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Infiniti M37



  • abacomikeabacomike South FloridaPosts: 8,562
    I've read, with extreme interest, the many, many comments about the new M37, both here in the Forum, and also in the "ratings" section. I had seriously thought about trading my Mercedes in for a new M37 w/Deluxe Touring, Premium Pkg, and splash guards, MSRP around 55K. But after all the comments about the new vehicle, and after two test drives, I won't be trading my Benz in for an M37. Some comments that stuck with me had to do with fit and finish of the vehicle, harsh ride and handling, and problems with Blue Tooth, navigation that won't operate while you are driving (Benz works if you use voice command option), and paint.

    After driving the M37 at two different dealerships, I found those comments to be correct. Both test vehicles had orange peel paint (especially the new black color with the java interior), you cannot enter navigation destinations while driving, even if voice command is selected, blue tooth is very hard to understand coming out of the speakers (and I tried two different cell phones, and both had problems), center console is very uncomfortable, ride is extremely harsh and stiff (my back ached after both test drives due to the harshness of the ride and handling and the seat design), etc.

    The acceleration was outstanding and trunk capacity most acceptable. However, when I compare the M37 to my Mercedes E350 (2010), the Mercedes is far superior in almost every imaginable way. The only major plus for the M37 is the acceleration.

    I found the M37 7 speed transmission to be sluggish and it had difficulty settling in on an appropriate gear as I slowed and/or accelerated.

    I am not writing this to tear down the Infiniti and tout the E350 over the M. The Infiniti is, in general, quite a vehicle, however when you compare pricing, the Mercedes out the door cost is almost identical to the M37, both MSRP for about 55K. And, taking that into consideration, my choice is to keep my current vehicle.

    2018 Mercedes S450

  • My wife and I have been Infiniti owners since my 2003 G-35 (6MT) sedan. In 2004 my wife added an FX-35 to our garage. In 2006 she traded to an M-35 for her FX. In 2007 I traded my G-35 for another G-35s, also with the 6-MT. So far all the cars have been just spectacular. In April 2007 I found myself unable to handle a standard shift in traffic any more due to physical limitations and traded for an M-37. There is very little this car does that pleases me.

    For a little over $10,000 more than our 2006 M-35, Infiniti seems to have engaged in a contest to see how much they could take out of the new car rather than how much they could put in. The first thing I noticed was that the compass was missing from the rearview mirror. The only compass the car has is a very small one (about 45% the size of a dime) on the map page of the navigation system. If any other page is displayed, there is no compass. Even when the compass is displayed it is a major distraction to see and interpret it.

    The split front armrest between the driver's and front passenger's seat has also been removed and replaced by a solid one which is not adjustable like the prior model's.

    The fully redundant sun visors of the previous model have also been removed and replaced by a Hyundai type sliding visor with no extension.

    While everybody is adding some sort of side turning indicator, Infiniti chose to remove it from the new M. They also took out the magnetic induction port for the key fob that allowed the car to be started with a totally dead key fob battery. Now, if the battery fails without warning the only option is to call their toll free number for service.

    While they did not totally remove the auto tracking headlights, they did remove them from the Journey package and place them in a way more expensive package.

    While Infiniti claims their navigation system is one of the best, it is more than 5 years out of date on several roads in my home area. While that is not critical in local driving, it certainly undermines my confidence in trusting it in areas that are unfamiliar to me. Is it really unreasonable to expect an almost $2000.00 navigation system to be as current as a $200.00 portable system that provides both free updates and free traffic for life? Updates cost as much as a totally new portable system! Updating the Gracenote music box system is an exercise in frustration!

    The paint quality is not great and the color choices are even worse. Compared to all my previous Infiniti experiences, this is a total letdown. Had I not relied so heavily on past positive experiences I would never have gotten this vehicle. After 5 Infinit's, thjis may very well be my last.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 354
    Tell me about the paint issue mentioned. I feel one does not need a navigation system as most smart phones have good GPS systems. I loved the M37 drive except for the eco-mode. Believe one can negotiate a great price compared to BMW 5 series and E350.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Some of the comments I find understandable but some are not. In regards to the navigation, yes, it is true that Infiniti locks you out of about 50-60% of what you could do if your were parked, but you can at least delete a destination and do certain things, like look up local stores, restaurants, etc while still in motion. Its a heck of a lot better than Lexus which locks you out of 100% while in motion. One thing the Infiniti nav system has over others is it is very simple and easy to learn and use compared to other manufacturers.

    In regards to the ride quality, it is only harsh if you get the sport package. I found that with the regular suspension it was quite comfortable, maybe not Lexus soft, but on par with the BMW and Audi suspension considering its finally got Michelin OEM tires on there where as the latter two don't.

    Not sure what people are complaining about on fit and finish. This interior is the nicest and best Infiniti has ever had and every professional car review I have read thus far on the new M has always praised its fit/finish and interior.

    He is another key fact about the intelligent key people should be made aware of. If the battery is dead, there is a push button on the side to release a manual key from the back of it so that you can unlock the doors manually with the key and gain access to the car. As far as I know, there is a slot on the dash you then put the entire intelligent key into that allows the car to sense that the key is there and let you start the engine. This is to prevent you from being stranded if the battery in the key fob goes. I recommend every 2-3 years, going down to you local radio shack, supermarket, etc and just spend the $4 freakin bucks for a new battery for the thing.

    I know it sounds like I am defending the M to a T, but it is not as bad as people are making it out to be. It's definitely an improvement over the last gen. It is completely on the level of a 5 Series or E-class, no, but some of these nit picking things could be avoided if people actually read reviews and research the car a little bit better before testing driving it.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 354
    Despite alot of negative posts on the M37 I still am interested in this car. I test drove one a few weeks ago and liked the handling in the regular and sports mode. Did not feel comfortable in the eco-mode. I agree the handling and road noise is all dependent on the tires of the car.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Not just the tires used but if you have the sport suspension or not. When it comes to Infiniti and ALL its models, having the sport suspension really firms up the ride to uncomfortable levels and makes for more road noise since they typically give bigger/noisier tires on the sport packages. When you test drive any of their vehicles, you need to make sure your not driving one that has a sports package on it if you value a smoother and more comfortable/less noisy ride.
  • houstondriverhoustondriver Posts: 5
    edited December 2010
    I love the new Ms and am considering an M56. Also considering 550. Reliability is a big issue for me and I'm thinking the Infiniti would be better but can anyone comment. I have a GS430 and have not had a single problem in 95k miles. I'm thinking Infiniti would be similar. Any comments on the comparison or Infinity reliability in general would be appreciated.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    love the new Ms and am considering an M56. Also considering 550. Reliability is a big issue for me and I'm thinking the Infiniti would be better but can anyone comment

    For 550, I think you need to go to Bimmerfest to find out what the owner's impression so far.. What I get out of it is not very positive for the new 5 series. Looks like most everyone get grinding noise from the steering wheel.. Previous BMW owner complain mightly about the steering feel (for us new owner, probably not too bad a trade off). And then there are a few scary random check engine light stuff... I think it is one of those car that will do better in the second year..
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I have a nearly 7 year old FX that has had no issues what so ever. It is built like a tank and feels like one as well. Overall, Infiniti is more reliable then the German 3, but it depends on the model when it comes to the Germans.

    Other factor is, Infiniti one the ALG highest residual value award for 2011 so depreciation is at a minimum if you go with Infiniti. I say try them out, and if things don't work out, just go back to another make the next time around.
  • I purchased a 2011 M37x in June and agree with many of the first impressions noted, but was surprised to see no one complaining of unpredictable transmission performance. When I bring the car to a stop sometimes (maybe 50%) the car will jolt after full stop is achieved almost like being hit from the rear. When leaving from a stop, the transmission will sometimes (50%) hesitate. After leaving the car with the dealer for a day to investigate, they claimed this was normal. They claimed that California emission standards required the car to return to neutral after a full stop (the jolt). At take-off from the line, the hesitation is transmission finding the gear for acceleration. Now this so called "as designed" performance seemed wacky to me, especially since these apparent anomalies are inconsistent in behavior. I was wondering if you other M37 owners have experienced anything similar. If not, I think I need to be much firmer with dealer for corrective action.
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    I got a new M37 three months ago and love the car except for the transmission operation. The transmission often acts confused with shifts that can be hard especially going into third & fourth gears. Shifts are not consistent and this distracts from the driving experience. I am going back to dealer for first oil change and will have the tranny as my major issue. Maybe the ect can be programed with an update or fix if available.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    That is a legitimate complaint of the 7spd auto from what I have read online and from user. Infiniti has had some quirks with it since its introduction with hunting and pecking for gears. They are supposedly working on this with Mercedes right now and are to re-introduced a new and improve 7spd, first in the next gen G Sedan that is suppose to get rid of these hiccups!
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    I just picked up my M37 with technology package tonight (I posted my deal in the leasing forum if someone is interested). After reading all the review I was hesitated to include technology package since most reviewer seems to think that it is a waste of money and make life miserable. But since the cost of going from Deluxe touring to technology is only about $25 or so a month for 36 month/12 k mi per year lease, I figure I can give it a try.. I drove home from the dealership in pretty heavy rain and most of the driving is in a 2 lane highway. I sure glad that I have the technology package. It is very hard to see the marker on the road and the warning light help me stay in the center of my lane.. And one of my problem in driving at night is the depth perception. When I change lane, I can never be sure if a nearby car is in the next lane or not. The blind spot warning system help a great deal. To me the technology package is worth every penny.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    I have about 17+G of music in MP3 format.. Instead of getting an IPOD and hook it up in the M37's USB port, I decide to use a USB flash drive. I bought a 32G Patriot XT Rage and download all my music folder into the USB drive, get a 6 inch USB extension cable.. And viola, the music play through the USB port without any issue. It take a while for the sound system to read the USB memory when I first start the car (about 1+ minutes) and it play the last music that I stop the car.. I am setting it up to play random mode. the sound quality is very good. So far, I like the features in the M37 a lot (Prem/Nav/Deluxe touring/Technology) and don't really miss my 08 LS460..
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    There is a new software fix for the quirky transmission. I had the new
    'fix" done by the dealer on my new M37 last week and was pleased to find that the transmission shifting, searching for gear, etc. was much improved. It still does not shift as well as I would expect for a top line car like this but is now acceptable. The service guy said my car was the first to have the upgrade performed at the dealership and he expected a service bulletin to follow shortly.

    Is this transmission manufactured by Mercedes? If true, still no excuse since MB should know how to design and mfg a quality auto tranny.

    Other than the above issue, no problems and I love the car. So much cool electronic stuff that I am still learning new things. Engine is very strong and gas mileage is good for a car this size. Sharp looking car!!
  • I have been fighting the transmission battle since April 21, 2010 when I took delivery of my 2011 M-37. After seeing this post I immediately called my Infiniti dealer who professes to not know anything about this issue. All I can say is Infiniti is starting to develope an extremely lousy attitude towards service issues as well as substantially de-contenting their cars. Even if they fix the lousy transmission I will never be really happy with my 2011 M-37 compared with my wife's 2006 M-35. The list of items removed from the 2011 M as compared with the 2006 is long!

    Everyone is adding side marker/mirror turning signal indicators. Infiniti had them in 2006 and took them out for 2011. The adjustable, split center arm rest between the front seats has been removed and replaced with a single non-adjustable one. The double sun visors with an expansion piece have been removed and replaced with a Hyundai style single sliding adjustment type visor. The key fob holder built into the dash has been removed leaving the only remedy to a dead key fob battery as calling for emergency service. The auto tracking headlights have been moved into the technology package from the Journey package leaving most buyers without them. Lastly, the navigation system is years out of date, missing roads that show on 2003 AAA maps. I've received three seperate offers of updates only to discover that none exist. Each offer has specifically been directed to "Dear 2011 M-37 owner." They've also taken the compass out of the rear view mirror, forcing you to rely on the half the size of a dime compass which only appears when the map function of the navigation system is active.

    The car looks beautiful and has a great ride (other than the transmission). This is no way to build a premium car and certainly no way to treat a loyal premium car buyer. This is my fifth and last Infiniti.
  • I bought my m37 sport last july and have EXACTLY the same problem as you. The hesitation is downright dangerous!! I slow down to take a corner and hit the throttle only to have the car lag and hesitate so bad that people almost bump into the back of me. The DEALER also says the same thing to me. They tell me over and over that it is the way its supposed to be.

    I think we should all get together and seriously consider a "class action lawsuit" against infiniti for "false advertising". When I first test drove the car, I noticed some hesitation and they said the computer just needs to get used to my driving style and then after 2000 miles It will all be great!! It was a lie and I recently contacted a lawyer that is having me send him all the service reports I have along with a copy of my lease agreement.

    If you're interested in getting involved please let me know...
  • What is the name of this new software fix for the M37??? My dealer seems to know nothing about it as of today, January 21st 2011...


    Can you please let me know.

    thank you.
  • Good Luck with that one...My wife drives a 2011 M37 with the 7 speed transmission. It's smooth as silk in shifting even when driving aggressively. I can't understand what was falsely advertised. I beleive there are alot of people who dont understand adaptive transmissions. All the professionals who have tested it, like the cars driving charecteristics, handling and performance. I could tell that the shift points were different during our first test drive but that should be expected since it now has 7 gears. But being described as quirky is far from the right term to describe it.
  • bhreesbhrees Posts: 4
    road noise over 55 is a bit too loud for me, but im not replacing the tires anytime soon.
    I also have a noise when i go over bumps i hear a tap / knock sound from the from of the dash like something hitting the window. Has anyone else heard this noise?

    I'll be taking it in for a look soon
  • Help!!!!

    The transmission in my 2011 M-37 has experienced, at one time or another, every complaint listed in the long string of postings concering transmission issues. As of 6:15 PM on 01/24/2011 my service "advisor" says that the service "manager" cannot locate any service bulletin or advisory concerning this issue.

    Can anyone who has had their transmission problems corrected please ask their dealer for the service bulletin number so I can give it to my dealer. I hardly drive this car because I find it so unpleasant to deal with the transmission issues. We tend to defer in favor of our 2006 M-35 which in four years, nine months has not had a single issue.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    edited January 2011
    Since I'm not an owner, I can't provide that for you... but in the mean time, you might check here:
    to see if anything comes up.

    Also try


    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

  • There no longer is a slot in the dash to insert your key fob in case it's battery has suddenly failed. Your only remedy is to either call Infiniti service or your spouse and get the second fob. Removal of that slot was part of a massive de-contenting of the M series by Infiniti.
  • Thats 100 percent false....the slot is no longer needed since now all you have to do is hold the fob next to the start/stop button in order for the system to read it. Much easier process. The 2011 has more upgraded useful features than the 2010. Its not "de-contented" if thats even a word. Gotta get it right before you post.....
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    bobbyzjr, I do not know the name of the new software to "fix" the transmission problem. My dealer, Roswsell Infiniti in Alpharetta, GA, did not have a fix at first. In fact, they drove the car and said it was shifting normally. Wrong!! But, the next day my service manager, Jamie, talked with one of the Infiniti technical service managers and was told that there was a new software fix that should improve the tranny performance. The next week, I went in to the dealer, had the "fix" downloaded and was pleased to see that the transmission operation was improved. But, I am still not pleased with the performance as compared to my old 2006 M35 and other luxury cars I have driven but not sure what else I can do right now. It did help with the hestitation but did not eliminate it.

    I love almost everything about the car except the transmission. As a loaner, the dealer gave me a G37 which shifted much better than my car. Don't know why since the service manager said both cars have the same transmission. Go figure.

    But, I am not through with this issue. I plan to continue pressure on the dealer regarding the transmission and maybe they will finally come up with a good answer. If they have to replace the transmission to finally fix the problem, then just do it. It beats tarnishing the image of the brand.

    Good luck with the follow up with your dealer. If my dealer could get a new software update yours can also.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    But, I am not through with this issue. I plan to continue pressure on the dealer regarding the transmission and maybe they will finally come up with a good answer. If they have to replace the transmission to finally fix the problem, then just do it. It beats tarnishing the image of the brand.

    Huh? what can the dealer do with this problem after the new transmission fix? It is a design problem and not a defect on a particular transmission.. So if by miracle infiniti willing to pay for a new transmission, you get the same problem again... How does it help?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I think what he means is, that if the battery was to go in the intelligent key, there is no longer a slot under the dash to put the whole device into so that you can still start the car, but I'm sure Infiniti has thought of that. Just because the battery in the intelligent key might go does not mean the sensor that detects the key in the car is dead and it should still be able to detect the intelligent key. ???

    I'm not sure, I know my 10 Maxima still has the slot in the dash to put the intelligent key if you need too
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    According to my dealer, just hold the key next to the ignition "button" and it will do what the slot used to do...I have an M37 and that's what I'm told...

    On another point, they just did a NAV update and we no longer have FM traffic...that button disappeared on the screen and you have to get XM (satellite) to get traffic
  • jck4ujck4u Posts: 12
    Well, topgun, maybe it is completely a design problem and a new transmission would do nothing except present the same old issue. But, how do you explain the posting by littlejoe 613 which says that the transmission on his M37 shifts "as smooth as silk"? Plus, I had the opportunity to drive a 2008 G37 coupe last week that, according to the dealer, has the same transmission as the M37. The coupe transmission shifted very smoothly and consistantly. If my car shifted like that, I would have no complaint.

    My opinion at this point is that there is some sort of design or quality problem which presents itself in many, but not all, of the transmissions. Or, perhaps Infiniti changed the 7 speed on the new M37 for some reason and it has not worked out well. I think that Infiniti probably just hopes it will go away or that we will finally accept that this is "normal" operation. It's not, and something should be done.

    Even though my car's transmission has improved with the software update, it is still not where it should be and detracts from the driving experience since I am always evaluating the shifting. I am thinking that we might have been among the unlucky buyers that got one of the "bad" transmission. If you get a fix, please post the information.

    Good luck.
  • While the G-37 and the M-37 have the same transmissions, they do not have the same transmission mapping programs. The original program on the G-37 experienced much the same problems. Infiniti has totally revised that program and installed the revision in all newer models and for those people who complained.

    Due to the weight difference and performance variences between the G-37 and the M-37 a different program was used in the M-37. Obviously Infiniti thought they had the problem solved with the M and they didn't. There now is a total remapping program available for the M-37 which does satisfy all transmission quirks. I know since I had it done this past Friday and it makes a world of difference. At first my dealer claimed there was no such program though other posts on Edmund's claimed to have received it. I finally called Infiniti Customer Service who also claimed to know of no transmission fixes for the M-37. After much prodding they checked with their engineers who confirmed there was a fix but that they had not issued a "Service Bulletin" yet so dealers could not locate it. Emily, at ext 1547, had to call my dealer and tell them how to download the fix. It took about an hour to install and instantly every quirk vanished like magic.
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