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Sonata Bluetooth Problems



  • lcolbylcolby Member Posts: 1
    I want to use arbitration or the lemon law in N. H. for my Bluetooth problems. I was wondering how you made out and what advice you can give me.
  • kyrptokyrpto Member Posts: 216
    Let us know how that works out.
  • mitchellymitchelly Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2013
    Ditto Ditto Ditto, 15 minutes and out. Galaxy S3, It's not the phone. I had the radio changed for different reasons but the 15 minute issue is still an issue.
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Member Posts: 16
    Mine works. There is a patch to fix this. Contact your dealer. I had mine done months ago.
  • lskarplskarp Member Posts: 6
    I took mine in last week. Told them the symptoms and the clown at the counter told me "It is a safety feature of the car"... I wish I had a camera on my face. I asked for him to put it in writing so when I hit the median on the turnpike, I could own the dealership. Needless to say, I found myself in the Service Manager's office along with the guy repeating what he said. Me saying "really, really??" a lot and "this is a joke, right??" a few times.
    Needless to say, the service manager called Hyundai and they played clueless too. They ordered me a new radio. I told him it would not work, but whatever and that there was a "patch" for it. They said that they did not know anything about it.
    So back into the grinder..... Let's see how I fair...
  • lskarplskarp Member Posts: 6
    I spoke to Jason at Hyundai USA. 800-633-5151 and he is aware of the fix. They have to route to a particular engineer to get the fix. He did not know the Service Bulletin number. He is going to contact the service manager at my dealership with the details and call me back. Hopefully, the stars align and we will get this repaired ASAP!
  • lskarplskarp Member Posts: 6
    After many months trying to convince my dealer that there is a problem, I showed him this forum and viola'. They replaced my radio and I had a very fulfilling 20 minute phone conversation!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,148
    Congrats!! Hopefully others who have the issue will be able to do the same.

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  • mitchellymitchelly Member Posts: 4
    I have the same problem but had to replace the radio for a different reason. I still have the same issue with the new radio at the 15 minute mark. So I am waiting for the fix. In the meantime if I switch from headset mode to phone mode while connected (android galaxy s3) and back to headset the problem is temorarily resovled.
  • just_focusjust_focus Member Posts: 53
    My wife has a 2012 Sonata Limited with the Wine package and every time she calls me from her car it sounds like she is talking under water. I can understand about every 3rd word she says which gets me into trouble because I am not listening :) When she switches to her phone (IPhone 4s) she is as clear as a bell. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • choogchoog Member Posts: 5
    We have the exact same problem with our 2011 Sonata SE. Have had the radio swapped twice already with no improvement. Has anyone seen this issue ever resolved?
  • drplanariandrplanarian Member Posts: 4
    I have this same problem. I have a 2013 Sonata GLS with the base radio. It is paired with either a Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx (my phone) or a Samsung Brightside (my wife's), both on Verizon.

    It pairs and connects just fine and quite nicely automatically, sensing which of us is in the car correctly and pairing mine if both are in the car. It transfered over both of our contact lists easily. I can even play the music stored on my phone over the Bluetooth connection using the player app the phone came with, and it's just fine, with sound quality similar to what I get with my wired up iPod.

    But the incoming call volume, although not with the music, is very, very low, and I have to nearly max out the volume on the radio to be able to hear the person on the other end. It seems, however, as if they can hear me just fine.

    This would be less of an annoyance if the car remembered the volume setting, but it reverts to the lower setting whenever I turn the car off. And it is an even greater bother when Lady Bluetooth's voice then comes booming out at me at the new, ear-piercing volume. If I turn up the setting on the menu that appears to be the one for this function, again I get Lady Bluetooth screaming at me.

    I have not located any setting that adjusts the incoming call volume independently, and I have gone all up and down the menus. I must admit that the settings menus are so interestingly complicated in their branching structure that I can never be sure I've actually seen them all (and note that for most of my long career I was a senior systems engineer and lead Unix system administrator at a major Federal agency noted for its technological prowess, and I do not normally find complicated menu structures particularly daunting).

    I have a second, more minor problem with the way the Bluetooth works with my phone. When I say "Call [contact]," I seem to connect just fine at first but then it almost immediately disconnects without dialing the call. I then repeat the voice command and it works just fine the second time. I believe that this may be a result of the dormant, "sleeping" status of my phone at the time the first command is given, and so I think that the Sonata may not be to blame here, but the same thing does not happen in my older Prius.

    And I have a third problem. The voice navigation on my phone, unlike the music, does not play through the radio and, when paired, doesn't play through the phone's speakers, either. Ms. Googlemaps seems to think her voice is playing through the radio speakers, but she's wrong, so to hear her directions I have to unpair my phone.

    Is this by design, perhaps to sell more grossly overpriced factory NAV systems or BlueLink subscriptions?
  • rbcrabbsrbcrabbs Member Posts: 16
    Fix has been out for quite some time.
  • robthecomedianrobthecomedian Member Posts: 1
    I've had this car for 2 years and the bluetooth has worked fine. Today, during an extended phone call, the sound cut off. I tried calling back and the voice command works and the phone dialed, but I cannot hear anything (not the ringing or the person talking) out of the cars speakers. I've tried deleting the phone from the car and deleting the car from the phone. I've turned bluetooth off and on. When I re-pair the phone, everything seems ok except I still don;t hear anything from the phone. I hear the command prompts and that's it. Not sure if this is the same as the 15 min problem or not. This is happening on all my calls. I appreciate any insight. Thanks.
  • mitchellymitchelly Member Posts: 4
    I have the problem at the 15 minute mark of a bluetooth call. I am waiting for a software patch from Hyundai. But in the mean time, I have an Android. All I do is hit the headset button on the phone wait a second and hit is again and the bluetooth in the car picks up the call again and everyone can hear everyone.
  • elster000elster000 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased an iPhone 5s, restored the phone from my 4s backup and bluetooth would not pair. After it asked to enter in the code, after 1 second it would give a "time has expired error". I first tried making the iPhone 5 a "new phone", which gave all kinds of inconveniences from not getting the photos in the camera roll to losing all my game apps settings. Here's the solution:
    I deleted the bluetooth pair from the settings under BT, Setup, delete pair. I was then able to re-pair my "re-Restored" iPhone 5s to get Bluetooth to work. It was a major pain and lots of drama, but it works. MAC support couldn't help, when they said "firmware needs updating". The other obvious thing is you need to pair your phone, something I haven't done in 2 years (since the last phone), under settings Bluetooth, pair.
  • buddhakat1buddhakat1 Member Posts: 1

    Well, Samsung finally released the phone I had been waiting for, the Galaxy Note 3, and the wife and I both upgraded our phones. She got the Droid Mini, (Motorola), and I got the Note 3.

    I am pleased to report that we have not had one single dropped bluetooth connection. Not one, on either phone.

    I have had a couple of instances where my phone would fail to pair automatically when I started the car, but that issue doesn't happen very often at all.

    What's interesting is that my old phone was on the list of "Approved" phones from Hyundai, and neither of our new phones are. Also, the Android app for locking/unlocking & starting the car was able to be installed on our new phones and works fairly well. I'd say when we send a start request to the car it works about 90% of the time. Yay!

    I'm going to say that my issues with bluetooth connectivity are all resolved at this point. It's not perfect, but it works well enough that I'm very happy.

    Now if they would just fix the dang electronic steering. What were they thinking with that?
  • jkb9jkb9 Member Posts: 1

    Here is the result of my search from some one who found a solution:
    "I installed Bluetooth Auto Connect from the Play Store. In the app settings - Events I checked "Auto connect every time Bluetooth has been turned on." This seems to cleared the issue I was having with Bluetooth connecting to my 2013 Hyundai Sonata. App doesn't seem to have any effect on battery."

    • The other app in Playstore is A2DP. Please check similar apps for Iphones.
  • zygmarzygmar Member Posts: 1
    I have been having the same problem since July 2015, purchased the car new 2012 bluetooth worked fine until last yr. It is so bad now I have quit even trying to keep it paired.....Frustrating!!!
  • TimthesignmanTimthesignman Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2018 Hyundai sonata and the hands free will not work or the GPS. We bought this car based on the navigation option. Unsatisfied customer at this point. Should have bought the chevy
  • bdyoung2bdyoung2 Member Posts: 1
    burnsy128 said:

    Has anyone had issues using the bluetooth on the 2011 Limited? Whenever I try setting it up or pairing it says "System not ready please wait a moment" and nothing ever happens?

    BTW, love the car!

    Have you found a resolution to this? I have the exact same problem, exact same car!
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