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  • limadeltalimadelta Member Posts: 49
    Hello in Intrigue land.

    With just 1300 miles on my 2000, I can say that this is a much tighter car than my '98. I took the 5 up to Bakersfield last week and was running at 100 for part of the way. Smooth and very stable. The 3.5 is a winner so far and I'll let you know what happens as the miles rack up.

    I also changed the oil in it this past weekend and it takes 6 quarts of 5W-30. Finally the Americans are realizing that circulating a large amount of oil through an engine can help the longevity by allowing heat to be dissipated more efficiently and get more oil to those furiously revolving parts.
  • spitaskyspitasky Member Posts: 12
    I successfully cleaned out the fogged-up inside of the headlights.

    I just removed the whole assembly (it is held in place by two white clips that pull up and out, and one electric connecting wire). This step is easier than opening the hood itself.

    I then removed the bulbs (5 on each side!) and sprayed the inside with some Simple Green cleaner. Rinsed the whole thing out with water, then carefully applied a blow dryer (didn't want to get the plastic too hot).

    Reassembled and drove around for a day without the rubber caps on the back of the assembly (although I did leave the one on that is right next to the engine air intake) to make sure it all dried out.

    Piece of cake.
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    If the 3.5L has a redline of 6500 rpm was does it shift at 6200? Maybe if it held to 6500 there would be less of a hole when it shifts into second.
    Is it possible to get the PCS without the rear wing? Does olds have a delete option like the impala ls?
  • 14151415 Member Posts: 249
    The 3.5 is rated [email protected]; so you start pushing 6000; the breaking point is close by....

    The wing is a great deal--its a beautiful trunk handle and holds the rear down at speeds above sanity.
  • limadeltalimadelta Member Posts: 49
    According to the manual, the 3.5 is to use 5W-30 all the time. 10W-30 is an option if your area is in the sunshine belt. I looked for an arrow to show me where a sunshine state is, but all the manual contained were clear instructions. Oh, how I had hoped for an arrow.

    In an earlier post Spitasky talked about replacing his bulbs. What I'd like to hear about is, has anyone noticed the lame brights?

    The low beams work OK, but when you use your brights the beam pattern is way above the road and you lose illumination unless you like looking at the trees. I noticed that the there is one bright 'V' pattern in front of the car, but it is narrow and does not do what it is supposed to do. The lights have been leveled according to spec. Frustration ensues when I drive my daughter's '96 Civic EX and the Honda throws a great pattern out on low AND high beam. Come on Olds, check the lens and reflector design and tell me the fix is in the mail.
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    I hate wings, unless they are of the ducktail type like on the impala ss or osv concept car.
    They totally ruin the lines of the car and i think that a spoiler on a sedan is absurd.
    Why doesn't olds offer a 17 or 18' wheel option?
    I also hate gold trim and pinstripes, they also detract from the designer's original intent.
    Just my opinion.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    5W-30 is definitely what should be in the Intrigue. Says so right on the cap under the hood.

    RE: Headlights. I find the Intrigue's headlights to be very good, even with the fog lights off. What year is your car limadelta?
  • hounddog3hounddog3 Member Posts: 15
    After the dealer replaced the intermediate shaft and the steering rack all is quite on my 2000 GX Intrigue. It is a program vehicle with 30,000 miles.Have been searching for the tool to remove the oil filter cover. Some reports are that the quick lube joints just charge for a filter and don't replace it. Pep Boy's and Auto Zone now have an after market oil filter available. The cabin filter soon to be available. I plan on using Mobil 1 5/30 engine oil when the change light comes on, if I ever find a filter plate wrench.

    As the secret leaks out there should be more support for this Hi tech Awesome vehicle. Presently the support, parts availability, knowledge, etc is about like owning some of the foreign brands.

    The ride and drive is excellent and puts the pfun back in driving.
  • ketchketch Member Posts: 217
    The 3.5, like many OHC type engines in fact can take high revs, and are designed as such. Pushrods, like the 3.8 are not so, and in fact
    the IRL cars race an engine that also uses some common parts to the 3.5 and v8. The old idea of the engine being over-revved is just that, old. and the 3.5 has a rev limiter to keep it all in check anyways. In fact you cannot rev the engine above 4k thereabouts in park.

    Had the car came with the 3.8, I would not have bought it, instead going to a competitor, all who do not use pushrod engines. There are pros and cons to both engine types, but true car enthusiasts know nothing beats twin cams! Ask Ferrari or Porsche, even BMW. Reliability is of no concern to those who do not see cars as appliances, but choose to take care of them, while enjoying what they do best, rev.
  • yurakmyurakm Member Posts: 1,345
    Intrigue is a very good car, one of the best in its class. The class of the mid-size, mid-price sedans for middle-income families.

    It is odd, though, to compare Intrigue, or any other family sedan for this matter, with Ferrari and Porsche. They are in different league.

    As to the 3.5l vs. 3.8l GM engine comparison, 3.5 is better on highways, while the 3.8 one is better in city traffic. So, it mostly depends on your commute pattern.

    My wife and I are commuting about 12-20 miles per day, both direction, all in city. Highway driving mostly for pleasure trips. This is why we bought Regal and did not even consider Intrigue seriously
  • ketchketch Member Posts: 217
    I never comapred the CAR to a Ferrari or Porsche, only that this TYPE OF ENGINE, a cammer, is also used by those makes, as one example. Geez folks, read it right or don't respond. I also disagree about 3.8 vs. 3.5, as the 3.5 has proven to be a better all around engine whether in traffic, open road, and esp. as to smoothness and refinement. Thats why few pushrod engines are offerred these days as compared to years back, and why the 3.8 is to be replaced GM wide.
  • jkgustafson11jkgustafson11 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, winter did come again to Minnesota and I must still marvel at the superior traction control system offered in the Intrigue--it uses a combination of engine modulation and ABS brakes, a combination usually only found in more expensive vehicles. The PCS system has only kicked in once (that I know of!)--it really works very well. I've driven all make and mark of 4WD, AWD, FWD, FWD w/ ABS traction control, etc. The Intrigue is much more stable in "mixed" (real world) conditions (scattered patches of ice and snow)than any vehicle I've owned--I'm much more confident driving this vehicle than any other.

  • jgriffjgriff Member Posts: 362
    You guys kill me, whining about being censored for your non-Intrigue political viewpoints, and yet you insist that too-many negative Intrigue comments from a single source be deleted from the thread. Hhmm GO figure.

    The GM pattern is very distinctive, give the 2000 & 2001 some real road time, they will come down to the ’98 ’99 levels, it’s just the way that GM products perform.

    One-two posts a week & and you guys act like I'm hogging the ball. Golf game has peaked for the year [too cold & windy], beside I’ve been busy working on the home projects.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Leave it alone guys, he's just looking for attention.
  • 14151415 Member Posts: 249
    Glad I ask about whether we should even worry about how high we rev this 3.5 sweetheart and now we know that the engine loves it,begs for it, and might last longer the more it revs...It's a smart engine and can't hurt itself.

    hounddog3:::::::Since the shaft and rack quieted the front end, I would like to know the part numbers assigned to both parts for they might indicate another engineering level. Would appreciate any help on this.

    jgriff:::::You start to drive your Acura aggressively; it will loosen and become sloppy very quick. I am involved in automotive OEM parts and during the years have spent time working with the Asian folks at their plants.They run clean operations, most facilities are brand new, non-union; and they purchase 85% of their parts from their buddies transplanted to America who also run non-union low wage operations and all were given local concessions as to taxes,no-cost plant facilities and worker training. These suppliers started their operations with a clean slate of no past liabilities, no pension funding,and with the idea that the parts supplied from the Asian locations will be produced by the new low cost USA plant which in turn will start to compete with our domestic sources supplying the Big 3.

    I drive all cars the same way---fast--however jackrabbit starts are a waste of time and proves nothing...the Intrigue is driven just like my SS350 Camaro was driven--the only difference it takes a little longer...The Intrigue is one tough car but needs improvement in the braking and steering durability aspect.

    The major auto suppliers to the domestics do very little business with the Asians. The Asian have to support their operations back home from the revenue obtained in the USA build so most of the monies go back home to keep those promises fulfilled.
  • schloizschloiz Member Posts: 5
    I missed a lot these last days...it actually was an effort to catch up.

    Great to see some new names popping up.

    The Olds article was interesting. I find it hard to believe Olds even spent $92m in the first half of this year [down from $300m previous year], as the only Oldsmobile commercials I saw while considering the Intrigue were for the Aurora...and even they were few and far between.

    1415::::Let us know when you'll be hitting I-75 in Tennessee so we can get out of the way...113mph in a Caddy. That's either frightening or impressive...I can't decide which. [Not an attack...remember I am smiling as I post this.]
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    Olds should market the Olds Intrigue "Tiger Woods Edition" complete with golf bag and clubs in the trunk. Oh wait! Tiger drives around in a Regal GS!
  • w5kapw5kap Member Posts: 32
    well, I finally joined a forum. Good for me. I ahve a couple of questions concerning my 1999 Intrigue buit since I'm new, these nay have been addressed before. Sorry if I miised them. First, does anyone else suffer from rattles? God, this thing rattles something firece but I cannot pin down where. Also, I find the cabin extremely noisy. Seems to be a lot of road noaise transmitted into the cabin. ANy thoughts on the rattles will be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Me!
  • schloizschloiz Member Posts: 5
    I am sure you'll get some advice about rattles but I don't have anything to offer in that regard.

    I would suggest that you hit SPELLCHECK before posting, it can get fierce around here and you don't want to give anyone the opportunity for a free shot.
  • j_colemanj_coleman Member Posts: 143
    w5kap: Are the rattles coming from the front left? I had the same problem with my '99. Dealer replaced the steering intermediate shaft and it fixed the problem.
  • mrmiatamrmiata Member Posts: 7
    Just curious as I've just had the intermediate shaft and rack and pinion replaced on my '98..are the originals "sloppy" workmanship or design flaw?
    Are these replacements supposed to be a "correction" or band aid for the next 10-20k miles? And one last thing...how does one go about determining whether their used car has the autoban package? Seems posts of warped rotors are all from that neat option :).
  • 14151415 Member Posts: 249
    hounddog3::::::Thanks for the numbers and I can verify the shaft# since it is the same that I had replaced earlier; which didn't help...Can't help on the oil filter; have the dealer do it and let them be responsible..

    schloiz:::::::Not trying to impress with the 113; however for 275hp its not very swift, but the Deville is a little delicate in handling unless it is straight line. Nothing is speed-rated for $40k+, however for $45k they give a little more on the top-end.

    teo:::::::Buick can keep the Tiger!!!Olds can't afford him....

    w5kap::::::Welcome aboard--tell us about your Intrigue. All cars rattle a little and some folks on this forum will say that the Intrigue is a noisy car. Its a smaller car so you are closer to the windows, doors, road, engine/trans and less deadening material used.
  • yurakmyurakm Member Posts: 1,345
    Why argue, when hard facts are easy available. We can see and compare the torque curves for the new 3.5l engine and the older 3.8l (naturally aspirated) on the GM site:



    It is clear from the pictures, than 3.8 have substantially more low-end torque, before 2000 revs. This is exactly the idle-at-traffic-light to city traffic range.
  • rbb2rbb2 Member Posts: 70
    I have a Ritefit oil filter wrench for my 96 Cavalier (for ACDelco oil filter part PF44) that fits the cover perfectly. I got it at Murray's (I believe, if not AutoZone). All you really have to do is make sure you get an oil filter wrench that fits the PF44. I got the oil filter for the Intrigue at Murray's (ACDelco PF2129).
  • mrmiatamrmiata Member Posts: 7
    For those of you who know your Intrigue's inside and out..My '98 has a six speaker system...am fm digital cassette with trunk mounted disk changer...pinstriping....and power drivers seat..
    any clues to the model? GX GL GLX ?? or where does a person find the information on it? I haven't gotten the title back just in case it's there.
  • occupant1occupant1 Member Posts: 412
    of course these are lemons but the dealer is Frank Parra Chevy on 183 in Irving. The cars are clean and all, and the silver one, the maroon one, and the white one were still in warranty. The others were past 36K and the black one had 55K. It isn't on the way to Florida though, it's about a 1200 mile side trip to and from Texas from I-75
  • j_colemanj_coleman Member Posts: 143
    occupant1: I'm in north Dallas. I take mine to Sewell on LBJ. How about you?

    mrmiata: If you have auto climate control and fog lamps then you have a GL, otherwise it's a GX. Anybody correct me if I'm wrong. 6-speaker sound system and power driver seat were available equipment on the GX line for '99 (not sure about '98).
  • racer_x_9racer_x_9 Member Posts: 91
    You can learn alot from a vin number:
    Here is a sample VIN for a 99 GL


    Position Definition Character Description
    1 Origin 1 USA
    2 Manufacturer G General Motors
    3 Make 3 Oldsmobile
    4 Car Line W Intrigue
    5 Series H,S, or X GX, GL, GLS
    6 Body Style 5 4-Door Sedan
    7 Restrt Sys 2 Belts-D/P air
    8 Engine Type K or H 3.8 or 3.5
    9 Check Digit ? Check Digit
    10 Model Year X 99 (Y is 2000)
    11 Plant Loc F Fairfax II
    12-17 Plant Sequence Number -

    Engines and Trans have Vin Derivative as follows:

    1 Division 3 Oldsmobile
    2 Model Year X 1999
    3 Plant Loc F Fairfax II
    4-9 Plant Sequence Number -
  • mrmiatamrmiata Member Posts: 7
    Not that is "really" mattered what model it was...just one of those little questions in the back of the mind that wouldn't go away. Thanks for the posts! She's a GX....just the pin striping and trunk mounted cd changer had me wondering and wasn't sure if the stereo was an "upgrade" package boise or not..it just says Oldsmobile on it. Boy it felt funny typing that, hard to shake the image of yatch on 4 wheels with that word!
  • hounddog3hounddog3 Member Posts: 15
    RBB2;;;;Thanks for the information on the filter wrench. I'll give it a shot.

    Mrmiata::::::I don't think anyone has the answers as to the life span of the intermediate shaft and steering rack. I just had those items replaced on a 2000 GX program vehicle at 30,000 and it did eliminate the front end noise. We would all like to know the answer to your question. Maybe the answer is to turn up the volume on the 6 speaker stereo as it is obviously not a safety concern.

    Already answered, but the mirrors are black on the GX and color matched on the GL and GLX.
  • etharmonetharmon Member Posts: 399
    If you don't have the automatic climate control, fog lights, and your outside mirrors are black rather than body color, it is a GX or simply a base model as GX was the label given to the base model in 99. Mine is also a base 98 and has absolutely no options. The car comes standard with alot of good features and that was one of the things that impressed me about the Intrigue as the base models on most cars are very basic. If I do another Intrigue though, I'm going with a loaded GL or GLS. I do want fog lights, climate control, remote locks, and leather seats. And I think a sunroof is a must if I do another Intrigue.
  • 14151415 Member Posts: 249
    etharmon::::::Post #3 has not been removed; however #2 and #4 are gone...What was aimed at me; fire away!!!!

    occupant1:::::yep, its a tad out of the way; thanks for the answer...

    mrmiata:::::The autobahn pkg option uses a speed-rated tire and should go 125+mph. The normal uses the ordinary Eagle LS.

    Brakes on the regular Intrigue are prone to warpping/and rotor replacement. Rear rotors on my 98 were replaced at 3k and fronts turned @19k and GM became the owner @26k. My 99 had rears turned @8kand rear rotors were replacd @16k; [email protected] turned @19k and again @34k--and rears turned @34k.

    Brakes are really a massive problem---and the stock Olds reply is "driving habits". Being an automotive supplier I would love to have the production contract for the service business is going to be great....Having owned a flock of cars in my 67 yrs. the mighty Intrigue takes the cake for crappy brakes--never bought a rotor to date. Enjoy!!!My Olds dealer also handles Mazda--the Miata is popular in Detroit--however my stable is totally domestic brands. I personally don't think the autobahn pkg brakes were any better or worse than the std brk--however owners of the pkgd cars probably thought they would withstand repeated panic stops from 100 and certainly fried the binders on the first attempt.
  • spitaskyspitasky Member Posts: 12
    Does anyone else have any problems with their cabin fan making high-pitched chirping noises at low fan speeds?
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Don't know about your brakes 1415, but the ones on my 2000 GL are about the best I've ever had. Tests also show the Intrigue out breaks Accord V6 and Maxima. Aside from the 98 Autobahn brakes, there is not a lot to complain about unless you have a problem specific to your car.

    After watching the "100 Best Hard Rock Bands" last night on VH1, I slipped in an old Motley Crue CD in on the way to work today. Highly recommended as it gets you in a great driving mood! ;-)
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Probably needs some WD-40. My old Grand Prix got that after a couple of years and the dealer just sprayed the fan.
  • w5kapw5kap Member Posts: 32
    Scloiz, very sorry about that. My first post and although I usually hit the spellcheck button, I was in a hurry. Won't happen again. As to the location of the rattle, I think it is coming from the front left but I can't be sure. The Gen Mgr of my dealer is a ham radio friend of mine so I will be going back to see him if, as you and others indicate, this could be serious. Thanks to all for your ideas. Think I'll hit that button now!

  • ketchketch Member Posts: 217
    agreed, and its common knowledge that the torque for most any pushrod engine is produce low in the band as opposed to higher for cammed engines. Nevertheless, this also causes pushrod engines like the 3.8 to fall off the torque curve earlier than ohc ones. Today with variable vvalve technology applied to ohc engines, they too can produce torque down low, and stay in the band on the high end too. Olds needs to do this to the 3.5, as Honda has done to thiers, but even w/o this, most car enthusiast wouldn't be caught dead in a pushrod engine due to its short torque curve, lack of nice sounds on accel., and refinement.
    As you show, for those who want the old technology, the Regal is for them, but note that the demographics they are after are not import buyers at all, but aging boomers and beyond.
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    Just for taking any Olds on a test drive!
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    "most car
    enthusiast wouldn't be caught dead in a pushrod
    engine due to its short torque curve, lack of nice
    sounds on accel., and refinement."

    Hey mister, I am a car enthusiast and have had my share of OHC, DOHC and pushrod engines. I prefer pushrods for every day driving and I am not ashamed to be caught driving one of those ;-). Have you driven the 3800 Series II engine? Probably you haven't. The torque curve is pretty good and even at a steady 100MPH this engine still has plenty of breathing room. Refinement? Who cares? Highly subjective. If cammed engines work for you fine, for me pushrods do the job just as well. Nice sounds? What? I have owned Honda 4 bangers that sound like tractors when pushed hard. The 3800 sounds pretty sweet to me. Besides, I don't buy engines for the sound, but for the performance, ok?

    For the record I am 29 years old, married, Computer engineer.
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
  • j_colemanj_coleman Member Posts: 143
    ketch: I thought variable valve timing doesn't kick in until high rpm's(around 5000). How does that help low-end torque?
  • mkcomkco Member Posts: 65
    One more note on the DOHC thing. My first DOHC car was the first ('86) Acura Integra. Low-end acceleration in that thing was a total DOG, and when the A/C was turned on, you could just feel the energy sapped out of the engine.
  • jgriffjgriff Member Posts: 362
    dindak---> I don't want any attention, & certainly need/want yours. You seem to always be the first to respond to my posts, why don't you take your own advice and just "let them go"?

    I've truly have enjoyed the discussions regarding the 3800 vs. 3.5. My thoughts here is the 3800 is one tough bullet-proof engine. However the single/dual OHC engines, just sound and seem much more refined.

    Damn I simply love all kind of cars [good ones that is], and I wish I could own several. But then it would be like getting dress in the morning, and having to decide which baby gets driven that day.
  • 14151415 Member Posts: 249
    Lots of cockpit time with the 3.8 in a 87 Electra T-Type,92 RegalGS, 94 LeSabre combined approx 245k miles=total repair costs 1 water pump in the 92 Regal. 95% Interstate driving--reliable-little drony at higher, boring, and alot depends on the final gearing.

    mkco:::::::If you drove the plain Intrigue-no PCS-then it could be a slug...3.05 vs 3.29/PCS. The 3.5 99s all had the 3.29. The GTP is a neat car; I would had one in 98; but the GTP was in demand and no deals. I do not like the local Pontiac guy so I walked. The suspension and supercharged engine are for the money a good value, and its USA hertiage is okay for me. I don't go for the prem. gas but life isn't perfect sometimes..
  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    For an Intrigue Convertible? (Much in the same fashion as the early 1990's Cutlass Supreme cabriolet?)
  • spitaskyspitasky Member Posts: 12
    We own both the 3.5L and the 3.8l (in a 2000 bonneville).

    No question that the 3.8L delivers more grunt off idle than the 3.5L. But the DOHC can really fiercely run through its gears. There is a lot more to an engine than this difference, though. I'd take the 5.7l Corvette LS1 (pushrod) engine anyday! It produces more than 275 lb-ft of torque at any RPM, maxing out at about 350 lb-ft at 4400 rpm.

    This probably has nothing to do with the valve/aspiration design, but the 3.5L is a LOT smoother and quieter than the 3.8L. Especially at idle.
  • one2oneone2one Member Posts: 626
    I have the 3.8 and have driven the 3.5. Quite frankly, it didn't sound any more "refined" than my 3.8. Mine is hush quiet... so much so that I sometimes turn off the radio to not hear it.

    My wife also has a Bonniville (95). Ironiclly, there is a difference and everything isn't in the torque and hp numbers.

    The Bonnie feels like a monster when pulling off from a light. It feels like the power will never end. And it can do battle at highway speeds as well.

    My 3.8 Intrigue, on the other hand, feels snappier off the line than the Bonnie. At highway speeds the Bonnie actually has more "umph" then the Intrigue. But that could also be because of the 15 extra horses in it.

    My estimation: the 3.5 is good. My sister-in-law is checking out Intrigues and that's one of the selling points I've convinced her on. Do I think it's so "refined" and "hi-tech" enough to give up my low-end muscle car power :-) ? No. Technology can sometimes be overrated. If it doesn't do what's required, who cares how "hi-tech" it is. That's a general statement, not an attack on the 3.5.
  • ketchketch Member Posts: 217
    dohc vs. pushrods: I stand by what I said, and the press has said, that the 3.5 is superior to the 3.8 for many reasons, incl. nice sounds. In fact the 3.5 is rated as one of the top ten engines, two years running, and is no slug (as someone laughably said), even with the non pcs equipped gearing. The torque may come on later, but stays there as opposed to a fall off.
    You may prefer the 3.8, but go bye the iverstyled GP or overly conservative regal, or worse yet the ugly Impala.

    I again stand by my opion that the 3.5 excels over the 3.8 and in fact IS the reason I considered the car.
  • mkcomkco Member Posts: 65
    Actually, the '01 Intrigue I drove did have PCS. Still not as hot off the line as the 3800. I also don't find the engine/transmission combo as smooth with the 3.5...Car & Driver also noted this.

    Premium gas is my big concern about the GTP...not that much more than the GT. But the GTP does have one hell of an engine! Unfortunately, Pontiac doesn't offer RS-A tires on the GT (with the regular 3800). So, I'm unable to get the plain-3800/RS-A combination I find so practical and fun in an '01 model. (I may get a GT and then swap out the LS tires for RS-A's.)
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Sorry jgriff, it's my only hope you will honor your commitment to leave for good.
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