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    So let's get to the bottom line.

    If a good friend was thinking of buying a new 2001 Malibu, would you recommend it or not?
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    Probably you can. After almost 5 model years the Malibu's main "Bugs" should already have been worked out by now. Apparently '99 and on models seem to display better reliability. The only reason that has kept me from gain any further interest in the Malibu is the lousy safety records of the N-body platform. The Grand Am, Alero and Malibu all are derivatives of the N-body platform. Based on my own experience GM's "Better cars" are the Bigger and sturdier W-Bodies, the Large H-Bodies and the Cadillacs sedans. GM's entry level cars, the J-Bodies and N-Bodies are not the best of the bunch and seriously outclassed by the stiff competition in the sub-compact and compact segments. Hopefully GM will discontinue the J and N body cars in just a couple of years with world class platforms (Delta, Sigma,etc). Until then, the Malibu, cavalier, Grand Am and Alero just don't cut it much anymore.
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    I would recommend Malibu to a friend, if he have kid(s) and is looking for a car in $15-20k range.

    Price range, because for extra $10k he could buy a bigger, better car.

    Kids, because Malibu is sedan, with big and convenient rear doors, seats and trunk. For single, the Olds Alero is probably a better choice - due to the 3.4l engine.
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    I bought 2001 LS and I recommend it. I compared Accord, Stratus, Malibu. Based on my needs like I love good features and Malibu was offering all I want in my price range. Plus resale and customer satisfaction of chevy is better than Dodge. Details in the brochure also impressed me as in that they explained everything in detail and it seems like they are so much focused to build a quality reliable car. I test drove all the cars but bought Malibu LS. Most of the bugs have been gone that earlier models were experiencing. Now only time will tell how is 2001. But I strongly think I am on safe side otherwise I wouldn't buy it as I don't have money to buy a car for testing. I have 2k miles now and so far perfect.
    Crash rating for front is good(4 star) but side impact is 2 star for 2000 (don't know about 2001) its up from 1 star on 99 or earlier models. Although it has side impact beam.
    If anybody buying in Austin, TX then I would recommend go to Champion Chevrolet. Their customer service and service dept before and even after the purchase is extra ordinary great.
    Especially Alex pena who worked there. I don't know about others but I guess everybody there is good.
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    I second yurakm. Don't feel alarmed by teo's comment about its safety records -- it got a good rating by Edmunds.

    My family really love our 1997 LS model. The bugs had been ironed out in the first year. I have tried another car such as Accord, Camry, and Taurus but they were too small for my tall size frame.

    Enjoy shopping!
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    In a heartbeat! I would recommend the Malibu to anyone. My 99LS has been trouble free, very reliable, quiet, very very fuel efficient, nicely designed, comfortable, great acceleration, and I could go on and on but you get the picture. God luck!
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    Just wondering what brand/type of engine oil you guys use on your Malibu's--I've got the 2.4-Liter Engine.

    On another note, yes, I would definitely recommend the Malibu to a good friend!
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    Thanks for your responses!

    I just bought a blue 2001 Malibu (also in Austin, also at Champion Chevrolet).

    I've only had it for one week, but so far I love it. It feels like I got my money's worth.

    My only regret is that I didn't opt for the remote keyless entry. I wish I had. Anyone know about getting this installed after market?
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    I guess circuit city people or best buy can install it. My friend in California told me he went to circuit city to have keyless entry and theft alarm installed for his car. As far as I remember they charged him $250-$300 or so. Dealer might be expensive but I don't know.
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    ...First time posting anywhere. Prompted to find information on '98 troubles due to a power loss problem that has popped up in the last two months.

    I purchased a new '98 Malibu LS in December 97. Selected it because of price and V6. I knew going into this that I could expect more vehicle problems than I had been used to. (Previously owned Subaru-156K miles, Acura-160K miles and 2 Hondas 130K and 90K) My experience with the previous cars was great - nothing more than the usual brakes, belts, tires, oil changes at the expected intervals. Of course, I take VERY good care of my vehicles. I'm a firm believer auto care has more to do with reliability than make or model - your car will take care of you as well as you take care of it. At least that is what I thought before I purchased the Malibu. Honestly, nothing but problems - some big, some little - 39 trips to the dealer in all including regular sevice trips.

    Ok, I'm getting to the point, my latest problem loss of power. The Malibu experiences a loss of power and "bunny-hops" as one poster stated. I can't reproduce it but it has happened 7 times in the last two months under varying conditions. Now have 42,900 miles. It has been to the dealer 4 times for this specific reason. Yesterday being the 4th. The dealer has not been able to pinpoint the problem although he was able to experience it this last time and wants it back on Monday to do more diagnostics. The mechanic that did the test drive didn't have the portable computer connected so he could pull data when it happened and wasn't able to reproduce the problem after returning to the shop to get the unit - Thanks guys.

    Anyone experience this problem and find a solution? If you haven't experienced this particular problem first hand you have no idea how frustrating it is! And it is definately a safety issue. Any assistance will be appreciated.
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    One of my Malibu 97's brake lights was broken. Put in the new bulb and it still did not work.

    Read the manual that come with the car about two fuse boxes in car(one under the dashboard and another one above the engine). I have hard time of finding which fuse for the brake light. Did not notice any bad fuses that I might miss. Noticed several Malibus on the road at night with brake light out. Did you have any experience with this? Thanks! Greg
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    I believe the problem was with the module where the light bulbs are connected to. Someone broke the lens (right side) of my Malibu and I had to buy a new unit but the old one works fine just a busted lense. My 99 never had problems so if you find out that that is the problem let me know and I can mail you the module ( no charge ). Good luck.
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    I have a 99 LS and had to have the right rear taillight bulb assembly replaced. One of the bulbs was burned out so I put two new bulbs in and then 4 weeks later the same one was burned out again.

    So I took it in to have it looked at, and was told that the circuit panel (where the bulbs plug into) was bad and that was causing the one bulb to burn out quickly. This was replaced under warranty, so I don't know what the cost would be to get a new one.

    I have also seen several Malibu's driving around with the same problem. Must have been a manufacturing problem with the earlier models.
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    I had a long and hard look at the fuses last night after taking your tips and no luck. Knew that fuses and bulb lights were fine till the art guy brought it up. It was no question about the bad circuit behind the light panel.

    Just called my dealer and they believed there is a bad circuit. Well there is no factory recall at this time. They will call me back for the replacement cost soon. I will stop by the auto store tonight and see if they have it.

    Checked the NTSB's consumer complaints section and there are no news about this. We need to report this incident to the NTSB since the Chevrolet does not recognize this as a serious problem.
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    Am looking for suggestions for replacing the original Firestone Affinity tires that came with my 98 Malibu LS. I would like something with less noise and handling. Have found the Affinitys to be noisy and they seem to be a bit soft on curves. I have the tires inflated to the recommended levels front 29/rear 26.
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    Replaced the Affinity by Firehawk SH-30. About $465 at local Firestone, all included. Tires, installation, alignment, road hazard warranty, taxes, fees...

    Like the handling and cornering very much. Much better than Affinity in dry weather, as I expected from the performance tires.

    But the difference is even higher on the wet pavement, absolutely no comparision, head and shoulders above. Practically the same as if dry.

    This is important in our places: New England, hilly terrains, winding roads, fast changing weather.

    Had no problem with the tire noise before nor after: always drive with tape on.

    The SH-30 tires are substantially more stiff than Affinity. But I am also inflating them a bit higher, to 32/29: with my driving style all tires are wearing-out on edges first.
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    The Chevrolet dealer just informed me that the circuit board for brake/tail lights costs $43 each. Well my car is no longer under the warranty.

    Do you know where i should go shopping on the internet?
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    The next generation Malibu is looking even better now thA gm has given olds the ax!! It means that the next generation will be built on the grand am/alero platform!! This will not only give us a bigger care, but hopefully it will also improve the quality and styling as well!!
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    Are you kidding?

    1. Alero and the current GA are built on the Malibu platform. Already.

    2. They are smaller cars than Malibu.

    Good as coupe, but unconvenient as sedan. Hard to get to the rear seats, less legroom here. OK for occasional use, no way if you have kids.

    Additionally, they have smaller trunk.

    3. No difference in quality. Including the infamous brake rotors: the same parts.

    4. Do you like the GA styling more than Malibu?
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    the malibu's styling makes me yawn!! Now, if only gm could infuse some of toyotas quality into it..opps i forgot it is typical gm to cut costs and make quality suffer.
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    Have a 1998 Malibu, base 6 cylinder with 20,000 miles. Have had minor problems, all fixed under warranty and with rental car supplied when part not in (dealer is good). Warranty is up in another month and I have one repeated problem: the low coolant chime and light coming on, this happening 5 or 6 times over the past nearly three years, several times they finding a small leak around the rubber hosing, other times nothing stating the sensor is very sensitive, several times doing dye test, as now putting in dye and advising I come back in two weeks; once said it reflected a sharp change in the weather. Should I expect coolant problems in the future or that this be fixed once and for all? Also noted remark about A-frame recall repair on another message. Is this something that should be done and what should I ask for? Have had no other reported problems (once overly sensitive sensor; no rattles, always starts/stops fine, good mileage, all around great car except for continuous worry about coolant leak). Thanks to all.
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    1. Given your problem occurred while the car was under warranty and this is well documented, GM have obligation to fix it for free even after the warranty will expire.

    2. There were reports on this board about coolant leaks through the engine intake (or exhaust?) manifold or its gasket. It was hard to find and a major job to fix.

    3. Are you sure this is a leak, not just an evaporation? The car manual says that it is OK to add coolant twice a year.
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    Hello All. Drove in the fiance's 9 month old Malibu for the first time in a while today. No major issues to report of yet.

    Only thing that caught my eye was this evening took the car for a ride. The car had sat since Friday afternoon, but given the rapid drop in temperature in NJ today, all the windows were fogged up. NO ICE. In my estimation, it took the rear defogger over 5 minutes just to clear the fog to where there was some visibility. Anyone with similar experiences/opinions?
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    I ended up renting a Malibu LS a couple weeks ago, and really liked it alot. Great power, roomy inside, and not too bad handling either. But, how is the reliability? I read a few places that they don't hold up well. Looking at the maintenance schedule made me think about buying one, since all you basically do is change the oil for the first 100K. And the prices seem low enough too. But how is reliability?

    Also, I noticed the lower back part of the seat kinda bulges out towards you. It gets a little uncomfortable. Is there an adjustable lumbar support available in the LS with leather seats or something? Or even individually? Let me know... Thanks!
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    Just wondering if you guys use fuel injector cleaners in Malibu? I heard gasoline already have additives that don't let the deposits stay in the fuel injectors but not sure? Do you think is it safe to use those cleaners?
  • aniazianiazi Member Posts: 39
    Look at messages from #202 - #208 for your some of the answers.
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    But what about adjustable lumbar support? Does the Malibu come with that option or not?
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    Last Saturday I test drove a 2001 Malibu sedan.

    I was not bad, especially considering the $1250 rebate matching the dealer's discount of $1250. I would have purchased the car on the spot, but the dealer was giving me nothing for my trade-in.

    I used KelleyBlueBook.com for my reference price. They said my car has a "trade-in" value of $6515. The dealer offered me $5000. That is too big of a difference for me to overlook. A State Farm use car book said it has a "loan value" of $6000.

    Has anyone found a good reliable source for determining what my car is worth?

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    I know that leather seats are an option, but what about heated seats?
  • malibu99malibu99 Member Posts: 305
    Heated seats are not available in the current generation of the Malibu, only the Impala has them. gearhead4, what kind of car and year are your trading. usually a dealership will give you less than what the blue book says. It all depends on the condition of your car, the condition of the paint/interior. It might be that they are figuring that it would take about $1000 for them to get the car to standards ( they always replace brakes, tires,...)so that could be the reason why. What model did you look at? The LS? color? Good Luck!
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    Any opinions.
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    Malibu, Grand AM and Alero are the same exact car as they all share the N-Body smaller midsize platform. The Malibu only gives you one engine choice, the 3.1L OHV V-6 with 175HP standard on both Base and LS models. The Malibu is more of a no frills, high value, smaller family sedan with reasonable power, room, comfort and amenities. The Grand AM and Alero are the two closest "Kissing Cousins" of the N-Body family as the Grand AM emphasizes on "Buck Rogers" style (Lots of plastic clad) and performance, while the Alero (Soon to be phased out) is directed to more Import oriented buyers that like a cleaner sheetmetal appareance, leather interior and a more "European look" added to the package.

    As far as sedans go, the Malibu is the roomiest. The Grand AM and Alero look more like sport sedans so they sacrifice a bit in rear head room to improve the looks.

    While I am not a sucker for Pontiac style, except the Grand Prix...but... the other day I saw a new Pontiac Grand AM GT red with tinted windows and I must confessed I really liked the distinctive racy/agressive/spacy looks of that little beast. The main advantage of the Grand AM/Alero combo is that you can get the awesome 3400 V-6 engine (Rated at 180 or 185HP) and with the stronger torque figures it can really move with authority the Grand AM GT "Ram Air" version. The 3400 V-6 turns the lighter N-Body cars into high performance pocket rockets...too bad this engine is not available in the Malibu (A Malibu GT Ram Air would rock!).

    So to summarize:

    If your "Sauce" is performance, go with the Grand AM GT or higher end Alero on either sedan or coupe versions. If your priorities are family comfort and a more restricted spending budget, then go with the Malibu.

    Things to look out for on the N-Body cars:

    * Durability concerns of front brakes

    * Poor crash testing scores

    * Not the best reliability record (Altough I am sure it really has improved)

    * Dismal re-sale value (If you buy one, drive it to the ground)

    Hope this helps.
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    My wife and I have a Malibu for two years. We also have experience with GA: rented one long enough, for three weeks or so.

    In our experience: if you have kid(s) or plan to have, get Malibu. Too much trouble to get him/them to/from the rear seats with GA. And the kids also deserve comfortable, roomy place.

    On other hand, for singles or child-less couples, I would suggest GA with V-6 engine over Malibu. The 3.4l engine have about the same power as the 3.1l, but much better torque. Especially important when entering highway.

    Exception: if you have to back-up often. A crowded parking garage, parallel parking, etc. Malibu with its high trunk lid is not so good comcerning the rear view, but with the GA it is awful.
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    I have a 1998 Malibu with an interesting problem. It appears a piece of each hubcap has melted from brake heat so that they are impossible to remove without destroying them. A Chevrolet Dealer acknowledges this problem and I am waiting for an answer on how it will handle the situation. Each hubcap costs $86. Has anyone else heard or had this problem? The car is past the warranty period.
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    I have read several of the posts on the Malibu and find them interesting. I am strictly a foreign car guy, I am a mechanical engineer, and I turn wrenches in my spare time. I have driven some of the highest quality cars on the planet, as well as some of the worst.

    My father-in-law loaned us his 1998 Malibu LS (3.1 V6), and as a favor I thought I would change the oil for him. Big mistake...you CANNOT get the oil filter out of the engine bay area without spilling all the oil out of it all over the place...it doesn't come out cleanly either from the top or the bottom. To get the new filter in, I ended up bending the AC hose out of the way, then dropping the filter down into the front of the engine compartment from the top, and then going underneath to thread the filter on and tighten it. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'd really like to meet the so-called engineer who designed this crap. I really can't believe it.

    Then, I notice that one of his brake lights is out, so I go to trak auto to get a new one...well, they don't carry a replacement bulb...for a 1998 car, they DON'T CARRY IT. I have gotten replacement bulbs for everything from Peugeots to Hondas, and they didn't have one for this Chevy...that is more crap. Just for kicks I decided I'd take the rear brake light cover off. 5 screws and some trim pieces and 10 later, I finally had it off, and had to snap off the back cover of the unit to get to the light bulbs. Unbelievable...some "qualified" engineer designed this ???? No wonder GM is going down the tubes. I suppose none of you all have to deal with these idiotic design goofs, because you probably don't change your own oil or replace light bulbs.

    To contrast, I can change brake lights on my 1989 Honda in about 5 minutes (both sides) and the oil filter comes right out, no spills. Why can't GM do the same...it is a mystery to me...care to help me with an answer ???
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    Hmmm interesting how this individual critisized the design of the rear lights and complains that it took him sooo long to change the bulbs. A few months back I had the rear tail light assembly destroyed by an SUV. It took me 5 ( countem 1...2..3..4..5) minutes to unfasten 4 wingnuts, pop out the old tail light and put a new one in. Why isn't GM like Honda..well perhaps because not everyone in this God forsaken planet wants to drive a foreign car clone. Also if you would have looked carefully you would have noticed that in the front end you can remove a panel at the bottom of the engine by unfastening a few wing nuts and voila the oil filter come out mess free. Perhaps next time look at things with a more positive attitude and things will make more sense. Good Luck!
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    I'm pretty sure the rotors on my '99 Malibu are warped- whenever I step on the brake pedal, it starts vibrating, along with the steering wheel. I plan on taking it to the shop to get the rotors machined and some new pads put on. How much should I pay? Would it be better just to get new rotors? BTW, the car has 20,000 miles on it. I had the rotors resurfaced and new pads when the car had 12,000 miles, but the problem has come again. Everything else about this car is fine though.
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    It's obvious that "malibu99" has a very objective outlook on things. I would counter that he has been brainwashed by the GM school of bad design.

    As an engineer I live by a simple motto...KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Obviously, changing out a whole tailight assembly is not going be as time consuming as taking a taillight unit out and then taking it apart to replace a bulb. You forgot that there are two wing nuts that must be removed to remove the carpet lining of the trunk and then there is a piece of trim that has to be removed in addition. (this may be different on your 99) KISS...it is alot simpler on other well designed cars. Care to explain to me why I can't get a brake light bulb at a local auto parts store ?? (Could it be because GM wants to charge me 5 dollars for a 50 cent part ??)

    Also, thanks for the tip on removing some wing nuts and taking a plastic panel off the bottom of the car so I can cleanly remove the filter. What planet are you from ???? This is normal ?? I have never, ever, had to remove anything like that from any other car to get at the oil filter (I've done hundreds of oil changes). Again...KISS. It would seem to me that GM engineers could benefit from this lesson.

    And as for your slam about "foreign car clones..." I don't quite understand it. The GM Malibu IS a foreign car clone. The design of the malibu is years behind the Honda Accord (Toyota Camry, Mazda 626, etc.) Drive one of those other cars, and you'll understand. The malibu was made to compete with Honda et. al. because GM was getting (and is still getting) hammered in the mid-size sedan segment.

    Thanks for your comments, but I think we see this from different points of view. Oh, and I don't believe in luck.
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    I have a 98 Malibu. Recently changed the brake bulbs. Did it the first time in my life, with any car.

    Replacing the first pair of bulbs took less than 10 minutes, including cleaning carbon from contacts (but excluding buying the bulbs and sand-paper). Did it a parking lot of local Pep Boys. Next day replaced the bulbs on the other side; it took less than 5 minutes.

    Yes, there are three nuts holding the rear lights assembly, and it is more convenient to move aside the felt carpet, after removing another two nuts. But the plastic nuts are big and it is very easy to remove them without any tool. 20 seconds for nut or so.

    Do not remember any trim to remove. Probably, this is specific to the LS. My Malibu is a base model.

    Likely, it was easy for me because I am not a mechanical engineer.

    As to the bulb availability, I found them in the very first auto part store I visited. The Pep Boys even carries not one, but two sorts of bulbs: standard and long-life. Both are made by Sylvania. The standard ones are made in Slovakia.

    I believe, the same bulbs are used in most of modern GM cars.
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    Thanks for the info on the bulbs...
    Trak Auto, our friendly neighborhood auto store is probably one of the worst auto parts stores around. Of course, that is a discussion for another time. I'll have to check out Pep Boys. Glad that it didn't take you that long to change out the bulbs. Sure, 10 mins. is not alot of time...I guess in my experience, it is just easier on other cars. Simple designs are better designs, the more you have to take off, (in my opinion) the worse the design. Maybe being an engineer doesn't help in these situations.
  • csb1csb1 Member Posts: 16
    Well, it appears as though we have touched a nerve here...
    I really don't have much to say to you in reply Mr. Malibu, as it is obvious that this discussion is quickly degrading to the level of obscenities and personal attacks, which you must use to make your rather vacuous points about your beloved Malibu.

    My main point was that the car is poorly designed, nothing more. I could find many automotive/mechanical engineers that would agree with me. I'm glad that it works for you and hope that you enjoy it in the future. I'd be interested to hear how you like your car after 100,000 miles. As far as it being a GREAT car... well, that is your opinion, and it is obvious that for you, ignorance is bliss.

    I will now leave you to your blissful state.

    Fare thee well... and once again, I do not believe in luck.

    P.S. - Considering the fact that you have no idea who I am or how much I make, your statements are puzzling. For all you know, I could be a design engineer for Honda.
  • csb1csb1 Member Posts: 16

    It amazes me that you would have to replace brake pads after 12,000 miles. Unless you drive like a race car driver, that is highly unusual. I would spring to have the rotors replaced at this point. Rotors should not warp at 12,000 miles or 20,000 miles through normal use. Sometimes the service people can warp the rotors on your car by overtorquing the lug nuts.

    Also, cars can sometimes come right off the factory floor with warped rotors...the reason is "Bubba." Bubba is the fella at the end of the assembly line who gets paid 40,000 dollars a year to use a pneumatic gun to torque the lug nuts on your unsuspecting malibu. And while the torque spec is probably around 60 ft-pounds, Bubba makes sure that they are torqued to 100 ft-pounds or more...just so the wheels don't fall off. What Bubba doesn't realize is that overtorquing can instantly warp the rotors (you see, ignorance is bliss).

    I have taken cars into the shop for brake pad replacement, or inspections, and after they did the work, the rotors were warped...even if they didn't touch them...basically they simply over-torqued the lugnuts, and warped the rotors. Always ask for lug nuts to be hand-torqued.

    As far as turning rotors (rotors are NEVER resurfaced...they are simply ground down or "turned"), I wouldn't do it, for two reasons. One, the less rotor material there is, the less heat dissipation you get and that means you are going to cook your brakes if you use them much. The thinner a rotor gets, the easier they warp. Also, if rotors are surface hardened, the hardening will only penetrate the surface so deep, once you machine off this hardened layer, your rotors are basically going to turn to mush. I would bet that your rotors are below spec. since they turned them once already at 12,000 miles, and that may well have caused them to warp now, at 20,000 miles, due to poor heat disspiation. So, since it should still be within warranty, I'd have them slap on a new pair of rotors, AND hand tighten the lug nuts to the specified torque.

    Hope this helps.
  • crazymalercrazymaler Member Posts: 16
    Hey csb1, thanks for the info. I do drive a little more agressively than others, but definitely not so much so that the brakes would warp/wear so quickly. I rotated the wheels myself (at 18k miles) and used a torque wrench set to 100 ft-lb (as specified in the manual). The vibration coming from the brakes started before I rotated the wheels, though. I will make sure I watch the service guy this time through so that they don't do something overly stupid.
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    You wrote that never need to change the Malibu brake bulb. The same was with me until recently. Even told my wife that it is somewhat strange.

    It turned to be that GM puts two bulbs in every rear brake light. The light works OK even when one of the bulbs burned out. But it is hard to see that it need replacement. At least need to know what to look for.

    After changing both bulbs at one side, and learning about the two bulbs issue, I checked the light at the other side. It turned to be one of the bulbs also burned out.

    GM recommends to replace the bulbs in pairs, even when one of them works fine.
  • yurakmyurakm Member Posts: 1,345
    Would not it be more productive to discuss the issues, not persons? And especially the salaries and spending patterns?

    Concerning Malibu:

    The car had problems with quality / reliability in 97-98 (am not sure about the later years). The infamous warping front brake rotors, and a lot of small things. So-so OEM tires. And Malibu is more noisy, than it Japanese competitors, Camry and Accord.

    But the brake lights is a no-issue.

    First, in my experience, they were replaced only once in the two years I have the car.

    Second, it takes roughly 20-30 minutes to drive to an auto parts shop, to find the bulbs here and to pay at check-out. The replacement itself is a small part of the total time. Even if it the bulbs could be replaced in zero seconds, the overall time would be about the same.

    On the other hand, replacing them without screwdriver is very convenient. And, because the whole lights assembly is removable, I could verify the new bulbs without the outside help. Just put the assembly on the trunk lid, pressed the brake and watched how they work in the mirror.
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    Is perfectly allowable and being "happy" with your car is not a requirement for participation in this forum. Attacking the character, abilities and occupations of other guests is not something that is allowed. If it becomes apparent that the purpose of the negative feedback is to simply disrupt the forum and cause trouble, I will step in. I do not see a need for that here, yet. On the other hand, I am removing some posts that have engaged in personal attacks.

    malibu99, my college roommate has worked for Honda R&D in brake systems since we graduated. He drives an '86 Camry (same car he had in school, now with over 200K) as his daily driver and a '90 CRX with some cool one-of-a-kind cams other special non-production items that came out of R&D. He recently purchased a Prelude but that was only after working at Honda for quite a while. To say that if you work for an auto manufacturer you must be driving a late model vehicle of your employer's make is not accurate. In most cases, it's true but not always.

    Take it easy,

    Sedans Host
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    I appreciate your stepping in here. We should definately stick to the cogent issues here...cars.
  • csb1csb1 Member Posts: 16

    I remember that 100 ft-lbs is the spec for the malibu, which seems high, but that is what it is. You might consider going to an aftermarket rotor, maybe a Brembo, or something like that, which may cost more, but might give you better service than a OEM rotor. If you want to go nuts, you could get cross-drilled rotors, and then you'd never have a problem with cooling, especially not on the road.

    Be sure that they make these repairs under warranty. It doesn't seem right to me that you should have to pay for something that is mostly their fault.

    Later !
  • njdevilsrnnjdevilsrn Member Posts: 185
    I cannot believe my post from yesterday was deleted and viewed as a personal attack. I guess in the view of this forum moderator it is within the realm of good taste to come on this board and rile everybody up with viewpoints that have no basis in FACT, but questioning the reliability of this "source" is out of bounds.

    I have grown tired. Dear kiddies, feel free to run about your fiefdom, as I am sure this post won't survive long either.

    Mature conversation and this board cannot be used in the same sentence without using a negative.
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