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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
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  • I was checking out the specs for the 2001 Malibu and saw that the Gold Package now includes a gold bar grille. Chevrolet updated their web site for 2001 and had some pictures with the Gold Package. Looks sharp.
  • I like the new looks. The wheels are really nice. Finally they changed the plain ones from 2000. I'm going to test drive one just to see what teh suspension changes feel like but I'm holding on to my reliable 99 until the new epsilon platform Malibu is released ( I suppose late 2003 as a 2004 model).Good lUck!
  • We purchased our new 2000 Malibu Ls in July , car was manufactured in May 2000.Right from start the car pulled to left slightly not bad just enough to notice it. 2 Days after we got home we noticed little dings on the top of the hood and the tops of the doors , we
    picked up the car in a rain storm drove it home and put it the garage Im sure if it hadnt been pouring when we picked up the car we would have noticed these at the dealship.We contacted the dealership , they had NO Comment on the dings! So we figured we were stuck, then a a month ago we started to notice little rust marks in the paint 1/4 the size of a dime, if you get a wet paper towel and rub they come off almost. Were taking the car in in 2 weeks for the 3,000 oil change be interesting to see if they say NO comment on the rust spots I had read earlier posts in spring about paint problems but figured they were just isolated incidences but now I wonder? Today we took the car on a little trip 200 miles We live in Wisconsin its very flat were we live the place we went to had some small hills, now these are hills NOT MOUNTAINS!We were traveling 65Mph as we climbed up the hills we lost power FAST I gave it more gas but it just kept slowing down cars and trucks passed us as I tried to accelerate. By the top of the hill the car was floored and were going only going 50mph!! As soon as we came over the top of the hill the car climbed back to 65 in a few seconds. Has anyone else noticed this LOSS of POWER problem on hills , I have a 93 chevy 4 cyl that takes these Same hills at 65 with NO loss of power!
    The car is very nice other then the paint problems and Now the loss of Power. Oh by the way I got out the booklet that came with the firestone tires wanted to see what the recommend for tire pressure
    THE 800 numbers DISCONNECTED with no further information! The booklet was printed 12/99 so its should be a current number! The tires are Ok except on wet pavement were they sometimes slip for a second , we'll see how they are in winter if they are bad we'll replace them.We'd appreciate hearing from anyone else with paint or power problems. We've read this board since last April but this is our first post!
    Thanks For Reading
  • It's funny someone should type about loss of power in their 2000 Malibu just before I was about to praise ours. I'm no mechanic, but that loss of power sounds like a problem. As for the dents, sounds like chains from the truck or train. My family purchased a Mercury product a few years ago, and the thing had about 4 dents above the windshield and rear window, all were directly in line with each other. Turned out to be the chains.

    As for our 2000 Malibu, 4600 miles since March, only problem was two trips in for a creaking in the rear end. Was fixed each time, temporarily, made an appointment for a third trip and the noise went away. I guess the service guy who said "it just needs to wear in" was right. Anyhow, made a trip to Atlantic City yesterday, 120 miles each way down the Parkway. 5 adults, AC running, made 70-75mph the whole way, still had power to pass. 28mpg for the trip!

    GO MALIBU!!!
  • Check for any patterns in the dings. It could be the chains for the truck as njdevilsrn said. Chavy covers paint defects and body defects for 12,000 miles or a year so it should be covered. As for the power loss there is a sensor that detects when the car should downshift when going uphill. If this sensor is bad the car will never downshift. When going uphill your RPM should go up and the tranny should downshift at which point you feel the power increase. Have the dealership look for this, it states it in your manual. Enjoy your car sounds like minor stuff that can be taken care of. Good luck!
  • Can someone summarize the important features of the epsilon platform that make it worth waiting for? Thanks
  • The new platform will feature the new ( I believe I got this correct) 3.4 V6 engine that GM has beendeveloping with Fiat. It will be a wider car also and it should gain interior space. Those are the important things I am waiting for and the fact that I want to see what it looks like, hopefuly they will bring back some queues from the 1964 Malibu. If anyone has any more info on the new platform please post. Good luck! :-)
  • The idea of a Fiat motor doesn't fill me with happiness.
  • No it's not a Fiat motor it is being designed by some sort of engineer who helps Fiat with engine designed but it is a team of GM engineers working with them. I'm trying to think where I found this, I'll find the link for you, I know it was at but I think they archived the article. Will come back with the article.
  • Scratch what I said. Fiat is working on something else with someone else i got both articles screwed up. Here is the correct article:

    Go to and click on FUTURE PRODUCTS ( or outlook can't remeber since I'm going back and forth between sites) and scrooll down to GM, all the goodies for the new platform are there. What do you think? I think it's worth waiting for. I'm holding on to my 99 until the 2004 comes out so I'm extending my lease until late 2003. By then my fiance will have the re designed Cavalier and I will wait to see if I should keep my 99 until it dies or trade for the new one. So far the 99 is flawless and unless the new one is radically redesigned I'm keeping it. Let' s see....
  • I don't know if I want the first production year of a new GM motor but there is time to get the current 3.1 or wait. If the rotors are actually fixed I think I would go with the current version.

  • Yes the rotors are corrected for the 2001 model. Significantly refined suspension and tires. They are payiong close attention to this car since it's really Chevy's bread and butter car. Good luck!
  • I have owned many Chevrolets in the past but this one will be my last. I own a "98" Malibu LS. This car has been trouble since day one. The car experiences LOSS OF POWER at any speed at any time. The dealerships plays dumb and nothing shows up on the cars' computer when they check it out. No resolution in sight about the loss of power problem that I know about. Pulling out into traffic and having no power isn't a good feeling. It takes about 30 seconds to recover from a power loss. This car can most definitely hurt you or get you in some serious traffic trouble if your not careful. The car also has bad brakes and front end noise problems mentioned in most of all the previous articles. The 2nd most annoying trouble with the Malibu was a loud ear piercing noise coming from the front dash at speeds of 55MPH and better. I understand this has been rectified in the later models. I would NOT recommend a "98" Malibu to anyone!!! This car is trouble!!!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    If you have lost your faith in Chevy, I suggest for you to try the new 2000/01 Impala LS. A different breed of car.
  • njdevilsm,

    You mentioned something about a "creaking" in the back end...did you (or the dealer) ever figure out what it was? My 2000 model is doing the exact same thing, but only does it when I make a turn. Other than that, it's doing great.
  • Some time ago someone was asking about chugging.

    It may be due to drive link assemblies with excessive lnk to link variation. This causes a non-uniform rotation of the output sprocket which then produces a vibration, chugging throuout the vehicle driveline. A Chevrolet dealer should be able to get you on line.
  • I have a 2000 Malibu with 5000 miles that has been towed into the dealer 3 times in the past 10 days.

    My problem is that the car will start up in the morning without any problems and then the engine will just quit within the first 3 miles. There has not been any hesitation problems as referenced in earlier postings. Once the engine stalls and I try to restart the engine it will only turn over but will not start. The dealer did not find anything on the first visit, on the second visit they replaced the fuel pump. They said the fuel pump was working but was not pumping an fuel. Now six days later the car was towed back to the dealer because it died again 3 miles from my house this morning for exactly the same problem.

    Has anybody experienced similar problems and do you know of a potential fix?

    At least on one of the trips back to the dealer they replaced my rotors and pads to stop the vibration.
  • Just wanted to let you and all know that I just purchased the Malibu LS, only have had it two days and so far really like it, after months of research and lots of talking, chose this vehicle that best fitted in with what I wanted and liked. will have to let time decide if my choice was correct, I thought the deal was good, the only thing added was the spoiler which really makes the car look at you later
  • According to the dealer who made the repairs, it was the "bushings" on the rear suspension. The symptom we had was a loud click or clunk when the vehicle was turned and the body rolled. Going straight, or even bouncing the rear end while the car was sitting was no problem.

    They replaced the things twice, and like I said I was gonna take it in a third time and the noise has been gone since (June).

    PS.///Anybody experience air flow through their speakers when the window is open? Noticed it while driving last week on the highway (65 mph). I'm only in the thing about twice a month, and never on the highway, never noticed it before.
  • Hi Guys,
    Anybody knows what to use to effectively remove spots left by damn sprinkler on the body and windows? One more thing anybody has extended warranty through 1source or warranty gold? if yes then howz the experience with them? or any other suggestion on extended warranty company would be appreciated...
  • Wax the car with Mguire's wax. it's soo good it will not leave water spots from the sprinkler. In the winter during light snow my car is never covered in snow it just slides off. Great stuff.
  • The service bulletins you are looking for are located at On the homepage look under services- recalls and service bulletin titles. They are listing bulletins up to and including 2001 models. Hope this helps.
  • I'm strongly considering buying a 2000 or 2001 Malibu because of the cost vs. Accord or Camry. Can anyone help me with a few questions:

    (1) Is there any hope that the 2001 will have any better side-impact crash safety than the abysmal 2-star rating of the 2000 model? Has the safety cage been redesigned in any substantial way for 2001?

    (2) Has the suspension "retuning" for 2001 significanly improved the handling or road noise of the 2001 vs. the 2000 model?

    (3) I'm drawn to black as an exterior color, but have been warned that black tends to show dirt and scratches much more prominently than the lighter colors. Can anyone comment whether they regret having chosen black or any of the other "dark" colors?

    (4) I'm considering buying an extended warranty because of the Malibu's checkered reliability history. Are there sources other than the GM Buyer's protection plan (cost = $750 for 5yr/75K mi.) that provide better value coverage?

  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    You can bet there will be no major structural changes to this generation of Malibu - those will have to wait for the next redesign. Major structural changes are extremely expensive in what amounts to the middle of a model run.
  • To the individual wanting to know about a Black or dark vehicle. I own a 1997 Black Cavalier, bought new. I like the color and have just a few small scratches, the paint still looks great. So, go for it and buy Black.
  • I have a 2000 malibu, dark cherry red. Like the car a lot, but hate the paint. Just look at the car wrong and the paint will scratch. I laid a cardboard box once on the trunk (light weight) and it was enough to scratch all the way through to the lighter colored undercoating.
    I am worried now that with autumn approaching that the falling leaves will scratch it all up! I'm afraid to even wash the car cause of the scratches that result. Take my advice and avoid the dark colors. Is there any wax that will protect against this?
  • Maguires wax. I have a Navy Blue Malibu and I wax it every weekend and it doesn't have scratches on it. Just don't put anythging on the bumper ( when loading the trunk) or you will regret it. I had a nasty scratch but it got fixed when I backed up into a car and had to have teh bumper re painted. Good luck!

  • Well, I bought 2001 in Light driftwood metallic (seems little golden to me)and I like this color as it hides spots if got any like due to sprinkler and stuff otherwise it will be prominent on darker colors. Anyway everybody has likes and dislikes and different opinions. I like 2001 better although no exprience with 2000. 2001 has some good new features plus redesign brake rotors, suspension and improved tires. Auto headlamp off is also a cool feature and RDS stereo. I gotta good deal too with the dealer on 2001. Almost at the price of 2000.
    I am also considering about extended warranty and I am looking at warrantygold and 1source. 1Source seems to be better with $0 deductible but if you talk to those people both say words against each other's companies. They have like 7yr or 84K or 100K miles waranty $0 deductible $799 and $879 respectively(1source)plus some other benefits too.Thats for the diamond coverage means close to bumper to bumper.
    If anybody has any experience with these guys let me know too. But why should I buy now I mean I have 3 yr warranty anyway.
  • I hit a web site that has many companies that offer extended warranty.
  • I got a quote from Heritage TPA for an extended warranty. Anyone have experience with them, or any other extended warranty company?
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