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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • Does anyone know if I can get my 2000 Malibu retro fitted with the auto headlight override feature that seems to be included in the 2001?

    It doesn't always turn them on when I want them and at other times, I wish I could shut them off. I think I can handle turning the lights on all by myself.

    I've had my Malibu since last December and haven't had to go back to the dealer for any warranty work yet! Great car. I get 28 mpg going to work and 32 on the road. I broke the brakes in slowly and have no problems associated with the earlier models.

    I did dump the cheap Firestone Affinity's and put on good Michelins. Much better 'feel' on the road. I have the old tires in storage and can put them on later when I resale.

    Great car!
  • a few months ago, when my 1998 malibu was still under warranty, my ABS light was coming on intermittently. I took it in to have it checked out, and they told me that the relay needed to be replaced. They did that, and the $10 was covered by the warranty. Now, a few months later, when my car is past the warranty period, the same thing is happening again. I again took it in, and this time, for some reason, the speed sensor is shorting out. IT will cost over $300 just for the part, and an additional $200 or so for the labor. $500+ for a problem that was supposed to be fixed before? Quite a coincidence i must say. It makes no sense to me. With that sensor not working, my anti lock brakes will not work. What good are they to have if you cant use them? WInter is coming and i live in WIsconsin, so they are much needed here. I am a single mom and cant afford that kind of money for a car that was bought thinking it would be reliable since it was so new. I have lost all faith in Chevrolet products and want no part in them anymore. I plan to sell the pile of crap and never buy chevy again.
  • Did you ask them if they would cover it under warranty? Sometimes they will. Either way don't blame Chevy for the dealer's mistake. When the relay goes they need to replace the sensor also or it will short out because of the new part. So to beggin with it was the dealerships mistake. My Berreta once blew the relay and they had to replace almost $300 in electronics because everything else needed to be replaced. Even though it wasn't bad the new relay would have caused a voltage change and would have ruined the sensor. All covered under warranty. Give them a try, they might just do it . Good luck. :-)
  • I have a question about engine heat needle. Wondering if anybody has that experience. After driving for a while if you stuck badly in a traffic and A/C on (like very slow moving traffic)I see the engine heat needle (that usually stays at the middle) moves slightly higher than middle. It comes back very quick if you go above 30 MPH. DOes anybody has also notice that and does it just go little higher from middle and stays there or reaches to red spot???
  • What exactly is so cool about the "RDS" radio in the new Malibu's? It seems everyone is very excited about this feature.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    RDS is kinda like those cool radar detectors that tell you there is an accident ahead or that there is a specific icy road condition in certain areas. You can basically customize your car to set readio stations, keep the light son for aa ceratin period of time aftre the car is off, set certain prefferences for different key fobs. Nice feature. I really liked that feature when I test drove the Impala but unfortunaltely not an option for 99 or 2000.
  • i have a 98 malibu ls... the car will sporadically lose power when making turns, going up or down hills and now its starting to do it on speeds over 60 while on the highway.. ive had it to the dealer 4 times and the factory tech had it for two days and drove it 250 miles and nothing happened of course...i picked it up from the dealer and it happened 2 miles after i picked it up...chevy usa has said since the dealer cannot diagnose the problem cause it doesnt happen to them there is no problem so go away..what happens is the car will start to decelerate slightly and will not accelerate, doesnt matter how far youve gone, whether the engine is hot or cold, sometimes it happens after driving 10 miles, sometimes 200 miles,u put your foot on the gas and nothing happens, even if u floor it..if u release the gas pedal and touch it lightly the car will then pick up speed after a few hundred yards...very annoying and scary especially when theres a car behind you...anybody have this desperate...
  • aniazianiazi Posts: 39
    Besides whatever features mentioned by malibu99 there are some other great features too like it shows you the name of the song being played by a radio station, it can search for radio station by category like pop, rock, rap, country, weather, traffic etc. If you set it to weather alert and if there is weather alert it will stop the CD or tape and let you hear the weather alert! etc
  • Does anyone know if there is a way I could wire it so that when the "Lock Out" button is engaged it not only disables the window switches on the other three doors but the power lock switch on the passanger's door as well? I am tired of some immatural friends of mine who act like they have never seen power locks before and play with my power lock switch whenever they get a chance......
  • Bought a '00 Malibu LS two weeks ago, so far have 550 miles on it. We both liked it very much and hope to keep the car for many years if it cooperates with us.
    Have following questions and would appreciate your inputs.
    1. In Owner's Manual, it states "Don't drive at any one speed -- fast or slow -- for the first 500 miles." Does anyone know the technical reasons for this?
    2. The car comes with standard 3-yr/36,000-mile warranty. The dealer also offers 6-yr/60,000-mile extended warranty from GM, which costs considerably higher than others available from credit union or the Internet. Does anyone have any recommendations on this?
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    The reason they say not to drive at a set speed for the first 500 miles is because your engine is breaking in during that period. Basically if you go at one set speed during that time the engine will wear uneven and it could result in harsh performance in the future. Keep the speeds below 60MPH and just do some city driving or so. This will allow the metal parts to start wearing evenly and it will help your engine "get used" to your driving habits. After that have fun!

    I haven't had experiences with other warranties but I did have experience with GMPP. It was ok since I only had to use it twice ( hood cable, solenoid) for my Beretta.

    Good luck!
  • ghtrapghtrap Posts: 26
    The extended warranty from the dealer is loaded with profit for the dealer. They will negotiate if pressed on the price.

    If they refuse to negotiate, consider one of the other options. Read the fine print carefully. Your credit union's deal may be more credible than some of the internet deals. Stay with known companies.

    Good luck!
  • I bought '97 malibu in July with only 30,000 miles on it. I was able to get a one year warranty with the purchase to cover any unexpected problems. I like this car. The only thing is, I have this uneasy feeling about it. I notice that the car seems to vibrate and throb when I'm at idle or at low speeds. I don't know if it contines when I'm on the freeway because I can't sense it. Also, when I'm on the freeway, the acceleraton seems sluggish sometimes, especially going up-hill. Other than that the car runs great and is in pristine condition. My dad, who knows about cars, says that there is nothing wrong with it, but I still feel uncomfortable. Any ideas to my mind at rest?
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Just sit back and enjoy the drive without focusing on problems. The mind is tricky and since the 97 model s was kinda iffy it can create unnecessary worries, Not all 97 and 98 models were bad. enjoy the car :-)
  • sauer4sauer4 Posts: 1
    I am new to this but somehow stumbled onto this site, in my search for reviews. My husband and I have recently been offered a deal on a 1998 Malibu LS. I was just wondering what this car is all about. Any out there with Pros? Cons?
    We currently own a 1991 Honda Accord with 199,860 miles on it!! AND I still love it!! I have heard that this Malibu is comparable to the Accord. Is this true? I still have alot of miles left on my Accord, but need something newer, with less miles.
    Anyone with any info, please pass it on...
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    The Malibu is comparable to the Accord but I would look into a late 99 model. While not ALL 97-98 models were bad some issues were present. However keep in mind that most 98 owners haven't had major issues, mosty issue were the 97 models built in 1996. That's all the info I can offer right now. I have a late production 99 and I love this car more everyday. Great car! Good luck!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I have a 98 Malibu, build in July 97. We bought it used (and probably somewhat abused) in September 98, when it was one year old, with 15k miles on odometer. Not LS one, but close thing: 3.1l v-6 engine, power everything, and very decent cassette radio with 6 speakers in 4 places. We had put additional 21k miles, mostly city traffic, and have 2 years experience with this car now.

    Our friends have an 4-cylinders Accord of about the same age, so I probably can compare.

    The Malibu is more powerful, have better acceleration. Especially at slower speed, as in city. Not bad at highways too: passing and takes hills better than any 4 bangers, and than most of older v-6 cars, but not competitive with v-6 Accords or Camry of the same age.

    The Malibu is larger, especially inside. Have a huge trunk, were we load all our beach stuff at spring and are carrying it till late fall. A lot of legroom at rear - very important with teenager kids and, again, can easy load and carry a lot of belonging.

    The Accord is substantially quieter. At least comparing with the base Malibu: I have read somewhere than the LS Malibu have more noise-suppressing materials.

    I'd said that the Accord's dash is a bit more convenient. Mostly it is just matter of time to became accustomed, but the Malibu dash has one substantial drawback: the air condition ducts cannot be adjusted to aim high enough, away from both driver and the front passenger.

    There was only one substantial design problem with Malibu: the front brake rotors were prone to warp. Currently GM changed the design or material, and the problem is all but disappear. But the replacement at Chevrolet dealership may cost $300 to $500. There are some aftermarket brakes with even better reputation, and they are also cheaper. But be prepared to spend this money, if you are buying the Malibu.

    Concerning the build quality: our friends had no problems with their Accord. With we could to say the same about our car. Nothing major, but we had smaller problems to solve every time when we visited our dealer to change oil. Some sticky sensor at the door (simply need lube), failed speaker, noise from the strut (again, simply lube), the plastic cord holding the fuel tank plug was broken at 34k, a fun resistor need to be replaced...

    Summary: Malibu have better powertrain and the general design, Accord have better attention to detail both in design and build quality. Probably Accord will be more reliable and serve longer, but it is much more expensive, especially with used cars.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    I didn't see that one in the brochure!

    I guess you can have too much fun in a Malibu?

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Or yes, many typos. The spellchecker does not read my mind well :-(
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    be careful. Ralph Nader will be calling you to find out how they work and then will require them in all cars for 2002!

    ok last time, I promise. :~)
  • I own a Y2K Malibu Purchased Nov. 99. When I picked up the car I noticed a small yellow dot under the clearcoat. The salesman said bring it back in a week which I did, only to find out the body shop knew nothing about my coming and couldn't get to it for another weak. This is a 160 miles for me round trip. When I finally got it done the hood had half a dozen little what I would call boogers in the clearcoat and the dot was still there. So I informed them that they would be redoing it which I again had to come back later to have done. I was informed upon my complaint that even new cars off the truck aren't in new condition sometimes. All the while any time they inspected the mysterious yellow dot they had to rub on it as if I was too retarded to figure out that it wasn't under the clearcoat. I had heard bad things about this dealership previously but was in a situation that needed immediate attention and this was the only place offering relief. So in a sense I made a deal with the Devil.
  • My Y2k has been an excellent car. I have had my share of problems and concerns though. I had to have the front rotors replaced at 12K miles because of a dangerous shimmy that would almost throw you of the road. I too have noticed the turn signal not shutting off when I believe it should.

    Has anyone noticed a vibration throughout the car with the brakes applied like at a stoplight. Mine feels like kids rustling in the back seat.

    I have noticed a squeel generally only at idle coming from the engine that sounds a little bit like something rubbing inside the motor.

    The brakes shimmy slightly and make an awful noise while braking in the rain or just when they get wet.

    I have contemplated taking it in to have the problems checked out but we all know the answers we get from service shops on such issues. The car now has 19K and the dealer that changed the rotors the first time said that at this high of mileage it would not be covered under warranty as it is normal wear and tear even though the new ones have only been on for 7K miles.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for such long postings.
  • ghtrapghtrap Posts: 26
    I, too, have a Y2K Malibu. The only thing I've had the dealer work on is an out-of-round tire discovered on the inital test drive. I've since replaced those lousy Firestones with Michelins.

    This has been just simply a fantastic car for me. I have had it only since last December, but drive quite a bit and now have 18,000 miles on it. I broke the brakes in slowly and have had NO problems.

    It hasn't been back to the dealer for anything since December. Your brake problems sound like the problems found on the '97-'99 Malibu's.

    Don't feel like you shouldn't take it back to the dealer because you feel they won't find anything. Just keep documentation about your visits in case you need to use it to support your position in the future.

    Chevy seems to have fixed most of their Malibu problems by mid '99 and on. Sorry to hear you're having a few. Just keep after them and keep your documentation.

    Good Luck.
  • You wrote: "The brakes shimmy slightly and make an awful noise while braking in the rain or just when they get wet."

    I get the SAME EXACT problem, the brakes also seem less effective as well (but this could be caused just cuz its wet).

    I have never had my rotors replaced or anything (Yet!) so they are still stock.

    Also could you describe that vibration you feel at a stop light a little more? I too had a quite violent vibration that shook the entire car which turned out to be a bad drivers side radiator fan. I still get a slight vibration inside the car at idle which i havent been able to track down yet.

    Damn i thought it was just me with this turn signal thing. Although it hasnt happend lately i have noticed it in the past.

    Perhaps our cars were built by the same guy :)

    I'm going to take the car in for that wet brake problem to see what they say, oh yeah it appear to be only coming from the front passenger side for me is it the same for you? I'll let you know what they say. I probably wont take it in for another week or so though becuase of school etc.

    Has anyone started up an Egroups email list for our malibu's yet? if not i might start one up, i find it easier to reply to messages etc.

    If anyone wants to email me about the Car or Egroups thing you can at [email protected]
  • Well I decided to go ahead and create an Egroups commuinity for Chevy Malibu owners. You can subscribe at:
  • in my dad's 2000 Malibu is a full body shuddering -- like the brakes are grabbing gently, then firmly, about 3 times a second. Usually happens when coming to a stop from around 40 MPH. Pedal is also spongy much of the time - could this be the rotor problem?

    About 3600 miles on this Malibu, just got the 3k service done last week, no major problems yet (that we know of).
  • ddg1ddg1 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Malibu with 36,000 miles, and really no problems to speak of. However, at about 4,000 miles the car began to develop the same pulsing/shudering problem you mentioned. At 7,000 the dealer indicated that they were having that problem and replaced brakes & rotors under warranty. No problems since.
  • Yep, my brakes squeel when they are wet too. If you don't know, the factory Malibu brake pads are made of a porcelain mixture. The porcelain is used in lieu of metal (i.e. semi-metalic pads), to reduce or eliminate noise in normal braking and supposedly to increase life span. If you notice, most cars have some squeeling brakes when they are dry. In my case, I don't hear a thing when I break (when dry, in a 99 malibu). A mixed blessing, I suppose (depends on where you live i.e. Seattle vs. Pheonix). There are only a handful of cars with these kind of pads: Grand Cherokee, Camry, Accord, and a few others (this is acording to the brake pad manufacturer I used to replace my wore-out pads)
  • It looks like I will be purchasing a new Malibu within the next few days. My main reason for choosing the Malibu is that I have a GM Card rebate of approximately $5,800 to be applied towards the final purchase price of any GM vehicle. After looking at the available options in GM cars (Alero, Grand Prix, Regal, Impala and Malibu) it looks like your best value for the money is the Malibu. Considering the '00 Malibu now offers a $2000 rebate vs. $750 for the newer '01 Malibu. Which year model should I buy?
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Both are excellent choices, however, the 2001 has some suspension and brake refinements that make the car even smoother and quieter to drive. I have a 99LS and have no excessive road noise in my car so I'm sure if the 2001 is even better then it must be even nicer to drive than a 2000. If money is the concern get the 2000 but if you want the added refinements and suspension changes go for the 2001, seems like you have a good rebate anyway :-). Good luck.
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