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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • juresjures Posts: 42
    i just returned the renewal form for teleaid with cancel written across it. i think the $205 fee is about $100 too high for the service. everyone seems to have a cell phone if you are really in a jam, and the problems i've had with getting the teleaid service to work properly and be able to understand the person on the other end doesn't give me a lot of confidence in the service. roger
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    I cancelled mine already. I thought it was a waste of money since the annual fee is only for the service and you would have to pay for your airtime when connected. I am betting on others with cell phones to call for help if I crash my car into a pole or something.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    All this great stuff to wax car.........problem is: Its cold! Have yet to polish car. Dura gloss has a prep that need go on to prolong. But the real question I will ask: Does anyone use a car wash? A good mind you. In years past I never took my old s class to one, having very young children, and more time. I like washing myself, but right now the car is dirty, its 30 degrees outside, and I have brilliant silver. I have a friend with 00' denali in black, and uses car wash. so I ask the choir here, What do you do when you cannot wash by hand??? Hey, it a question and its non-zaino related.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    I have been using touch-free (brushless) car wash or hand-wash for years with no problems. No car wash will cause more damage than highway stone chips, calcium chloride or glass powder. (They now use this last after heaving snow/ice storms in certain areas).
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302

    Interesting interactive site from Mercedes in europe.

    MOre interesting than tasting zaino!
  • The E320 does have lumbar support in the seat, just not an _adjustable_ lumbar support.
    I have a bad back (herniated disk several years ago) and I find the standard seat
    lumbar support to be VERY good (better than the adjustable lumbar support in the last 2
    cars I owned, a 96 and 99 Dodge Intrepid). If you want adjustable lumbar supports, get
    the multi-contour seats.
  • Anybody that thinks the Grand Am is nicely styled probably thinks Windows is a nice,
    bug-free operating system!
  • hjbornhjborn Posts: 20
    My year is up in March and and I am definitely not going to renew Tele aid--$200 or so per year just for the automatic call-in is a rip-off. A cell phone will give you all the other services. I've never used any of the buttons since I've had the car.
    On a related issue (the end of the first year), is it possible to get the extended warranty at less than the $2800 my dealership wants? That is, will other dealerships sell you the warranty for less? I know it's possible to buy other brand warranties, but I prefer to stick to the Mercedes warranty.
  • I changed the oil & filter on my '01 E320 at 5015 miles on the odometer. I used 8.5 qt. of Mobil1, 5w-30. The computer display indicated "Service A in 6300 miles". I have since driven 10 miles and the computer display has not changed. How long/miles does it normally require before the computer recognizes the new oil and increases the "Service A miles recommendation"? BTW I used the "Big Boy Topside Multipurpose Vacuum Pump" and I highly recommend it for those that change their own oil. The container holds 2.5 gallons and makes changing oil almost effortlessly.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    I, too, cancelled my Tele Aid service on my '00 E430 sport. I found it too expensive for the service since I have a cell phone already. My Tele Aid still worked a week after I cancelled it (I was over the one year mark already). While backing out of a parking place and turning the steering wheel sharply, the Anti-lock brake light came on. I pushed the "wrench" button in the console and the service guy told me what to do. I turned the steering wheel all of the way to the right and then all of the way to the left then center.... I turned off the engine and then restarted it and the light turned off. So, the Tele Aid service part still worked after cancellation. I think Tele Aid should be free while the car is still in warranty. I bet you that MB will offer it soon especially when everybody cancels. Mark
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • tomsky3tomsky3 Posts: 48
    Has anyone subscribed to the Info Services option on Tele Aid? After I was given the subscription form from my dealer, I called Tele Aid to inquire about the Info Services. The additional subscription is $145 a year plus $0.40 per minute beyond the first 30 minutes of the first year. My own thinking was that this is an expensive gimmick and that most of the information is available anyway on the radio. However, I thought I would give it a try for one year and then cancel after that.

    When I tested it out on the COMAND system, it said that it was not activated. I called MSUSA and they told me that I would get a brochure with a password for the purpose of choosing my options on-line. After I did select the options, I found that the Info Services still didn't work. I called MSUSA and the guy said to call SOS on the Tele Aid system. I spoke to a lady. I don't know what she did, but I heard several beeps. She said that when she would hang up, my Info Services should be activated. This call ate up about ten minutes of my precious free 30 minutes of air time.

    During lunch time yesterday, I had an opportunity to test it out. On the COMAND screen, I read the latest news headlines, sports scores, weather, and business news. I found out that I made a fortune in the stock market, worth more than the ten minutes; in fact, more than the price of the car. So I was happy to receive this information.

    I think that the Info Services is an expensive gimmick that you can use if you want to impress someone. After a year, I still think I'll cancel it.


  • I'm about to purchase a '01 E320. The dealer will sell me the phone at his cost (just under $1500 for the non-voice activated Motorola Timeport). Is the phone worth it? Has anyone used the voice activated phone? Thanks for the tips.
  • I just purchase the extended perm. warranty for $2,100 plus tax in NJ - now it is 8 year/100,000. It is well worth it for me because I put alot of miles on each year. Shop around!!! Don't forget that the sales person gets a kickback.
  • Robert - Can you tell us where you purchased your extended warranty or you can mail me the information? I am very interested in doing the same. Thanks.
  • What is your email address? I have nice pricing on warranties because of my families relationship with the salesman but he has treated are friends very nicely in terms of pricing on the warranties.
  • I have the star tac phone in my 00 E320.
    Although I don't have the voice activated system, I still like it alot.
    I've programmed all my most frequently dialed numbers into the handset so all I have to do is use my steering wheel controls to scroll and dial.
    Other numbers are dialed through the keyboard next to the radio.
    The unit is totally hands free, other than the initial dialing, and everything works great.
    Is it over priced? Probably. But it's worth it to me.
  • My email address is:
  • wmbiffwmbiff Posts: 11
    I also have the dealer(factory?) installed Star Tac on my 00 E320. I find that it works great and also did not get the voice activated system. However I have to scroll though the phone book using the buttons on the radio. How did you activate that feature from the steering wheel? When I try, I get "not activated" message. I (falsely?) assumed that you had to have the voice activated system to use the steering wheel controls for the phone.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  • Last Monday (Jan 1, 2001) I drove to Dallas, TX from Austin on I-35. After about 120 miles, I saw snow on the road. I stopped the car (did not switch off the engine), put in Park and switched to Winter Mode. The ESP was on. Then started driving. I was going around 35 mph. I felt my car was skidding more than the other other cars passing by. I had couple of scary skids.

    Can any one comment about winter driving (snow/ice)? Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks in advance.
  • Here's what "I think" is happening with your phone.
    After you start your car, scroll to the telephone section of your dash display by using your bottom left steering wheel button, (do not hit the tel button on your radio) The display should say "ready". Then use the top left steering wheel button to scroll thru the numbers and the bottom right (outside) steering wheel button to dial. It should work.
    I experimented with my phone, and found that if you push the tel button on the radio first, it renders the steering wheel scroll button useless.
    Of course this is only for numbers that are programmed into your handset. For all other numbers, you have to push the tel button on the radio, dial from the keyboard, and push send.
    I've never seen the "not activated" in my dash display. I've only see the "no phone" when the phone was unplugged from the coil cord.
  • I have a MY2001 E430 4matic with Michelin Lapin Pilots on all four corners and with the 20+ inches we received over the past Saturday, it performed great. The winter mode is for starting the car in 2nd gear instead of 1st gear. You should also drive in a lower gear -- not 5th. As far as I recall, you can just flick the switch in motion but since I don't have the manual at work, maybe Drew can answer it with a 100% Yes or No. Well, it is snowing in the NC and I can't wait to drive home. It is some much watch those bad drivers stuck in the snow. Hope the email helps you.
  • The RWD does tend to drift (oversteer) because it's RWD. However, the ESP will correct the skid and straighten the car out very quickly.
    I have the same car and this is my first winter with it.
    It takes some getting use to, and it is a little scary. You think your going to lose it, and then it corrects itself.
    I've done some playing in the snow with mine. Tried to make it spin out, but I couldn't. The ESP took over.
    All in all, I think you'll be fine. Especially if you live in Texas. Try Minnesota some time. You guys don't know what real snow is ;-)
    Wish I didn't :-(
    Those other cars that seemed to be doing better were probably FWD's or AWD's.
  • wmbiffwmbiff Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info. I tried what you suggested. I think I must have an earlier version (or different model) of the Integrated StarTAC Phone that does not allow access to the phone book through the steering wheel. I purchased the car 3/00. My display does not indicate "ready" but indicates "PHONE" and in small letters underneath FM or AM depending what band the radio is on. I can adjust the phone volume from the steering wheel, but cannot answer or hang up a call unless I use the radio buttons. I incorrectly posted that the display showed "not activated" it actually displays "not available" with the graphic of the phone/cradle above.

    I'll double check this with the dealer when I go in for the first service (including 1st oil change) which the display says will be in 900 miles. I've gone over 11k, and living dangerously, have followed the manufacturer's schedule for oil change. I will request Moil 1 at that time.
  • cce182cce182 Posts: 40

    My insurance company is Safety Insurance in Boston. I deal with a local agent who selects the company based on their experiences with claims, financial condition, etc. In Massachusetts, basic automobile insurance is compulsory with rates regulated by the Commonwealth. So, the basis of competition is service and "good driver" rebates managed through the "point" system that many states have.

    LoJack, when they started their business, did a very smart thing: they demonstrated effectiveness of their system and lobbied the insurance companies for insurance discounts to create a market for their product. The problem with LoJack is the need for the police to have special hardware for tracking the stolen vehicles. Whether LoJack gives this hardware away to expand their market is unknown to me. Stolen vehicles are rightfully a low priority with police compared to armed crime, crimes of the person, etc. unless the sv is connected with some other crime. Law Enforcement has to be equipped, interested, and available when your car gets swiped.

    Tele-Aid, OnStar and their cousins would seem to have an advantage here. You notify the police and TA, TA locates the car and tells police where it is - - much less work for police than LoJack, and then, hopefully, the police have time to go to the place TA has identified as the location. And, you get coverage wherever cellphone coverage exists. LoJack is very regional: the police have to have the hardware. A TA limitation is that the ignition on your TA-equipped car must be on for TA to function. And, I suppose aluminum foil taped down over the outside TA antenna (which is in plain sight on top of the car) could thwart both the cell signal and the GPS locator if the thieves are smart enuf to know to do this (so, if you ever see an MB with tinfoil over that antenna .........). LoJack installations purport to be concealed and functional at all times. Who knows whether State Farm has these reasons for not offering the discount? If State Farm isn't interested, I'd go to a local agent and have them scout a company that WILL offer the discount.

    IMOH, Tele-Aid would be smart to lobby for insurance discounts as LoJack did, which would increase the attractiveness of their services. And, unless it's too tough on the battery, TA should be active at all times, at least for the locator service. If Tele-Aid, OnStar and the others lobbied the insurance companies, demonstrated effectiveness, and priced their product reasonably, I think they could put LoJack out of business and own the vehicle recovery market. We should all tell them.

    Good Luck

    By the way, has anyone seen any statistics about the theft rate for MB models compared to other comparable brands, particularly MB Models with TA installed as standard? I'd also be interested in hearing about anyone's experience in getting a vehicle recovered with TA.
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  • marcn1marcn1 Posts: 1
    I tried to write this 4 times at Christmas hope it works tonight!

    I have and love a 00 430 E. Its very sporty and at 45 I am starting my mid life crisis. I do drive a little fast and most of my driving is around Atlanta (im in Real Eatate) BUT the brakes had to be replaced at 8,000 miles eeek and the Goodyear tires got bubbles on the sides and had to go ar 11,500 miles eeeeeeeeeeeeeek I never had this experence in My lexus 320 no compairsion I agree. The tires cost $1250.00 because the are z rated. i had to go to a more expensive tire store because several stores would not offer road hazzard. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Does any one know of a different tire that will go on my 17 in rim.I put 20,000 miles a year and the Z tires were out quickly so I am told. 2. Are there any brakes that do not wear out as quickly as MB soft brakes

    Thanks for your help
  • parboparbo Posts: 7
    I've only had my car 2 months, but I had a flat tire today and used tele aid, and I must say I was happy with it. The whole process only took about 40 minutes. Of course it was 5:30 am.. and I'm sure there isn't a big demand for service at that time, but it still was so easy just to press a button and have someone come out to change the tire.
  • Don't despair. First, while I of course haven't seen your tires, ordinarily tire sidewalls don't bubble as part of wear and tear, so unless your treads were all gone, you should have received something back on the tire warranty. Also, you paid a fortune for replacement tires. The OEM Goodyears can be had at the Tirerack ( for about $130 each. I think Bridgestone S-02s (around $210 each) would be better all round and wear no worse that what you experienced (tire wear esp. on high perf. tires varies greatly by driving habits, so I can't tell you that 11,000 miles is or is not good wear. If you rip around corners all the time, 11,000 isn't bad. If you do nothing but cruise down the interstate, 11,000 is not very good at all.) As for brakes, the same thing goes about wear. If you're constantly charging up to red lights and jamming on the brakes, well, they're going to wear out no matter what. Nonetheless, a number of aftermarket pads are available that won't wear quite so fast and won't produce as much black dust to soil your wheels. Most squeak a little however, and some either wear rotors faster or don't handle heat as well (fading a bit sooner). But the best part is that you don't have to clean the wheels every two days! The best known used to sold as "Repco" pads, either the deluxe or metal masters. The company got sold off and the pads were sold under the Axxis name. I don't know what the current brand is, but look for Metal Masters and usually you find them sold with "Deluxe" as an alternative. The Metal Masters stop better and are more fade resistant but don't stop very well when they're cold. Deluxe stop well when cold, but fade sooner. You can usually get either via mail order or internet for about $40 a set (two wheels).
  • I have 01 E320 with voice activated phone. My dealer sent a phone guy to my house a few days after taking delivery. He was showing me how to use all the features and we noticed that I was getting a message of "not available" when I scrolled through function button on steering wheel to use the phone. He had me drop by the dealer for a quick reprogramming of the computer. It took about 5 minutes for them to reprogram. Fixed!!! Good luck with your phone!!
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