2001 Dodge Ram Truck idle problem

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I have a 2001 Dodge Ram has an intermittent idle problem. When started it will immediately die. I have to give it some gas to keep it running. After I drive for a while, from 3 to 5 minutes, it will idle again. If I pull up to a stop sign or light, I have to shift to neutral and keep reving the motor to keep it running until it wants to idle on it's own. There does not appear to be any specific conditions as to when this will happen. Somedays it does not do it at all. Other days it happens first thing in the morning and other days it happens in the afternoon. Any ideas on what to do would be appreciated. Thanks. I had the fuel pump replaced about 6 months ago so I do not think it is the pump. It has about 138,000 miles on the engine.


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    This could be one of two problems:
    1 Weak or failing battery. The PCM can be sensitive to low battery voltage. With engine running battery voltage should be 14v plus or minus 0.2v A battery that is over 3 years old should be checked first.
    2 IAC or idle speed motor. Located on back side of throttle body. I think it's held in with Torx head screws
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    The other guy is right. The first thing you need to check is your battery.
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    with the mileage and the truck u may have an 02 sensor going bad or maybe a vaccum leak. i have a 01 ram v6 and was having problems with the o2 sensor on it and it was flooding out not idling right and come to find out that the o2 sensor in front of the catt. converter actually sends signals to ur comp. and will adjust ur fuel to air mix and it keeps changing so u might run a diag.test on it to see if it pops up there is not really any need to worry about ur rear o2 because that one just regulates ur back backpressure.
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    as the other ppl were saying it could also be the batt. u can get all that checked at ur local o rielly or autozone
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    I have an 02 1500 4.7 idles erratic jumps 4-500 rpm rpm change at idle and while driving on highway replaced pvc idle control actuator cleaned throttle body and ran injector cleaner thru-------any ideas?
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    Check battery voltage while engine is running. PCM can be sensitive to low battery voltage. Is the check engine light on? Auto Zone or Pep Boys will check codes for free.
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