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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • I think it logs you out after ten minutes. That's why you posts are not posting. I had the same problem.
  • First Time on the Town Hall Chat Room, Happy Holidays to All.

    I currently own a 00 E320, I'm very happy with it, had it now for 11 months, and have put 10K miles on it. At 5K I had the dealer changed the oil / filter and at 10K during Service "A" I had the dealer switch the oil to Mobil 1, my intention is to keep changing the oil / filter (Mobil 1) every 5K miles. Any opinions regarding my choice and the Flexible Service System schedule will be greatly appreciated.
  • I've had my 00 E320 since Aug 2000. Just reached to 5k mark and switched to Mobil 1 like a lot of others here.
    I plan to just follow the FSS schedule from now on, because Mobil 1 is more than capable of handling 10k miles.
    I also plan to do the same thing with my wife's 00 ML430 which presently only has 1000 miles on it.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    I had my oil changed at 4500 miles with regular oil. At 10,000 miles I will switch to Mobil 1. My plan is then to follow the M-B recommended service interval of 10,000 miles between changes. The Mobil 1 synthetic should hold up well for 10,000 miles. If you plan on changing the oil every 5,000 miles then why use synthetic?

    M-B allows even the standard oil to go 10,000 miles. So, synthetic should give you that extra safety factor you are seeking while still following the factory recommended intervals.
  • bud24bud24 Posts: 8
    Happy Holidays. This is my first posting. I am taking delivery of an E430 4-matic, brilliant silver/charcoal, E1, E2, K2A tomorrow to replace my 98 ES300. I am perfectly happy with my FWD ES300. However,a change in jobs will necessitate AWD, and I feel this is a good choice. I had wanted to have the command system, however, this would have entailed a long wait. I was contemplating getting a magellan 750 GPS receiver. It seems to be as good as COMMAND, costs the same, is portable, and opting for it will not delay delivery of the vehicle. Has anyone done the same thing?
  • I think think the only options I didn't get was the Parktronic and the Sport Package. The sunroof comes with the E2 package these days. You may be right on the bumper scratches as I have to park in some tight spaces in Boston on occasion. I just felt I needed to draw the line somewhere... I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get delayed on the way over to America! I will let you know how it goes...
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    keep in mind that even though the oil can handle 10k miles between changes, how about the oil filter? If you plan on changing the oil at 10k or so, thats fine. What you might want to consider is replacing the filter every 5k miles. On the E-class it is very easy to do so as it is just a matter of unscrew the old one out and screw in the new one.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Well, actually 10K miles is the minimum interval between oil changes that the FSS recommends. Most people can get more than 10K miles before the FSS recommends a service. Obviously MB has designed the filter to withstand the longer intervals as well. I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially since the FSS sensors/computer constantly monitors the cleanliness and viscocity of the oil, among other things.

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  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I'll keep the posting time to less than 10 minutes and see if it works!

    valueguy - Regarding Zymol, if you're happy with the product, don't change. But I had to respond about Zaino.

    I, too, have a brilliant silver Y2K E-Class MB and have used Zaino since I took delivery. The dealer had detailed the car perfectly, and I only washed with blue Dawn to remove the wax, the WIPED on Z-1 and Z-2 (no rubbing or buffing or rubbing compound needed!), waited to dry, then WIPED off. No white residue or sweat-producing work. The shine and paint slickness is fantastic, and several more coats of Z-2 over the months guaranteed a lasting shine and superb protection.

    I've used evrey car care product imaginable, including Zymol, but NOTHING compares to Zaino for ease of use, durability and shine. Considering its initial cost vs the durability and superior protection it provides, plus the fact that it must be used SPARINGLY, it probably isn't any more expensive than Zymol.

    But, again, if you're happy, stay with Zymol. But you may want to try Zaino some day -- if you do, I promise you that you'll stay with it and become a Zaino fanatic like all the rest of us.
  • Your low-cost Zymol at $12.99 is made by Turtle Wax, and is simply a decent liquid wax. The test by Consumer Reports was based on readily available "Consumer" waxes. If you REALLY want a good shine, try the REAL imported Zymol at several times the price. However, non of the waxes so far can hold up to a good polymer finish, especially in duration of protection. Since you seem to care, you should do a little more exploration.
  • rab5rab5 Posts: 12
    The FSS adds 0.6 mile for every GOOD mile driven, but subtracts 3 miles for every BAD mile driven. If you drove all bad miles for 3333 miles, your FSS would say time for service. Bad miles are driving without allowing engine to reach operating temp. (short trips), stop and go driving, and driving under a high engine load. Conversely, if you drove all GOOD miles (light load highway miles), your FSS would says time for service at 16,000 miles.
  • I currently drive a 1997 Mazda Millenia and am looking to upgrade in the Spring. I am considering the Lexus GS or the Benz E class, but don't know which to go with. I am looking for the most luxury possible w/ classy looks and an engine that out preforms most. Which do you recommend I go with? Which is better for the price? Better all round? Should I consider any others? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Thanks for the information. Perhaps I will go to the Zymol site and see about the "imported" wax.

    The "Turtle wax" Zymol does work well. The product is easy to apply and remove. As for the shine, I think my car looks great.

    I agree that a polymer product like Zaino should last longer. However, Zaino remains untested by RELIABLE sources such as Consumer Reports.
    NU-Finish (a polymer product) did not score as well as Zymol.

    Finally, M-B recommends a WAX based product for its cars. Polymer products like Zaino are probably excellent protectants but I prefer to stick with the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • I've been reading this forum for a while and finally decided on a 1998 E320. I wanted to post to the list and get opinions on the 1998 model. What is a fair price - are the ones from Edmunds, etc a good representation? Is a Star mark car worth the extra cost and peace of mind? I'm in the DC/Balt area. Can anyone recommend a dealer?
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    pitboss - by all means, drive the Lexus GS and the E-Class, then make up your mind. Both combine performance and luxury to the nth degree. You may also want to try the BMW 5-Series. FWIW, I prefer the E-Class for several reasons: overall "feel" and handling, value retention and certainly good looks. The GS may cost less initially, but it won't hold its value as well. A friend bought a GS300 last year for his wife, and she's already harping to trade it for an E-Class MB.

    valueguy - Zaino has been tested by many satisfied users -- try their Town Talk forum under Maintenance & Repair. Incidentally, Consumer Reports rated NuFinish as their top product for several years running and, in fact, got me to start using it. I was satisfied until I tried Zaino, and now I find I don't have to "rub and scrub" when applying the product. As I mentioned, it's easy -- just wipe on, let dry, wipe off.

    Finally, I suspect that MB recommends a wax-based product largely because it sells Maguires (wax based) under the Mercedes-Benz label. But again, if Zymol works for you, so be it! LOL.
  • I have had my 01 E320 for about a month and I still have a big smile on my face every time I even look in the garage. I researched and drove a lot of cars before I decided to pull the trigger on the E320. The GS was nice, but there was a LOT of wind noise around 50-60 mph and let's face's a Toyota. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I drove 3 different BMW 5 series. They all seemed completely different. The first one was nice, the second one was boring and the third one I drove(01 530i) was a dog!! I have driven 5 year old Taurus's that felt more like a driving machine. I seriously thought the VW Passat was a better car than the 5 series. The BMW 3 had some personality and was a contender, but it is just too small. I absolutely LOVE the feeling/performance/styling and looks of my MB!!! I even really like the COMAND now that I have gotten to know how to use it. The only problem with this car is I am afraid to park it anywhwere it might get hurt.
    I have already used Zymol on my new car and it looks great. I am ordering products from Zaino so I can compare.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    I would like to read your opinion comparing Zymol and Zaino. Please let us know. I found the Zymol easy to apply and remove.

    What color is your E?

    I agree that the current GS series lacks the looks and feel of the M-B E Class. Lexus will need to do better in 2003 with the GS redesign.
    The BMW 540IA is a fun, fast sporty car. However, the E is more refined, more luxurious and
    IMHO, a better built vehicle.
  • You only need look a the literally thousands of rave posts on the Zaino forum and this forum, as well as Lexus, Corvette, and other forums to see test reports that are a lot more reliable than Consumer Reports. CR will never test Zaino, imported Zymol, Blitz One Grand, and many other high-end polishes because they are not aimed at the masses, as is CR.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    You are absolutely right. When I was looking to buy a home theater system I checked CR and they only tested and rated on the likes of Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, etc.......Not one word was mentioned on the high high end brands like Bang & Olufsen, Nakamichi, B&W Speakers, etc.....
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Automophile, Thanks for the information.
    I look forward to reading Slugger4's post on the Zymol Vs. Zaino comparison.

    All I can say is that I am satisfied with Zymol.
    My vehicle (E430) is garaged most of the time both at home and at work. So, a wax lasts me a long time (6 months). The Zymol does give a nice shine and leaves the paint very smooth to the touch. As for Zaino, I will let Slugger4 tell me how much better this product really is compared to Zymol. Consumer Reports DID evaluate the Meguire's total car care system which I had been using. The Zymol is easier to use and gives just as good a shine.
  • thanks for all the help and answers to my questions. I am going to check out the cars this weekend and am including BMW 540IA on the list.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Consumer Reports does a good job overall of evaluating products. Most upper-end TV sets are included in their evaluations. Similarly, the E and S series M-B vehicles are included.
    However, the Rolls is usually left off the list.

    Is Zaino a Rolls-Royce? If so, then is Zymol a BMW or M-B? Please, car waxes are not stereo systems or cars; and even if they were comparable M-B products are good enough for me.
  • y2k4my2k4m Posts: 9
    I am one of the many people that has become M-B educated by all your comments and suggestions. I was torn between the RL and the E class, but didn't like the headroom offered by the RL. I took delivery of a '00 E320 4matic (dealer left-over metallic black on black w/E-2 and CD changer) and couldn't be happier! I'll continue to read and comment when I feel I can add something of use. Thanks again to Drew and company for your efforts.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    Come on, valueguy, don't be so defensive about using Zymol. We Zaino users aren't knocking Zymol or Maguires or MB products made by Maguires. We're merely saying that Zaino is an excellent product that surpasses everything we have ever used previously in terms of protection (including UV), ease of use and durability.

    And please get your facts straight before you counter -- Consumer Reports does NOT, in fact, report on most high end products. In their December 2000 issue, they did NOT include ProScan (the high-end TV made by RCA), except in "Repair History." And you're flat wrong that they include the S-Class MB; check the April issue and you'll find that the S-Class is conspicuous by its absence. As another poster said, CR reports on products that appeal to and are used by the masses. And the Rolls-Royce is ALWAYS left off the list. I know, because I've subscribed to Consumer Reports for almost 20 years.

    And while Zaino may well be the "Rolls-Royce" of car care products, I'm not sure what Zymol is (and I don't really care -- you probably don't either!). But you can bet that CR probably will never test Zaino or report on it unless it eventually enjoys mass distribution. But it certainly IS a high-end product that users find superior to anything else that's available.

    So continue to use Zymol or anything else that meets your needs. But, please, don't make assertions that aren't valid. We Zaino users actually don't care whether you're happy with Zymol or any other "wax."
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    Almost forgot to mention that Consumer Reports does NOT include MOST high-end TV sets in their evaluations -- much to my disappointmemt, they have NEVER evaluated nor reported on projection TVs (which normally are considerably more costly); they have reported only on sets up to 36" in screen size.

    I have found their reports useful -- to a degree -- but they really do exclude reports on many if not most high-end items and those which are not mass distributed. Makes sense, though, considering the demographics of most of their subscribers (or, technically, the members of the Consumers Union).

    One last note on CR: They toot their horn about NOT accepting any adverstising, yet they shamefully advertise their almost useless "New Car Price Service" that regurgitates information that is readily available in Edmunds (print or inline) and from many other sources. I tried the service once and felt that I was ripped off. They also advertise their equally useless "Consumer Reports Travel Letter," another rip-off that I've tried, plus a number of CR publications which I have avoided.
  • I've got another month left before my one year purchase anniversary. Considering warranty alternatives -- has anyone out there successfully negotiated MB warranties, or are they pretty much exactly as quoted in their literature? If anyone's gotten a discount from the listed MB warranty prices, I'd be interested to know where and I'll take my business there.

  • lyn8lyn8 Posts: 1
    I live in Colorado Rockies and took possession of E430 4matic a month ago. Have driven a lot of two lane roads in western CO for fun as well as break-in. Now it's broken-in and what a car. It shrugs off most road situations via its design and engineering for high speed driving. My first MB, and what a difference over the Ford Taurus SHO. I always wondered if a car could be worth 2.5 times the SHO. I think it is. Got the e1,e2 options incl. the "lights". Can really spot the deer unless of course they are running tangently towards you and appear "mid light" from the side. I'm happy I went the MB and not the 540i, etc. The problem with Colorado is they pour magnesium chloride over most of the main roads cause most people can't drive within their limits and the resort industry is overy paranoid about guests not getting here. It plays havoc with cars and the anticorrosive it contains may not do the job. The 430 is a great car. I haven't even added snow tires. Probably would if I didn't have a choice to drive something else when weather, and mag chloride, is at its worst. Lyn8
  • I taste tested both......

    I prefer the imported zymol over the domestic. while the imported is sharper in taste, the domesetic tasted watered down.

    I have used Duragloss products for years. A high end product that is similar in its following users love the products. They have a website also. I think when you find a product, and are happy, its nice to hear such enthusiasm.

    To those shopping and considering a mercedes.....ask a man or women whom had a bad car accident and survived because the difference was a little variable in the construction of the vehicle they drove. I have heard on occasion that" you need not make an excuse for driving one." That in itself is enough to sway the difference. with that out of the way, I won't buy any thing else, I have extreme brand loyalty for many reasons. Oh, I love my '01 silver 430. Its a blast to drive, and if god forbid have a life threating accident, it will do the best to help me..........Happy new year all-y'all-use guys and gal's. many happy and safe miles driven in the new year......
  • I took delivery of a 2001 E320 a week ago. Black, Java interior, E2 package with CD changer. Love it so far. However, I have a comment and a question:

    a) I do not know if anyone else have had the same feeling , but compared to the Mark Levinson system in the Lexus, for example, the premium sound package from Bose does not sound as impressive.
    b) What is the best leather cleaner/conditioner would you recommend?

    Appreciate any comments and advices from all seasoned MB owner out there.
  • When I picked up my desert silver/java E430 a couple of weeks ago, it had been already detailed by the dealer. My original intention was to put off waxing it until the spring. I was merely going to wash it during the first weekend. At the last minute, I decided to do my own detailing and am glad that I did.

    For many years, I have used Zymol Platinum wax on lesser cars. This eight ounce jar sells for $100. It smells like a fruit salad. It contains the oils of bananas, melons, honeydew, and 51% white carnauba. It is far superior to the liquid cleaner/wax found in auto stores under the Zymol name.

    My experience has been that you can get about seven wax jobs from this jar. I also apply the Zymol HD pre-wax cleanser first. The result when applying it to my new car was that while the dealer's wax job looked clean and had a surface shine, after I applied my product, the result was spectacular. The shine was down deep into the "soul" of the paint.

    The wood trim had seemed to look like an imitation of plastic, rather than wood. Today, I discovered something new. I applied regular furniture polish (with lemon oil) to the wood. Suddenly, the wood came alive and now looks like real wood, not plastic.

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