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Chevy Equinox No Start Problems



  • Thanks for you post. I told the service person what you said, at the dealership, but they insisted that the TSB didn't exist and replaced the battery insisting it was a bad battery.
  • For our 2011 they the dealer insisted it was a bad battery and replaced that. Time will tell now
  • caskabcaskab Posts: 5
    There is a GM update for this issue based on your VIN #. If battery dies again, then bring back to dealership (or go to another) & have them do a parasitic drain test to see if battery drain is occuring . If so, then a BCM reprogram is needed (along w/ recharging battery). Pre & post drain test showed a significant difference in milliamp draw before after the BCM reprogram on my 2011 Equinox.
  • Unfortunately the no start happened again this a.m. when my wife went out to go to a medical appointment. No lights were left on and she didn't drive it over the weekend, used our chevy impala, which has never had a no start issue.
    It happened in November when we were out of state, the dealer loooked at it and couldn't find any thing wrong.
    GM is monitoring, still this is definately when I wished we had bought a different vehcile.........
    They had put a new battery in it after the second no start, saying it was the battery . Maybe time to trade in and go with a honda or toyota.....
    Bummer city as now if have to have gm roadside tow it into the dealer and without car for how long............ bummer......
  • caskabcaskab Posts: 5
  • I told the dealer this information, and they insisted the problem was another, read that second, bad battery! So they replaced the battery.
    We are letting the car sit for a week or so and if you are correct that there is a battery drain, then it won't start, then we will go to a different chevy dealer for service. This dealership, won't consider this information.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    There is a TSB applicable to some 11's that deals with cabin lighting not turning off and causing drain. There is always some drain when not in use, long times without starting vehicle can cause troubles also.
  • Thank you for your post.
    I took the car to another dealer's service department and they seem more open to possibilities other than another "bad battery" as cause of no starts.
    The G.M. customer service department have been very nice, monitoring the situation and communicating with me and the dealer service departments.

    PS How long of car not in use, sitting, is considered a drain where the car wont' start? Out of the 4 no starts we have had with the vehicle, two were where the car sat for a couple of days.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    I believe somewhere along the line I saw something that was meant for dealers and suggested they should start the vehicles on the lot at least once every 2 weeks. Of course as batteries age that time might get shorter, but a couple days and no start indicates a problem somewhere.
  • The second dealerships service department has determined that the the BCM (body control Computer Module) needs to be replaced. This makes total sense to me and I am hopeful that this will stop the drain which was causing the car's batteries to "go Bad".
  • equinox2012equinox2012 Posts: 1
    edited December 2012
    I have a problem with my 2012 Equinox with only 4k on it. It wouldn't start after leaving it over the weekend. Should this BCM be replaced??
  • Since the BCM was changed I have had no problem with our 2011 equinox, we have over 30,000 miles and very reliable.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello equinox2012,
    Our apologies that you had trouble starting your new Equinox over the weekend. As you're under warranty, are you planning on working with your dealership to get this addressed? Please keep us informed of your progress on this, and if you would like for us to check into anything further for you we can be reached at (include your name and contact information and the last 8 digits of your VIN with your inquiry).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I own a 2005 Chevy Equinox with 93K. In March I had a new key made because the old key was very worn and no longer would work in the ignition. Ever since I had the new key made, the vehicle does not want to start at times. There is no rhyme or reason for when it doesn't start. It will go weeks and start every time, and then it will have issues everyday for a few days. It seems for some reason to happen more frequently when it has rained, yes weird I know. I was told to leave the key in the ignition for 10 minutes to reprogram it, however, I have done that 3 times with no success. Everything else in the vehicle works while this is happening, the lights, radio, blinkers, etc. Its just that once you turn the key to where it should start, nothing happens. The battery was tested and was told it tested great. I appreciate any feedback. I notice it has been awhile since anyone has been on here, hopefully people are still following this!
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    The programming of the key is for the security system which I believe should be a fuel shut off thing (shouldn't stop it from turning over). Perhaps the ignition lock cylinder is worn also, or there is another safety thing (brake transaxle shift interlock) were there may be an issue (part itself or wiring or its interaction with body control module)
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    There have been major issues with the Equinox since the 2010 model. QUESTION: ----- Why wasn't the "re-call" performed prior to the delivery of the vehicle? ---- This is not acceptable behavior for the selling dealer and / or GM! ---- Where is the concern for the customer? ---- The Equinox is a beautiful vehicle. ---- Remember many people, like myself, read these postings on a daily basis, and we are potential Equinox customers. ---- I own a 2010 LTZ 2.4 Malibu that was purchased from an OUTSTANDING dealer, and outside of a software problem that the dealer took care of it has been trouble free for 48,000 + miles. ----- I almost purchased a 2010 Equinox! Thank God I did not make that BIG mistake. ---- I did not purchase the Equinox because it did not have a "power seat" on the passenger side of the vehicle? ----- GM's poor marketing of the vehicle in terms of accessories saved me a negative experience. ----- I would love to own an Equinox, when I trade either my Malibu or my 2007 XLE Toyota, but I will not purchase a vehicle that has these operational / poor quality issues, and in the process, do business with dealers and a manufacturer that have no respect for the customers after the sale. ---- I do not want to be stuck in my driveway or on the road with a new vehicle that the manufacturer knows has intrinsic operational problems. ---- Just some ideas to consider when purchasing a new or used vehicle. ----- Dwayne
  • This appears to be a common problem according to the postings here. My Equinox has 18000 miles now and suddenly refused to start. Put the charger on it and behold, it started only to die again the following day. Had a jump start to get mr to the nearest auto repair shop. Tire Choice. they found that the battery was bad. This was confirmed by the AutoZone guy next door.
    The new battery was $175. Also a terminal was badly corroded, not sure where? Another $50 I was there almost three hours while it was fixed and came away with a bill for $375. Labor and parts.
    Now I am gun shy with this vehicle. When I asked how I could maintain the terminals, I was told, no can do as I would have to remove so much equipment before I could even see the battery. What I had come to believe was a reliable stylish and practical vehicle has been sorely challenged

  • Attn @gmcustsvc

    We are having the same no start problems on our 2011 Chevy equinox.
    Here is our Vin #2CNALBEC1B6227875
    Can you please check for service bulletins or recalls please.
    Shannon & Eugene
  • I am having the same no start problem and it started around 65,000. The 'Battery Saver Active' and "Service battery charging system" lights have both come on and now I am getting a rotten egg smell.
  • I removed my original battery and charged it overnight. Upon reinstallation the Nox won't start. I installed a new battery - same problem.
    So all I did was install a new (charged) battery.
    What works - radio and heater fan.
    What doesn't work - starter won't turn over or even click, key won't remove (key moves from ACC, Run and Start but not to off/remove), xmission stuck in park, no interior lights, no door locks, no warning gong for key in ignition and door open, can't open rear hatch.
    Dash lights say service soon when in run.
    Odometer reads correct mileage and battery voltage, but no reading for tire pressure, oil % remaining, etc. (just 3 dashes for readings)
    Any ideas? BCM is my best guess now.
    P.S. I did disconnect the alternator 12V lead - no change.
  • More and more I'm thinking BCM. Does anyone know if a new BCM needs to be programmed prior to use? Do they have an internal battery to maintain memory (a volatile memory)? Can I take it to Chevy garage to be tested? Any other ideas?
    Car was purchased new - this is the 1st real problem and it happened during a simple battery replacement.
  • I have had this car for less than two months and I have jumpstarted it three times. And twice I had my two little baby boys in the car in this freezing weather! The "battery saver active" message has popped up too. And now the radio screen is fuzzy and has no sound along with the blinker click sound gone. Will the dealership cover this in my warranty and will it be actually be fixed?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Many auto parts stores will load test a battery for you for free. That would rule out whether you just need a new battery or not.
  • Bought it new in Oct 2010. All was good until Nov. 28, 2013 then had the no start problem. On the 27th drove around town, filled with fuel, ran through car wash, drove home and parked it in garage overnight. 1PM the next day loaded up to go to son's for Thanksgiving. Guess what? No start. Charged batt. and got it to dealer on Fri. around 12:30 PM. Dealer called 4:30 PM. Said they didn't have time to look at that day. "Wife upset." Picked it up at 5PM. It did start but starter sounded sluggish.
    My questions are, if I change the battery myself will there be a problem with loss of the program in any of the computers? Does this need to be done by the dealer? Is it hard to get the BCM off the top of the battery? I have changed plenty of car and truck batteries before but nothing with this setup.
  • It was the Body Control Module (BCM) - A Chevy Garage needs to install and program these. $770 - a very expensive battery charge.
  • I'm having this problem as we speak!!!!!!!
    Yesterday Morning, I remote started my car, but noticed the remote sound was low. Went out to garage and was unable to disarm remote, hate to use key in door / ignition / while clicking unlock -bypass method. Turned key, dashboard lit up, radio came on, but no cranking or headlights. Could not get key out ignition. Stuck in Accessory position. Tried charging car for nearly 24hrs, still nothing. This morning I was about to have it towed to Pep Boys for a new $85 Battery, but because the "Service Engine Soon & Service Anti-Theft Deterrent System" messages came up on dashboard, they said take it to Chevy. Towed to Chevy, who calls me later and says In order to get the car started and determine what's wrong #1) I need to purchase a battery for $125 #2) Pay $275 for a new cable that runs from the Negative Pole on the battery down thru the ENGINE, because it was "Corroded" ?!?!?! Total Cost is going to be $725.00 just to get it started. I Had them put the job on hold while they check with my "Mickey Mouse " extended warranty called "PALMER". Still waiting for dealership to get back with me on the end result. Before I AUTHORIZE the work, has anyone ever heard of such nonsense????

  • catereriicatererii Posts: 3
    edited April 2014

    Car still in the shop 1 week later, numerous wasted useless calls to GM and CHEVY saying it's not the battery & Negative Pole cable, but the BCM, ONLY to have my CHEVY ADVISOR call me this morning to say it's now going to cost $1,200 to repair the car, because it's the BCM !?!?!?! people have got to be FRIGGIN kidding me!!!!!!! Is this not what I have called both GM and Chevy's corporates about for the last week only for them to be pretending to be working on the issue??? Their idea of working on the issue is to send emails to the dealer's customer experience mgr. and wait 48hrs for a response, the send another!! As soon as I get this car out the shop, I'm trading it for ANYTHING but a GM product. After owing Chevy's since 1972, THIS IS ONE CUSTOMER THAT'S NOT COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I haven't read all of the comments on here yet, but I really felt this could help out with some people if they have some startup issues.
    Situation: I drove my car last last night and got home around 7P.M. with no issues. Parked the car and went to bed. The next morning I went out to the car to take a drive and it didnt start.
    Issues: Electronics would start but engine would not. The car didnt make any noises when trying to start. Only thing that would turn on was the electronics.
    Troubleshooting: I first took the battery out and had it tested. Battery worked fine. Then, I tested the fuses with the multimeter, everything worked fine. I even swapped a few out with others. I removed the Starter and had it tested, that worked fine as well.
    The Fix: I read over the manual and found out that the ignition has a sensor built in that recognizes the key and a small microchip inside of the key housing. If the key or that chip is damaged, the car WILL NOT START or turnover. This can be predetermined if your dashboard has a symbol that has a Car w/ Lock lit up. I just inserted my spare key and it worked just fine. Even just inserting the key and turning on the electronics and giving it a second, that light will disappear. So, if your problem sounds anything like mine, give your spare key a try OR take the key to the dealership and have them test it for any problems before forking out HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars to have it diagnosed and have fake repairs done.
  • Also, this is on the Chevy Equinox 2011 model.
  • rachoracho Posts: 1
    How do I get more info regarding the service bulletin 02-06--03-008d
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