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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • bobbyrabbobbyrab Posts: 14
    When I ordered my C320, the salesperson told me that the dealership plans to issue Mercedes loaners to its customers for scheduled maintenance in the near future. In the past, they have shuttled me to the nearby Bayside Long Island RR Station, so I've never needed a loaner. When I went to Rallye, they totally ignored me, even when I told them that I was friendly with a very good customer of theirs. From the recent comments, it seems that Lakeview and Helms Bros. have a similar, more hospitable atmosphere.
  • dvancaodvancao Posts: 13
    I picked up my C240 on Tuesday night. It has Michelin tires on them. It could be because of sirus32's tire vibrations (same dealer). Did notice that the easy exit feature does not work, but that's OK. Everything seem to work fine.

  • 2002mbenz2002mbenz Posts: 7
    I was just wondering if any members have had their MB rust protected and undercoated? I've heard from some people that it's not required for MB cars. Is this fact or fiction?
    Regards - Sandy
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >Did notice that the easy exit feature does not >work, but that's OK. Everything seems to work fine.

    Dat -- Good luck with your new car. If you have the C1 package, your exit feature should work. Be sure to check out if you have it enabled by using the multifunction steering wheel button per your manual.

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    After owning 2 new C-classes, you can now be one of our resident C-class experts! ;-)

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • dvancaodvancao Posts: 13
    2002 mbenz - I read somewhere from MB that their cars don't need Rust Protection and they specifically states NOT to do it, voids the warranty.

    michhalla - I did set it to steering/seat setting and it does work (opens up), but then it would not set it back to my seating position. I should play with some more though.

  • benz747benz747 Posts: 91
    Just talked with me dealer - my car was built few days back and waiting for her turn to be on waters!! but he said MB has not out any pricing details? they are expecting in day or two as the first 2002 car (already sold) have arrived in baltimore and will be ready for roads in a weeks time

    does anybody heard something different or do they have any idea about 2002 pricing ?

    thanks in advance
  • danadana Posts: 36
    dvancao, what options did you order? if you got the sports package you probably have michelin pilots.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >After owning 2 new C-classes, you can now be one >of our resident C-class experts! ;-)


    I always have to buy two of everything.

  • mcyncmcync Posts: 3
    Just got my C240 with C2, leather and Nav.
    So far, that car amazed me of how much gagets it has through out the car. I am glad to have the Nav. It eliminates having to have maps in the side compartments. It is very accurate! The car is quiet and respond quite well. Also, I did get the full extended warranty for four extra years for a discount! Overall, I am very happy with the car.

    I was very concern about some of the post I've read earlier about some of the problems. But, so far, I am knocking on wood. Everything is perfect.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >Michhala - I did set it to steering/seat setting >and it does work (opens up), but then it would >not set it back to my seating position. I should >play with some more though.

    The key remembers the last setting it used. If no one changed the settings, then just pushing the little button below the 1-2-3 button should bring you back to the proper seating position. Do this after you have turned the ignition key to the right or started the car. Also remember that if you make any adjustments while driving to the seat, side mirrors, headrest, be sure to press both memory buttons on the door. First the top one and then immediately thereafter the bottom one.

    That said, it does not always work perfectly :)

  • bankohbankoh Posts: 7
    I will take delivery of my 2001 C240 in 3 to 4 weeks. This is the first MB for me. My other cars have been Lexus ES 300 and LX 300. The Lexus cars have been very reliable, and I feel that I wasted my money buying extended warranties. Any advice as to whether or not I should buy extended warranty on my MB? A few of my friends complained about their A/Cs going out when theirs MBs were about 5 years old.
  • tschreyertschreyer Posts: 12
    Hi. I've been meaning to de-lurk since about June 2nd, but haven't managed until now.

    I've been reading "Part 6" since March and have finally caught up to the end, just in time to pick up our new C this Saturday! It's a 2001 desert silver/charcoal leather C240 auto, C1, C2, C4, C6 Sport, CD changer. Ordered 3/30, built last decade May, arrived Baltimore 6/6, arrived Lancaster, PA Wednesday! Paid MSRP -- well maybe $100 off the changer! -- hadn't read enough of this forum yet to try to leverage it in for free! Dealer is Lancaster County Motors in Lancaster, PA.

    We also have a '97 Explorer, and are replacing my '95 Eagle Talon ESi. We are super-excited about owning this super-safe, super-advanced, little sports sedan. My two small daughters and my back are looking forward to having four doors. and my non-stick-driving wife is looking forward to another car she can finally drive! My first new car was a '89 VW GTI 16V, and I've been waiting impatiently to drive another German-engineered vehicle.

    We shopped (and eliminated in this order) the VW Passat, Audi A4 2.8 quattro, BMW 323(x)i, and the C240. (We toyed with the Lincoln LS, but never followed-up seriously.) The combination of safety equipment, cool features, luxurious appointments, and drive was unbeatable, IMO, in the category, and with the Sport package I think my driving urges will be well met. My radical performance driving days are past (until my sportster!), but I don't expect our new C to disappoint.

    Well, I'm eager to join the discussions here -- after reading all these messages I feel like I know you all: Drew's accurate answers, Michala's Tale of Two C's, Dennett's (wife's) magma red, zmeenow's enthusiasm for his early model, kmurphy's frustration and disappointment with his problem car, the mysterious appearance of the flags (to me, they were there all along!), and jrct9454's excellent experience with flat-spotting and precision alignment -- just to list a few. And no slight intended to all the rest of the posters here to what has been, when read end-to-end, an awesome resource for new and prospective MB and C-Class owners!

    Hope to continue here for quite some time!


    P.S. Pardon me for the lengthy post -- I've been saving up since March!
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    5-7 days after my dealership installed 4 new Michelins on my C240, the vibrations are back.

    They still occur between 30-40mph, however after 20 minutes of driving they subside.

    I'm sure the vibrations are still caused by the tires, because it's a different type of vibration. I'm the lucky one...I have the only C with an extremely sensitive suspension.

    I give my dealership credit, they're willing to keep trying until it's fixed.

    Other than the tire issue, the car has been flawless. I love my C!
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    I also have them at about that speed - my trip is a short run to the highway so I only get the vibrations about twice in the AM on two local roads.

    Once I get to the highway all is well and then no more vibrations until the next morning. It does not seem to be any worse (or better) even after a few days of the car sitting. There must be some magic number of hours that cause the flat spots to occur. It would seem more than 10 hours based on what I have seen.

    I also got mild occurences of the same thing on my 2000 E320 (that has Michelins). My C has Pirelli's. Both cars with 16" wheels.

  • v_techv_tech Posts: 52
    the c240 with only 168 horses seems a little weak to me. is this a sports sedan or a nice car with leather seats, power seats, nice air conditioning, navigation, and airplane like cockpit gadgets all over?? i think it is the latter.

    then you have the c320 which is essentially the same car. mercedes is just as silly as bmw charging a million more for 47 more horses. the 325i is 5 grand less than the 330i but they are the same cars and now we have the c240 and the 320. i call it marketing genius. i am not saying these are lousy cars but the pricing approach is absurd.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    If you are sensitive enough to notice the vibrations that overnight flat-spotting can induce, and it sounds like Sirus joins the elite club that includes me on that topic, then you have only two choices for true automotive happiness:

    - Learn to ignore it. As you have noted, once the tires get sufficiently warm, they get round again. With the carcass construction of most Michelin touring tires, this process doesn't take long, as long as you haven't gone 4 days or more without moving. My general rule of thumb is 8-10 miles at freeway speeds in mild ambient temps.


    -If the car is garaged [secure overnight, in other words], then adapt the JMR patented solution: buy two [I actually use all four, but the front tires are the key] cheap floor jacks from a discount store. Attach some cheap toweling or shop rags to the saddles [rubber bands work fine; this helps keep wear down on the car's jacking points]. As soon as the car is done for the day, jack up the car just far enough to get the tires clear of the floor. Make sure you hit the jacking points under the car that are used by the techs at the dealership to put it on the rack - if in doubt, ask [don't want to punch a hole in the floorpan]. This process for all four wheels takes about 2 minutes at the end of the day, and another 2 minutes before the car is ready to go. For me, this has become as essential as checking the oil...we are retired, and have most life essentials [bank, grocery, drugstore, coffee, video, pizza, etc] within walking distance, so the car sometimes doesn't move for up to 7 days, or occasionally even more. I can tell you this works...but only if the tires in question were actually round and straight to begin with, which is one reason I favor Michelin so much.

  • dvancaodvancao Posts: 13
    dana - #3429 - I don't have the sport package, C6. This is what I bought:
    C240, Brilliant Silver/Charcoal, 6-speed manual, C1-4, Bose, Xenon, CD-changer.
    Paid MSRP, free was the all season floor mats and an extra CD cartridge.

    michhala - #3432 - Yes, the exit feature works now, but I don't think the seat moves forward enough to be back to my setting.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Hi, Tim -- Welcome and safe driving in your beautiful new car. You certainly are familiar with our "stories". This indicates you find the posts as helpful and informative as I do.

    So glad you did not "de-lurk" and plan to continue with the forum. Lots of nice people here as you already know.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >Michhala - #3432 - Yes, the exit feature works >now, but I don't >think the seat moves forward >enough to be back to my setting.

    Dat -- Even when you hold down the lower memory button? Are there two key users? If so, are you set for "Key Dependent"?

    You can also disable the "Exit" mode and use the door control to move the seat back and forth as you need. I chose to stay with the "Exit" mode enabled and tough it out and get aggravated and have something to complain about. It's not easy being me :)

    I still find my two-week-old Obsidian 320 finicky as far as the memory function, but not as much as my Black purchased in Dec. I also found that my Black's memory behavior improved as it aged :)

  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    has anyone else besides dvanco got michelin's as original equipment on a no sport c240?
  • ralphh1ralphh1 Posts: 5
    I too have had the vibration problem. The service department replaced the factory tires with michelin mvx4 series. The ride has suffered tremendously. I have a call back to the dealer requesting 4 touring tires. I would take my old tires with the vibration due to the poor ride quality now.
    Has anyone heard/found a bra for the 01 c classes?
  • mcyncmcync Posts: 3
    I bought my C240 last week. I am normally against extended warranty of any kind. HOwever, I purchased the extended warranty this time simply because I noticed there are a lot of electronic gadgets in the car. Even the Key is fiber optics and the car could not be jumped started without the key. After reviewing the extended warranty coverage in length, I thought it was a very good deal and a piece of my mind for at least 8 years, 100,000 miles. That is how long I intend to keep the car. This is my opinion.
  • mcyncmcync Posts: 3
    I read some previous messages from people who has problems accelerating with their c240 when the car is cold. I noticed the same problem recently.
    However, I discovered that it only happen when I press my left foot on the brake while using my right foot to accelerate. I believe now that this might be a feature rather than a problem. There might be a sensor on the foot brake which will not accelerate the car as long as the foot is held on the brake even slightly.

    When I release the brake, the car acted normal.

    Like to here from others with the same issue.
  • dvancaodvancao Posts: 13
    Michelin tires - They are MXV4 Plus, H rated tires. This includes the spare tire. For ralphh1, I like the ride of the MXV4, but then I don't have any comparison.

    Exit feature - When I shut off the car the wheel/seat opens just fine. When I start the car, steering wheel and seat move back, but the seat does NOT move far enough to my setting. So I just push and hold down the seat memory recall button until it stops, then it's to my seating position.

    Extended warranty - I did buy the one year/100,000 miles extended warranty. Since I drive a lot, I needed the mileage more so than the extra year, so I double the mileage warranty for very little money.

  • rajmisha1rajmisha1 Posts: 1
    When I was about to sign my lease contract with MBCC ( Mercedes Ben Consumer Credit) I was being charged $900 acquisition fee. Money factor is .00375. I was told that this fees is standard with MBCC. Is it true? Has anyone leased through MBCC? If yes, then how much acquisition fee was charged? I will appreciate your input. I haven't signed the contract yet, somehow I felt that amount was too high. Well thanks in advance.

  • cticctic Posts: 291
    My acquisition fee was $495 (2+ years ago), but it is negotiable. Even the disposition fee at the end of the lease is negotiable.

    Tell your salesmen it's too much. Tell him also if he doesn't reduce it you will publish his name in this forum and what he is charging.
  • mga3mga3 Posts: 51
    I assume you are talking about the bank fee,which contains the gap insurance. When I leased my BLK C320 from Prestige Motors in Paramus NJ back in March,I paid $595.00. Though they wanted $695.00. I simply told them, I talked to the factory dealership in Manhattan and was told the standard upfront fees for a MBCC First class lease was 1st month pyment and a bank fee of $595.00,no more no less. They immediately backed off and agreed to the $595.00.

    My suggestion is, you call the factory dealership in Manhattan or MBCC directly and ask what the present bank fee is. An inflated bank fee is just another way for the dealer to make more profit at your expense.
  • doug110doug110 Posts: 2
    I've been reading this board for a while and your posts convinced me to buy a C320 - thanks for all the information!

    I just took delivery and have two questions:

    I have always changed the oil on new car at 1,000 miles, but the dealer insists that until the oil change light comes on (8,000 miles +), I don't need to change it. Has anyone done any research into this?

    Also, are there any wax/polishes that are especially formulated for black paint?

  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Zymol makes "Carbon" wax, designed for dark colors. I use it on a black BMW, it's effective. Also, based on the owners reports in this group, putting a coat of wax (just wax, no cleaner or polish) on your new car is probably a good idea based on all the paint chip posts that people have made. Even if you can't get the Carbon wax right away, get a good brand of straight wax (like Meguiar's) and get it on that new car. Straight wax (no cleaner, no polish) goes on and comes off very easily. Your MB dealer may sell Zymol, or a local BMW dealer might.
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