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Toyota Echo

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
Welcome to the continuation of the Toyota Echo 6
topic. Those of you joining us from that topic are
welcome to continue your discussion.

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  • thooverthoover Posts: 49
    Choices, choices...

    Our Echo is the Seafoam Blue Metalic and we like it more and more. My second favorite is the metalic gold. If you are getting the body cladding, these are good colors that the black cladding looks good with.
  • I have the new blue color that you think is too dark. I really like it and sence it`s the only new color you probably won`t see too many. Also when I do see one which I don`t very often as I live out in nowhere`s well all I`ve seen are the silver one and yes their are sooooooo many silver one`s. Even if you moved to a different appartment you would probably still have the same problem, hee, hee !. So please don`t get the silver one as I am sure you are not about to but can`t give you any help but to tell you what I have. Good luck on your decision.
  • mdrewmdrew Posts: 32
    I also thought the silver was cool but too common (read something about 25% of all new cars are silver! the most popular color nowadays). I liked the seafoam blue even better when I finally saw one and got one of those. Nobody has kicked sand in my face for having a "girly" car. Mongl-1: be a man: if you like it you should get it.
  • I like the white looks good and can be seen t night and is one of the safest colors on a car.I only pay $600 a year for full coverage with two drivers 38 and 39. Also have high coverage because I have a house and live in ct the land of bmw and mercedes . My husband is 6'3" and loves the room in this car the first one he does not have to crouch in to. My Echo has 7300 miles and had it since April love this little car.Jeanne
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am 6'3, but tend to drive with my right leg slightly bent out to the right side. I want to be able to stretch out a little further than the Echo will allow. I also have a size 14 shoe too. :) If I could just get the seat moved back about an inch or so on its tracks (custom job), I would be perfect.

    Two of my friends have Echos (both first cars and both under 23) and love them. No complaints so far. One since April with about 6000 miles and one for about a month and 1200. Great little cars. Of course, that's no surprirse since they ARE Toyotas.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I meant to put "Daddy long legs" in the heading of my last post. That's what I get for trying to be a wise guy. :)
  • Hiya --

    I'm a single 34 year old female living in Houston also, and I only pay $69 a month for full coverage. I have no tickets or accidents. My insurance company is Nationwide, and it was a special "first-time car-buyers" plan. I also have discounts for airbags and an alarm, and I'm fixing to take defensive driving to lower the rate even more.

    Hope this helps! :-)

  • My mom works in insurance in Houston. I'll ask her what you should expect and get back within a day or two.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have a 1999 Mazda Protege and my insurance for full coverage (25/50/25 limits w/$500 collision ded. & $100 comp) is $143 a month. Of course, I get a discount because my cousin (whose name is on my car as well) is over 30 and because I have renter's insurance w/State Farm as well. But $210 a month for a 30+ year old is NUTS! Check somewhere else. Even go to or for more info.
  • mong1mong1 Posts: 32
    I'm going to get the Seafoam Blue... it is real rare, the dealer said it is hard to find, I'm going to get it anyway (punish the dealer for stressing me out and push me so hard to buy from them ;p ). Does anyone have any gallery of Echo to share?

    I came across these site when looking for gallery:


    Seafoam Blue (I don't think this is the actual color, should be close to):




    Green (the top picture):

    I really want a picture that can be used as my desktop wallpaper... oh my god... I'm addicted to Echo o o o o))))......

    PS: I'm expecting to pay $14,250 for a 4 door, 5 speed manual, with upgrade package 1 and 2, the rear spoiler, floor mat, alloy wheel... am I paying too much? What should I expect?
  • I got 2 floor mats at a discount place for $10.00 total. They fit real nice and are plastic with the grooves in them to catch the water, mud, etc. I like those as you can take them and hose them down to clean um. By the way did I tell you the dark blue is really pretty and not that dark, oh ya guess I did. Well I haven`t seen the light blue and I think I would have really liked that just as much. Now go get your car. !!!!
  • Mong1,

    Just wondering given that your hotmail address starts with kc, if you live in the Kansas City area like I do. If you do, would love to meet with you once you get your Echo. Good luck on finding an Echo in the Seafoam Blue. Especially if you do live in Kansas City since that seems to be the rarest color. Have seen a lot of silver ones though. Originally, I was going to get a Seafoam Blue sedan, but I have decided to get a Blacksand Pearl Sedan instead.


    I am a thirty seven year old male living in Kansas City. I have no tickets and no accidents for about ten plus years. I drive a 1993 Ford Escort Wagon with policy limits of 100k/300k/100k and low deductibles. My insurance is through American Family and I pay $62 a month. For the same limits, the insurance on my Echo is going to be about $70 a month. I think you are really getting hosed on insurance.
  • I went out and bought the latest issue of AutoWorld Weekly and got a bigger kick out of it than usual. The reason is that I have a letter in the issue. Mine is the one that takes AutoWorld to task for using a misleading cover blurb about a comparison involving three Korean cars. My roommate was suitably impressed now that I am a published author. : ) LOL.
  • Azecho, I am not sure if I am famous or anything. More like infamous. : ) Or maybe like the name of that movie, "Almost Famous."

    Shylocxs, your post brings back some fond memories. When I had a '92 Escort GT that was brand new, I thought I had to get a personal property tax statement from somewhere 90 miles away from where I was and be back in a very short time. This resulted in a trip where I took corners at 90 miles an hour and going down straightaways with the needle buried. I made the trip there and back in time, but the kicker was that because it was a new car, I did not need the personal property tax receipt after all.

    The more I read about defensive driving courses, the more I want to take one. Does anyone know of any that are held close to Kansas City? Close would be up to four hours away.
  • That wood trim looks neet . I have used rainex on my window it help a lot on the misty days as I do not have intermented wipers. I whant to see if I can get a alarm and power door locks with cruse control installed but my dealer said if you install any non toyota parts you void the worntee so do not want to do that.
  • cwo4cwo4 Posts: 90
    I've had my car since Aug 11th. Gotta go. There's a road I haven't driven yet.
  • get their car looked at for that recall?
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Your freinds are right. The Echo does look very girly. No surprise here since it is a direct replacement for the Tercel and the Paseo.
    Just a word of advice. If the car is strictly
    an appliance to you, the Echo is the way to go(reliable, economical etc).
    But if your freind's comments bother you in any way, wait and get something more muscular.
  • rjgeerjgee Posts: 27
    The review has been updated again....

    Still negative, but at least it contains some facts this time (well, discounting the used Civic spiel)
  • I really love my little red Echo. My husband (computer geek) scanned in a photo of a red 4door Echo into the computer and put it on our computer desktop. He altered it slightly by putting the M&M symbol on it. He is a nut. Both our names start with M. He thinks the car looks a little like a peanut M&M. Thus my silly new deskstop.
    Also...fellow K.C. Echo owners! Next time the crazy women in the Red Echo waves at you, it is probably me. :)
  • Here is what my mom said about the insurance:

    "It sounds high, however, there are other variables--his liability limits and deductibles. I f he has low deductibles the premium is going to be higher regardless of other factors. But still you are talking about $2500 per year and that seems out of line.

    A lot of people don't consider some things claims (which are) and others forget that there was another accident or claim."

    You might have known this already, but I thought I would pass it along.
  • azechoazecho Posts: 12
    Well, last week did I say it was bright and sunny?
    It has been sunny and raining and raining and raining....3 days in a row.. Hope we don't need a canoe...

    Well the echo was checked out for safety, to see whether it was safe enough to drive on the road after the wrecho. She checked out with a few minor adjustments. Still haven't replaced the tires, but they are coming...(goodcarma) the recall issue, we have to have the headquarters ok.. our service rep had a puzzled look maybe that's why he mentioned the skidding..... That we're also looking into, since it was made in the time frame. What have we got to lose?

    I have to admit... for being in a wrecho the Echo sure did well. The body just shifted, dent on the bumper,( actually its a hole) and the engine is doing great... a few plastic parts broken... but nothing to interfere... when we get the sliding issue conquered, I will be thoroughly impressed. She is back on the road till she goes in to get her body fixed.

    Echoluvrst. ...don't worry you'll be famous... they all be quoting your quote in agreement... I know there is a high performance school here in AZ, had a friend that was a mechanic for it. Was supposed to get an afternoon on the track(free!) and speed legally and it never transpired.... pout :( He quit to be a Mechanic on the Super truck series)... hm well. I was going to call and see what it cost to send my daughter.. But I am wondering, will she try to do what (shylocxs) did? Echo just zips and like (lynnanne 1) who was sooooo tempted to race what was that again? She won!

    djmick2 - it's got to be the 18 year old thing..
  • sonatafansonatafan Posts: 171
    Just a word of advice about the "wood" trim found on ebay. These kits are actually thin peices of plastic that you have to use a hairdryer and 3M adhesive to stick onto your dash and other areas. These are not made to any manufacturer standard and are definitly not endorsed or used by Toyota. The asking price on these is usually "$99 for what dealers charge $600!" but what they don't tell you is that what you get from the dealer usually takes the place of existing trim peices and has the wood grain sections permanently attached. Then again, some people like to put bumper stickers all over brand new cars too!
  • You live in KC? Cool! If you would, look at my profile and send me an email. Since I am still looking for a local dealer to buy my Echo, I would love to hear about your dealer experiences.
  • Azecho,

    The tax on e-mail is one of the oldest and longest lived hoaxes on the internet. That is the reason that big companies are not complaining.
  • sonatafansonatafan Posts: 171
    HA!!! They would have to rewrite the ENTIRE internet mailing system! They would have to try to reconcile multiple protocols and - how would you even begin to tell people they couldn't sign up for their millions of free anonymous email accounts each day! If they were going to do something like that it would have had to been started at the VERY beginning!
  • azechoazecho Posts: 12
    I had just received it the last time I posted... It was the first I had heard it!

    Thanks Echoluvrst and Sonatafan, for saving me from taking up a cause that wasn't there... So there isn't a prop whatever? HUH?

    By the way, someone had earlier mentioned scratches that showed black on the bumper of the echo... has anyone tried the touch-up paint Toyota offers that matches your car color, for the tiny booboos???
  • I used touch-up paint for my Seafoam blue Echo and it matches just fine.

    Mong1-I am also 24, I have a seafoam blue, 5 speed manual with body cladding and a spoiler. I think we have (or will have) basically the same car. I'm not a Chinese guy in Kansas, though:)
  • gaiffemgaiffem Posts: 11
    I cannot use my removable roof rack to mount my canoe on the Echo. The humped roofline isn't a problem, but the edges of the roofline are sloped just enough so that the clips on the roof rack don't hold. Pity :( So when I need to go canoeing I call my son and use his Camry. He doesn't mind since he then gets to borrow Dad's car again.

    I'm not sure how good an idea it would be having a canoe on the roof anyway. Adding more topside weight and more flat area for crosswinds (either natural or from the BIG trucks) could cause problems.

    While towing is not recommended for the Echo, if I had only one car available I'd strongly consider a lightweight trailer and hitch setup over roof mounting. The engine certainly has enough power and torque to handle a canoe and trailer. And with a manual transmission, proper shifting techniques would minimize any possibility of overheating the tranny. With an auto transmission, I'd be somewhat more careful about hills and the like. The only major issue I can see with a trailer setup is that with a light rear end, what would happen if a tire blew out on the trailer? Would it "whip" enough to tear the hitch off, or just make for a very interesting driving experrience? Hmmmm.

    That said, I think a trailer hitch on the back of an Echo would be safer than a roof mount with the added advantage that you'd be able to put a lightweight boat propeller on the hitch (when not actually towing)and explain to people that the additional thrust from its rotation gives you three more miles per gallon. ;)
  • sonatafansonatafan Posts: 171
    I have the black sand pearl paint and used my Toyota touch up paint on the rear bumper where someone scraped it (anonymously of course). The paint looks very good. I like the metallic flake type black paint on my car because it blends the touch up in better.
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