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Cadillac DeVille



  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Found those cup holders huh ? Much more stable than the armrest ones ! How about the storage bin right behind them ?

    My cruise loses a few MPH also. I thinks its the PIA steering wheel controls. Fumbling around trying to push the right one!
    I like the cruise button in the turn stalk like my other GM vehicles !

    Like I posted my 03 seems no faster than the 96 !
    Prob. cause is milder camshafts in the 04 than your 98. Thats why we can run reg. gas instead of prem.

    Power curves etc. can be found here
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Thanks for the information. Took car to dealer Friday. The recommendation was to change the cruise module. They must have been right in that on the way home the cruise failed to engage several times after pushing the cruise button. Only after I shut down the engine and re started did the cruise work again. dealership is ordering the cruise module and hopefully within a week to ten days problem will be resolved.
    The power issue seems to be a variable one in that I had the chance to floor accelerator from a stopped position at a traffic light and car went like a rocket to the speed limit, leaving every one else in the dust. Sometimes the transmission appears not to downshift when floored so still not certain about power issue.
    I have not owned this car long enough to make a reliable overall comparison with it and the 98.
    I never had any problems with the cruise control in the 98, only replaced item in the 98 was a noisy alternator, thought to be a defective bearing. I will look for the storage area behind the cup holders, in the 2004, thanks for the tip.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,246
    There was mention in a different discussion about Bonnevilles that there was more power from a dead stop. The conclusion was that there's a difference in the computer control for purpose of pollution control; the engine was not being allowed to produce as much power when floored while already moving. Dead stop start got full gas supply.

    Are the computers still adapting to driving style? I remember someone saying you can clear the learned patterns from the computer by disconnecting the main fuse to the Electronic Control Module for a few minutes. Then the computer defaults and started learning how you drive the car, gently or always hot-rodding it. That might change the downshifting behavior until it relearns that you usually drive gently.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Brem......Right behind the cupholders..Lift up on the front of the bottom seat cushion (between the seats...Under the center armrest). There is a bin for CDs and stuff.

    FUNNY.....I found the cupholders right off !!!!
    Kids found the storage bin !....DOH!!!!!
    I was more concerned setting the BOSE stereo controls ! My 96 had the crummy factory am-fm with the changer in the trunk!
    Of course the kids reprogramed it to radio disney and hip-hop !...LOL

    IM.......Somebody posted about throttle "tip-in" on certain vehicles. Seems to me these new OHC engines are all pigs untill the RPMs are up there !
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "I would strongly consider a Chrysler 300C as my next car. The biggest issue is newness on the market and no reliability history to go on."

    Hmmmmm, ya might wanna check the Chrysler 300C problems board about that reliability history so far. Looks pretty dismal at this point. Hopefully it will improve.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    They are neat RWD cars !
    I have been lurking in those forums and only note the alignment issues as major problems.

    Heck, Check out the armada/titan threads.....
    Everything from flimsy sheetmetal, cheap interior plastic, pathetic stereo, power window woes, steering problems big time in the armada, creaky noisy interiors............
    100 day plus supply sitting on the lots !

    My local dealer has a waiting list for Hemi powered 300s !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Only 4 v-6s on the lot !

    Me thinks Mopar has a hit on their hands like Caddy has with the CTS !
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    it's a disaster, but he wasn't considering one, or I'd have warned him about that one too.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I found the lower storage bin after it was mentioned there was one. At first I thought the center section was a support for the arm rest. It was a pleasant surprise to find the cup holders and lower storage bin. My attention has been more on driving the car and getting performance issues resolved. Nice to be finding some of the small comforts that should be included with a car in this price category.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    And it's a shame you have performance issues to resolve in a car that expensive.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Any DOHC engine is a PIG at low RPMs.

    Look at the Ford trucks with the 4.6. That DOHC? motor is a pig compared to the older ford v-8s.

    It kills me why people carry on about how wonderful they are and pushrod motors are a no-no!

    Ya got to figure a 04 N-star has got to have lower compression and a milder cam than a 98 N-star. The reason.......NOW you can use regular fuel instead of premium.

    I had my hot rod years with 350/400,454/396 GMs, 440/383 mopars.

    I KNOW raw and refined power.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,246
    Was there a smaller version of the 383 used in Chargers about 1969 or so? A friend I worked with had a great car with an engine that was super. Car drove like a dream over bridges, front and rear went up and down at same time, rather than front end nosediving off the small hill or bridge end.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Came in a few hp versions. In 72/73? Mopar increased the cu. inches to 400 for emission reasons. Heck, For a while the big boat Chryslers were avail with a 383/400 with 2 bbl. carbs as were some GM 455s in Buick and Olds in the late 60s early 70s! I had a 69 olds with a 455 w/ Rochester 2 bbl.
      Ask Andre69 he's the Mopar guru around these parts !
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Some of the performance issue is resolved in that I have noticed that the accelerator pedal takes a bit more pressure to floor than the 98 De Ville and am now getting the power responses I was hoping for when I purchased the 2004 little over a month ago.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Floor it! Good remedy
  • Remember, a Chrysler gives you a "bigger bang for the buck" when you get in, but it costs you when you get out, so you never ended up ahead.

    The fact is it costs more to go into an equivalent size/class GM product compared to the Chrysler product but you will get more for the GM product when you trade or sell privately...and it will hold up slightly better too.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Hey Barry long time no post !

    I have been waiting to test out a new 300 with a hemi. My local dealer here in Podunk has a waiting list for V-8s and none to test drive.
    They have plenty of 6ers tho.

    Would I trade my 03 Deville for one ?
    ..............Naah !
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    As mentioned in an earlier post my 2004 De Ville has had a slight but annoying problem with the cruise control. It looses three to five miles an hour after cruise light indicates it is working.
    On advice from the local Cadillac dealership I had them replace the cruise module, no improvement resulted. I have been working with a staff person in Detroit Cadillac customer service who is to call back. I will call him next week to relate my disappointment.
    I have previously owned Plymouth Acclaim, Chrysler LHS,
    Dodge Intrepid, and a 98 De Ville. This 2004 De Ville has the least desirable cruise control of any of the cars.
    Do any of you other owners of recent model De Villes have any idea as to what might be done to correct this problem? While I can live with it if I have to it certainly is a disappointment in a car in the luxury segment.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    It's much to early to say if the new Chrysler 300C will be competition for De Ville. In my opinion it has a more attractive exterior. With a 340 horsepower engine it certainly should be more performance oriented than De Ville. Also significant is the price. I realize that the Cadillac CTS-V has 400 horsepower but it is also $ 20,000 more expensive than the Chrysler 300C. A new base De Ville
    is MSRP at around $ 46,000 and the 300C with similar options would be around $ 35,000. Based on the recent history of Chrysler the major question to be resolved is will build quality hold up? I am watching with much interest.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    "Based on the recent history of Chrysler the major question to be resolved is will build quality hold up? I am watching with much interest."

    So am I. And I had more faith in Chrysler BEFORE Daimler got involved - I have little faith that they'll hold up as well as a Caddy does today. Nor do I think they're in that league of quality at all. It's a different type of car, and Chrysler isn't in the Luxury business.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    My 2002 SLS's cruise control works quite well. I just returned from a nearly 5000 mile trip to the west coast. Anytime that I engaged the cruise it was within 1 MPH of the speed I wanted. I think that the cruise sets to integral miles per hour and rounds off to nearest integer.

    I have not yet evaluated the fuel consumption records, but the computer's average MPG was at 33 MPG at the end of the trip. It varied up and down quite a bit from 26-27 up to 33. Sight seeing in the mountains lowered the average. Cruising across Salt Lake on the was to Salt Lake City brought the average up to 32.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The average MPGs for the trip came out to about 29 MPG for the total trip (slightly more with computers total fuel used vs actual - about a gallon difference). But the sightseeing MPGs were about 27 to 28 and the highway cruising was over 30. The average that the computer posts seems to be an average over about the last 20 gallons I think, although there is a weighting of recent and longer term, so this is just a guess.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    My base 2003 Deville gets similar mileage on the road. On the 214 mile trip from Clovis NM to Albuquerque the average was 31 which is great. Too bad the in town averages are so bad - 14 or so at best. I guess the Northstar is designed for its best mileage at 65-75 MPH. We got the car primarily for road trips and it is great for long distance travel.
    By the way, I looked at the 2005 Deville. It is identical to the 2004 but has a different leather pattern. The sections in the middle of the seat have wrinkles. Looks a little nicer than the '03.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Is that 31 Mpg what the computer told you? If so, that's great!
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    My Deville I really never bother checking MPG.
    I DO know a tank of gas goes a LOOOONG way between fill ups. That N-star just loafs along sipping fuel unless I start putting my foot in it!

    My 04 3/4 ton 4x4 xcab Chevy truck.......Anywhere from 8 to 17 mpg depending if I am towing, hauling, or pushing snow. That one always visits a gas pump !

    But no complaints or dealer visits/recalls/problems except for a oil change or 2 on either one....And I LIKE it that way!
  • Does anybody use the oil life indicator to determine when to change oil? I don't but if I
    did I would change oil every 10,000 miles or so.
    This seems a bit much to me but maybe the little
    guy in the computer knows more than I do. I have
    a 2001 DHC.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I go by the indicator. Mine is down to 65% after the ~5000 mile trip. In local driving (which for me is 10 miles or so) the oil change interval is ~9000 miles. But winter driving is shorter than summer. My local driving fuel economy is around 25 MPG depending on summer or winter or A/C on/off.

    One thing I will say is that synthetic oil is affordable with a near 10,000 mile interval or a twice a year oil change. I have not asked them about putting mobil 1 in yet, but may discuss this with them next time. The old northstars went 3000 winter; 4000 summer for me. That was a 98 Aurora.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I use the oil life indicator consistently.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    3000 miles or 3 months ! Then the cheapie $19.95 special........

    Funny tho..My dad has a 02 s-10. Must have all of 5k miles. He always drives moms 98 Caddy and the truck sits all winter while they are in Fla.
    Seems he was driving and lost all oil pressure !
    The oil filter had a hole rusted in it.......

    Thankfully the selling GM dealer did the last LOF.
    So they towed it away are taking care of it under warranty they say.
    Not sure if the engine is smoked or not........
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    That's what it said. It was a fairly constant trip at 70-75 for a hundred miles or so and then 60 for about 50 miles and the rest at around 70. No city driving at all and most of the roads were 4 lane so there wasn't much speeding up to pass. Other trips ranged from 28 to 30. Anyway the car is certainly comparable to my 1994 LeSabre on road MPG but the LeSabre was better in town.
  • I have owned a 2004 De Ville for just under two months, there appears to be a defect in the cruise control in that after the cruise engaged light comes on the car slows up to seven miles an hour at 55 MPH. Local dealership changed the cruise module (at least said they did) but has not improved on the situation. What are my options if the local dealership is not producing the results I should reasonably expect? The next nearest Cadillac dealership is 120 miles away round trip. I feel the local dealer should be able to resolve. What other options do I have? I have heard of people writing to the CEO of a car company and sometimes getting results, is this a good way to resolve? Other approaches that produce results? There is a potential safety issue here depending on conditions when cruise malfunctions. All ideas and suggestions welcome
    and appreciated.
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