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Mazda MPV



  • I don't know if this is helpful but...while I was shopping for my ES I went to Flemington Mazda. They had a lot of MPVs, roughly 3 weeks ago. They would have sold an ES for $1000 below invoice, using the the dealer incentive. See my entry above...somewhere. I didn't buy there only because it was over a hour from my house and I got a comparable arrangement closer.
    They seem to have a good inventory to choose from.

    It would seem to me you would be better off waitng until after the 5th. The incentives may even be better since the '01s will be out soon.

    Good is a nice vehicle, so far. No problems.
  • I understand that the new incentives will be announced tomorrow (hopefully). If I call Mazda Customer Service, they will tell me what they are. The question that I have is how do you find out if there is a factory to dealer incentive if Customer Service won't tell you. I asked and they said that they wouldn't tell me and that it's up to the dealer to tell.

  • Help! We are in the market to buy a convertable car seat. Do any of you have suggestions on which convertable car seats fit best in the second row.
  • I've noticed many people recommend the 4 seasons package. We just had a salesman tell us that it is mainly sold up North where it is colder than here in Alabama/Georgia. Is this true? Would the rear a/c be sufficient for cooling without 4 seasons?
  • The 4 seasons package is not meant for cooling. It is for HEATING PRIMARILY AS I UNDERSTAND IT.
    The Mazda brochure describes exactly what it includes and the features refer to under the hood items, such as heavy duty battery.
  • We didn't get the 4-seasons pkg. and regret it!
    Here's why: The pkg. includes larger radiator, rear heat, larger windshield washer capacity, heavy duty rear defrost, and auxillary transmission cooler. If you have rear a/c, you can't adjust the temperature (only the fan speed) without the rear heat. Our rear a/c is freezing cold and we regret not being able to adjust it's temperature. The 4/s pkg. is the only way to fix that problem. Also, consider this: The engine is probably underpowered and the tranny works pretty hard sometimes. The auxillary cooler that comes with the 4/s pkg. should help the tranny last longer. For only $344.00 extra (invoice pricing), I believe it's worth every penny -IMHO! Cheers.
  • I can't believe it. Just talked to Mazda Customer Service. The said that the current incentives are now good through October 31. She said that she thinks the 2001's will be out early November. I thought it was late September. Almost every manufacturer has killer incentives right now to sell their vans. I just don't get it. The MPV's just sit on the lot and don't move. With no incentives, why would I buy a 2000 model now? It's silly. I test drove a Grand Voyager SE on Saturday and they were willing to offer it to me for $22,000. It had over a $28,000 sticker price. I'm gonna heavily consider it.

  • After following the MPV discussions for a long time and hoping for for the 3.0 engine in the 2001 model, we conceded defeat and bought an ES a few days ago. It's our first minivan, and the comments in the MPV topics have been very helpful and reassuring.
    Our van is a green ES with the following options: 4 seasons; roof rack, fog lights, 3 in 1 stereo, rear bumper protector and luggage tray (whatever you call the liner in the luggage area - we have a dog who sheds). Price was $23,900 including delivery fee, not including tax and registration. I think I could have gotten it for a little less but I was under spousal pressure to close the deal pronto! Delivery is in the next few days. Dealer was Mazda Gallery in Norwood, Mass.
    We have 2 young kids who are very excited. Our current car is a 1992 basic Taurus wagon and this is a big step luxury-wise. My only real gripe is that the driver's seat has no power adjustment, which seems lame for the high end model. My wife is about 5' and I am 5'8" on a good day so there will be a lot of readjusting whenever we switch. My wife is also disappointed that the passenger doors are not power operated, but they feel pretty light to me, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm looking forward to joining the Cruisers' Club. Thanks again to all the detailed posters in these forums.
  • Just for the sake of it, I called Mazda Customer Service back and asked about the incentives again. This time they told me that there was a $1,000 customer rebate. I hope they are right this time. Still not sure if they are continuing with the $1,000 dealer incentive.

  • jb03jb03 Posts: 31
    Congrats on your new purchase. An ES with the options you indicated for $23,900? Sounds like you got a good deal for a little more than $1,000 below invoice. For the sake of other posters in the process of buying, were the dealers in your area willing to give both the $1,000 dealer incentive and Mazda financing?

    Thanks for any additional info you can share and welcome to the club.

  • jb03jb03 Posts: 31
    I would think that they would continue the dealer incentive along with the new customer rebate. They've got to move the excess inventory somehow. If I had waited just one more month, I could've gotten an additional $1,000 off...but I can't complain, I was able to get a great deal on a good van.

    I wish the the best in your decision making whatever the choice.

  • My deal on the ES was without financing. The salesman asked me if it was a cash transaction several times before he gave his final offer. I assume it would not have been as attractive if I wanted financing. All this is now probably moot with the new incentives.
  • Well, I just got back from the dealer, and they insisted that there was no $1,000 rebate, just the $1,000 factory to dealer. I'm gonna call Mazda again and see what the story is. They offered me an LX that with the $1,000 came out to about $600 under invoice.

  • I think that people are using the $1,000 "dealer incentive" and $1,000 "customer rebate" to mean the same thing.

    Last I heard from dealer this morning was that the incentive/rebate had not changed on the MPV.
  • I also bought from Mazda Gallery. They said I could pick up the van at 11am. When I arrived, it was not ready. They hadn't touched it. Made me wait 'till 6pm!
    My two cents...CALL FIRST! :)
  • otishotish Posts: 59
    Hi - we have the Fisher Price Safe Embrace and it works great in our van. I use a part of a pool noodle and shelf liner (because of leather seats to keep from sliding at all). The noodle helps to keep it at the correct angle when rear-facing. I took it to a child safety seat check to be installed and they had no problems. However, when rear-facing I have to have the front passenger seat pushed forward and staight up to have enough room for the child seat. (That is pretty common with the convertibles when rear-facing as they take up a lot of room). However, she is safest rear-facing so will be this way for a while longer (she turns 1 on Friday!)

    Also, I wanted to address some posts that I just read from a couple weeks back about the tether anchor points. PLEASE be sure that you are using the correct tether anchor spots (they are not automatically installed in the U.S.) although they have the pre-cut areas. If you use a hook that is not meant for a tether anchor (such as a cargo hook) it is probably not strong enough and could allow the tether to fly around the van during a crash and injure someone! One of the tether bolt anchor points is right next to a cargo hook (that gray plastic thing). DON'T USE THAT! The force of a collison is immense and a tether strap could break off of the hook.

    My dealer installed my tether bolts for free (the parts were $7.40) and it was well worth it. Yes, I got a universal kit with my Safe Embrace but this thing looks great in the van (they match them to the interior and have a cover for when not in use).
  • Just came back from the dealer a little while ago. Here's the deal I got on an Emerald Mica LX with Security Pkg, Rear Air, 4 seasons, roof rack, NLEV (PA), fog lights and 3 in 1 audio. Sticker price of $25,575. I'd be getting the van with the $1,000 cash back for $22,565. They said that invoice price was 23,565, I calculated it to be 23,261, but not a big difference. They also gave me more than a couple other dealer offered me for my trade, and about $400 more than I expected. I was hoping for better incentives to be released today, but under the circumstances, I think I got a pretty good deal. Any oppinions?

  • Your deal seems reasonable to me (at least I'm hoping so because mine was very similar).

    I used the website e-mailing my quote to several dealers. E-mail negotiations is so much easier and efficient than dealing with in-person strong-arm tactics. Highly recommended. Although only 3 dealers were hooked-up to receive e-mail and only 1 actually responded in a timely manner (1 said they'd call and didn't and the other never contacted us).

    The deal I received was $23,759 plus DMV & Dealer Admin Fees of $78 on a Highlight Silver LX with Touring Pkg, 4 Seasons, Power Moonroof, 6 CD Changer, Rear Air, and Roof Rack.

    The Fleet Dealer originally quoted me invoice plus $250 dealer markup less any applicable rebates. So $24,909 (which included destination charge) minus $1,000 dealer incentive netting out to a total of $23,909. Since the vehicle just arrived on the lot and hadn't been unwrapped and inspected yet, I counter-offered at 23,750 since the 2% of base msrp ($445) would be pure profit since they wouldn't have to pay for inventory/showing costs. They came back saying $23,759 would be $100 over invoice.

    I too was hoping for better incentives today, but hadn't been able to definitely confirm anything. Can anyone confirm the rebate and/or incentive situation with the MPVs?

  • Mazda will NOT offer BOTH $1000 rebate and special financing. You must pick one or the other. Since these offers both come directly from Mazda, there are no variations. If a dealer is offering both special financing (thru Mazda Credit Corp) and a rebate, the rebate is coming from the dealer (not Mazda).

    The $1000 customer incentive may be a special offering in some specific areas/regions but is NOT a nationwide offer (like Mazda financing or the manufacturer's $1000 rebate). Perhaps some areas have rephrased the orig $1000 rebate.
  • Hey there steeplejack! We must have passed each other in the showroom. Mazda Gallery appears to have a communications problem. Our whole family (self, wife and two kids) went there yesterday after calling earlier in the day and getting the O.K to pick up our MPV. Guess what? No car. They forgot to get the plates and didn't tell us till we got there late in the evening. The salesman was appropriately apologetic and said he'd make it up to us with some free oil changes. At least we got to see it and get a run-through of the features. While showing us all the gizmos he discovered that the slide to side bar was missing from the second row seat! He's delivering the car to us personally today.
    On another subject, their service department has a free scheduled oil change at 1,000 miles. I recall reading elsewhere that it wasn't necessary, but since it's free, what the heck.
    I was feeling a little stupid about buying the car just a few days before the extra incentives were reported in the recent postings, but it seems that they don't apply here. Glad to see that many other readers are taking the plunge now that dealers are eager to sell. I swear I've seen more MPV's on the road since we bought ours and I haven't even got it yet.
  • Steven, which part of PA do you live? Which dealer are you using?
  • I noticed that some of you have shopped/purchased in the Northern NJ area. I am planning to buy a 2000 MPV ES within the next week and would appreciate any advice on which dealers to check out for the best deals.

    I've read on this list that some people seem to have gotten both the $1000 off and Mazda financing. Has anyone in the NNJ area gotten this deal? If so where?

    Thanks. Also, this is my first post and I want to thank all of you for the great info in previous messages. I feel that I've learned a lot about the MPV and also feel confident about what price represents a good deal.
  • Hello. I live in Horsham, and I made my deal with North Penn Mazda. We've decided to go with the Rainforest Green instead of the Emerald Mica. I take delivery tomorrow :). The staff were very nice, and the place has a very comfortable environment, plus a large selection. The salesman name I worked with is Ray. I first went to Sussman Mazda, which is actually closer to my home, but felt very uncomfortable there, plus the selection was not very good.

    Hope this helps,
  • The dealership offered me to buy a few extras. Please let me know if you have any info or opinions on these items. The first thing was an extended 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty, called the Secure Value Hi-Tech, which they want to charge me $1,089 for. It basically extends the bumper to bumber warranty. I told them no for now, and I have up till the end of the factory warranty to change my mind. They also advised me to buy a teflon coating to put over the clearcoat finish for $164, which has a 5 year warranty. I've never heard of this. The last thing was an interior coating which they will remove any stain in the interior, and if they can't remove the stain, they will replace the part (seat cover, carpet, etc.) This was also warranted for 5 years and costs $129. If anyone can give me an opinion on the need of these or if the price is good I'd appreciate it.

  • Don't have enough details here, but ask them if you can review the actual warranty documents before you choose. It would be interesting to see what you have to do to keep the warranties in effect. For example things like the coatings often require periodic services (at your cost) to preserve the warranty protection.

    My $0.02

  • They told me about some free oil changes that never appeared.(supposed certificates in the mail). Since I live 85 miles south (long story), I wasn't too worried but when I asked for some free mud guards they changed the subject.I never heard about any free 1k oil change. Maybe I should call em and rattle their cage. I did speak with the Mazda general manager about a week after delivery and he was sympathetic but not offering anything. The Mazda customer survey didn't shake anything loose either.
    That same week, my new glasses were a day late and the optician gave me $50 off as it was his fault. Gallery didn't respond to that story either. Proportionately, $500 was in order IMHO.
    Enjoy? Enjoy!
  • We bought at East Coast Toyota/Mazda in Wood Ridge - I also sent another poster (hi MEIMA!!) to this board there - but she had a lot of trouble with their sales manager.
    We had a decent experience. From my e-mailings back and forth with MEIMA - East Coast may be the only dealership in NNJ to give invoice pricing - plus the 1,000 dealer incentive.
    As always with a vehicle purchase - make sure everything adds up correctly and you get everything in writing.

    Good luck!!
  • Thanks. I have talked with them on the phone and plan to visit early next week.

    I also went to Ramsey Mazda on Rt 17 but haven't settled on an agreeable price yet. They would give me the $1000 incentive or Mazda financing but not both.
  • I forgot to mention in my previous post that I tried to get the financing and dealer incentive - got a flat out - no. Even mentioned that some posters on this site had got both - to no avail.

    Good luck!
  • Anyone that claims they got BOTH $1000 rebate AND special Mazda financing on purchase of '00 MPV...

    The $1000 rebate came from their dealer and NOT Mazda. Since these incentives are offered directly from the mfr, there are no deviations (i.e., you must pick one or the other). Mazda is currently running incentives for dealerships who meet certain quotas on sales. That means more $$ for the dealer which helps with add'l discounting to customers.

    So, don't waste your time asking dealers for BOTH the rebate & low financing because they can't give you both.
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