurel Jaguar.
  • cekscceksc Posts: 20
    That is outrageous service. As I have had no problems-- I have been unable to evaluate service. You should send Jaguar and the Dealer an attorney letter.
  • cfgrosscfgross Posts: 54
    DT hasn't been able to make any magic for you? The more I think about it, the more I think that your dealership is FAR more liable than is JNA. It seems that the lions share, if not all, of your major problems are a result of their admitted screw-up. Maybe pursuing legal action against them is worthwhile, but given the particulars I don't think lemon law applies. It seems like more of a negligence and/or incompitance issue on the part of the dealer.

  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    covers resultant damage of faulty workmanship, but not the workmanship itself. For instance, if the crankcase plug was not tight, all the oil drained out, and the engine seized. The insurance company is on all, but the drain plug.
    The dealer, by law, has to divuldge his insurance company and agent enabling you to make a claim under his policy for damage as a result of faulty workmanship. You have the burden of proof. Go get em.
  • I have a 2003 4.2. Just had rear brakes and rotors done. Dealer paid for rotors since it was just in for service and it was not noticed then. Car has 15k on it. Front brakes are still in good shape. It seems odd to me at only 15k and for rears only. Anyone else have this happen?
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Man I am sorry to hear about that!

    That flies in the face of what we've had experience-wise with a couple of company S-Types and the dozens and dozens that I have sold as used cars.

    It sure sounds like a lemon.. sounds like MD Lemon law is a joke :(
  • cartesiocartesio Posts: 36
    I have to agree with you! My 2003 S-type is just about ideal, although I now have only about 2000 miles on it. Not only can I find no malfunctions, but also there seem to be little delights to discover all the time. I'm especially fond of the parking brake system and the climatization scheme. The latter immediately produces warm air on cold days and cool air when it is warm and sunny outside (rare in Cincinnati). My basis for comparison is a stream of Cadillacs since 1986...

    Happy driving, as the Jaguar magazine says.
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    Car&Driver just completed a four-car comparison test between the Jaguar S-type R, BMW M5, Audi RS6, and Mercedes E55 AMG - like in all the magazines and with every Jaguar, the Jag was not the car of their personal preference, but they didn't say one bad thing about it either. The Audi won, but it and all the others had prices at least $10,000 above that of the S-type R. Of note, the Jaguar had the best lane-changing/handling despite having the least measured skidpad grip, and it was also the only car that had any actual interior color scheme v. the other cars, the editors noted. They loved the refined sound of the supercharger, and the only thing that kept the car from being faster was its refined computer system that does not allow the car to lose any of its Jaguar-ness. I'm fine with that, and 0-60 in less than 5.3 seconds is nothing to look at badly, especially when compared to other cars of the same price - for best bang for the buck, the S-type R can't be beat. And it looked great in the pictures, leading the pack around a mountain road and standing out in bright red with a chrome mesh grill and a tan and black two-tone interior - the other cars looked just plain bland by comparison. Truly a supercar.

    (Funny that the last C&D test of the S-type said the interior was junky with rattles or something - all the magazines seem to change their minds every time they test the cars, so nothing they actually say can be taken too seriously. The pictures looked mighty fine, though, but that can only be attributed to the beauty of the S-type in the photos.)
  • lvicklvick Posts: 1
    I would appreciate any advice about what to look for in a used 2000 S type Jaguar. I hope to purchase one in the next month or two, and don't know what problems are associated with this year and model. Did it come with a manual transmission option, or are all the 2000s automatic? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, lvick
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    All 2000's that were sent on the normal load over to the U.S. were automatics (the X-type was the first manual Jag here in quite a while), but then again, a friend of mine ordered his 2000 S-type (when it was new) from the factory with a manual - however that is done - so while very rare, some are here (or at the very least, one).

    There have been NO major problems with our 2000 S-type, and the only issues we've ever had were a coolant tank needing to be replaced and some interior rattles being sorted out. Other than that, with the car approaching 60,000 miles, it has been nothing but perfection.

    Also, while this has probably been done on all of them, Jaguar reprograms all of its cars with the latest software every time it comes out and is available at the times of service, and the S-type received new transmission and engine management software to make the car smoother and the transmission much more athletic early when it came out. We have a sticker between the B-pillar and the door that confirms the car has this change, as cars (that had the original codes when they came off the assembly line)without it have transmissions that are quite lethargic and take a while to downshift when you put the petal to the metal; the new codes really fix the car up, so you may want to make sure that this has been done to the car you look at - it most probably has (I'm 99.9% sure it's been done to every S-type that needed the update, so you probably don't need to worry about it at all really).

    Finally, some people have had front-end shimmies and have had to have the wheels aligned again to fix it. In our experience, we have never experienced any kind of shimmy to this date, but I guess some people have. I don't think its a difficult issue to iron out either.

    That's all I can think of, and all of that is easily correctible if found. It's a fantastic car, and it has a superb chassis. My enthusiast friend has the S-type on his top ten list of best modern cars, and believe me, to be on that list, a car has to be really something special - the S-type is.

    P.S. - Ours has the Sport Package (yes, from before they dechromed the ones with it), and while the CATS Sport suspension allows the car to corner with almost no body lean at all, it can become slightly harsh with the harder Sport suspension over roads that are not "freshly paved". For a more luxurious ride, the standard suspension is recommended if Sport will not do for you on rougher roads. The same is true of the Sport and standard suspensions on XJ, X-type, and XK, so for the acclaimed ride Jaguars are known for, get the standard suspension; for a road-clawing performance machine, get the Sport. Happy shopping!
  • saifusaifu Posts: 23
    You have brought up something extremely interesting..I am an owner of a 2000 4.0 S-type with sports package.I agree 100% the car can be very rough on bad roads(of which we have plenty here in boston)....however what has caught my attention is what you said about some kind of update being made to the car.What is that all about? I bought the car last october from a Jaguar dealer and i have no idea that this change has been performed on my car.....i have doubts about it specially since the shifting in my car is most definately VERY lethargic for such a high end luxury can i be sure and if it has not been performed can i have the dealer do it for me since my car is under full warranty
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    If you have the history of the car, check to see if an update of all of its transmission codes has been completed. You may have the sticker I wrote about in my last post around the indicated location if the update was performed.

    If not, you can definitly have your dealer perform the update, especially since it is under warranty. Allow me to copy down what the sticker says, and then post it here for you really soon. While not the most athletic transmission, the upgrade does do away with the delay between the time you mash the pedal and when the car actually performs. Lots of early reviews noted this, but the update fixed it. I'll be back!
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    The transmission code enhancement is code:


    Our car recieved the update March 2001.

    Here's the label (Note that this photo is turned to be legible. The black latch on the right is really the door latch above the sticker on the B-pillar of the car.)

    (1)Go to:

    (2) Then click on "Jaguar X-type 5" (yes, this is a page for my X-type, but I put the S-type's enhancement label here). It is the last picture in that set, labeled "dcp_1003". You may have to click the "Next" link at the bottom of the page when viewing gallery 5 to get to the picture. Hope this helps you. Feel free to ask anything else if I can help you.

    Sorry I couln't link it directly here, webshots resizes the pictures wierdly and changes the addresses so they won't work on other pages.
  • mplepmplep Posts: 1

    I was interested if anybody knows whether the S139 enhancement was applicable for UK S-Types? I have just got a 99 S-Type 3.0 Auto (17'000 miles) which has a full service history. The records do not mention this and I have not seen that sticker (will look in detail tomorrow). Only today when flooring it, I though it seemed MUCH slower kicking down than an 3.0 X-Type I tried the other day.

    It has just been serviced (out of warranty) and I did wonder if they apply all latest updates as part of the procedure and how I could find out without just the dealers word to go by.

  • saifusaifu Posts: 23
    Jagboyxtype...many thanks for the assitance.I checked my car the same day after i saw the pictures of the S139 sticker and infact it has been given those upgrades.It had a sticker saying S139 enhancements i think.But what bothers me is despite of these upgrades the shifting in my car seems hopelessly slow for such a nice car.If it so slow now i cant imagine it was like before the upgrades..?Or do you think they just put the sticker on my car and didnt actually do the enhancements? My question would be to all the 2000 4.0 owners that what do you think about the transmission in your car or is it just my car....for instance say if i back up my car and then i switch from reverse gear into takes a good 2-3 seconds for the car to get into motion after i have already physically put the gear into is really frustrating specially when im in the city and i have to do everything fast since they are a bunch of people coming in from all direction and i dont want to be stranded on the road for 3-4 seconds waiting for my car to get into gear..
  • jagboyxtypejagboyxtype Posts: 241
    From what you describe, it sounds as if you're describing out S-type before the enhancements - even though yours has had them, and if you have the sticker, I'm betting Jaguar did do the enhancement (unless you had a terrible dealer). 3-4 seconds is a lot of time for something like this, and while the trannny in this version of the S-type is slow, it shouldn't be that slow, especially with the upgrade. I'll check to see if any other enhancements were made, since Jaguar makes them all the time and puts them on the cars many times without the owners knowing - for instance, my X-type just had an upgrade for engine and transmission codes when I took it in for a turn-indicator recall, and I had to completely re-learn how to drive the car since it behaved so differently (in a good way - it was smoother and faster!). The S-type is ultra smooth and while not racecar quick with its shifts, is not exactly Lexus-slow either. Best of luck if you find anything too. Maybe you could ask your dealer to re-reprogram the car, incase the codes had a hiccup or something.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    Try "training" your transmission:

    * Transmission fully warmed up.
    * Measure the shift time
    * Perform the troublesome shift several times, with a ~5 second wait between shifts.
    * Measure the shift time.

    I predict a significant improvement.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
  • mkovalskmkovalsk Posts: 114
    Not at all. Just keep it running while you do what gschwartz wrote.

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