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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • broonbroon Posts: 7
    Oh, almost forgot...both E-Class wagon taxis I rode in had an MB-branded single disc indash CD where the glasses compartment is on the US-spec 210. Too bad they don't sell that over here - wonder if you could order one from Europe? Drew, any ideas?
  • We had two early 90's Es that were bought used. A 1991 300TE-4Matic that was bought with 60,000 mi and a 1992 300E-4Matic that was bought with 38,000 (a dealer car that was never sold). While the cars are very comfortable and handles very well even in the snow (92 was in Buffalo, NY), repair costs forced a sale of both cars. Both cars had the Mercedes Encore warranty. Even with the Encore on the 92, in the last year that we had the car (sold with 72,000 mi), we incurred close to $5,000 in out of pocket repair bills. The 91 was literally falling apart at 99,000 mi (in the last year out of pocket repair bills were $3,000 which did not include expensive repairs that were covered by Encore such as a warped cylinder head, 4Matic transfer case and several other things that I cannot recall right now). Although many of the repairs can be attributed to the old 4Matic system, many of the items were not. I would recommend at least a budget of $150/mo in repair costs on an "older" E. By the way, the 92 was replaced with a 1999 SLK230 (also had a 88 560SL with 25,000 mi that had never been in the rain but was in a head on accident when a 19 yr old driving an old Oldsmobile wagon cut on a left turn). The SLK was too small. We now have a 2000 BMW 528i and a 2000 MB 320-4matic. Hope this helps.
  • I'm thinking about getting the 17" AMG wheels for my 2000 e-320 4-matic as my next birtday present to myself (11 months away). I have the standard 16" wheels and Continental tires now. Can anyone describe the expected handling benefits. How noticeable? How much fun? etc.

  • I have a 98E3.2 which my wife likes to drive better than her Volvo wagon. I'm planning to trade the wagon for a new MB C or E. I like the size of the E better but the C seems to have more modern features. Is there a revision planned for the '02 version of the E? Is it worth waiting for a change. I'm happy with the 98E.
  • I plan to purchse a new (2001) E320--with the 4-matic ( as I live in wintery New England).

    Here are the options I have tentatively picked:

    1.E2 (Bose sound, sun roof & rain sensor)

    2. Front Heated seats

    Am I missing something fairly essential? Can I install the CD myself at some point?

    Is the extended warranty worthwhile?


  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Looks like you have most things. The only things that I'd add are the HID Xenon headlamps (which come with heated headlamp washers for remotely blasting away the snow/ice from the headlights), the rear sunshade, as well as (maybe) the Parktronic system.

    Yes, the CD changer can be added later on, but since it has a fibre optic interface, I don't know if I'd install it myself.

    WRT the extended warranty, for MBUSA customers, you can purchase it as long as it is within 1 year of the vehicle's date of purchase. MB Canada customers can purchase it within the vehicle's normal 4 year/80K kms warranty period.

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  • Thank you for your replies. I am not sure what I will wind up doing. I'll probably do a bit more research and maybe go out and look a bit but right now I'm leaning towards driving my truck yet another year and saving up more money. Perhaps I can save enough to get a 98 or so with low miles. Perhaps I am wrong but I think wagons are slightly less desirable around here (sfo bay area) and so the prices may be a little softer. I know there were a number of low milage white wagons around a while ago (95 vintage) that had been Mercedes Benz service vehicles. Do they use ML's now for that?

    I wouldn't want to purchase the 4wd model of the wagon just because they're more complex and more stuff needs to be serviced and repaired. In one sense I do like the older inline 6 models as they were fairly easy to work on but of course they all have high milage now.

    One stupid question from me to you owners:) Does the odometer on these cars go beyond 100k or does it just turn back to 0 at 100k?

    In any case I'll keep looking and reading. Even though I cannot afford a new one, I do enjoy reading this forum.
  • It is a very easy process to do. All the contections are behind the driver side trunk cover. Just find the patch cable that is taped to the wiring bundle and plug into the CD player along with one end of the CD cable that you discontect,then plug other end into the exsisting cable to make the "loop" complete. Two screws go into frame (exsisting holes if you use factory CD frame) to complete the installation.
  • I switched to the 17" wheels with Michelin XGT's on my 00 E320.
    The ride is a little harsher but it handles the corners better.
    My motivation though, was the look. The 17" rims and lower profile tires give it a much sportier appearance.
  • Thanks for your helpful message that a CD was easy to install, but please indicate what make of CD you installed and its cost.


  • Does anyone know whether the so-called Dealers Holdback (i.e. a percentage of the MSRP) applies to European Delivery as well?

    And..If one lives in one state (state X) but buys the car in another state (state Y)--which Sales Tax applies to the purchase?


  • The '01 E Class brochure says that the seat settings can be programmed to be linked to the smartkey. I infer that the car should then be able to configure the settings (or at least the memory settings) for the key user. Is this some lie in the manual, or does anyone know how to do this. Apparently it works with C (even seat and stearing settings).
  • After about a week and 200 miles, my '01 E320 seems to have developed a whining noise in the engine compartment. It is loudest when the car is just started and coldest, and gradually subsides, but never reaches zero decibels. It varies up and down with the engine revs. The dealer said it is the airpump, and it is normal. Does anyone know if there really is an airpump in this car?
    Although the noise does sound like something that is normal (whining from a bearing for example, like Hondas' alternator bearing), I do not recall hearing it in the first few days. Maybe I am just now learning about the sounds of the car. It does sound in the cabin, and therefore increases the noise level. This is why I am considering being a real pain-in the-[non-permissible content removed] about it until they fix it. If anyone else has experienced this, please let me know.

    Anyway, I still think the car is very nice.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The new SC430 is going to be a hit for Lexus, but the next SL will be also. The next SL will be 80K+ still. Lexus doesn't dictate pricing in this area. The SC will have it's fans, as will the SL. Lexus forced the issue in sedans, but they aren't going to be able to in luxury 2-seaters. The next SL will be really a 2-seat version of the new CL coupe, technically brilliant and far ahead of the SC430.

  • Does anyone have complaints about the quality of the exterior paint on the
    E320? I was reading about the complaints about the frequency of chips that some owners of their new C-class MB experience--and the potential use of some sort of an abrading chemical ("bras", whatewver that is?) for protecting the paint.


    Cautious Buyer
  • You can either go to for $549 plus $45 for mounting box. Or you can go to and buy the becker unit (model 2662) for under $400 including mounting brackets.

    I bought the becker. Easy to install. Works great. No dealer coding required.

    BTW..Becker makes the radio for most MB's.

    Check you radio control card that came with your manual. The number probably starts with BE. Stands for Becker.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    I have owned Mercedes for years and as I recall they all have made this sound when first started, however, I don't recall that the same sound will continue after the car is warmed up. I currently have a 2000 E430 and a 1998 ML 320 and this applies to both of them.
  • wmbiffwmbiff Posts: 11
    It is time for the first service (schedule A) on my 2000 E320. Any comments on the following?

    The clock seems to lose about a minute every month or two. Do you think this is worth the time (no pun intended) to have it corrected? I understand from a previous post that the battery is part of a larger module that would need to be replaced. Is there no other way to adjust this?

    I (as others have reported) am only able to get about 19.5 gallons of gas in the tank as indicated by the display. I understand that the tank is supposed to hold about 2 more gallons. Has anyone had success in getting this corrected?

    I noticed on my wife's 1999 C class that when serviced (we pay for all services on this one, as the "free" service was not included until the next year model) the dealership automatically put in Mobil One oil without asking ahead of time. Now since they pay for the service on the newer car do you think they will use Mobil One? My guess is that I will have to pay extra. But that is interesting that they would recommend this when they are not paying for it!

    Zaino update: I received the full line of products. So far have completed Dawn wash, clay bar and two coats of Z5. (I also went out of my way to buy some 100% USA cotton white bath towels and cut the edges off). The weather is not so sunny in southern CA right now and this has slowed the process this weekend. I am very impressed. The swirl marks are definitely reduced and after a couple of more applications I will switch to the higher gloss polish. But even at this point the finish looks better then when I purchased the car! Very pleased with this. For any of you who are buying new, I would strongly suggest that you NOT go with the dealer Teflon (very disappointed with this on my black car; but ok on my wife's desert silver car)and consider Zanio or other similar product.

    Overall: After almost 12K miles I am very pleased with this car. I look forward to driving it every day. I need to make a choice about renewing Tel Aid. Have not used it yet and would probably sign on for about $5 a month rather than the $17 they want. I also need to make a choice about the extended warranty. I told my wife that I like this car so much I might keep it past the four year warranty. She counters that I will probably be attracted to some more enticing vechile by that time. So, any thoughts about the warranty adding any value at trade in time? Is is transferable either as trade to private party or to dealer?

    Again thanks for your comments. This board has been a great source of information for me.
  • Thanks for your prompt and detailed response. Much appreciated!

  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    I need to replace one of the stock alloy wheels on my 2000 E320. Does anyone have a good source for these. All I need is the standard 16" rim due to a disagreement I had with a concrete curb....

    Thanks for any advise.
  • hjbornhjborn Posts: 20
    Clock--I too have a loss of three minutes after 10 mos. of owning a 00 E320. I once had a Buick with that problem and the radio had to be replaced. I think I'll just live with it.
    TeleAid--Last week I received the notice from MB that it was time to renew the contract. I returned it, canceling the service after the first year. I've never used it and don't intend to. For the same price, you can almost pay for a cell phone, which is far more useful.
    Extended warranty--I haven't shopped around yet for a better price than the brochure price, but I do intend to purchase the additional four years' warranty. The peace of mind is worth it.
    Whining noise--My car sits outside, and it has been bitterly cold here in central Illinois this winter. I hear the whining noise (I've described it before as a moan, but then I wear hearing aids from being a machine gunner in WWII, and don't hear the high frequencies that might make it sound more like a whine to others), also louder when I first start up the engine. If I stop somewhere for an errand, I don't hear it when I start the car again. Didn't hear it at all last summer--just after it got cold. The dealer couldn't find anything wrong, but at least it's on record.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    All MB vehicles from MY1998 onwards have coolant pumps which remain on for about 5 minutes after the engine is turned of. This pump continues to circulate the coolant so as to eliminate any chances of hot spots in the aluminum alloy engine block. I too, have occasionally noticed a high pitch whine coming from the engine compartment at certain times immediately after a cold engine startup. It usually disappears within 1 minute though.

    Make absolutely sure that it's coming from the engine compartment and not the gas tank area though (which is around the rear tires). If it is coming from there, it is probably the fuel pump and one should mention this to the service advisor. One of the M-class owners had this an the problem was diagnosed as a dirty fuel filter The filter was changed and the whine ceased immediately.

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  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    No matter where you purchase the car, sales tax will be paid according to the address the car is to be registered to. Automobile dealers must submit sales taxes received to the authority that they collected them for.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508

    Of course you can visit your friendly dealer and expect to pay $300 or so for a replacement wheel.

    However, any reasonably large auto salvage yard should have a pretty good stock of used wheels. Just make sure you count the number of "holes" between the spokes in your wheels so you get a match. Expect to pay 40-50% of new price for a used rim in good shape. But make sure they agree to replace it if it is out of round or can't be balanced...
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    I would look on ebay. Although I don't know if there is someone selling just 1 wheel though. most people there sell a set of 4. Salvage yards might not be that easy since your car is so new and since you only needed one.
  • I'm visiting here from the C-Class board - I have an '01 C320 with what I assume is the same TeleAid system as in the E-Class. It would seem that some of the potential benefits of renewing the TeleAid service is the automatic calling of emergency response in case of a major accident and the poor man's "Lo-Jack" tracking feature in case you come out one day and your MB is not where you left it. Of course, here in San Diego, the car would probably be tracked to somewhere south of the border. Am I mistaken in thinking that failure to renew TeleAid results in a loss of these features as well as the call-in ability for road service and info??

  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    The odometer will go to 999,999.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I believe that you can recoup some of the money spent on an extended warranty if you trade the car before the warranty period/mileage expires. When I traded a GM car with extended warranty for my "00 E320 last April, the MB salesman advised me to call the GM dealer to obtain the address and procedure to obtain a partial refund of the warranty. The factory warranty had not yet expired, so the extended warranty wasn't even in force. In any case, I recovered about 80% of the original cost -- which was fine, as I had mentally written off the entire cost.

    Incidentally, in early January there were a number of posts regarding MB extended warranty discounts. Bottom line: Cost is negotiable at some dealers. One poster e-mailed me the salesman's name and dealer in NJ where he bought the extended warranty at less than MB list. I don't think he'd mind if I forwarded it to you, if you follow his instructions for arranging it.
  • mjsjasmjsjas Posts: 3
    I have a 97 E320 which will go off warranty in May. As I have had to have the car serviced for problems 3 times before 32000 miles I am interested in purchasing an extended warranty. Can you forward the name and address where I can purchase the MB warranty for less than list? Also does anyone have any experience with after market warranties?
    I also have a partial cure for cats. I have a heater pad that I keep in the garage that seems to keep my cats off my car. It does'nt always work but it does seem to work about 90%.

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