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Toyota Echo



  • I am still looking for a dealer where to buy my car. I will definitely have to factory order my Echo since I want basically every bell and whistle (including ABS, but not power windows). I will post the color, body style, and option codes later on.

    I have been down to Kenny Thomas in Olathe where I took my test drive. I have also been to Superior Toyota and I have been in contact with Jay Wolfe Toyota, but have not been able to find the time to drive by. Jay Wolfe is closest to my house and has given me the best quote, but price and how I feel I will be treated after the sell is what will help me the most in determining a dealer. Recent ads make me want to look at Molle Toyota and Adams Toyota in Raytown. Thanks for the warning about the high documentation fee charged by Superior. That is one point I will be negotiating down at whatever dealer.

    You can ignore the comments about the Echo looking girly. Those comments were made by our resident pot stirrer and I think he was making those comments to get a reaction.

    Regarding the high insurance cost, how is your credit history? Most people don't know that bad credit can lead to higher insurance premiums. Really bad credit can lead to a denial of insurance in fact.

    After we get our Echos, would really love to meet you and MelodyEcho. Perhaps we can start a KC Echo car club or something. : )
  • I just had a chance to read the "new" review. I thought it was much better written and a lot less objectionable. I still object to the Civic being characterized as larger. The Civic is larger in one or two categories, but overall the Echo is the larger of the two.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Who's reaction am I seeking? (Don't tell me yours).
    The Echo looks girly. It's not necesarely a bad thing. Lots of guys drive chick's cars. To each of his own.
    How is your daydreaming about the Echo? I'm sure it always appears in pink.
  • rra123rra123 Posts: 2
    Can anyone post a comparison of Echo and Civic

    I am specifically comparing 4-dr Automatic Tx Echo
    with DX Civic 4-dr Automatic Tx

    Things that are important to me are :
    1. Reliability
    2. Safety
    3. Fuel-economy
    4. Cost
    I do not care at all about Looks, fun-to-drive,
    Frills such as Power-door,power-locks or cruise-control or even A/C

    The lower cost of Echo is offset by the fact that it not available without all the frills (so I have to pay for all upgrade packages)

    Also the impression i get is that Echo is susceptible to Cross-winds. Can it lose balance or go out-of-control if let's say I am driving at 60 to 70 mph on Dumbarton or Bay bridge and it is a windy day
  • sonatafansonatafan Posts: 171
    If the Echo could go out of control in a crosswind wouldn't Nader be able to dust of all his old notes and start a new crusade??
  • I rear ended a lady who suddenly changed her mind about entering traffic yesterday evening. Echo is okay, a dent in the passenger side of the bumper and some scratches on the hood. Her car was worse. 1987 Honda Accord, her driver's side rear fender was pretty crinkled. It was rusty and it didn't hold up too well. The State Trooper only gave me a verbal warning. I've never had a ticket and this is my first accident where it was my fault.

    :( :( :(
  • mong1mong1 Posts: 32
    Oh, you have been to Jay Wolf Toyota? They didn't call me, just a reply that someone will contact me soon and if I have any question I can write them back or call them.... somehow I feel that they're going to ignore me because I asked for a quote of RAV 4 last week....

    You said Jay Wolf have best quote, could you tell me what price? Is my quote fair or can be better, $13600 for almost everything.

    I have almost perfect credit. I used to pay my credit card clear until few months ago where I just graduated and was jobless... now that I got a job and I'm clearing my credit cards.... I don't own a lot though, just about 3 thousand.... not that bad right? Statistics show that average American own $6000 dept.

    I'm watching Dateline NBC now and they talk about how SUV have problem with rollover... I'm glad I didn't get RAV4 (can't affort also)... I'm driving a 91 Tracker now and I always have problem with turns, especially during bad weather. Oh, this friday, I'm not sure which news program, either 20/20, or Dateline, they will talk about what should we know about hidden fee when buying a car... I'm going to buy a car on saturday so definately will not miss this show.... I believe is 20/20 because I remember Barbra Walter.

    Hey, give me whatever quote you have, would you? I just don't have time to go to all the dealers. Thanks.
  • The paperwork fee varies greatly from dealer to dealer in K.C. It WAS a factor in my decision to buy at Molle. The paperwork fee was very minimal.
    The Edmund True Market Value data was helpful. That and the information about the dealer holdback on the Edmund site.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    It was your fault, yet the cop only gave you a verbal warning?! Man, the females of the species can get away with just about anything... GEEz! ;)
  • echozechoz Posts: 15
    We are about to purchase a new Echo sedan. The only question I have is whether to pay extra for the power pack or not. It includes power windows, mirrors, central locking, velour trim, CD player and 60/40 fold down seats.
    I'd appreciate some thoughts on the matter. Thanks
    PS This is an option on the Australian Echo.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    I didn't know power Window is an option for the Echo... Did I miss something?
  • azechoazecho Posts: 12
    (lynnanne1) was wondering about you.. wow, I am sorry to hear about your echo wrecho... But as you probably noticed the body doesn't crumble in a lower impact type accidents, it shifts... most likely the side you hit the most with will be a little higher... the body absorbs the impact... I faintly remember something about how the bumper is made different... I remember the salesman, walking through all the safety features.. The police officer was probably amazed the body looked as good as it did...

    (Sonatanfan) and (ernieecho) thanks for the input about the touch-up paint... I think after ours is fixed.. I am going to have my daughter carry it around.. For all those anonymous people that forget a car was there when they open their door.

    I knew the mad scientist would have all the info concerning the canoe~~~ I laughed so hard about the boat propeller, I could just imagine it.**.

    The power windows were not even available for our buy... something about the basic was what would be available, to have a lower price to attract people to buy.. After, the interest builds, then it would
    be more readily available in the dealerships....
    was this explained to anyone else this way?

    I read about the dealer holdback, I thought this was something that benefited the customer concerning the amount of time the car was or was not on the lot..

    Did I mention on the way home from work, a focus was stalled and holding up traffic... It had someone directing traffic away from... Aren't these about as new as the echo?
  • I have a 4 door silver sedan with black body mouldings and dark tinted windows which accent the body mouldings. The tinted windows make it really look sharp. I am considering adding a spoiler but haven't seen any on the road with one. I'd like to see one in person first.

    I pay $432 a year to fully insure my Echo with $300 deductibles through Wawanesa Insurance. I pay an extra $96 to keep insuring my Samurai at the bare minimum. I pay my car insurance in 3 installments per year - that may have something to do with cheaper price too.
    I am a 30 yr old female, with clean driving record. Geico is the only company who could come close to that price - but they couldn't beat it!
  • Wenyue - The office was VERY BUSY and no one was hurt and the damage was minor. Also I didn't beat around the bush I looked him straight in the eye told the truth. Perhaps the other driver was somewhat at fault since she made it appear that she was going and when I looked over my shoulder to see if it was safe for me to proceed she had left my peripheral vision and stopped therefore I hit her. It was probably a 5 mph bump, but boy was it LOUD.

    azecho -- It doesn't look like anything has shifted. I hit her at an angle so just the corner of the bumper is dented. It looks like it absorbed the impact very well. I must have run part of the hood under something on the other car, but came away with some scratches only which are just above the right headlight. Didn't even crack the lens.

    echoz-- your profile doesn't say, but are you in OZ? How come you Aussies get the good packages? :) I would have liked to have power windows, but they didn't offer the with the 2000 Echos here in the US. It would be nice to be able to roll down the rear windows while driving.
  • echoz - get the split seats, I don't have them (the dealer only had 2 ECHOS on the lot at the time and neither had the split seats), but I wish I did sometimes.

    We're thinking about getting one from a junked car, but right now there aren't any available in our immediate area.
  • You know men in uniform = sexy... just flutter your eyelids a bit....
  • janbeejanbee Posts: 127
    For those thinking about getting the seafoam blue go for it. I have the 2001 echo brochure and seafoam blue and white are no longer colours available in Canada..So they must have pulled those colours because they didnt do so well here but hey, that means those colours are more rare!!..the colours in the brochure are gold, silver, black, dark green, dark blue and red..
  • Mong,

    Two of the quotes (from Kenny Thomas and Jay Wolfe) are from when the Echo first came out. KT wanted about $14,500 for an almost fully equipped Black Sand Pearl Sedan with spoiler. JW wanted $13,800 for virtually the same vehicle. I have gotten a more recent quote from JW on a 2001 and it was for about the same amount. It was for a car on the lot and not a special order.

    If you go "buy" your Echo on Saturday, you can expect to put down about a $500 deposit to have the dealer order the car for you. You do realize that Seafoam Blue is not a color available for the 2001 models so they will have to find you a 2000 model? If you go ahead and put your deposit down, make sure the dealer will be getting you the car exactly as you want it. Get this in writing!

    I have not been to Jay Wolfe so sorry if my post gave you that impression. I got the original quote over the phone. This was like 24 hours after I sent a request through their website. The person in charge of internet sales has changed and this new person has never called me. Her final email was that she would be glad to assist me when I stop by.

    Good luck on Saturday.


    No, I did not think you were trying to get my reaction although you did get it. Anyway, I believe that Mong was asking if Seafoam blue was a girly color and not whether the Echo was girly looking. I do not think the Echo is girly looking and I think Seafoam Blue is a great color. As to what color I daydream, it is the Black Sand Pearl color as that is the color of the Echo I will be buying.

    Well, time to take a shower and get to work.
  • gaiffemgaiffem Posts: 11
    I noticed a few posts back that you're stuck with a 10/9 last update note on this bb. Me too! And the only way I'm able to make this seventh grouping of posts is to go to the sixth (latest listed), and link from the final message of that group. Have you fixed your problem, and if so, how? Thx
  • I use the placemarks and have no problem.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You might want to check out a site for Echo parts. It's (no WWW on purpose- the link doesn't work with www inserted). Good luck! :)

    Sorry to hear about your little incident Lynn. It could have been worse though. Glad you are okay.
  • I am telling you that after I hit her and saw how her rear was mushed, I just pictured my whole front end messed up. But it's not really that bad, it's just the inconvenience it puts you in. I didn't even notice the scratches on the hood till I got home. Not to mention I was having a really good day, until then. Talk about going into a quick depression. Then I couldn't sleep that night.

    I have an appointment to take it to the appraiser next week.

    I am usually a very careful driver, but I have known so many people who have been in the same situation the person moves forward at a speed that appears they are going to merge into traffic and they stop.

    I checked out the site, but unfortunately they're all too far away make it worth my while.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My mother has been driving for nearly 40 years, and one time she rear-ended a pickup truck who did the same thing the car you hit did. Coincidentally, that was her only at-fault accident in all that time of driving. So that proves that even the best make mistakes. :) It would have been alot worse, or the person you hit could have been nasty and took legal action.
  • willidwillid Posts: 1
    glad to know that you're OK from your fender bender. glad to know the echo did too! keep on smiling! like you said, its an innconvenience, but it could be much worse. hang in there!
  • The Echo is an attractive package, but I lost interest when the salesman said that ABS is "not available in this region." This is to be a vehicle for my teenaged son, so I want all safety features. Anyone know how to get an Echo with ABS in Louisville, KY? How far (north, I assume) would I have to go, Cincinnati?
  • Sorry about your Echo/TARDIS mishap.

    I thought the Seafoam Blue was supposed to be one of the most liked colors (although I know they didn't make many of them.) I wonder why they didn't...
  • jbear87jbear87 Posts: 13
    I wouldn't let the fact that it doesn't have ABS persuade you from not getting this car. Most people do not even know how to use this feature properly. The real benefit of ABS is that it allows you to steer while stopping fast. However, most people panic and don't steer out of harms way. Also, I would probably put more emphasis in the 60-0 distance and how it compares with other cars that you are considering.
  • I think the fault lies with Edmunds and not anything that we can do about it until they update it. At home where I have AOL, I have added Echo #7 to my favorites but here at work I have to go through a long process as I don't understand how to bookmark. Sorry.
  • echozechoz Posts: 15
    Thanks for your comments
    We will go for the power pack, as its nice to have the power windows. Also the velour trim is quite nice too.
    I might try to fit cruise control after we get it and run it in. I fitted it to our Corolla and it wasn't to difficult, apart from finding a place to mount the speed sensor on the transaxle.

    lynanne 1 - usually we get crappy options in Australia so it is unusual that we should be getting power windows whereas in the US you don't. We also get digital speedo and tacho in the central pod, not the analogue instruments that the US model has.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    People get in trouble with ABS not because they
    panic. ABS is a very useful feature in the wet and
    slippery conditions. And even if you can't steer around, in the panic situations it WILL make your stops shorter, no matter how good your standard brakes are to begin with.
    Some of the drivers simply don't understand what
    ABS stands for. They overestimate the benefits of
    the system and start to tailgate the cars in the
    front of them and pay less attention to the road
    conditions in general, believing that no matter
    what they do, ABS will save them.
    You don't have to be ingenious to practice how to
    use it. A couple of panic stops in the control
    environment of an empty parking lot on the rainy or snowy day will give you a very good idea what the system is all about.
    Worth of every penny.
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