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2011-12 Optima



  • j2jj2j Posts: 147
    "There are 57 NTSB complaints about the 2011 kia sorento. Since this car is just now hitting the streets, I think we'll see the same here. No longer interested. "

    - In its 1st model year, the outgoing Honda Odyssey had 5 RECALLS; I guess that made the Odyssey (widely considered the best minivan) "junk."

    "I dodged a bullet then and it appears this time as well. Kia and hyundai are STILL junk after another decade."

    - Funny, Hyundai has been rated (for years) by both Consumer Reports and JD Power to have better reliability than Nissan, Mazda or Subaru; I guess that makes those Japanese brands "junk" (not even including Mitsu or Suzuki), and AutoBild of Germany, which does the most comprehensive analysis of reliability in the industry, rates Hyundai no. 1.
  • j2jj2j Posts: 147
    "Toyota doesn't have a history of making junk. I think in the future we'll see what happened with them to be a blip on their screen. Can't say the same for hyundai/kia. I see tons of old toyotas on the road that are decades old."

    - Sure they do. Back during the 1960s/70s, Toyotas, Datsuns and Hondas were widely looked down upon as cheap, Japanese rust-prone tin cans.

    And uh, the reason why one doesn't see nearly as many older Hyundais (or Kias for that matter) - going back 2 generations, is b/c they sold only a fraction of what Toyota sold, so there weren't that many on the road to begin with.

    I can't recall the last the time I saw an older Lexus GS (much less a new one) or SC; which mostly has to do w/ the small amount that were sold (relatively).
  • j2jj2j Posts: 147
    "Using that warranty is a hassle from what I've read. No one ever asked me for any documentation when I went for toyota warranty work. Of course I didn't have to go in but once or twice."

    - And yet, according to a JD Power CSI study (which covers service/repair work during the 1st 3 years of ownership), Hyundai is rated above average and tied w/ Ford.

    Hyundai's CSI rating is above that for Honda, Scion, Mitsu, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda and Suzuki.

    Kia's CSI rating is just below Honda's and above all the other Japanese nameplates.

    "I'm a former ASE certified tech and have a degree in the automotive field. I can feel a cheaply made drive train when I drive one. And that is how I'd describe kia/hyundai. Also toyota's new camry's transmission doesn't feel right either. I just don't get the need for 6 speed transmissions on ANY car."

    - For someone who purportedly was an ASE certified tech, you don't seem to know much about transmissions.

    1st off, the Hyundai/Kia 6 spd AT has been roundly praised by the automotive press for its smoothness.

    Also, transmissions w/ 6 or more spds allow for increased fuel efficiency and when tuned properly can be quite quick in its shifts.

    Sorry, but your posts have a certain stink about them.
  • Obviously, snow is a sourpuss on the Korean makes. I would wager he/she is a sourpuss on a great many things :lemon: :blush: .

    Maybe snow just likes being a contrarian. If 1000 people say they like something, maybe its fun being the 1 person telling everyone else they are wrong. Whatever floats one's boat I suppose.

    I've never owned a Kia, Hyundai, or Toyota. I'd also never say I wouldn't ever buy one. That's just ignorance.

    The Optima is well received at the very start and I hope it remains so this year. Maybe it will be my first Kia.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    The 2011 Optima is not the first good KIA.Ever since they introduced the second generation in 2006(2006.5 model) Optimas have been very good cars.Had mine since Nov of 2006 and we love it.
  • Snowallergy, you tend to flip/flop when your points are disputed by fact. ------------------------

    So if I post that I haven't test driven an Optima that means I'm locked into that for life??? Wow. That's special. I test drove one a week or two after that post. I guess I should have gotten your permission or informed you that I had?

    Just so you know, I love my camry. But it was built in Japan by Japaneese people. I doubt I'll ever buy another car made by american hands. Sad to say since I served this country proudly. I am no longer as proud. So, Ford? No thanks. Too scared of unions and crack heads.
  • A salesperson that doesn't know what they're talking about? Say it isn't so.. I no longer care. Kia and hyundai will show themselves for what they are. I'll just sit back and wait. I'll be sure to jump in at that time of course. It's all sizzle and no steak from what I can see.
  • Also, transmissions w/ 6 or more spds allow for increased fuel efficiency and when tuned properly can be quite quick in its shifts.


    Uh... My 01 camry has a 4 speed transmission and the car is 10 years old. It weighs the same as this car and gets the same gas mileage 10 years after it was built. Try again?
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Not according to the EPA your 2001 Camry 4 sp auto gets 29/20 in today's EPA mileage numbers. The Kia 6 speed gets 34/24.

    That is pretty good considering the Kia has 64 more horsepower, is 2 inches longer, 2 inches wider, and weighs 180 pounds more. It has 5.5 cubic feet more interior room and 1.3 cubic feet more cargo space.

    You tried again and failed. Next.
  • mowacamowaca Posts: 8
    I haven't driven a Sonata yet; I've tried out an Optima EX and a TSX. They have similar engines but I can't believe how much stuff you get on the Optima for the price with better performance and fuel economy and a bigger car. I think the seats on the TSX are nicer, but that's about it. Should I try the Sonata? Any other differences I should know about?
  • I favor the Optima. Front passenger seat in Sonata sits very low. Both are great cars. We're looking to purchase Ex with premium pkg. Just waiting for the color we want to get in stock. What kind of OTD prices are folks getting for the EX with Prem pkg?
  • The Sonata has softer seats, based on auto magazine comparisons.
    I love my Optima and paid 24,000 for an EX with the Premium pkg.
  • Was $24,000 before taxes and doc fees? Depending on what state you buy the car in, the price seems to vary. So glad you're enjoying your optima.
  • couyoncouyon Posts: 8
    I paid $26,500 for EX with premium package otd price after all fees, taxes, title & license. Love the car and have had no issues with seat comfort.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    And this relates to the 2011 Kia Optima... how???
  • Yea, I always get my information from the (EPA) government. :0) According to the gov. there is no inflation either. And the recession is over and our level of debt is no problem, in fact let's raise it!!! And unemployment is down, blah, blah, blah...

    My 4cyl gets what it gets. Toyota has always been conservative on its estimates. Hyundai/Kia over estimates everything including their warranty. Why doesn't Kia have heated control knobs for it's window, raidos etc, etc. They're slippin'. People need these things to get from point A to point B.

    And why don't they have a cooled trunk so people can store lots of beer? Where are the dvd players in the headrests? It's sad that people can't get the necessities they need in a car these days. And they call themselves a car company...
  • Wow! Stopped at my local Kia dealership today and was floored by the new Optima. It is right-sized for today's sedan buyer. Not quite full size but darn close and a knock-out to look at.

    The dealership was closed but an EX model was unlocked so I had the chance to sit in it and also marvel at the huge truck. Doors close with a solid "thud" of quality. I have to drive this car soon. Light-years better looking the new Sonata and smaller than I expected in person (which is good for me). The Sonata has a slightly bloated appearance that turns me off but this car is the real deal.
  • Where is a good facepalm icon when you need one?!?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    And why don't they have a cooled trunk so people can store lots of beer?
    All Kias have that... actually, all cars have that feature, where I live, about six months out of the year. Today for example my trunk is a crisp 10 F. And this is done w/o using any technology, electrical power, etc. Yes, Kias including the new Optima are truly amazing! :)
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Sorry that something made you so sour on life. You must be a real fun guy at a party. :P

    Toyota doesn't establish its EPA estimates...the EPA does. However you feel about the source, methods and real world accuracy, it is the same imperfect yardstick for all manufacturers.

    No one has said that anyone needs more than the basics to get from point a to point b. That is a whole different point than the one being made here: with the Optima, you get a lot of content for the money, compared to the competition. If it is not for you, buy something else. There are a lot of really good cars out there now.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 421
    I agree. Quit giving us more for our money, we want less for our money thankyouverymuch. What's with this "air conditioning" by the way, it's not even an option anymore! I can just roll down my window! Speaking of which, electric windows? Who needs these? How does that help me get from A to B?

    All I'm sayin is the 53 Studebaker gives me all I need, so I'm goin with that but I'm still gonna post on the Kia Optima forum to remind you all how lousy it is.
  • cpurickcpurick Jacksonville, FLPosts: 28
    "My 01 camry has a 4 speed transmission and the car is 10 years old. It weighs the same as this car and gets the same gas mileage 10 years after it was built. Try again?"

    Then your Camry would get even better mileage if it had a 6-speed to keep it at the most economical RPM at any cruising speed.

    What's so hard about that?
  • cpurickcpurick Jacksonville, FLPosts: 28
    edited January 2011
    I would not call that a "thud of quality." They close nicely without slamming, but you might want to recalibrate your thudometer on an Audi.

    BTW, we did not think the Sonata rode as nice as the Optima EX when we test drove it. And the interior's a little more plasticky.
  • cpurickcpurick Jacksonville, FLPosts: 28
    "I can feel a cheaply made drive train when I drive one...The falling value of the dollar..."

    It's not cheap. Squeezing 200HP out of 2.4L takes money. What you mistake for "cheap" is actually just "a good value" because of a favorable exchange rate between the dollar and the South Korean won. No tricks, no shortcuts. Just good free trade.

    "6 speed transmissions on ANY car. Adds complexity and they all seem to be constantly hunting gears"

    They are hunting. Good fuel economy occurs just above a lug. To get reasonable performance out of it, the transmission needs to be ready to downshift whenever you add the slightest bit of throttle -- sometimes as many as three gears down.
  • Interesting you mention Audi. I owned an A4 for 3 years and Kia is getting close, very close to the best makes and models out there. We all know they could add 200 pounds of sound deadening to their cars like GM has done on many models, but thus far have chosen the light and efficient path.
  • dash5dash5 Posts: 421
    Yeah that's an interesting trade off. I assume that 200 lbs would make the difference between "class leading fuel economy" and just good FE. I'm curious what the actual numbers would be with that sound deadening material in both fuel numbers and price of the car.
  • cpurickcpurick Jacksonville, FLPosts: 28
    Well, it's not just the sound-deadening. Audi uses a thicker gauge of steel on the bodywork, too. Audis don't get wavy skins over time, and you can get a door ding that chips the paint without distorting metal.

    But it's funny you should mention soundproofing. I have an appointment to get my Optima soundproofed in about two weeks. I'm figuring on adding over 100lbs.

    It'll be interesting to see how much difference it makes. Seems like the biggest offenders may be the tires and the wheel wells. But I think lining the floor pan and the doors will hush it some. And I'm having a coating sprayed on the metal behind the fender liners.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited January 2011
    Anyone know when the OVU comes out and if it will be in the EX or LX? Not sure why it would not since you can get nav even on the LX and Ford offers the SYNC all the way down to the Fiesta. Making this a maxed out SX-only feature would be a mistake.

    Uvo looks great and I'm glad that it isn't bundled with nav, yet still gives you the backup camera screen. I would rather use an iPhone or Android for navigation anyway instead of paying $200+ per year to update stale map and business information only once a year. With a smart phone, you get much more current info when you want to look up an address. With Android phones it's all free with Google Maps as long as you are in the coverage area. You can also buy navigation software for the phones that store local maps if you want. All the car would need is a convenient place to mount the phones.

    If you get the UVO system, do you also keep the higher end Infinity sound system or is that a completely different radio?

    I also hope they are as good as Ford is about providing software updates to previous buyers to fix bugs and also add new features on existing cars.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    edited January 2011
    I have seen a couple reviews that comment on higher than average road noise for a family sedan. This is really disappointing since road noise is one of a few things that drove me away from seriously considering the Honda Accord.
    Is it as loud or louder at highway speeds and during acceleration as a new Accord?
    Other than noise, other concerns will be crash test results which I think will probably be fine and air conditioner performance that might be unacceptable since there are reviews of the 2011 Sonata that say the A/C cannot keep up with truly hot summer weather (100+ degrees).
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