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    Today I traded in my 1997 Malibu V6 for a new 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GL V6. I will miss the Malibu dearly, although I am excited about the new Alero. I thought that the Malibu was a great car for the money, very roomy and was very popular with my college friends.
  • mfletoumfletou Member Posts: 22
    Today I traded in my 1997 Malibu V6 for a new 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GL V6. I will miss the Malibu dearly, although I am excited about the new Alero. I thought that the Malibu was a great car for the money, very roomy and was very popular with my college friends.
    We traded it in because it had 48,800 miles on it and my dad wanted to get a new car while the Malibu still had trade value. Originally, we were going to get a new Malibu LS, but the Alero was simply a better deal and I think it looks better. The Alero has a larger engine, 4 wheel disc brakes, traction control, and mine has an 8 speaker CD/cassette sound system and a sun roof. It was the same price as the Malibu LS, but the Alero came with a standard 5/60k warranty because Olds is being phased out in a few years. The Malibu LS was a nice car and had more room than the Alero, but mechanically there is no question the Alero won hands down.
    Nonetheless, I am sad to see my '97 go. I had pretty good luck with it, although lately a lot of problems seem to be creeping (or creaking) up...the climate control fan stopped working ($300), horn fuses blew ($150), oil seepage, and some scary noises from the back. My original set of breaks lasted about 39000 miles, but my new set are already worn down (something wrong there) and the car leaned hard right. Considering that we would have problem had to put a good $1000 into it, trading it for $7500 and getting the Alero for $17000 made more sense. Still, I think the Malibu is a great car and would recommend it.
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    I agree with you njdevilsrn

    A post gets deleted simply because it goes against someones comments that have no facts. Well dear L8 if you friend works for Honda and still drives a 1986 Camry all I can say to that is pathetic. I see why people are leaving thhis Edmunds forum. The software "updates" don't work and the moderators are completely biased ( the roomies work for Honda now I understand). I won't leave though I'll stick around and expect me to question just as I have whenever it happens again. Now out of nowhere dear csb is giving advice on rotors that people have been giving in this forum for months. Sad sad.
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    Well, I am sorry that Malibu99 has such hard feelings. I meant no harm in what I have said, I have simply stated an opinion. As far as the brakes and rotors advice, I will be the first to admit (or the second in this case) that none of my advice is original. It is based on common knowledge about brake rotors.

    I finally went to Pep boys (per advice from others in this chat) and got the bulbs. This morning, while almost freezing to death, I replaced the partially burnt out bulb. I removed two wing nuts, pulled back the carpeting, removed three more, and popped the light assembly out. The I snapped the plastic back off the assembly, pulled out the old bulb, put in the new one, snapped the back on the assembly, put assembly into place, and put all the nuts back on. ( I decided not to remove the trim piece, although that would have made it a little easier by pulling the carpet further out of the way.)

    This was not a complicated procedure by any means, however, in my opinion (and this is just my opinion)it could have been designed to be easier.

    That is all I will say. Thanks for all the advice. (The Malibu will be returned to my father-in-law today).
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    njdevilsrn: The suggestion that csb1 was a sanitation engineer was clearly intended as insult. Questioning the validity of the source is one thing; thinly veiled derogatory commentary on the intelligence and character of the source is another.

    malibu99: You have demonstrated on a number of occasions that you cannot disagree politely. Please re-read the Participants Agreement prior to posting again. Any critical comments in here are always met with a similar reaction from you. I have, in the past, kindly requested that you tone down your responses. If you cannot do so, you need to reconsider your participation.

    Thank you,

    Sedans Host
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    I don't understand why driving reliable, paid-for vehicle with a low operational cost for day to day driving (especially in the winter) to save wear, tear and mileage on nicer car is pathetic. I'd like to not have payments but I like driving new cars too much. I wish I had the discipline of my old roommate.

    Although I have owned two Acuras in the past, my garage currently has two domestics so to what bias are you referring?
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    First of all, I will try to play nice.

    Secondly, the threat of winter weather finally coming to the Northeast has me excited. I want to see how the Malibu does in the snow we're expecting this weekend (a foot here in jersey). And yes, I actually might get to put my Explorer in 4WD!
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    I drove my 99 in the snow last year, and had no problems. Be sure to use the start in second gear feature on hills; it works beautifully.
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    Many thanks and have safe fun in the snow! The Buick's in the garage, spotlessly clean, while the Dakota does winter-duty, especially with some snow in the forecast.

    L8 Apex
    Sedans Message Board
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    I have 43K on my original tires and the sidewalls are clearly worn and I'm getting that distinct squeal as I bank into a turn. I figure I got pretty good mileage and have no complaints. Tires were rotated according to schedule and properly inflated. But now it's time for new ones before winter really digs in. So here's my question, and it's one that neither Chewy nor my tire dealer (Good year) can answer to my satisfaction. The original Freestones were to be inflated at 26 rear and 29 front (psi). But do I use those spews on the new tires? I really like the Good year Aqua treads and the dealer says to inflate all four tires at 32 pounds. Are Chewy's spews related only to the original tires?
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    I think you just discovered why your sidewalls are shot. I don't care what your dealer tells says, you need a minimum of 30 PSI (perferably 32) in both the front and back. I'm surprise you weren't running on the rims. It surely explains why your sidewalls are trashed and your squelly when cornering.
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    I have a 98 Malibu, build in July 97.

    I have to disagree with Nascar concerning the equal pressure. The dealer mechanic inflated the tires once such a way, and they did not perform well at hard cornering. The rear part of the car did not want to be rear :-).

    My OEM tires also wore-out mostly at edges. The mechanic at local Firestone suggested inflating the tires about 3psi above what GM recommended: 32 psi front / 29 psi rear.

    I continue using this pressure after replacing the tires at 37k miles. My new tires are Firestone Firehawk SH-30; they are head and shoulder better than the original Affinity, especially at wet pavement.
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    All tires have their own recommended pressures. You will find it on the sidewall of the tires near where the traction/temp./tread wear ratings are if memory serves me correctly.
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    The pressure on the sidewall is the maximal one. Roughly, this is what the tire can still withstand more or less safely, before blowing-up at higher pressure.

    Usually, the sidewall pressure is way up comparing with what is good for driving. Something like 40 psi comparing with 26-29 psi recommended by GM.

    The dealer mechanic (over)inflated once my tires to the max, when changed oil. No problem with handling on the dry roads, but awful on the wet / slushy one, with strong sleet and wind. It was a scary experience: had to work really hard to hold the car in its lane, in heavy traffic.
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    air pressure on the tire is the design basis rating of the tire. This means at this pressure it will carry its maximum rated load and the rated values for traction/temp/tread. Personally I would never inflate to less than this value unless the car has some unusual handling quirk. If thats the case there is bad car design somewhere. Just my opinion.
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    According to Firestone (they produced the OEM tires for Malibu):


    When you check air pressure, refer to your owner's manual for the proper inflation. The automaker has taken into account several important factors in order to determine the right inflation level for your car and tire combination. Try never to let your air pressure drop below the recommended level.

    Although the sidewall of your tire indicates a maximum pressure figure, this number does not indicate the proper inflation for your car. Rather, it indicates a top pressure that you must not exceed for any reason. Check either the placard on your door jamb or inside your glove box or refer to your owner's manual for the correct air pressure for your tires.
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    Goodyear recommendations are the same as Firestone ones:


    (see question number 6).
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    When I purchased my '01 Malibu one month ago, I made them switch out the Firestones for another brand. I just didn't feel safe with Firestones on. At first they wanted to charge me $250 for the new tires, then $125, then I strong armed them into doing it for free.

    The new tires are B F Goodwrich. Do they have a better reputation?
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    On my one month old '01 Malibu, sometimes when the car is just starting from cold, for the first few miles it makes a low 'putt putt' noise.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    What does it mean?

    Should I be concerned?
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    Performance in the snow is excellent, I like driving in the snow and this past weekend was a good experience, However my Affinities are not as good as they used to be so I'm gonna get new tires for my baby.
    Happy New Year to everyone!
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    Last September, I had a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu to use as a rent car. I absolutley loved this car. It is a swift car that looks great, inside and out. One thing is for sure, when I pay off my 97 Cavalier, Malibu will be on my shopping list.
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    It has been snowing like crazy around here in good ole Indiana, PA. It seems that every night we get another inch or so. (I live right near the Chestnut Ridges). The last snow equal we got was about a good 4 inches, and let me say, the Malibu did great. The car maneuvered great through the snow. I had to go out to a friend's of mine who lives on one of the Chestnut Ridges, and I was kind of worried about getting stuck, for they got about 8 inches.. (The roads up the Ridges are never plowed) I had nothing to worry about, the car made it great up the ridge. Along my journey, I passed a Dodge Caravan and a Toyota Carry (mm. how odd *smile*) My car rides on four BB Goodrich Cop I/As. I have to admit, these tires are substandard. I am considering putting on some Michelin Pilots 225/60/15's. (The same tires that we put on my mom's 2000 Town & Country).

    Also. Later weekend, My baby got a Spoiler put on the back of it. I LOVE IT!!. It gives the car a spottier look. Here is a pic of the spoiler that I have. I'll be sure to take some pics on the ally in snow for you guys with the spoiler on it.


    Other than that, everything is going good with the car. It has about 21,500 miles on it. (I drive a lot for a 17 year old, and yes, I am spoiled rotten. But my mom says that I'm at least grateful, and I am) I did have a lot of troubles with the car in the first 8 months, and I was even considering the Lemon Law. According to the definition of the PA lemon law I felt I had a really strong case. But I just could not give up the car, I love it to much (some say I'm obsessed, and I often think that I am) I am currently having problems with the rear suspension. The car has been in twice so far, and the dealership has been great with me on this matter. They are planning on replacing the rear bushings. (what ever that means) So I'm not really worried about it, they said that it was going to be an easy fix, but time consuming. I don't mind.

    Like I said, I am 17. So, of coarse, keeping my car in style with what the "rice burners" (taka foreign cars) are doing is a must. (Why can't it be the other way around?) I have H.I.D. lights in place the the original Halogen bulbs.(Yes, I know they can be annoying to other drivers) Now this is a must for the youngens like me. There is a 10 inch Audiobahn Sub in the trunk, which is housed in a 4 hole ported banpass box. Right beside the box sits an Audiobahn 2300 amplifier. (I'm getting a little too technical) I have also replaced the factory 6 by 9 speakers in the back (which didn't sound that bad) with Nakamichi 6 by 9's. And in the front, I put in Audiobahn 4 by 9 plate components. It's all ran off of the factory head unit and it, suprisingly, sounds awesome. I also have an AstroStart Remote Starter on my baby.

    I plan on tinting the windows in the future, and eventually putting in a video system in the back of the headrest with a DVD player. That's not going to be for a while though. (I think me having a job would be required to pay for something like that *smile*)

    Here is a pic of my Malibu, of coarse it's on the end. My friends and I did this about 2 months ago, so of coarse the spoiler isn't on the car in these pics. We tend to do stupid stuff like this. (Hey!! Were kids!!) I will be taking pictures of my car probably tomorrow, with the car in the snow, since we have so much. I will be sure to upload the pics as soon as I get around to it, and I will post them on here for you all to see.


    Well sorry that I have blabbed on so much. I tend to do that. I hope you enjoy what all I've shared, and I hope you like my car. I know I do!! (It's a definite keeper) I'de like to just say that www.ezshots.com is a really awesome place to upload pics. So that's all for now, thank you for your time. Sorry for any typographical errors and my problem with parentheses and commas. (Hey, I'm a kid) Hope you all have had a Blessed Holiday Season. Peace for now.

    P.S. Does anyone know where I can get clear tailights for my Malibu?
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    Nice car! You might want to migrate to the Malibu club at yahoo, you will find tons of info there about how to customize your car and lots of nice people, the link is:

    Good luck and glad to hear your car keeps you happy :-)
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    Hey guys. Alright. I need all of you Malibu Lovers (and haters) out there to help me and the people at the Malibu Yahoo Club. Some Malibu owners are interested in purchasing Clear tail lights for our cars. I posted a message in that club asking if anyone knew of a company. Someone replied saying that no one makes them, but he knows of a company, www.cleartaillights.com , that, if we were to mail them, might consider making them. So I plea with you. If you could so kindly mail this company, at [email protected] , and express that you would like to see clear tail lights made for the Chewy Malibu. (Even if you don't) Please help us. Thank you so much for your time, and thank you once again if you help us out.


    P.. Thank you Malibu99 for your suggestion of going to Yahoo Clubs. I seriously never thought of going there. You da Man!
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    Will e-mail them today, I would like to see clear tail lights for the Malibu. Let's nag em'.
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    Hi guys,
    Do I have to go to the dealership service center for my regular services like oil change and stuff in order to maintain my standard 3yr/36K mile warranty with the chevy people?
  • yurakmyurakm Member Posts: 1,345

    You can change oil and rotate tires anywhere, even at home. Just keep the records. There is a place for log in the car manual.

    Though, I changed my oil at dealer while the car was on warranty - just for peace of mind.
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    I have not been here in a while, but I was wanting to let everyone know, that I have had my first major problem with my 98 Malibu. I have a little over 80,000 miles and my power steering pump went out, I think it was because of the cold weather here in Oklahoma, but I'm not sure, and also I had a engine coolant leek. The total price is $760 dallors, but with my extended warrenty, thank god for it, I only have to pay $170. And also, about 100 miles ago my suspension started creaking, again. This is my first major problem and I'm at 80,000 miles, so far I'm satisfied.
  • aniazianiazi Member Posts: 39
    Hi guys,
    Do I have to go to the dealership service center for my regular services like oil change and stuff in order to maintain my standard 3yr/36K mile warranty with the chevy people?
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    I purchased a new 2000 Malibu LS in Aug. 2000. Since day one I have felt a vibration coming from both the brake pedal when I am stopped at a stop light and the gas pedal when I am moving. The vibration seems more pronounced at highway speeds and in general gets worse the longer the particular trip is. The vibration isn't huge but it is annoying. This is not the same vibration that comes from faulty rotors (however they have been changed once already).

    Someone told me it may just be the normal vibration from a push-rod engine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    I was about to buy a 2001 malibu, but talked to my daughter who does some traveling on business. She said she was renting 2001 malibu's, but 3 of the last five had a annoying vibration at around 60 mph. And a couple of them only had 500 miles on them. Has anyone else had a problem like this? She said she never rents them anymore.
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    Thanx for the reply yurakm. Some how my post appeared two times.
    I just have my first oil change on my 2001 and I am very satisfied so far too. Although I bought extended warranty from 1source too for the peace of mind and it also helps at time of selling. I read the notes about vibration. No I usually drive around at 75-80 mph almost every day while going to work but never felt any vibration while driving or braking. In my older cars I usually had vibration when my tires were old or alignment was out. Since the car is new so I would say have it checked out!
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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to say that I've recently totaled out my Malibu, and upgraded to a Pontiac GP GT.

    I'm going to xpost that post here, just because its pretty awesome, and hopefully to at least let everyone know that even though I and many others are not overly happy with some aspects of the car, it does at least appear to be relatively safe.

    I'll check back periodically, but at least for now I'm hoping many of the problems I've had in the past are not going to reoccur with the Grand Prix line.

    BTW, I just had to double check the specs myself, and parked the GP next to a Malibu. The GP is just about the same length, and width. Weighs perhaps 200# more, but is much lower and has a wider center of gravity. Also, I just can't say how happy I am with the handling of the car, especially taking turns at speed... that anti-roll enhanced sway bar stuff really kicks a## !

    If anyone is even thinking of dumping their Malibu, I'd really have to give the GP a thumbs up. I never got more than 22 MPG freeway, and now I've got this brutally fast 3.8L, and I think I'm getting closer to 28 MPG, and I drive fast.

    Check it out. And, unless you can get one of those sweet mid-90's cool a## Impala's, don't look at a Chevy again.


    Hi All,

    Well, I said I'd never buy another GM after my crappy '97 Malibu....

    My Malibu which has been somewhat problematic brake-wise, just got totaled on the freeway, and surprisingly it held up pretty good.
    Had a giant Toyota Tundra V8 swerve from lane 3 to lane 1 and ram me into the concrete guardrail at ~60 MPH. Surprisingly, he did not 'bounce' off me, but stayed stuck to me, and actually gave me an honest to goodness James Bond moment.
    In CA, the freeways usually have 4 foot cocrete lane dividers seperating N/S-E/W traffic. If you take a look at one, you'll notice that the bottom of the divider ( Jersey wall per CHP), it is wider and tapers up about 6-8 inches before becoming truely vertical.
    Well, let me just say that that is one hell of a killer design. The Toyota hit me so hard that its driver's front wheel actually broke off and was flung across the freeway.So, I guess he hit me at around maybe 50 MPH, wheel broke off, and he was left jammed into the passenger front of my car. Pushed me into the jersey wall. Above the incredible shreiking as he had his brakes locked up, I heard my drivers side wheels hit the wall, and both blow out. Also heard a really wicked grinding, crunching wail that just went on and on. After 4-5 seconds, suddenly felt me car lifting up!! I drove right up the damn wall, and actually was about vertical. The truck was still jammed into my passenger front fender, roof now, and my car was up on its passenger side wheels.

    I tell you, there nothing like looking out your windshield and seeing the world sideways, with the freeway looking like a wall all along your passenger side of the windshield.

    Needless to say, after about 7-8 seconds, the truck dropped off finally, and I literally drove down the side of the wall and stopped. Thankfully, besides minor whiplash, both my girlfriend and I were ok.

    The funny thing is, aside from some minor pre-existing dings on the drivers side, there was a small scratch on the rear fender, and no other damage from the wall.

    Absolutely insane.

    I tell you, what I wouldn't give to have been in the car behind me and to have seen this accident.

    In the end, it was a 5 car pile up, and the Toyota had actually swerved to avoid an accident in front of him, and lost control after he was clipped on his passenger front.

    So, why am I posting here?

    Well, I just replaced the Malibu with a 2000 GT.

    Now, I bought an '88 w/90K in '96 for $3300. Thought I got a good deal. Ran it into the ground, and blew the engine at 180K. Actually put a new engine in it for $2000, and sold it a few months later in Oct 98 for about $2200. I have to say, even with that pukey 2.8L it was not a bad car.

    So, fast forward several years, had several memebers of family buy Grand Ams, Grand Prixs, everyone has had good luck, aside from the general rotor problems exisiting up to I think the new '97 versions.

    My dad got the GM employee discount on a 99 SE, and when I visited last I thought it was just great. So, after doing a lot of research the past week or so, settled on the GP as a replacement.

    Had the chance to get a nice 98 SE w/29K for $12000, but kept looking. Yesterday, found a 2000 GT, 29K. The salesman was new, and didn't quite realize or later mention to the Sales Mgr. that the car had a Blaupunkt 12 disk changer in the trunk......

    So, went in, and following Edmunds excellent tutorials, made an offer of $15K.
    They sort of gawked, and sputter that they were asking $17.6, and couldn't go down that low. Also, as a SafeAmerica FCU, they told me that the best they could do for a 'member' was $15.8. I stuck to my guns, and mentioned that the Pontiac dealer down the street had the same vehicle ( minus CD) 2000 GT Coupe w/29K for $15.7 sticker.

    End of story, made it clear I wasn't going to dicker, and would walk.

    Got it for $15k straight, +tax/doc/lic.

    I guess this is about $600 below Edmunds TMV, so I'm laughing to myself thinking I got a good deal.

    Anyone care to confirm, or could I have gotten it even cheaper?

    I do have a few questions though. I will read the previous threads, but are there any 'problems' with this model, like rotors, etc?

    From the research I did, most people seem to be pretty happy, and haven't read of any major, systemic problems with the line, but it is a GM afterall.

    For comparison, you might want to take a look at the Malibu forum, and see the hassles we've had with that line.

    Anyways, thanks for any advice/suggestions you might have.

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    I purchased my new LS on New Years day. Have over 400 miles on it now. No problems. Driving is fun again......

    I am having difficulty ordering a dashmat for it. On the dashmat.com website you cannot order for an '01 Malibu, just '00. Same at my local Checker auto parts store. Can someone verify that the dash is the same as '00? Don't want to have to order it from the dealer tomorrow when I go in for tinting. - they want more money than Checker. Thanks.
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    Is the same exact car as the '00/'01 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. Both share the same W-body platform, have the same exact transmission and have the same exact 3800 Series II V-6 engine that puts 200 ponies at the front wheels. Actually, the Impala is a bit strobger than the Grand Prix since it already meets 2003 Government safety standards while the Grand Prix only meets 1997 Government standards.

    Sorry to disgress, bu the 94-96 Impala SS were ugly "whaled" sized Caprice sedans with a 5.7L V-8 engine and RWD. Aside from the nice looking wheels (Which the Y2K Impala LS gets) and the monochromatic paint scheme, the old Impala SS is a plain ugly car with a signature 'Grand Ma' interior. Been in one, driven one and aside from the power, I don't personally care for them. The Y2K Impala with the 3800 V-6 can easily out run the 94-96 Impala SS (The new Impala is lighter hence it posts similar 0-60 and 1/4 mile times and better fuel economy to boot) and outhandles it as the new Impala is much more nimble and ease to manuver than the old mid 1990's whalemobile.

    Anyway, the W-body cars have much better reliability than the N-bodies (Malibu, Alero, Grand AM) and very recent W-body sedans haven't had any brake related problems as opposed to the N-bodies. Rest assure that the 3800 engine and the powertrain combo is bulletproof and with proper care you can expect to squeeze more than 200,000 miles.

    Don't say, don't look at Chevy again. The Y2K Impala is in a very different quality and reliability class than the Malibu..no comparison.

    Enjoy your 'new' Pontiac GP..it is a beatiful car!
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    I had some Air Conditioning work done and now when I turn on my car the button defaults to the intake of outside air and when I switch my fan from on to off and I had it set to re circulate it switches back to outside air intake. If anyone can check their malibus to see if when you set your AC to re circulated air does it go back to re circulated air automatically when you turn the car off then back on or does it set to outside air intake. The dealer tells me this is how it is, I did not want to make him show me another car and be proven wrong so I took his word for it but I just can't help finding out if it is that way for everyone.

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    Hello all. I have a 98 malibu with 54000 miles and no problems until tonight. I parked the car at work and came out to find it will not start. Engine sounds ok when cranking and all power options work except the dashboard. it usually looks like a Christmas tree when the key is turned on, now it is dark, no idiot lights, no mileage indicator, nothing on the dash.. I checked as many of the fuses as I could see and all looked k. Anyone out there have any ideas? I live 90 miles from the closest dealer and do not wish to have it towed except as a last resort.. many thanks
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    I have the same problem last year when the dealer service my control unit ( the one with all the swicthes and knobs). They replaced it with a new one and it switches to outside when you turn
    on the fan or start the car (even you are not on defrost). But the worst thing is when you switch
    to recirculate the AC compressor will engage (turn on) even when you are in heat and the AC
    switch is not on. So if you use recirculate, the AC is on all the time which waste fuel and your car won't be warm fast enough in cold day. I showed them what happened and they agreed that the AC compressor indeed engages. They said they call GM and said that is the new design to prevent fogging (?) I said it's BS and insisted on them. To please me, they pull a brand new comtrol unit out of stock and installed it infront of me ( only take 3 minnutes to do it). Same thing happened. One note is that it is a different part number. THey said the old way was discontinued.
    The new PN shows up on the computer. Anyway, I have a 2000 Malibu rented last year on one of my business trip and it does not behave like that. I think it might happen to a certain lot of parts because no one in their right might to design it like that unless they smoke something.
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    From what you are saying, it makes some sense to me. When you recirculate air in the car, there will eventually be a build up of humidity (mostly from you, and rain/snow brought in). The air conditioner will remove the humidity to prevent fogging (like they said). I agree that it wastes gas, and I am not sure when they changed the design, but it seems to make sense. Out of curiosity, why do you feel the need to recirculate the air in your car? Yes, re circulating the air will heat up the interior of you car more quickly, but if you have problems with clearing the windows, it might work better to run fresh air in. On cold (less than 32 degrees) days, the humidity is usually pretty low and the fresh air coming in would be able to clear the windows more quickly than recirculating the humid air in the car.

    Does this make sense? Just a few ideas.
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    I have 2001 and it behaves exactly what has been defined above. I agree it is good to prevent fogging. One thing I know bad about keeping switch to recirculate all the time, its the main cause of mold in the vents! and I have seen this problem in the posts here months ago.
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    timmyg71>> Out of curiosity, why do you feel the need to recirculate the air in your car?

    You, like many of the automakers, seem to have forgotten the benefits of recirculating air:

    1) When that A/C can't keep up on a hot day, recirculate.
    2) When stuck behind an old, diesel truck.
    3) Going through a dust plume.
    4) Driving through Gary, Indiana.
  • aniazianiazi Member Posts: 39
    I agree with albuterol. I would like to have more control too. Sometimes I do need recirculate. And I don't want A/C to kicks off.
    Have a question just for curiosity. I think Compressor won't work if temp control is set to red area means warm. And since according my thinking compressor is not working , car won't eat up the extra gas. Am I thinking right?
  • kduong1kduong1 Member Posts: 7
    Well, I want more control too. The A/C already auto on whenever the two defrosting /defoging
    positions are selected along with auto switching to outside air. Now the car takes away more of my control on the A/C. Here in Houston, the most polutted city in America, I use recirculate most of the time. Until the Malibu is equipped with charcoal+airfilter for the A/C. I still want to recirculate the air. For Aniazi, the A/C is on even in the warm position (with recirculation on). So it is on all the time if the A/C is recirculated.
  • oldnav099oldnav099 Member Posts: 1
    My 2000 Malibu LS does the same thing I asked my dealer and he said it is supposed to do that. It helps in Defrog. Look in your manual it will tell you.
  • the_art_guythe_art_guy Member Posts: 61
    Well I had to get some new tires on my 99 Malibu LS about two weeks ago. It turned out that my alignment was out and that my front tires were chopped on the edges. So I replaced the stock Firestone Affinity's with Dunlop D60/A2's and they run beautifully. After riding with the Firestone's for a year, I could immediately tell the difference with the Dunlop's even as I was driving out of the parking lot.

    The car rides a lot smoother, there is no tire noise and braking is substantially smoother. I had these Dunlop's on my previous vehicle and had no problems with them. They are a nice riding tire, with good wet traction and they don't give out while cornering, like the Firestone's did.

    Just wanted to give my opinion. If anyone is looking for some new rubber, try the Dunlop D60/A2 tires, they're great!
  • willmanwillman Member Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Malibu with 42k miles and several months ago the "ABS" light came on. Took it in and they replaced a sensor in the wheel barring that they said had gone bad. The light has come on again.
    Also I have had some odd problems with the brakes and asked when I took it in if the brakes or rotors were wearing and I was told they were fine.

    Has anyone had problems similar to this and what did you do?
  • fkoehlerfkoehler Member Posts: 15

    I agree with the size statement, I usually do not like such a large car. However, while I can't comment on the inside of one, I still found the size shape to be pretty nice. The wheels simply added to the whole package, IMHO.

    Still, the ride is simply great comapred to even the '01 Malibu I had for a rental. The Dodge Intrepid I had for rent however had the smoothest ride I've ever had outside of an upper level Acura, or German machine.

    Conjob1, I may have had the same problem with my 97 Malibu. Are you getting the theft deterrent light on? According to the dealer, I had some ground or power wire shorted in the dash, not a fuse.

    Best of luck.
  • dhflying1dhflying1 Member Posts: 8
    Anyone had problems with the pistons in the 3.1. I had the have mine replaced at 12,000 in a 2000 Malibu. Now I've got a new car with rebuild engine.
  • robby8robby8 Member Posts: 17
    Could anyone tell me if I should be running my air conditioning in the winter to keep the rings from drying out. The owner's manual doesn't say anything about it. I have a 2000 Malibu LS. Thanks
  • iusecadiusecad Member Posts: 287
    I think if you use the defroster, the A/C is running to remove humidity so your windows stay clear...
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