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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Has 64,000 miles with no problems. Not an exciting car but good, inexpensive transportation.
  • Have you ever tried to floor the gas pedal? It can really get going very fast :-)
  • I agree with bcmalibu. Once you punch the gas on the Bu and get her tach to about 4500 RPM's, she's exciting. I don't do it often (maybe once a month), but when I do, I have a grin on my face for the rest of the day! I'm not sure about the 0-60 times. I feel like I can get her to sixty in about 6 seconds flat!

    One question: Has anyone had to change the accessory drive belt on the 3100 Malibu? I know you have to take out the engine mount on the passenger side, but to do so you have to put a jack with a 2x4 under the oil pan. How much pressure do you put on the pan. Do you put any at all or just enough to where the 2x4 touches the pan? Also, how much was the belt?

  • Does the 2001 and on Malibu 3.1 V-6 have a timing belt or chain? What is the change interval?
  • I have a 2002 Malibu LS and drive it everyday, and it's a great car. Had it just over a year and almost 25,000 miles, not one problem, only in for oil changes.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    She is looking at a 2003 LS model, so hopefully she will receive the good experiences you guys have. Thanks again.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Okay. Change that to "Not an exciting car IN APPEARANCE but good, inexpensive transportation".
    Not many cars have a V6 with AT for the modest price of a Malibu.
  • Brewsparge: The Malibu's have a timing chain and there is not a change interval for them. The only time you would have to replace them is if the gears on the crank were wore down and the chain wouldn't open / close the valves. In that case, you would have to replace the timing chain and gears. I believe they are sold in sets.

  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    We all know the Malibu isn't a performance car, and I've yet to find anything other than a drop in K&N to improve air intake -- however, I did a little bit of airflow redirection on my 02 BU to make it a bit more responsive in the summer heat.

    I was looking under the hood and found that the factory air tube takes a round about path from the airbox behind the battery, goes downward to a resonator and back up behind the headlight. The open end of the tube is located right behind the driver side headlight. Since I've done similar things on past cars, I decided to improvise a path for MORE cold air to reach the intake tube (without feeding the tube direct or cutting the top off - which you could also do) I pulled out the headlight and took two lengths of black 3" flex pipe and routed one at the opening from the lower air dam and another from the driver side front grill so that more cooler outside air air is "scooped" and redirected to the area behind the driver side headlight. And then replaced the headlight. Since the tubing is black, it remains hidden behind the grill and airdam. This setup allows the stock intake to suck in much more cooler (ie; denser) air than it would be getting without the redirected airflow, allowing the car to gain a bit more power on these hot summer days.

    Since this car was not equipped with foglights, I could have routed a tube from the fog light opening and cut the factory inlet lower to allow more air to be pulled from inside the empty area behind the bumper instead of the headlight, but did not want to cut anything until I could test results. So far it's been performing nicely.
  • So its a noticable increase in power?

    Is it even across the RPM band?
  • I have this funky belt (kinda looks like a vacuum cleaner belt) that goes around my passenger side engine mount. Since my car has been wrecked in the past, I have a feeling it's not supposed to be there. Can every one with a 97-99 Malibu look and see if your vehicle has this. I'd really appreciate it and I'd feel much better. Thanks a lot!

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 11,786
    my mother just bought a malibu (not an ls) after breaking her addiction to buying a new chrysler product every 10 years(4). still stuck with the old reliable dark green though.
    it just seems like a really good value, and she seemed comfortable driving it right away. her biggest issue was that she had never driven a car with a floor shift before looking for a car this time. from my point of view being somewhat tall, it seemed to be a lot easier to get in and out of, the seats are better, and the car is much quieter than the other cars 'we' test drove. btw, i'm a ford guy, but i think she got a good car.
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  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Thanks for the input. My mother-in-law is kind of opposite your mom. She drove nothing but GM sedans for decades and then decided she wanted something totally different. Bought a PT Cruiser to be different. She likes it, but misses the "feel of the GM sedan" whatever that means. I think the PT seats are a little small and stiff for her for drives over 20 minutes or so. The 4 banger under the hood doesn't have the best pick up in the world, either. We'll see what happens. Thanks again.
  • wpbharrywpbharry Posts: 399
    That was a bit rude on your part, but I can understand the need to vent once in a while. Kindly reopen the '04 forum, Thanks, as always.
  • with that but any ways, does anyone know for sure when we will actually see the 04 Malibu sitting on the lot? I keep looking at the Chevy dealer where i buy everything hoping i will one day see one sitting there among all the base model 03's in only TWO colors tan and silver.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    has the build your own function up and running for the XLR already, but not for the new Malibu.

    04 Malibu production began last week I believe.

    Anyone hear when marketing will start for the new car?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The conversation about Malibus is going to continue here. And it will not continue in the same rude manner that has dominated the other discussion.

    If anyone has further comments to make about topic management, please make them to me by email - or, if you'd rather, to Sylvia our Community Manager at

    We are moving the subject to this continuing discussion in an effort to regain the respectful conversation that is the hallmark of our community. The sarcastic and snide comments some of us have been directing at others in the now-closed discussion is done.

  • wpbharrywpbharry Posts: 399
    Begins next Monday, the 11th.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433

    Per Wpbharry's note, with '04 production starting next week, the '03 Malibu will now become the fleet only Chevy Classic. The '04 is the Malibu from here on out.

    Let's hope it is a great one!
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    I was over at the local Chevy dealership yesterday, and the salesman said he expects the first shipment of "04's to arrive there around the middle of September. They have ordered 2 truckloads, which seems kind of optimistic, since this is largely pickup country, but then, this is a rural setting where patriotism and "buy American first" is still looked upon as a positive thing. Not too many foreign cars around here. Some of the larger urban markets may see the new models earlier.
  • I would hope that the 04 Malibu will be here sooner than Mid-September. The M/T mag noted that the Malibu is on sale currently in the U.S. I haven't seen any around Denver dealerships, but I would really hope to see them by the 15th of Aug.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Doesn't production begin on the 11th? Sounds like the first of September is closer to when you will start seeing them to me. Also, two truck loads really isn't that many is it? How many on a truck? About 8?
  • HELLO Everyone.. How are you all doing? I Love my Malibu.. it drives great however when I am at a stop light my car tends to go into a Epileptic Seizure.. My car has 110,095 and was wondering is that normal?
  • it starts shaking when you hold the brake pedal at a traffic light? That's not good, go have the car checked very soon
  • Hi,
    When exactly will the 04 Malibu arrive? I have heard within the next 2 weeks and I have heard after Labor day. Thanks for the information.
  • Hey! I have that same problem with my car. Is yours a hard jerking or just a little shake? Mine is just a little shake. I mentioned this when I first started posting here, but no one ever responded. Let me know what you find out and also how hard your shaking is.

  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    The reasons for rough idle are many. Here are some possibilities. With 110K miles, I would suspect one or more bad spark plugs, or wires. I would recommend you take it to a Chevy dealer and have them put the car on their Sun Machine. It will check the firing voltage on all plugs, and tell at a glance whether you have trouble with the ignition. I would recommend that you have them replace the plugs, if needed, and use platinum tip plugs. The rear plugs on a sideways six are hard to get to and sometimes require special tools, etc. Expect to pay about $75 for new plugs. If its plug wires or ignition modules, the Sun machine will pick that off, too. Cost for wires could be about $40, and I have no idea on modules, but it should be reasonable. You may also have partially plugged injectors. You might try adding a bottle of injector cleaner to your next tank of gas, and see if that helps. Check the idle speed on your tachometer. If the engine is idling too slow, it will shake. Cold idle should be around 1400 RPM, and 800-900 RPM when the engine is warm. If you are idling around 500 RPM, there is probably something wrong with the fuel system, plugged injectors..clogged fuel filter, etc., and the engine will shake badly. There are many other reasons for rough idle, mostly rare, and somewhat expensive to fix, but the basics, plugs, injectors, etc., usually fix 95% of the problems, and are not too expensive.
  • I only have 63K on mine and she shakes softly (I'm the only person in the car who can notice it, but with the hood up, you can hear the engine stumble). My uncle said there was something wrong when the computer would go in to closed and open loop whatever that means. Just to get it looked at at the dealership is $93 so I'm gonna have to wait to see what's up; currently, I'm a little poor.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Man Jeremy, As many problems as you have had with the malibu are there any original parts still left in the car????
  • Hey, hey, bu may have her share of problems, but I still love her. She's the only car I have so I've got to make the best of it!

    Can everyone refer to my post #1805. I plan to change the accessory drive belt and I need this question answered. No one answered when I posted it so I figured I'd ask again. Thanks!

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