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Ford Focus Sedan



  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    The people in Detroit thought that the European Focus was too expensive a vehicle for the US Market.

    The average Focus has a MSRP of between 16k to 18k but there is over $2,500 in rebates right now....

    Focus is probably the only car on the market right now with rebates equal to about 15% of the MSRP!


    Not surprising either. Most people do not have inate knowlege that there is $2,500 in rebates on a Focus...a $17k Focus seems real expensive when a Fusion SE stickers under $19k!!!!! Accordingly people probably do not even consider the Focus because they falsely believe that it is too expensive.

  • huntleyhuntley Member Posts: 14
    The next generation Focus is due either for the 2007 or 2008 model year. I suspect it will be for 2008 but will be introduced in spring of 2007. No information has been released on plans for the Focus. Ford probably has not decided what to do. Supposedly the next generation is going to remain on the current platform with design "tweeks". The Euro version, if sold in this country, would cost more than a Ford Fusion. Ford wants to keep the Focus as an "economy car". Will anybody buy it? The redesigned Corolla, Sentra, and Elantra are due shortly. Ford will have to do something marketable to compete in this segment. The Focus looks pretty shabby next to a Civic, Mazda3, or even a Kia Spectra. :cry:
  • huntleyhuntley Member Posts: 14
    Spy photos of the "revised" Ford Focus for 2007 have been released. Nothing changes except the front grill and possibly the headlights. Is this supposed to increase sales? :confuse:

  • xwrangalerx98xwrangalerx98 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone experienced like a throbbing feeling in the clutch on the 2.0 2006 focus only when the A/C is on and only when your sitting at a light with the clutch pressed in? If I rev the engine the throb goes away and if I turn the air off it goes away as well. As soon as I turn the air on it starts throbbing again. Its a light feeling but its kind of strange feeling.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,292
    could be a test 'mule'. that is the general opinion.
    i remember seeing the current chrysler 300 with a 300m body on it.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    thats the feeling of you causing excessive cluthc wear....you shouldn't be holding the clutch in like that at a like for more than a sec or 2 on Any Car.

  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Just took delivery of 2006 ZXW SES Wagon. Does anyone know how to disable the automatic door locking feature?

    My dealer states, "It is not legal to disable this feature before delivery." Doesn't seem to enthused to disable it after delivery either.

    I find the auto door locks annoying. Go out in the driveway to move the car into the garage and clunk all the doors lock. I like to lock my doors myself.

    Otherwise this is a very nice vehicle.
    Thanks in advance.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Page 53 of your owners manual:

    To deactivate/reactivate the autolock feature using the power door
    unlock control
    You must complete steps 1-7 within 30 seconds or the procedure will
    have to be repeated. If the procedure needs to be repeated, you must
    wait 30 seconds.
    1. Turn the ignition to the 3 (ON)
    2. Press the power door unlock
    control three times.
    3. Turn the ignition from 3 (ON)
    position to the 2 (OFF) position.
    4. Press the power door unlock
    control three times.
    5. Turn the ignition back to 3 (ON) position. The horn will chirp.
    6. Press the unlock control, then press the lock control. The horn will
    chirp once if autolock was deactivated or twice (one short and one long
    chirp) if autolock was activated.
    7. Turn the ignition to the 2 (OFF) position. The horn will chirp once to
    confirm the procedure is complete.

    Have fun and GOOD LUCK!

    https://web.msslib.dealerconnection.com/RightSite/getcontent/myfile.pdf?DMW_OBJE- CTID=09000c588051f036

  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Thanks Mark. Got it right the first time. Surprised myself.

    Now to continue reading the manual.
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Gearshift warning "chime", page 13 of the manual. Ford calls this a chime. Mine sounds like a Tom Cat with his tail caught in a screen door. Wondered what others sound like.

    DRL We have had daylight running lights is Canada for many years now and I believe they are a very important safety item, however, this is the first car that I have owned where the DRL come on with the key in the run position and the parking brake engaged. Page 29 of the manual states the parking brake must be disengaged. Not so with my Focus.
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Is there any way to disable the gearshift warning chime/siren? See my post #1844
  • theman123theman123 Member Posts: 170
    Does anybody know when the new updated Focus is suppose to come out ? I've seen spy pics of it but no word on when it's suppose to come out ? Thanks
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757

    the 2007 order guide is out and the car is the same.

    2008 is the most likely time for the intro. The car was refreashed for 05 and Ford recently stated they want to get to around 3 to 4 years between refreashes.

  • rapidrickrapidrick Member Posts: 70
    IMHO the Focus had it going on (design-wise) with the front end and dash through 04. The Russian engineers who designed the Lada must be in charge now, as the car looks more and more like, well, you know.
    The Mazda platform looks way cooler.
    I'm convinced confusion reigns in corporate car America. Granted, we all have different perceptions of style and it must be tough trying to hit it up the middle every time instead of stroking the long ball... :shades:
  • gibsonlp5902gibsonlp5902 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Focus SE, the car was great till after 76,000 miles and after the 70k/5yr warranty. My ignition, A/C Compressor, ignition, fuel pump, and starter have all gone out, and ive gone thru 3 sets of tires since the first breakdown.. those problems ive been able to fix.

    but now this... i started my car and as soon as the engine was on without the help of the starter, theres a "fast knocking sound" (no not rods knocking, much louder) the sound's cycles are congruent to the revs of the engine, rising and falling with the rpms. i was thinking camshaft bearings? or maybe the starter selonoid is getting stuck?

    any other ideas or similiar experience?

    p.s. ive had this car for almost 6 years, i didnt think it would make it 3. shes had a good run.
  • rapidrickrapidrick Member Posts: 70
    Hard to troubleshoot here at the computer with some ELO cranked up ;-) but, I'd start cheap and work your way up.
    Camshaft bearings? Doubt it. Solenoid stuck? You'll find out next time you start it, or try to...
    Cooling fan turning, stuck? Losing coolant? Granted, water pumps ain't cheap, but you might be due for one.
    Blown head gaskets can make some nasty sounds also, but that aint cheap, sorry.
    Oh, squirrel caught in there somewhere? Don't laugh, I've seen it... :shades:
  • harrydogyoharrydogyo Member Posts: 8
    Looks like the 2007 Focus Fuel Econ numbers are out and they're better than the 2006. Does that mean there were changes with the car in 07 or just luck of the draw?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    How did Ford raise the Fuel economy by so much on the 07 Focus? From 26/34 to 27/37. Did they change the engine, the gearing or both?

    Might actually consider one now.
  • madrillenamadrillena Member Posts: 2
    Help! I have take fantastic care of our Focus and now it is "quitting" on us. It had hestitation and rough idling. I figured maybe something simple considering all its care. However the dealer says the computer code indicates low compression on cylinder 4. I am waiting for the specialist to look at it, but I have done BG flushes and tons of preventive maintenance. It has 94000 miles. What has happened and is there any hope???
  • sparxxxsparxxx Member Posts: 14
    Hello all. I had an 03 Focus SE sedan, and loved the car, with the exception of one thing: noisy brakes. I noticed it within maybe two weeks of taking delivery of the car brand-new. I took it to the dealer a couple times but you know how that goes. Anyway, I recently traded in the 03 Focus for an 06 Focus ST ZX4. Sure enough, the brakes on this one sound like the car is a decade old.

    On both cars the brakes have worked very well, however, the noise from them is just insane. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Yes, my 2006 SES Wagon has very noisy rear brakes. The rear brakes are drums and if you have the drums removed, clean out the rust and replace, the brakes will be quiet. However, the down side is that this only lasts for a short time--perhaps a week at the best. The dealer, of course, will not be pleased to do this more than once or twice under warranty. I think the real cure is to use a different type of brake lining--read more expensive than Ford's factory installed type. I will have after market brake linings installed when I can't stand the squeal and squeak any longer.
  • madrillenamadrillena Member Posts: 2
    Well there was low compression in the cylinder because somehow it was dirty/damaged/who knows what. Because of that, the piston didn't go up and down like it should have and the rod bent. Because of that, the rod came off and then we had catastrophic engine failure (mind you the red check engine light never even came on!!!). We chose to get a used engine rather than rebuilt. It had 55,000 miles. Hopefully, we can use it as long as the last (94,000 miles). I still love my Focus even though the engine didn't make it past 100,000. I would get another.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,292
    my '04 has drums in the back. they usually get noisy late winter. at the next service, they get cleaned and everything is usually ok from there.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • ericmayericmay Member Posts: 4
    An interesting story . . .

    One morning, I started up my 2000 Focus (SE - Zetec) for my short morning commute and noted that the engine seemed to be running rough. The car had been driven the night before and ran normally. The night was cool and misty and during the night, the temperature dropped to below freezing, so the grass was white and there was a thin layer of frost on the car when I started it. After cleaning off the frost, I took off down the street and noted the engine wasn't running quite right, but I arrived at the office without significant trouble. I guessed that there might have been some moisture that had gotten into something (sensor or ignition module) and figured that maybe in the daytime heating, the problem would clear itself.

    After work, I got back in the car and, to my chagrin, the rough performance persisted.

    The next time I got in the car was to drive to the airport. I took the Focus because I thought the longer ride might clear out whatever was causing the problem, or would trigger the computer to record a diagnostic code. Well, about half way through the 20 mile trip to the airport, the condition got significantly worse. Now the engine felt like it was running only on three cylinders. The check engine light started flashing furiously.

    At this point, I was committed to completing the trip, so I pushed on to the airport. When I arrived and parked the car, there was a smell coming from the engine . . . it wasn't oil and it wasn't antifreeze. I popped the hood and noticed steam whisping from one of the spark plug boots.

    I pulled out the spark plug boot and, to my surprise, :surprise: there was water on the head that was deep enough to fill each spark plug well and bridge from cylinder to cylinder!

    I let the car cool for a while and then went about trying to wick out the water with paper towel. I couldn't get the paper towel down into the spark plug wells, so I used the pump from a window cleaner spray bottle to pump out the last of the rusty water. When all of the water was out, I reconnected the spark plug boots and the engine started and ran much better.

    When I got back from the airport, I once again pulled a spark plug boot and looked inside. I found what I expected to see; a completely dry head. But I also noticed that the spark plug boot was fully covered in rust from the water that had been standing inside.

    The car ran well for the most part, but it continued to intermittently hesitate and miss again in the next two days. I removed all of the spark plug wires/boots, cleaned the area of excessive rust (yeah, I knowingly poured water back in there), pumped the water and rust back out and then dried the area. I pulled the spark plugs and took the plugs and wires inside for a thorough cleaning.

    Conductive rust had coated both the boots (inside and out) and the exterior of the spark plugs and that was apparently providing an alternate path for the current to flow, instead of jumping the plug gap.

    I removed the rust, dried everything, installed the plugs, put silicone on the boots and installed them, and then drove off for about a half-hour. The engine ran as smooth as can be.

    Bottom line . . . I have no idea where the water on the head came from. I admit that on occasion, I sprayed down the engine compartment to keep it clean, but the last time I had done that was months before the problem occurred (that might account for why the water was so rusty). However, the car had been driven on several occasions over hundreds of miles. I would certainly expect that the head would have gotten hot enough to evaporate any water that would have gotten on it during those trips.

    In any case, it’s a mystery that has not been repeated. :confuse:
  • djlnydjlny Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 07 SES sedan and have a question my salesperson could not answer (after I took the car home). Just above the sunglass holder is another compartment. When you open the compartment has Velco (one peice attached to the car, the other is to attached to something), and a center set of small pegs (4) that fit above each other. Please help to tell me what this is for, the salesman said mabye for a garage door operner but who knows?
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Well,this time, the salesman is correct. it is for a garage door opener. You have to adjust the fitting with the pegs until proper contact is made with the opener.
  • nyfocus1nyfocus1 Member Posts: 11
    This is the 6th summer I had the car & this year the A/C is killing my performance. The car struggles to get out of its own way and on steeps hills it will actually lose speed (it never did that before). My MPG has dropped from 30 to about 24-25. While the A/C has always taken its toll, this year is by far worse than any other year.

    The car runs great when the A/C is off. I had a tune-up several months ago – new plugs, wires, air & fuel filter, etc. The A/C was fully recharged to eliminate any issues with it “cycling” on & off to frequently. The A/C itself works great – the air is plenty cold & cools the car in no time.

    Normally I would just say the car is getting old but when the A/C is off, it runs (almost) like new.
  • dearbornborndearbornborn Member Posts: 6
    Will be buying Focus for daughter....do the 16" wheels improve the ride or handling of the vehicle? Anything in particular I should add to the ZX4 other than side curtains?
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Member Posts: 758
    I'm torn between the new Fusion and Focus. I'm worried about the Fusion's reliability being a 1st year model and unproven. Can you all comment on te reliability track record of the Focus? Thanks!
  • v_dv_d Member Posts: 89
    Guys do you know if Ford is going to ever bring the European Focus ever here?

  • basiliskstbasiliskst Member Posts: 55
    I have a 2002 Mercury Cougar 2.3 liter 5-speed purchased new. It has 76,000 miles and is still tight and bullet-proof. Absolutely no complaints. Only regularly scheduled service. No failures. Needed new tires around 50,000. This is a great little engine. We average 27-29 mpg in city driving and 37-38 mpg on the highway. We've done as well as 41 mpg in sustained highway driving on cool moist days. Just purchased a Ford Focus ZX4 ST with the same set-up. I would expect no issues in the Fusion/Milan. It's a well-proven engine. I considered the Fusion with a 5-speed automatic and the 2.3, but my daughter liked the sporty Focus. I was impressed with the Fusion's balanced ride and handling and the 5-speed automatic with the 2.3 liter 4-cylinder was plenty of engine. I can nit-pick Ford interior detailing a bit (a little too plain and angular for my taste), but chassis and engines have been terrific for us. Change the oil religiously and perform regular maintenance and you will likely be very happy.
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Member Posts: 271
    15" steel wheels to 16" alloys
    optional spoiler to standard spoiler
    optional cruise control to standard cruise
    optional tilt and telescopic steering wheel to standard t and t
    none to overhead console
    optional leather wrapped steering to standard
    optional tachometer to standard
    optional fog lights to standard

    Did I miss anything?
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    Can you get the 2.3 with an automatic?? :confuse:
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,292
    yes, if you get a fusion or mazda3.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
  • markus5markus5 Member Posts: 102
    2.3 was available w/ automatic in late 2003 and 2004 Foci. I have only 33k on mine so I cannot speak of reliability. It does however seem to have much low rpm torque. Although I had always preferred the stick, this one was impressive without it. :)
  • collegeguy3collegeguy3 Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone noticed the change of heart Edmunds has had on the Focus? In the 06' overveiw, they seemed to like the car pretty much overall, except for some fit and finish issues and storage space. For the 07', they they basically say its the oldest econobox on the market, and its an "acceptable" choice if you are looking for a cheap car. What has changed between 06 and 07? Increased mgp and more standard features. What has changed in the rest of the car market? Nothing. Cobalt has been out, the Civic was new for 06, so nothing revolutionary new for 07. Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia's econoboxes have been around and have gone unchanged in recent years. My personal opinion from alot of recent car shopping is that the Focus is not the best econobox on the road, but it is still competitive in many aspects, and its handling is almost mazda3 like. Does anyone else have opinions on this?
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    the 07 is kind of a lame duck. The 2008 model will be out soon. Probably around may. Look for restyling and for a return of the ZX2, 2 door coupe. Powertrains will stay the same.

    I feel that the Focus is hurt by its artificially inflated MSRP. Most shoppers are probably not aware that there is a $2,000+ rebate and thus do not even consider the Focus.

  • comp386comp386 Member Posts: 56
    I never quite understood why the manufacturer doesn't just lower the price especially since the Focus starts every year with a 2500 rebate. I was deciding between the Mazda 3 and the Ford Focus in 2005 and was sold on the Focus because it was about $1000 less OTD than the entry level Mazda 3. Probably not completely what Ford was looking for in selling their vehicle, but it's a sale none the less.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Member Posts: 248
    I saw the new 007 flick today (which I think is a must see) and if I remember correctly, there was a very hot looking car in the second scene of the movie that had a Ford badge on it. We only got a very small glimpse at the vehicle which I thought looked like a Mazda 3 only much much nicer. It's my personal opinion that if Ford would stop putzin around and design small vehicles like the one in the film and bring them to their home market they'd be in much better shap than they are now.

    By any chance does anyone know what Ford that was?
  • comp386comp386 Member Posts: 56
    That was probably the Mondeo. Haven't seen the movie though so I'm not positive.
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Member Posts: 248
    Well whatever it was it looked nice. I still think its a damd shame that Ford continues to ignore it's home market. I mean even GM has recognized it. 2008 is too long to wait for a New Focus and as of right now I think the Focus is Ford's only small car in their lineup in the mainland. They need to stop focusing so much on trucks and start trying competing or they'll find things are only gonna get worse. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the European Focus would be too costly to build for the home market but damd they could at least make the U.S. models look like the European versions.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    I've say this every week it seems like.

    Why does Ford need to have a $19,000 Focus? That is what bringing the EuroFocus over here would mean. Peeps might pay that much for a Jetta, but will they pay that much for a Focus when the Fusion is basically the same price?

  • basiliskstbasiliskst Member Posts: 55
    I'd like to respectfully disagree with post #1880 by mschmal on the market potential for a more expensive European Ford Focus in the US. For the sake of argument I'll accept that the new European Ford Focus is directly competitive with and comparable to a new VW Rabbit or Jetta in that both feature European-style, driving dynamics and efficient, upright interior packaging. As a former VW owner and current Ford Focus ST owner the manufacturer and dealer still matters. VWs are popular with young adults because of style (and maybe the anti-Toyota of their parents statement), but are notably poor in quality ratings and reliability. That parallels my own experience where VW is the worst at fixing things right the first time. Ford service is perfect. All of my recent Fords are markedly reliable and routine service is always right the first time. Would I rather choose a Ford over a VW if there are competitive offerings? Absolutely. I can't be alone.

    Mschmal assumes that Americans always choose the next larger size if the price is the same. Absolutely not true. It is true there have to be reasons to select the smaller size. For one, the safety features of the smaller Focus have to be five-star to eliminate safety as a reason to go larger. The fuel economy has to be better and the driving experience more direct and involving. Can the new European Ford Focus (or its successor) achieve these objectives? Of course. Toyota, Hyundai and Chevy are great at appliances without much driver involvement. Ford should use it's European connections to assure Ford means a real driver's experience.

    A Ford can compete with a VW, but it has to really compete. The Focus has to be a standout (as the current model was upon its original introduction). Transaction price will follow excellence. A me-too car at the average will never break through to a higher transaction price. The comparison should not be against other Fords (e.g., the Fusion as mschmal opines), but rather competitors in the size class. Saturn is poised to introduce the European Opel Astra in a premium space that should belong to the new Focus. Ford is dying right now for being too slow to refresh and replace models. The competitive target is constantly moving. The older the model, even if it was brilliant when first introduced, the lower the transaction price. The target has moved and the price it can command at the dealer is constantly declining. I've had good experiences with my Fords and while my current stable is all Ford, I have and will buy competing brands. Ford has to shoot for excellence, even if that means a higher price. That doesn't mean a higher price for less content or capability due to higher legacy costs, it means a higher price justified by content and capability compared to market competitors. Ford can and should do that with the next Ford Focus.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    I mostly aggree with you, I just don't think Ford needs the C1 platform just to make a good Focus.

    Can Ford make a profit selling Focuses? Ford needs put its energy right now in makeng the most profitable vehicles the best that they can be.

    Focus is really not the highest priority right now. Keeping F-150 and SuperDuty # 1 in truck sales is priority #1!

    Our Focus, in terms of driving dynamics, is only exceeded by the Mazda3, the Rabbit/Jetta, and possibly the Civic. All cars which are substantially more expensive.

    What is killing Focus is the dated styling and the rental car interior.

    Ford does not need to put the Focus on the European platform, making it more expensive, in order to boost sales.

    The spy shots for the next Focus are floating around, and I think its a much better looking car.

    I am disappointed that Ford is not offering a 5 speed auto in the next Focus, but they don't listen to me anyway.

  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
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