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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • eadlueadlu Posts: 13
    I had the same problem which I noticed right after delivery of my 00E320. I took it back to the dealer who reprogramed the device. It took only a few minutes to do the work.
  • thank you all for responding to my question about the 2001 models... appreciate it
  • I am looking E320 4matic or E430 4matic. Does anybody have any problem with 4matic? Also my dealer insist MSRP, is it usually how it works?
  • #317, kimccch

    See posts 53 and 98.
  • Donald, went back and looked at your posts. Was that a 00' or 01'model??? Thanks!

    KRV03: Great work and great effort to write what you did. I know it took more than a few minutes to write it and we appreciate.

    I think that when someone takes time and thought, no one is offended. I for one respect a well thought out opinion. I looked at the Rl but did not drive it. Part of my decision is emotional and not pratical, so I went no further. I think acura is moving in the right direction after years of an unsure identity crisis, and like many Japenese auto co.s, a cash flow problem. Quality is rarely an issue for acura. The TL is a value leader and MDX is gaining alot of attention. The dealer did mention that they were heavy discounting the RL, but we never got to price. The supply and demand curve worked in your favor. The car is nice and well into its production cylcle, and you should have a good experience. Regarding resale, you bought cheap and it may not hold great, but you will have a good experience with it. I think apparent value was important to you and you achieved it. 320 w/all wheel drive is a high dollar car, and im guessing you spent about $37-38k for your car. 18k difference is alot!RL is alot of car for the money. Good luck with your purchase and thank you for sharing with us your thoughts!
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Pricewise the RL is more in the catagory of the C-class. In that price range you should really be comparing the RL with cars like the Mazda Millenia, Toyota Avalon, Lexus ES300 etc.
  • Really depends on what your looking for.
    Having owned an Acura RL (1997)I agree that it will come with all the major options that a person needs. It's a quiet car but don't try any heavy cornering-handles a bit on the mushy side.
    As far as reliability goes, the only things that I had go wrong were....Moonroof stopped operating (glad it happened in the closed position) Power window stopped operating, and heater blower stopped working. All were fixed promptly by the dealership.
    All in all, I thought is was a nice car but wouldn't put it in the same class as Mercedes, or even the Lexus. That's why they don't command the same price as the above mentioned. ;-)
  • Post 322, Bargamon2

    My car is an 2001 E430. I've had it exactly 1 month this weekend. Good shopping.
  • krv03krv03 Posts: 3
    I know I'll never be able to respond to all the feedback that my post #321 may evoke, therefore I'll try to share my opinion regarding only points that appear to be valid on their face.

    bargamon2: you mentioned that I attained my goal of "apparent" value. Let me walk through some numbers and see if I achieved more than apparent value.
    A. Sticker of comparably equipped M-B E 320 AWD = $56,000. The ALG residual value after 36 months is 57%, or $31,920. If I paid $53,000, I'm out-of-pocket $21,080 after 3 years.
    B. Acura RL w/ navi sticker = $44,700. The ALG residual value after 36 months is 48%, or $21,360. I paid $36,000 (very common w/ solid negotiation) for the RL, so I'm out-of-pocket only $14,640 after 3 years.
    I appreciated your reasonable response to my post--most people respond with a form of "road rage" if your opinion differs from their's.

    ctic & parfive1: next time I'll attempt to discuss my definition of "perceived" value.

    parfive1: Try the '00 RL, I think you may find the handling to be significantly improved from '97.

    P.S. There is an S-Class in my future--hopefully they will do an AWD(??)
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    The S500 4-matic will be available for the late fall of 2002, as will the C240 4-matic (this particular model will be available in Europe/Asia/Canada, but not sure about the US), C320 4-matic, and C320 4-matic wagon.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • Good math, and even better negotiating.
    I had no complaints about owning my 97 RL. It was probably one of the few (of many) cars that I didn't get bored with after 2 years.
    As for the handling of the 00 model as compared to the 97, I couldn't honestly say. I just wasn't interested in driving one.
    My choices when purchasing a new car were either the Lexus GS or the MB E class.
    I thought the GS handled great and the interior was beautiful, however, I thought that the exterior styling was just plain ugly.(My opinion)
    The E class interior is very nice, and the exterior is absolutely beautiful.
    Here again, everybody has there own opinion. That's why there's so many different cars out there.
    Regarding perceived value.
    Perception IS reality. I see it all the time.
    I was happy when I brought my new RL home.
    I was ecstatic when I brought home my new E320.
    If it cost me a few dollars more for my MB, so be it. It made me happy. :-) :-)
    Good luck with your new RL, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  • It would probably be a good idea to put winter tires on your new car.
    The first season, the car handled OK, but the next season (after the tires wore down) it didn't handle good at all.
    I went out and bought four Blizzack tires and mounted them every winter. Handled very good then.
  • I found a 2000 430 4matic with 7000 miles, phone, cd,e2, etc. Silver w/ash. I know you have 4matic, and dig it. THere is so much written about ML, but not much on the recent E-class. Do you have in your reach a path to an artcile or review of the 4matic?
    Price is excellent, I was not looking for a 4matic, but with the 430 is very attractive. I would welcome any comments on the system. Besides the apparent saftey addition of full time four wheel traction, is there a performence addition when cornering? I know 0-60 is slightly compramised by about 4/10 of a second, but what about mpg?? Thanks in advance.

    KRVo3: Don't sweat it.
  • jfz219jfz219 Posts: 63
    Thanks for the information and inspiration for the power seat controls. My seat had been moved up and I was not able to move the seat cushion back. All other directions of adjustment worked. Before taking the car in for service, I tried to move the seat all the way forward (it cannot be done while in the seat if you are over 4'6"). This maneuver must reprogram the control. The seat now moves correctly in all directions.

    I have to admit that the seat has never retracted this far since I took possession 11 months ago. The seat travel is at least 3 inches more after this fix.

    I thank you and my knees thank you!
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Like expensive watches (Rolex,Breitling, Cartier, etc.) luxury cars are all about personal satisfaction. Like it or not, there are many fine cars out there for a lot less than Lexus or M-B. VW Passat, Toyota Avalon, etc are some examples to name a few.

    My last two cars (1997 and 1999) were Acura 3.2TL's. They were reliable, efficient and affordable cars. However, my '00 E430 Sport invokes satisfaction that my Acura's never did. I am looking forward to test driving the
    new Acura Legend; but, I doubt Acura will get the MB E430 "feel" in their flagship car.

    My brother owns a '00 RL and I like the car. Yet, for me the E430 is the real "value" car because I enjoy driving it.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Don't get absolute and preceived values mixed up. You got an Acura which you thought was in the same class as a MB for tens of thousands of dollars less. If you perceive Acura and MB to be in the same class then you did indeed get an excellent buy. Save your condescendation for the guy who bought a Camry and came into your RL board to tell you how much of a value he got vs. the RL.
  • That about sums it up. ;-0
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Would love to hear any opinions/praise/negative
    for the 4matic. If anyone has a 430 4matic, That would be great. Thanks.
  • taisontaison Posts: 71
    I just got some new bulbs that I want to use to replace my current headlights.

    Turbotc or Drew: Do you guys have any advice or maybe instructions on how to go about doing this in the best way? Any tips on what to look out for and not do?
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    krv03 is one of many many many people who come into this topic telling people here that they got a cheaper car which they think is comparable or better than the E-class so its a better deal.

    Then they get defensive.

    What do they expect when they come into a topic full of E-class owners? They get what they deserve if they get flammed. If krv03 wasn't wanting to start a fight he should be posting his message in the RL forum where I'm sure everybody would applaud him. When I got my cars, I didn't go into some other forum telling others how good my car was compared to theirs. These people don't get no sympathy from me.
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    IMHO, the E-class a great vehicle and the 4-matic system only adds to it. You get all of the features of the RWD E-class + the foul weather AWD capability (on-road only) of the M-class. I say go for it! It's plenty quick even with the extra weight of the AWD system.

    WRT it's AWD system, it's similar to the ML's, but doesn't have the low range gearing and the torque split ratio is RWD biased (38% front/62% rear vs. the ML's 48%/52%) to give the car a more traditional RWD MB feeling. C&D magazine compared it with the RWD E320 and found that it could climb even 30% slopes covered with ice/snow using the stock all-season tires. The RWD E320 (with winter tires) could only climb up the 10% grade at most.

    FWIW, MotorWeek tested the E320 4-matic and liked it a lot.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Since I have the HID Xenons on my E320, I've never had the chance to play around with the halogen headlamps. However, I think that if you follow the instructions in your owner's manual, you should be just fine.

    As for tips, like all halogen bulbs, never touch the glass with your fingers since the oil from your skin will dramatically shorten the bulb's life. If you do accidentally touch the glass, don't worry. Just clean the fingerprints/oil off with some alcohol and a soft lint-free cloth. You may want to consider wearing a pair of gloves (I used surgical gloves) to eliminate this problem while installing the bulb.

    Start on the passenger's side headlamp first as you'll have more room to maneuver around (and practice) without the windshield washer resevoir blocking you. Oh yeah, a well lit garage helps a lot.

    Hope this helps! I'm sure others who have carried out this procedure will be able to add to this.

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    I replaced my stock bulbs recently with Hella Optilux Xenon Gas (before they froze production). At the passenger side you will gain enough space by removing the small extension to the washing tank.The driver side is the tricky one. When you unlock the retaining brackets (before removing the back cover), make sure you do not/not drop any of these brackets otherwise you will lose them under the light assembly. When you install the back covers in place, make sure they fit tight in place before locking the brackets. Failing to do so will enable humidity and droplets of water to sneak into the light assembly and condensate on the front crystal.Should this happen the only fix would be to replace the defective back cover at the dealer. Waiting time for replacement parts : 4-5 weeks. Good luck.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    I have been driving a E320 4matic for two years (same model of Drew). On dry pavement, the car is as pleasant and fun to drive like a rwd, I also never felt any drag or under power due to the 4matic system. On wet, icy or slippery roads it becomes another angel. Last summer, I drove, non stop, several hundred km's through driving rain and muddy slopes (up to 23%) in Northern Canada. The car behaved above all my expectation and never felt once out of control at any speed (I really mean any speed). Should this happen to you once in the lifetime of the car, then you will appreciate the life saving choice of the 4MATIC. I own other cars, however I already know that my next car will be a 4MATC, an E or an S =??. Good luck in your choice.
  • I will soon be taking delivery of a 2001 E320 wagon. I will be dropping a '99 Explorer Limited (Firestone's gone but not recalled) and wish to continue one aspect of the truck over to the E320: I found make/model specific side mirrors for both the Ford and my '97 3.5RL which are convex over the whole surface, eliminating the blind spots 100%. These mirrors are cut the same size as the original and double stick tape puts them right on top thus preserving remote operations. Yes, objects are a bit smaller but that adjustment made, I enjoy these mirrors which are still showing the over-taking car when it comes into my own view. Problem: maker has gone away. Does anyone know who might make such mirrors now? Much thanks for the thorough information routinely found here and for any help on this search.
  • thank you for your comments. Always helpful.


    I think Parfive1 did a good job and did not slam our topic. If you reread his comment he did explain himself as a reader and felt compelled to contribute. He only mentioned that he needed front wheel drive or all wheel drive and 56k was alot of money. There have been other instances where harsh words were in order, but I thought it was well thought out and he expressed his position well. I doubt we need to discourage thought here if it conflicts with our views. Is the reason we come here is to always preach to the choir and only share the love? Or can we be open to new posts and ideas especially when they present their views well and are thorough. Just a thought.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    As I recalled, I started with the driver's side and I thought that was easier to work with. I recalled the passenger side had an air filter and space was limited behind the headlight assembly. nevertheless it was very easy to install. Just pay close attention to how the bulb itself comes out and put the new one back the same way. If the bulb is installed correctly, the metal bracket securing it should lock in fairly easy. So you basically unscrew the black round cover, unplug the wiring harness from back of bulb, unscrew metal bracket, take out bulb, replace with new bulb in same position, screw back metal bracket, plug wiring harness into back of bulb, turn on headlights to make sure everything is OK (I parked my car and aimed headlights into garage wall so I will be able to tell if the aiming is off), and then screw back black round cover. Good luck.
  • That wasn't me that bought the new RL. It was krv03. I just responded to his post.
    I used to have an RL, but have since purchased a 00 E320. Was so impressed that I purchased a
    00 ML430 for my wife two weeks ago.
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