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Mazda MPV



  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I know your bark is worse than your bite, heh heh, you softy.

  • eusnlleusnll Posts: 10
    I live in Dallas TX area and bought a Silver LX 3 weeks ago,from Freeman Mazda. I worked out the price details but got lucky with a special off MSRP,which was a better deal. But Townnorthmazda in Richardson still has them 1000 below invoice, I think. If they are getting 2001 models you can get a better deal on 2000. All the best.
  • tm33tm33 Posts: 2
    Hi ho from another potential MPV'er in your area (Corvallis)!

    Great info here, hope you can clarify a couple points...

    1. There's currently a $1000 rebate on the MPV? 2000 or 2001? Edmunds doesn't show it...

    2. Is the low financing rate in lieu of the rebate, or in addition to it?

    Any other advice would be welcome, especially ideas on good dealerships in the area.

  • cinka1cinka1 Posts: 30
    sorry... couldn't help it:)

    Yes, there is a $1000 rebate on 2000 not on 2001. The financing is still 6.9 for 60 months. I went through the OSU Federal Credit Union at 8.75% for 72 months for payments of $428. I purchased at $200 below invoice at Sunwest in Newport with Kim. She is a joy to work with - she is brand new and very refreshing. I highly recommend her. I do NOT recommend Todd from Eugene - total jerk - know it all type. Power Mazda in Salem has the best selection and John Post was a great 'grandpa friendly' type but was not available when I was ready to buy so went with Kim. If I could do it over, I should have gone to Salem for the selection (15 MPV) I don't know if they were 2000 or 2001. Please don't get a red one. I had my heart set on red and ended up with white. I am starting to really like the white one, but would probably cry if I had to see a red one in my home town. Good luck!
  • tm33tm33 Posts: 2
    hey, thanks for the info cinka1

    btw, you're safe, I'm not partial to white OR red

    I must admit, I have yet to see one single MPV here in town. I'll see what I can do to raise the population....
  • julyarjulyar Posts: 35
    Being a CAL alumni, I just couldn't let the OSU chants go without a Go Bears!!!!
  • Well, I don't know if you would consider where I drive "off the beaten path" (I AM a city girl,you know), but I've had my van for a year and over 30,000 miles now, and have driven it in almost every condition. I train race horses, and must travel on dirt roads to get to the training center where we board them. Being that these roads are not main routes, they are the last ones to get cleared of snow, and they get very muddy. Also, I have had the van off the road through hilly, grassy, dirt areas to go fishing. ( I love fishing. Really)

    Anyway, the van is the best vehicle I have driven in these conditions. I really prefer a real wheel drive vehicle on snow, since the fish-tailing is so much fun, but the MPV cuts through it like it's not even there. And you know, here in Chicago we're no slouches in the snow dept. Mud hasn't been a problem either. To get to our barn we have to drive over the race track about a quarter of a mile. After a rain or when the snow melts, the track has about 4-5 inches of mud on it. No problem.

    Since this is a mini-van,I certainly wouldn't take the van across any steep ditches or real rocky areas, but in conditions other than perfect blacktop you should be just fine. Hope this helps.
  • I learned to drive on ice in the Beavers Parking lot - am a Corvallis High graduate of long ago. Only there about 3 years, back to So Cal hometown until this past July. Broncos of Cal Poly Pomona were my alma mater...Work for Ducks stadium benefactor now so I root for whoever is behind!

    TM33 - If you come this far north, Herzog Meier in Beaverton has/had about 20 vans when I bought. Saw my van there, had it traded to McMinnville, after HM sales mgr tried to clown me with rebate #'s. Rebate has been 1000, OR 1500 if you get the entertainment set up, but not worth it if you weren't going the VCR route. Low Fi is not thrown in...every dealer I talked to said "either/or". believe me...I tried, no go, anywhere. May be different now?? My financing was through USAA at 8.3 for 60 with a guarantee "total loss" payoff thrown in. Bought 1 month ago at 500 below Edmunds invoice + 1000 rebate. Mark E. @ Jim Doran Auto in McMinnville was straight up with me, dealership jumped through hoops to make the trade with less than 24 hours notice so I could take delivery when I had someone to drive down with me on a Sunday. Will be having them install a roof rack next week, at cost + $100 labor. Haven't been back to HM since I might irritate them for taking their emblem off the back of the van they could have sold me!

    Cinka1 : I bought $12 furniture pads @ HomeBase that I use under Shelby's crate. Also some $2/set web tie downs that anchor it nicely. Pads are nice and thick, dog hair shakes off easily and the pad even matches my blue van! I am bit picky, but it looks like I planned it when I didn't! Can't imagine having 3 dogs in mine 65 lbs Shelby is enough! She is getting quite comfortable with the jump in though, and I roll the pad out over the rear bumper so she doesn't scratch it. She's 10, and slower now, so it works great! Glad to hear you were kidding about seeing me...must have been a long day at work for me!! Maybe I should stay off the bridges... Ha ha.

    Everyone else: PLEASE tell me the gas mileage will get better. Filled up , and calc'd 14.2 in town driving. Did the math twice thinking I was losing it...last tank was 16.3. I really don't drive crazy, just too much around town. Good thing I have NO social life and work is only 3 miles each will get better, right? Van has 850 miles on it.

    Sorry for the long post...even Shelby is snoring!
  • gbush1gbush1 Posts: 13
    I believe tboner is in the STL area. Looking for some opinions on Mazda dealers in that area as I will be coming back from overseas to there. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  • Can anyone tell me....can you get the moon roof and roof rack on the LX....?
  • Yes,
    The moon roof and roof rack CAN be installed on the same car. I bought a 2000 LX last month with a moon roof, that just happened to NOT have the roof rack I wanted. I am going in Wednesday morning to have the rack installed. I have seen models with both moon, and rack on them also but don't recall which model. I don't believe the model really matters though, just depends on how the packages are put together from what I could tell. What you CAN'T do is get the moonroof and security have to buy the "touring package" instead, which includes the security stuff.
  • Have owned our 2000 MPV LX for about a month now (4 seasons; security; rear AC; 3 in 1). We're thrilled with the purchase. It's a comfortable, convenient, and fairly "cool" vehicle as far as minivans go. In fact, a few friends mistook it for the Mercedes SUV at first glance. Very brief first glance. Handling is superior, power is generally a non-issue, and I can't imagine living without the versatility of the fold under rear seat. What a SWEET feature. All this at a reasonable price makes the MPV a genuine deal.
    Thanks to the board for all the helpful input.
  • Had my roof rack installed on my LX with Moonroof today. All went ok but one warning: Get the roof rack from the factory if you can! I was told it would take 2-2 1/2 hours for which I would be paying $60/hr labor ( rack was at cost $130) so was more than factory but not much. Anyway...took nearly 5 hrs to install, and I still have to go back since a couple screw mounts were not tightening correctly, kit comes with too few screws, so they have to order more or something. Mechanic was very particular with measurements etc and did a fine job, but I was not happy being stuck at the dealership for so long because of their miscalculation. Guess the MPV racks are different to install than most(??). But the dealer was very considerate, only charged 1 hr labor, and threw in the oil change and mini service free, about $100 savings off what I planned. Also will give me a loaner overnight when the "screws" get fixed so I won't be inconvenienced (and they won't have me checking in on their progress!). Looks nice, scary to see holes drilled in my roof, but was told that factory is done same way just assembly style. Would never pay the labor that it "could" take at dealer so thought you (firecap26)should know.
    ATTICUSF: Funny about the Mercedes comment...I just got home from prepping Thanksgiving stuff at my sis's. Her husband came home (in the dark) and had never seen my MPV. Came in to the house and says "is that your new van...pretty color...what is it?...oh Mazda?...thought it was a Mercedes at first..." ha ha
  • Getting serious about buying an MPV. Any suggestions for good dealers or buying approaches in the Washington DC metropolitan area (esp. Maryland suburbs?) What have people who bought recently been paying? What are dealers doing to move the 2000's? Anything more heard about when the new engine might be introduced? What are the symptoms of the vibration problem -- I thought I felt vibration in the test drive vehicle at highway speeds, but then again, I felt something similar in my own car on the same stretch of highway...

    Thanks to all the posters..this forum has been great in pointing me toward the MPV -- lots of people who seem to love theirs!
  • I know that the usual answer to a vibration between 60-70 mph is either wheel balance or alignment. Just wondering if any of you have had any such MPV problems. Mine has 7k. I rotated the tires at 6k. The vibration started at 6.5k. Thanks.
  • Hi, I have a 2000 ES and am very pleased with it. I have one of the early ones so I got sent the front bumper recall and the pollution control recall. I had the pollution control recall done and it actually helped my mileage. I had noticed I was one of the folks with lower mileage than most.

    I also had some trouble with the trim getting loose on the drivers side door but it turns out the dealer replaced the door before it was sold to me. Most have been a big boo-boo. I wanted the only Sapphire ES so the dealer mentioned they had to do some work on the door before I bought it. They took care of all my door complaints when I brouht it into for the recall.

    Anyway, its been over a year and I still love it. The mileage is still a little lower than ideal but I have a blast driving it here in Massachusetts. I got the Weathertech mats and have been pleased with them too.
  • If you think that a temporary vibration issue and a slight variation in vent temperature is enough to make you trade in on a "trouble-free" Honda Ody, you must not have spent any time on the Odyssey problems forum! How would you like major transmission problems or road noise that is so bad that it gives you a migraine every time you go on a trip? I also get the impression that the MPV is much more solid and rattle-free than the Ody.

    None of these vehicles is perfect, so don't forget that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. For the record, the only problem I've had with my MPV is steadily decreasing gas mileage (need to have that checked).
  • I also have a 2000 es and have had bumper work done. I too have poor mileage and I believe my van was built in 9/99. Have had no pollution recall, when was yours built and when did you get recall? that would be helpful information as we really like the van but not the in-town mileage.
  • Is it just my imagination or does it seem that few people are weighing in here? Days go by with no activity. What gives?
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    MFG date can be found on the plate on lower right
    frame as you open driver door. Hope this is of some help.
  • brmudabrmuda Posts: 50
    Hello fellow owners. I need a favor from you.
    I just noticed the pass side of my upper dash pad may be defective. It's right by the tweeter (2.5 inch round speaker). I originally thought there was a crack in the dash but, the closer I looked, there's an actual line outlining the round speaker cutout. This only exists on the pass side (driver's side has nothing like this.)

    PLEASE check your dashboards and let me know if any of you have the same.

    MANY THANKS & happy holidays!
  • If it's mostly the manufacture date you're looking for, that can be found on a sticker on the door jamb of the drivers' door.
  • Yes, I have also noticed a drop in attendance, but I don't think it's just our MPV sites. If you scroll down the topics, you'll see that there are not as many posts lately almost everywhere. I spend some time over in News and Views, and the place has been dead.

    I know of some long-time posters who have left the site recently because of differences of opinion with the moderators. Maybe there are more than we know of.
  • ... working, driving, shopping etc.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    ...lurking about, but have been very busy. Working on my classes, family, Christmas shopping and of course the fam. When do we get those extra hours in the day my boss keeps telling me about? I think everyone else is just busy. I love participating in these forums (and the, just don't have time the past few weeks.

    MPV content...having the bumper recall done this week...17.5mpg last few the remote starter...and the new center console (thx everyone)

  • Hi,

    I'm looking to buy either a Mazda MPV, Tribute or Ford Excape.

    I was leaning towards a MPV however this board has been giving me serious doubts.

    1. Gas milage of 15 is'nt making me too happy
    2. The leaning towards one direction concerns me.
    3. Seems to be a lot of 1997 and 2000 used ones for sale. No 1998-1999's at all.

    Are these used ones returns from people that were not happy with it? There are tons of 2000 with like 14k on them for sale. I know the engine is under powered, but can this underpowered problem cause so many resells? The milage thing gets to me a lot, because I've been hearing a lot of talk of 15-20 miles consistantly on the lower end.

    Now the good, I love mazda cars, this van is really nice and I think is a poor man's honda oddesey. I will not but a toyota ciana, when Honda is so much better for same price.

    The under powered and lots of used ones for sale scare me however, some of the odd problems you guys have been talking about scares me as well. I'm used to acura and toyota quality.

    So can anyone shed light on all the used ones for sale 2000 with 14k on them? Or more info on the milage spread that seems to go with this van?

  • We bought our 2000 MPV LX in early August. We test drove GM, Honda, Toyota(3times), Ford, Nissan, and Chrysler before making the decision. We've been very happy with our choice. We get 19 MPG in mixed driving. The MPV is not really underpowered, it just doesn't have the low-end torque many people are used to, and the transmission requires a different touch on the accelerator to prevent rough shifting and hunting. Once you adjust your style, no problem. I've had 800 lbs of people and cargo on a long trip on I95 doing 70-75 MPH with no problem.

    As far as problems scaring you, you really need look around on the other boards regarding problems, not just the MPV's. I think if you do, you'll be scared of buying anything BUT the MPV. Find a reputable dealer and take a good LONG test drive. Look for vibration at 65-70 MPH. If its there, it probably can be fixed with a "on the vehicle" tire balance (worked for us). Look for lean- its really just aesthetic, (if you can perceive it) but some MPV's seem to have it to a greater degree than others. Bottom Line- If you are aware of the problems, it is easy to shop for a MPV with none of them since most MPV's don't have them. On the flip side- yes there are some MPV's out there on dealers lots with problems, but thats true of the Honda, Toyotas, GM, DC and Ford offerings as well, probably to a greater degree in both severity and frequency.

    As far as not seeing any 99 MPV's, that's because there weren't any. and the the 2000's with 14,000 miles, I don't know- sounds like rental car (e.g. Hertz) dumping.

    One final note- with all the money we saved over buying a Honda or Toyota, we opted for the 9 speaker stereo and added an overhead Rear Seat Entertainment System- Yessir, we do love our MPV!

  • I wouldn't swear to it on a stack of shop manuals, but the prevailing belief chez Mazda seems to be that any horsepower deficiency is offset by the weight advantage - the MPV weighs less than 3800 lb, which is downright svelte for a minivan.

    I own a 626, which tips the scale around 100 to 300 lb less than the competition, and which has a teensy 2.0-liter four-banger. But it will run seemingly forever at 75-80 mph with no complaints. I imagine the MPV will likely do the same.
  • I've had my 2000 MPV for 3 weeks now and I am
    really enjoying it. I have a bright red ES and I
    get lots of compliments on the van. I would
    eventually like to add a roof rack. I was happy to
    hear it could be added even though I have the moon
    roof. The dealership told me it would be about 3-4
    hrs labor though so I can't really splurge on that
    right now.
    I haven't calculated the gas mileage yet but I'm
    planning to do that.
    We originally looked at the Honda but there is a 3
    - 5 month wait in this area. I'm happy I ended up
    with the MPV because they are much less common.
    It's fun to drive something not so ordinary!
  • Not to MPV has the same line on the passenger side dash around the speaker.
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