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Toyota Echo



  • ml91ml91 Posts: 26
    Hello everyone, I am considering purchasing an Echo and I would appreciate any opinions on the following: I read a posted review at which claimed that the Echo owned by the reviewer makes a loud noise (apparently from the transmission) after driving on the freeway for 45 minutes or more; it is also suggested that other Echo owners have complained of this problem. Have any of you had, or heard of, this problem? I have my doubts about a few of the reviews that I read at (one is obvious nonsense written by some wise guy). Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  • tmcc1tmcc1 Posts: 13
    I have had my Echo since Jan. I have 24000 km (about 15000M) on it and drive at freeway speed every day for an hour. Have had no problems at all.
    It is a great car in my opinion
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    The "problem is completely in the mind of the idiot who wrote the review. My ECHO has been nothing but good to me!
  • I am a 25 year old single male that is quite interested in purchasing an Echo, but I will admit that I am concerned about its image. I don't have a problem with the appearance, but others do. When I tell people that I am considering that car, they criticize the car's appearance and have a shocked expression. Would an Echo cause people to form negative opinions of me and scare away the ladies?

    Also, what are the used selling prices? If you have bought or sold a used one, can you post the price? If I regret the purchase, I would like to know how much I can get for one.
  • dham2dham2 Posts: 6
    Great advice! I will pester the dealer (like I already haven't?) to trade wheels with me to see if the vibration continues. I will drive the new one first. Also, I want to see if the wind noise is present with the remote mirrors.

    As for checking for vibrations under the car:
    I'll take my laptop under there with me so that if I get flattened I can MESSAGE you from inside the concrete!

    PS: Speaker grills in the dash pull right out revealing pre-wiring. Will install speakers tomorrow and report back.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    One does not buy an ECHO because one wants to impress people, at least not in the manner you describe. However, the ECHO IS a senseable, loveable car and in that respect you could be admired by the right person for making that choice. But it would probably not have the immediate, viseral impact you seem to desire. And yes, some people might target you for ridicule if you bought the ECHO. But I suggest that is good because such a person is not worth knowing anyway. As far as resale value goes, I dont think anyone has a good idea exactly what that would be for ECHO since it is such a new car. Probably not as good as a Honda Civic, however.
    The best advice I can give you about evaluating ECHO is to read through this list. There are very few genuine negitive comments about ECHO here. Incidently, I have the two door with air, five speed, and 3 in 1 stereo (which I highly recommend) in silver. Its getting 40-43 mpg this summer (36-49 last winter) in mostly short distance driving with the air on. It is a pleasure to drive, highly manuverable with decent power.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    If you are concerned with image so much, don't get an Echo. Personally, what other people think about a car's looks has to be one of the dumbest reasons to buy (or not to buy) a car.

    As far as dates (or potential mates) go, the right woman will be attracted to you and not your car.
  • dham2dham2 Posts: 6
    Will they be impressed? You bet! The minute they get in your Echo, feel its spaciousness, the sound from the stereo, the smoothness of the ride, the ease of entering... Then when they notice that you can out accelerate most vehicles on the road while going WAY FURTHER on a gallon of gas, yes they should be impressed (and so should you).
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Demonstrating that you have a mind of your own and are not afraid to step outside the box...or inside in this case...can win you more points than you think. Get your satisfaction from who you are and not what you drive. You can't see the outside of the car when you are inside it anyway.
  • kaz6kaz6 Posts: 331
    I've found a wide array of types attracted to the Echo. Some are attracted to its 'New Age' style and some to its practicality. It's not an 'image' car but is one of the most intelligently designed small cars on the market.
    This one encounter sums it up:
    While parking my car a young woman that owns a Miata came up to me to ask about my Echo. When I told her I loved it and all the features, she said, "I shouldn't have listened to my friend". She said that she was going to buy an Echo but her friend told her she was crazy! Although she loved the Echo's looks, her friend persuaded her to buy the Miata(used). That one encounter speaks volumes for why people buy Echo's. Because THEY love them!
  • I've had my silver, 2 door, 01' echo for about 5 mos, and have gotten many compliments on it. People have it is; "tight", "sweet", "cute", "nice", and have said they are impressed with it. I know its not a bad [non-permissible content removed] 68 Pontiac GTO, (car i'd have if i could) but, I'm pretty happy with it. And yeah, its also my first brand new car purchase. Im sure it will last almost a life time....and after its paid off....maybe i'll go for the celica. Until now, im pretty dang satisfied. :) peace!
  • echorickechorick Posts: 27
    In May I bought a Toyota Certified 2000 ECHO 2 door, white, 5 sp with air conditioning and 7,700 miles on it. The dealer was asking $13,400, which is really too high a price! I was finally able to buy it for $8,800, a very good price. I later added a Toyota CD player I bought on Ebay. Even though the car is small and light, I would recommend power steering to make city parking easier.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Setting aside the pending 03 Corolla redesign, which might make this a more lively discussion, I just rented an 01 Corolla automatic for an 800 mile trip. Averaged between 28 and 40 mpgs in different types of driving, all with the A/C on. Thought the seating was a bit mushy and the legroom could have been a bit better all around. Engine and drivetrain were top notch. Has anyone run a side by side comparison of the Echo and the Corolla for loaded cars....Echo with the packages and Corolla LE with side air bags and ABS? (I know these only exist in Echo brochures only). Seems that Corollas are available at big discounts, perhaps pricing them in loaded Echo territory. Any thoughts? Majorthomecho?

  • ml91ml91 Posts: 26
    The 2000 and 2001 Corollas are excellent cars (I drive my father's 2000 often). The only problem that I have with the new Corollas - and it is a big problem for me - is that the interior is noticeably smaller than my 1996 Corolla is. I guess this is not a problem for shorter people, but I am 6'1" tall, and I just can't get comfortable in a 2000 Corolla. Edmunds' review of the Echo states that the Echo's interior is "almost as roomy as the Corolla". Nonsense! The interior of the Echo is much larger than the Corolla's and far more comfortable for tall people. Gas mileage on the Corolla is not quite as good as the Echo, but it is still excellent. The major difference between the two cars, to me, is interior room. They are both reasonably priced and run great.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Thanks. I thought that the Corolla had more inches of front legroom but that the Echo's upright and high seating position compensated for that and then some. Seems that I can stretch my left leg out more before it hits the firewall in the Corolla than in the Echo. Also seems that the Corolla can be had with more amenities for roughly the same price, like center arm rest, tach, engine temp. gauge, etc. True?
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    My roommate and I were coming back from some shopping when a guy in a first gen red MR2 came by. He had no muffler and you could hear him coming from a mile away or so it seemed.

    I really wasn't paying attention to my speedometer and before I realized it I was going 75mph in a 65mph. I thought I was dead meat when the cop to the side and behind me turned on his lights.

    Thank goodness for that loud red MR2. He was going at least as fast as me and the red color and the loud noise made him stand out.

    The cop pulled him over and not me.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    I looked at the Corolla when contemplating the purchase of the Echo. I found the styling too sedate and the interior too bland.

    I have forgotten what a similarly equipped Corolla would cost as compared to my Echo, but I will crunch some numbers later on.
  • thooverthoover Posts: 49
    We own two ECHOs, 2000 and 2001. When we purchased the second one, we looked at Corolla (it replaced an 88 Corolla). If you sit in a Corolla back seat and then try the ECHO, you will see how nice the ECHO is. Plus I LOVE the interior up front in the ECHO. The ECHO is reliable (zero problems), very good on gas (41MPG average this summer), fun to drive, and it looks super cool! The Corolla is very nice and reliable, but not very exciting.

    Our 2000 ECHO will be 1 year old tomorrow. We have 20093 miles on it today, and the MPG all summer has been over 40. The total over the last 5 tanks is 41.6 in very mixed driving (automatic).

    I look forward to driving like I haven't since I got my first car 23 years ago! Driving back and forth to work is my favorite part of the day (well almost)!
  • hello all you ECHO owners out there! I am in in a tough spot. I am seriously considering buying an ECHO but, my folks are against me buying one. they think that it looks too wierd and that it is an unsafe car. how can I convince them otherwise? thoughts anyone? they want me to buy at a honda civic or a corolla. I WANT an ECHO!
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    I just have to wonder how old you are and who is going to be paying for the car. If you are paying for the car, get what you want.

    The only safety tests that can be compared among the three are the side impact tests done by the government. Go to to check them out.

  • ml91ml91 Posts: 26
    The Corolla does have a temperature gauge; I believe that every car in the world has one except the Echo! I believe that the lower priced Corollas do not have a tachometer or an armrest. As far as price is concerned, well, if you can afford an Echo you can also afford a Corolla; there is not a significant difference in price. Is the Corolla boring? Yes, kind of, especially if you have one with an automatic transmission. My only complaint about the Corolla is the cramped interior, but I am 6'1", 225 lbs; most people are at least a bit smaller than I am.
  • I am 23 years old and have said the thing. I am paying for it so I am going to get what i want. I heard that there was supposed to be an upgrade package #3 which included power windows and key less entry. has any one else heard this or have this? my salesman said it is not available. also that power locks are very hard to find. is this true? aren't they supposed to come with upgrade package #2?
  • levine90levine90 Posts: 21
    The difference in the two is that a very decently equipped Echo can be had for well under $13,000 whereas a very spartanly equipped Corolla CE will run at least $14 or $15,000. The base Echo is under $10k, and if my memory serves me correctly the cheapest base Corolla is $13k with zero options.

    In this price range, $3000 is indeed "a significant difference". That's 1/4 the cost of the car!

    That being said, I don't think purchasing an economy car like the Echo with all of the options is a very good idea. Upgrade package 2 and 3? That pushes it well into the $14- and $15k range, at which point a new Civic begins to make more sense. Bear in mind this is a subcompact car, and (at least for me) paying compact-car prices for it seems a bit wasteful.

    Other people have criticized the car for just this fact, to which I respond keeping it light on the options and at a decent price makes for an incredible value.

  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    To convince your parents you deserve an ECHO: have them read this list!
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Yes, there is a package 3 which includes power windows and keyless entry. Not sure how easy it is to get.

    In this area (Kansas City Missouri) Echoes with package 2 which contains the power door locks are easy to get.

    I do not hold that equipping an Echo with all the options makes it less of a value. Get the car equipped the way you want.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    The MSRP of my Echo was $13,950. I went to to figure out the MSRP of a similarly equipped Corolla.

    Using the cheapest Corolla as the base, I selected the necessary options and came up with an MSRP for the Corolla of $15,003.

    I am not sure what the incentives on the Corolla currently are so the "cost" of a Corolla might be the same as that of the Echo.

    Personally, even if the Corolla had been the exact same price as my Echo, I still would have bought the Echo. In fact, even if the Corolla was cheaper than the Echo, I still would have bought the Echo.
  • I've been following this discussion sporadically since last summer and finally decided to write about my Echo. Some of you have asked about the availability of rare option packages and others have stated that dealers will not make custom orders to get these options. Well, when I tried to find the Echo I wanted (4-door, 5-speed in Seafoam Blue) there were none anywhere in this sales region (I live in Oregon and I believe this region also includes Idaho, Washington, Alaska, and Montana). In fact, only two Seafoam Blue Echos had been sold in the region in the past couple weeks. But, the dealer (McMinnville Toyota) was willing to do a custom order, so we went ahead with that in early January and I had the car by the end of March (they said that three months was the average delay). So, my Echo has GI and GJ (option packages 1 and 2), plus AB (ABS and Daytime Running Lights).
    I bought an Echo because of the fuel economy, performance, safety, excellent sitting position, and logical design of the controls and gauges (among other things). I also drove (and liked) the Corolla but found the rear legroom more than a little cramped. I also liked the interior of the Focus but was turned off by its reliability record and lower fuel economy.

    I should note that I like the performance and handling of the Echo very much and do not find it to be overly susceptible to the wind. Further, the stereo is very nice. I listen to classical music exclusively and appreciate the clarity of the higher frequencies, although the bass is a bit muddy at times. Overall, the Echo seems to have a remarkably practical and enjoyable design.

    Today my Echo reached 4000 miles and has been averaging more than 41 MPG (15 miles is the farthest I drive in one trip, and some of this is not on the highway). My Echo hasn't had any serious problems, but ever since day one (when it had 5 miles on the odometer) different parts of the dashboard have been rattling. If any of you had that problem, how was it corrected? I notice this not only on rough pavement but also in some engine RPM ranges (it sort of "buzzes" at higher revs). Any help will be appreciated.
  • mbohunmbohun Posts: 31
    I too compared the ECHO versus the the time of my purchase, May 2001, the cost difference between the ECHO ($13,747) and a comparable Corolla ($14,682) was approx $1000. See for most accurate pricing. The Corolla costs about $1000 higher, but this included a $500.oo rebate which expired at the end of May. Note the Corolla's cost included power windows and cruise control. I had the dealer install cruise control to balance the price difference. The Corolla is a great machine with allot of pep. However, its cabin is too cramped, especially the rear. The ECHO had the modern cockpit, great stereo CD player, excellent seat height, better in city MPG, better head room in front and rear. However, the new 2003 Corolla promises to have increased cabin head-room, like the ECHO, and of course more HP with similar MPG specs...To make matters more confusing the new 2003 Matrix Hatchback design is sporty with even more HP. Note...the ECHO's face-lift is planned for 2004, hopefully they will include a hatch-back or wagon design with power windows and cruise at least as an option. My final verdict goes to the ECHO for best overall performance and update interior at a fair price.
  • lleroilleroi Posts: 112
    ECHO's will be the official PGA golfcart in 2002?
  • thooverthoover Posts: 49
    I too love the ECHO, and it sounds like we have about the same MPG experience. As far as rattles, I have two ECHOs, and the dash has not had any rattles in either one.

    No dash rattles, but the lock buttons rattle. We have power locks on both cars, and perhaps the buttons only rattle when that option is installed - I don't know. I used to think it was the dash or the passenger side door, till I touched the lock button one time trying to narrow it down. Also, if the locks are up, the rattle doesn't happen I think...

    My last 5 tank total MPG was 42.0, the highest so far! I use a 5 tank sliding window to average things out a bit.
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