1996 Subaru Outback Fuel Milage.. ???

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Ive had my outback for a week now and i just ran my first tank of fuel out... and i have to say im not to happy with the results i figured it up to get 15mpg :S it has a 2.5 auto, what is everyone else getting does this sound right?


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    That sounds very low.

    Are you in an extremely cold climate? Very short drives where the engine doesn't get a chance to heat up? City traffic?

    All those factors would lower your mileage, but I'd expect more like 18-25mpg for yours.

    Is it running well otherwise? Any drivetrain noises? Did you check tire pressure? Something must be off.
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    Probaby the real issue is that it's a brand new vehicle. You have to allow for break in.

    In 2-3 months, the fuel economy will improve.
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    Subject says 96, I think he/she meant "new to me used vehicle".
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    That's what I saw as well. I suspect that if the factors suggested by AJ above are not applicable, then it likely has some needs (basic maintenance) such as dirty fuel injectors, weak spark, fouled oxygen sensors, etc. The mileage on my '96 Outback was pretty steady in the mid-to-upper 20s for several years (bought it at 83,000), but the mileage began tapering off after about 150,000 miles to lower 20s in the summer and mid-teens in the winter. I kept up on the fuel and spark systems, but the oxygen sensors were original.
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