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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • The rain sensor on my 2001 E-430 does not wipe soon enough to keep the windshield clean, at least to my liking. The dealer checked it out and said it is working correctly. Does anyone else have the same problem, and if so, has it been corrected by the dealer?
  • I assume the e55 has the same sensor. It doesn't wipe as quickly as I would like to, and it feels as if it's about a second or two behind my feeling that it should work, most of the time. At other times it seems to function adequately and at other times, when it's sort of dark out, I think it functions more quickly. My understanding is that there is a light sensing unit which when light is decreased causes the motor to work.
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    I'm on my second front wiper blade in the last year on my 2000 E and it scrapes like crazy. Has anyone ever tried the Bosch Micro Edge Excel? I've heard this is better than the oem blade.
  • I have a 2000 E-class with chrome wheels, I keep the car very clean except for one spot. How do you clean the dirt/rust that accumulates around the lug nuts on the wheels? I've tried wheel cleaners to no avail. It looks terrible in the sunlight, any suggestions are appreciated.
  • htohto Posts: 21
    The Bosch Micro Edge is very good. I got the same problem for several times, not on my MB so far but other cars. I replaced them with Bosch and it worked beautifully.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    You need to get the chromed plastic caps that fit over the wheel bolts. They can be obtained at most tire stores that sell wheels. You also may even be able to buy them at your MB dealership. I also have the chrome wheels on my 2000 E430 and have no problems that you describe as I have the caps on head of the bolts.
  • Thanks for the info Wally, I'll check it out.
  • My E-430 came with lug bolts that have a metal dome cap about 0.080" thick bonded to the top of the bolt itself. When I ordered my Blizzaks on AMG wheels for winter driving, an additional set of bolts were shipped with the wheels. The only difference with the new bolts was the length of the hex part of the bolt, due, presumably, to the different depth of the bolt well in the wheel. These bolts had the same cap on them as the originals, so I assume this is the normal bolt design for MB wheels. These caps look about the same as the bolt metal, which I assume is plated to control corrosion. Their appearance is of a gray, dull galvanizing with the dome cap actually a slightly darker gray than the main body of the bolt.

    I polished all of these caps (only) on a power buffing wheel charged with a red compound stick and they came out bright and shiny - looking like bright nickel or chrome. I was and still am pleased with the result. IMHO, this is better than plastic caps since those can be very hard to remove so the lug wrench can be installed on the bolts to remove them. The clearance for caps is very small. I was somewhat worried about buffing off some corrosion protection, but so far they look great and probably could be lacquered (just the top cap) if that were a concern. I can't identify any other reason why the caps would be there other than they were intended to be polished and MB stopped doing this as a cost-cutting step? (of course, this leads to the question of why the caps would be left on unpolished. Maybe without the cap the bolt is really ugly!)

    mbman1: I'm guessing here, but if your bolts are actually rusting, and especially if you bought your chrome wheels in the aftermarket, it is possible that you do not have standard issue MB bolts, galvanized and with the cap. If it IS rust, then plastic caps are going to hold moisture in there and accelerate the rusting.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    The caps that go on the lug bolts come with a device that snaps over the cap to pull off the cap in the event you need to remove the wheel. It is not a problem in removing the bolts. I have had the chrome caps on over a year now and have rotated the tires recently with no evidence of rust. IMHO I can say that with the caps they look 100% better than any bolt that has been buffed to a shine as one would need to continue to buff the bolts to keep them shiney unless they have been chrome plated.
  • I bought the chrome wheels when I purchased the car from Mercedes Benz. Therefore, I have standard MB bolts.
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    I have the standard MB lug bolts also but didn't buy the wheels from MB. However, the caps that fit over the bolt heads came with the wheels when I bought them. It is a nice feature. If I were you I would go back to the dealership where they installed the wheels and ask for the caps as I'm sure that they have them. I happened to lose one of mine and was able to replace it at my dealership
  • Good idea Wally, my car is due for a service in the next couple of weeks so I'll have it taken care of then. Thanks.
  • Just wondering what you guys use to detail your E-Class. Somebody mentioned Zaino? Any idea what MB dealers use?

  • I have a Black E and tried Zaino, it didn't work out to well. I use Eagle One pure paste wax or paste way with cleaner followed by 3M Hand Glaze for dark colored cars. My car looks great.
  • It is rare to see a post that is less than ecstatic with the results of Zaino. My E320 is brilliant silver and is easier to maintain. However, I have detailed a black Contour on two occasions with excellent results.

    If you don't like the Zaino products, let Sal know. I assume that he will make things right for you.
  • 2ndmb2ndmb Posts: 72
    I have been an avid user of Zaino products for the last 2 years. It clearly is the best polish out there. If anyone has had a bad experience I would suggest user malfunction. My E is Silver and I have a friend with a Black E and they both look great using Zaino. As far as what the dealers use, I assume it's McGuires. It's pretty good wax too.
  • My folks just bought a 2001 Black Opal Metallic not too long ago. Would it be safe to use Zaino products on it? (i.e., are Zaino products clearcoat-safe?)
  • I followed the directions to the Tee, My car ended up have a very smooth finish. The problem was when I pulled it into the direct sunlight, there were cobwebs and I couldn't get rid of them. When I put on the 3M hand glaze several times (3-5) all of the webs are gone and I end up with a very wet looking finish.

    I am not saying Zaino is not an excellent product, all I'm saying is it didn't work for me.
  • My experience with Zaino. Hell of a process the first time....but the best results I have seen!

    Silver E430 - get comments that it looks brand new 1.5 years old.

    Black Sienna van - had to clay the van, several coats of #5 (take the swirls out) then several of #2. Looks great!

    BTW, spraying #7 after a regular wash is just excellent.
  • I have more thoughts on the integrated cell phone.

    1) I don't get any indication that I have messages or a way to retrieve them through the system.

    2) I think that they could go a lot farther with the integration. Since all of the cars come with, essentially, a full analog phone system installed I see no reason why you can't use your integrated phone to:
    a) check on status of windows, lights, sun roof, door locks, etc.
    - did I leave my windows open, car unlocked?
    b) alter status of those items.
    - I did, no big deal, let me fix that now.
    c) carry on 2-way conversation with occupants of the car.
    - did I go to work and leave my kid in the back seat? I saw that a couple of times this summer.
    d) car automatically calls integrated phone when alarm goes off.
    - pick up and listen in to car thieves, etc.

    That's just the start...

  • For last few days, sometime I am unable to start the car even though the engine is cranking. I called MB Service Center. They said the fuel line might have problem. Has anyone encountered same problem ?
  • I would like to know how to disable the automatic adjustment stereo volume function on the Y2K E320. Can I do it myseft or I have to bring my car to the dealer? PLease advise and thanks.
  • My wife's 1999 ML320 just experienced the same condition. Turned out to be the fuel pump. The MB 800-line was very helpful, given that we were out of town at the time. Local dealer made the repair.

    Have not heard that fuel pumps are a problem.
  • maabmaab Posts: 41
    When I came back from work today, I saw an E with AMG badge on Route 7 (northern VA). I thought, cool we don't see them around too often so I gave it a second look. Opposite side of the trunk corner reads E320. It is nothing but a regular E with AMG badge slapped to the trunk. I had to pass him (and his friend) and gave them a grin.

    If the said driver is reading this, dude, at least remove 'E320', add AMG rims, tires, and some aero dynamic stuff to the car if you want to pretend something you don't have. It will be a true embarassing moment when a tricked out Honda smoke you at the lights.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188

    Speed sensitive radio volume control has to be turned off by the dealer. However, they should do it free of charge, if not, explain to them it's a safety issue as you find it too distracting.
  • mbman1 - You said you followed the Zaino instructions "to the Tee" but saw "cobwebs" when you pulled your black car into the sunlight. I submit that you did NOT follow the Zaino instructions. The cobwebs were most likely swirls caused by washing/drying with other than 100% cotton made-in-the-USA towels. Zaino recommends Z-5 to combat cobwebs or swirls, even several coats if necessary. But if the finish on your car required an abrasive polish to obtain the desired results, Zaino should not have been used FIRST.

    I also submit that the use of Zaino now, after a blue Dawn wash to remove the wax or polish you applied recently, will provide superior results including the "wet look" finish that will actually deepen with each successive coat of Zaino. The added benefit will be superior, longer lasting protection for your paint.

    As you might guess, I'm a convert who believes that Zaino car care products are the best available anywhere. But Zaino can do only so much. If you're satisfied with the product(s) you're using, so be it. But yours is the FIRST negative comment about Zaino I've seen anywhere in Edmunds.
  • W210,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I took my car to our Benz dealer this morning and they did turn off the speed sensitive radio volume control function for free. Thanks.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    BMW and Audi drivers do the same weird thing. M and S badges. I don't get it. I'd rather remove badges so I don't have to clean around them :-)
  • w210w210 Posts: 188

    Glad you have it sorted out. Your dealer can program other interesting settings for you, such as controlling whether you like your headlights to stay on (for a few seconds) or off after removing the key, etc. I personally think it's a hassle having to tell bystanders that no, I have not left my headlights on.
  • After wiring in a radar detector to the overhead console, my interior lights stay on all the time unless the door switches are deactivated using the overhead switch (then the lights don't come on at all). I don't suspect the door switch as this problem happened after I wired in the detector, plus the 'remove key' message still works.

    Is there a timer or electronic module I likely fried? (Dealer was of no help; said I have to bring the car in).
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