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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • et610et610 Posts: 40
    Also ordered E500 today. Found a dealer with an open production slot on Oct 10 to 20th. Was able to change the E500 he had to the upgraded one I wanted.
    Not to hard to decide on the E500 over E320. The hard part was MB over Lexus. The LS470 is really one heck of a vehicle. I found it to be much more luxury and ride than the E500.....but in the end could not go with the Lexus.

    The navigation system was very important to me and the Lexus has an outstanding system. Mercedes will not release what the new system will be. Still....I ordered the E500. Can't really figure out why.
  • Go to the MB site for the UK. You will find a paragraph or two on the new DVD Nav for the E there.
  • et610et610 Posts: 40
    I did check the UK site. I have been told by "technicians" at the 1800formercedes phone line that that is not the system that will be used in the U.S. The UK site appears to be a screen about the size of a car radio display.
    I am told that the new U.S. system will be a full 6" screen and that it will be supplied by Harman Becker under the MB Brand. I am told to "trust them it is a wonderful system". Actually, I have been told a lot of conflicting things about the system.
    I guess I will just have to see and hope to not be disappointed.
  • An E320 v. an Avalon? Come on people, what is this board coming to?????!!!!! There is absolutely no comparison between the two.

    All kidding aside, we have both the E and the Avalon in the family and the E is by far superior in almost every aspect except for the maintenance and repair cost column (as most would agree). Avalon is a great choice and a good buy for the money in its own class, but the E is definitely much more refined and is loaded with latest safety innovations. Further, most aging Japanese cars have the tendency to exhibit certain feeling of looseness which gives the driver a false sense that the cars may be falling apart, whereas a typical E would remain rock solid and feel almost as tight, as new, 10 years down the road.

    I like the Avalon for the value, room and smooth engine, but I LOVE the E for everything that most other make and model automobiles cannot offer. (My ’98 E320 with 62K miles drives and rides just as good, if not better, than when it was new.)

    The bottom line is that if you can live with the relatively high maintenance and repair bills and a slightly inferior reliability than the Avalon, E class is definitely the choice!

    With respect to the extended warranty, do get it. You don’t have to have the MB EW. You can buy it aftermarket from companies such as Warranty Gold at a decent price. The only drawback is that WG is not accepted by some MB dealers, therefore, you have to find a reputable independent repair shop. I have MB EW on my ’01 M-Class (which I assume would work just as regular MB warranty) and I have WG on the ’98 E (5 years from the date of contract and up to 100K miles). I recently had my first major repairs (AC compressor and belt tensionor) on the E and claimed them under WG. WG came through without any problems, and this repair alone paid for the warranty itself.
  • Thanks for the info et610. I didn't know it was a different system in the USA. I have pre-ordered it too at the discounted price so I'm in the same boat. I'm sure it will be a nice system and am really looking forward to it. Just disppointed that it won't be in my car when it comes. I was told they are shooting for the first quarter of next year for the DVD-Nav but my dealer said it could be later than that! If it takes too long they said I could have my money back. I post any info I find out in the meantime.
  • Well put. BTW, if you don't mind telling how much is the extended warranty? Is there a deductible for repairs? I have never purchased an EW before but since MB's are expensive to repair I think I will with my new E500.
  • I purchased WG EW in March last year, just before my factory warranty ran out. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid, but I believe I paid around 1500’s or 1600’s for WG’s Diamond plan with zero deductible. The coverage as stated, is for 5 years from 30days after the EW purchase date and 100K original miles (not additional 100K). You can check out there website and I believe they also offer 7years/150K protection. The problem is that the 7 years is from the EW purchase date, not the original warranty expatriation date, so you may want to wait for a year or two before you buy WG if your E500 is brand new (but then it could be more expensive two years down the road).

    There are few tricks in buying EW (both aftermarket and MB).

    If buying from MB and your car is less than a year old, I suggest that you shop around the dealerships (go to M-Class forum and find contact info for I think Lisa in Coach Motor MB ??? in N. Cal.). I bought MB EW from her at a “substantial” discount (even though I bought my ML in S. Cal. and it was almost 1yr old when I bought the MB EW. I don’t know if she can offer good deals on EW for the E, but it is worth a try if you want MB EW. In any event, I would call around dealerships to see if they would deal on the EW.

    If buying from WG, just get a quote and sign up at their web site. Don’t buy right away because WG will email you discount emails. (e.g., first email will be $100 off, second will be 150 or 200 off.) I think the best discount I saw was $400 off the quoted price in the 3rd or 4th email that I received. I would call WG sales personally and asked them to give you the largest discount (as offer by email discounts or others alike). I have found that WG sales were very easy to deal with and so far very happy with them. Don’t know if they still use the same type of marketing and special offers. Good luck.
  • et610et610 Posts: 40
    Thanks for the great post. I was also interested in the extended warranties. Your post was excellent and will help to get information later.
    Do the MB extended warranties start after the original warranty period or do they run simultaneously also.
  • Thanks for all the great info yickwo. I really appreciate it.
  • rayscar -- the person mentioned for the discounted MB warranty is Lisa Lehrbaum, Finance Manager at Courtesy Motors in Chico, CA. Contact info: for e-mail, phone # 1-800-655-3535 or 530-893-1300.

    The "Mercedes Care Premium Coverage" warranty I bought must be purchased before the first anniversary of the car's purchase date. I've heard that MB has changed some of the parameters for the extended warranty, but I bought mine from Lisa for my 2000 E320 in March 2001. It adds another 48 months/50,000 miles to the original MB warranty and listed (then) for $2,650; I paid only $1,680 for mine, and I bought my car in Maryland.

    Hope this helps. Good luck, and let us know how you make out.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I looked at many different vehicles in the same price range (Lexus,Infinity,Bmw,etc) and the E500 swayed my opinion. It came down to Bmw vs Mercedes in the end and being that Bmw is changing the 5 series next year I optioned for the new model Benz, I also really liked what Mercedes did with the E class. I ordered the sport package which really gives it a sharper look both outside and in. Although the Lexus was a nice vehicle its exterior was a bit too boring for me plus they don't have a comlimentary routine maintenance program. The navigation system is also important to me but I am sure the E class will have an excellent system whenever it does finally comes out. Look on the bright side Mercedes is offering a rebate if you order the nav system now. Good luck with your vehicle.
  • I picked up my 2003 E320 last night. I ordered it the first week in July so it took me about 2 1/2 months to get it, but the wait was well worth it. I got the obsidian black E320 with sport package, premium sound, panoramic roof, and solar panels. I love this car. I had been driving a '93 300 CE (which I'm keeping and still love to drive) but the technological advances from 1993 to 2003 are amazing. I highly recommend getting the sport package as it makes the car look so much better than a standard E320. The wheels and tires look a lot better on the car and the bi-xenon headlamps look really cool at night.

    The panoramic roof is unbelievable. I was skeptical when I first put the order in, but I think it is one of my favorite features on the car. The glass roof blends in well with the obsidian black paint and the interior ambience of the car is so cool at night when you have it open.

    I'm disappointed that I didn't get the in-dash CD changer. I ordered it, but they have been having supply problems with the CD changer because of overwhelming demand so a lot of the people who preordered the car with this option will be a little disappointed when they don't get it.

    I was deciding between the BMW 540 and the E Class. I'm definitely glad I chose the E. It is such an elegant yet sporty car and I think its the perfect size being in between the C320 and S 500.

    For those of you who are debating between the E320 v E500, it depends on how fast you really need to get somewhere. I think the E320 has plenty of horse power for the kind of driving I do, but it is always nice to have a few more horses under the hood if you want to spend another $5,000 (which is probably worth it for those who want the extra power). I would definitely recommend the sport package if you choose the E320.

    Anyways, I guess I've raved about the car enough. Congratulations to Mercedes for a job well-done.
  • Thanks for the info mbdriver. My car is scheduled to arrive in late October. I'll let you know how I made out.
  • I took a drive to my dealer today to check out the new E. I received a backhanded compliment when one of the salesmen tried to unlock my '01 E430 4Matic and give it to customer for a test drive!
    Both my wife's and my first impressions were that the new E is smaller outside than the previous version. We lined up both cars, and sure enough, the new E was longer by a nose. I think it's the curved rear pillar that evokes that illusion. The rear pillar and tail lights clearly resemble the C and S classes. The car does look handsome, but somehow, it doesn't strike me as an awesome and unique design the way the BMW 3 Series looks (to me anyway). I really like the new wheels, especially the 17 in. wheels on the E500. The front retains a strong link to the previous E class, yet manages to look more modern. The only element I didn't care for in front was the egg-crate looking grill, as the vertical slats are now chromed. I think the slats are blacked out in the Sports Package.
    Inside, the dash and interior look updated. I didn't mind the chrome strip, but my wife thought it didn't belong with wood and leather. The seats are comfortable and nice, but are missing the piping around the edges that we have. The leather was also decontented, as full leather is now an option. Some pet peeves are still there: no sensitivity adjustment on the rain sensing wipers, lack of radio station names on the display, and no underhood light. Although I don't mind a dial for the automatic temperature setting, the setpoint can only be set in 2 deg. increments, instead of 1 deg. as the W210 has. On the other hand, the car has a locking gas cap. I didn't check out the sound system.
    It appears the gas tank was moved away from behind the back seat, creating a huge trunk.
    We took an E500 with 500 miles on it for a 10 min. test drive. It immediately felt even tighter than mine. I drove it hard around a turn, enough to slightly squeal those massive 17 in. tires. The Airmatic suspension kept the car level and in full control. I tried the same turn later in my '01. It handled just fine, but leaned somewhat.
    The Sensotronic brakes were unobtrusive. They worked fine and didn't interfere with normal braking. I tried the soft stop feature, but didn't notice any difference from my car.
    On the local streets I didn't notice the 27 added horsepower over my E-430. It did, however, feel powerful and very responsive.
    The saleman indicated MB will be accepting 4Matic orders next April.
    My overall impression was that the new E Class is a winner! The Airmatic suspension and Sensotronic brakes more than compensate for some of the features missing in my car. I would also consider the Distronic speed control, even with its $3,000 price tag (and yes, I have a pilot's license, but less than 100 hr. compared to mbdriver's 6,000+).
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Well, i attended the event this morning suprised how many showed up at the early showing on a Sunday morning.

    The cars: round is in, dials, gages, seat memory, headlights, ect....

    The drive: the start person said "drive as hard as you want " in the E500, but after some tire squeal one person got their armband cut off promptly, o well...

    The Guest: everage age 65 , and women and childen, imo would be better served going to a dealer test drive than a driving event...not exactally like the BMW ultimate challenge thats for sure.

    Guest comments : "this drives better than my volvo "
    " that 320 is more power than anyone needs"

    My thoughts : VDO gages very nice, however the clock is slightly bigger than the tack, tells you what this car was really designed for.

    brakes very progessive and steering was solid, for a 3800 lb car , handeled very nicely. An extra 8k for the E500, hard decision, i would skip the 500 test drive and no know what i was missing ... :) That pam roof is pretty cool, everyone loved it.

    What id skip: Airmatic, dont know how long it last but id just prefer springs myself.

    Keyless go: again neat feature but seems like could be troublesome.

    distronic: take a cab or a nap, im more aware of my driving to need that...

    cool stuff: Pam roof every one loved it.

    fold flat front passenget seat.

    thats all for now,
  • I have a E500 on order and have the CD Changer ordered also.
    Did you get warning that the CD changer would not be supplied? I hope they did not just ship your car and then tell you to take it or leave it after waiting since July to get it.

    I would be very, very, unhappy if they ship my new E500 without my ordered equipment. I only put in a factory order so that I would get the car as I wanted it.

    I did not order the sports package since I do not care for the black birdseye maple wood trim. I prefer the walnut look. The sports package is great on the E320.
  • I recently got an E320 4Matic that came with Michelin Energy X MXV4 tires. I haven't been able to learn much about these tires and was wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on them. Specifically, I am wondering how these are in the snow, since I am considering getting some snow tires for the winter.

  • I had planned to buy another E-320 to replace the 2000 E320 I bought in the fall of 1999. But in the news this morning, it appears that Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder won re-election by promoting anti-US feeling.
    The US consumer needs to take a little butter off their bread. I have decided to keep what I have for another year or two. If US orders for German cars fell by 50 percent for a few months, maybe Schroeder might realize that he needs more than the Green party to get the German economy going. Ray Berg
  • I simply don't know how you can equate the two. Gerhard Schroeder has a right to express his opinion. Doesn't change the fact that 80% of Germans don't want to help in bombing Iraq. Doesn't make them anti-US either. Just because they don't want to participate in our made up wars doesn't mean they hate us. We'll continue to buy German cars in record numbers.
  • I just returned from a 6 month holiday in Europe with much of it in Germany and France. There actually is a anti-American attitude just below the surface in many conversations. A member of Schroeder's cabinet just compared the President of the United States with Hitler, then denied it, then made a non apology.
    I have always thought highly of Germany but came back a little troubled. I am not Jewish but was amazed at the widespread open anti Jewish sentiment in todays Germany. Heard several times that all American policy is driven by the Jewish lobby. Seemed to be aimed at Clinton as well as Bush.
    Don't think I will cancel my order because I am selfish but am not very happy with what I just experienced.
    Other countries do not have to like us I guess but then we do not have to support them either.
  • Well, Germany is a vast and can be surprisingly diverse. There are many backwoods people in Germany, as there are in America. Sadly, any large society seems capable of hysteria and discrimination. Let's not forget we interned the japanese during World War II.

    You will find a lot of people in rural or the southern US who are anti-Black, anti-Semitic, think that the government is evil, that Catholics are evil, etc. etc.

    With this in mind, I don't use their ideology and viewpoint as representative of how America is like.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    Can some of you give me some feeback regarding E320's in those years. Which ones are the better ones? I know Germans make improvements under skin. like the old version 300 series were mostly improved by 94-95.

    Were there teething problems with 96-97 E-320's. there are some good buys on E-bay on E320's. There was a 96 with 93K miles, the guy was willing to sell the car for $15,500.

    What kind of trouble area should I look for, while examining one of these? Someone said balljoint on these cost $1500. It is hard to believe people pay that kind of money for repairs at MB dealers.

  • how much was it to fix window problem of e class.i heard loud pop then window wont close.
  • I have a C320, looking next year to getting into a E320. From what I've seen the new E is fabulous looking. Reading some of the posted messages leaves me shaking my head. MB was and still is supposed to be the elite in the car industry.

    How can MB release new E's and not be prepared to equip the in dash CD player or even know what nav system its going to use let alone have it available. From some of the posted messages:
    "Lack of radio station name on the display"
    "Dial for automatic temperature settings"
    "Full leather seats not standard"

    Is it true that the cost for metallic paint is $1,150 (One time special Order charge), tell me its not so. If it is $1,150, can anyone tell me what's the difference in the paint from last year ($640).

    I know some of you may say its small insignificant stuff, but this is not what I expect from MB.
  • I am purchasing a E 320 and the extended warranty is currently a very hot topic for me. Can anyone tell me if the MB warranty is better than any of the others that are out there? What are the other companies that offer warranties? I see Warranty Gold, are there others that are good?

    My dealer does not want to deal on the price of the extended warranty and that seems odd to me. I this an item that has room to deal on price? It seems to me that it would. I see the post about the California dealer that seems to sell at a discount. Is there any downside or risk to going with an out of state dealer to get the discount?

    I would appreciate some input from those of you with more experience. I know the new E is going to be an awesome car. I also know that getting a car in the initial build can have some risks.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  • I disagree. All the things you mention as options are standard on the E500. They are options on the E320. This is done to give us choices and for price differences for people with different budgets and/or wants. One size does not fit all.

    My E500 was ordered in August and will be built on 9/30/02. I had no problems getting my ordered accepted with the in-dash CD changer. On other boards there are plenty of posts from people who have already received cars and have the CD changer so this does not seem to be a problem. As for the DVD-Nav, there is a $500 discount for ordering it now which is what I did. I'll save some money and it will be a great system when it arrives in the first quater of next year.

    To each their own. If you think MB is slipping then there are plenty of other car makers to choose from. But I'll be enjoying one of the best and safest cars on the road, the E500.
  • And in addition to what rayscar pointed out, the special order paint has always carried a $1k+ extra charge. If you want Lemon Yellow, they'll be happy to give it to you. And metallic paint has always been a $600+ option.

    Are you trying to troll this forum, or would you really equate lack of radio station name with lack of quality??
  • I have this car with 50,000 miles and reliability has been excellent. Oil change every 4000 miles, I just switch to Syns oil Mobil 1 so that I change every 10,000 miles instead (just because I change oil myself). Changed front break pads one time, only regular maintenance so far...
  • I am thinking about purchasing an '03 E320. The MB website recommends 91 octane fuel. I do not know what was recommended for '02 models. Have others used 89 octane and have there been any problems?
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I was recently told by the dealer that the nav system is only discounted for leases and did not apply to financed vehicles. Can anyone advise to the contrary. I was interested in the nav especially if I can save $500 with the rebate.
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