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Buick Regal



  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I had tried to find some aftermarket accessories for my 97.5 Regal. It appears that the companies that produce these chips look for maximum return as they have chips or reprogrammers for all the popular models including trucks. You could try and email superchips and see if they have one being developed.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You can also try these places....

    The grandprixstore has a programmer for the Grand Prix not sure if it'll work on the Regal.

  • Hello everyone.

    I currently have the opportunity to purchase a 1998 Buck Regal AS for around $11,000. It has 81,000 miles and has been well cared for. Since I have never owned a Buck before, I am not sure who to ask this to. Will this Buck (based on past history) run to at least 130k+ miles without any serious problems? Do you like them? Not like them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    (I/I: Many people have said that this is a car for "old people." I sure don't think so. Sep. since I'm 18 years old and desperately want one :) )
  • ks1060,you say you have a chance to purchase a 98 AS for $11,000.I assume you mean a 98 GS.Buicks arent just old peoples cars.I see younger people driving Regals.I have driven Regals since I was 34.

    If you dont abuse it and take care of it I would see no problems in getting 130,000 miles out of it and maybe lots more.We have a 98 GS with 33,000 miles and no problems so far.I change oil every 3,000 miles.The supercharger oil level needs to be checked more often than what the book says.Also keep the tranny serviced with a new filter and fluid at the proper intervals.Too many people neglect their transmissions.

    We have a 91 Regal Limited with the 3800 engine thats running strong at 123,000 miles and its been kept well serviced and never abused.

    WoodyBuick,you sure have alot of Regals in stock.Most Buick dealers in my area carry one new Regal and some have none.The LeSabre and Century are all they want to sell for some reason.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I checked both Edmunds and Kelley on pricing for an 81000 mile GS and your $11,000 price sems fair. As for how well the GS will hold up, 81K is allot of miles, but from what I have heard both on this board and from my mechanic today, the SC3800 engine is bullet proof. Of course with 81,000 miles on the car, other items like brakes, tires, belts, etc. will need replacement if not already replaced.

    Also, has the supercharger oil been check and changed at the 30K or more often intervals?

    Your decision...........
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53
    This is very important....

    Is the used car you are looking at

    1) an "LS"


    2) a "GS"

    The LS should be about $1,000.00 less than
    a GS.

    The LS has a 3800 V-6 Engine

    The GS has the SUPERCHARGED 3800 V-6 engine.

    Big difference. Find out for sure which one
    it is.

    $11,000.00 seems sort of high for an LS with
    that many miles.
  • Question: You have quite a number of Regals in stock---why? Have they sold well?
    What kind of buyer do you have buying the GS's ie age, sex, ...? What other cars
    have they looked at? What's their reason for buying the GS? What has been your
    buyer's level of satisfaction with the Regals?

    Regals have been quiet for about a month now, of course that happens with all cars over time. I just sold 2 regals in one day (1 LS, 1 GS). Demographics: 40's males, white collar with income ranging in about the 70's. This is a VERY broad generalization. I have had 20 year olds like the Regal (either model, not for the power), and I had an 80 year old gentleman recently that wanted the GS for the motor! Buick has about a 65-70% owner retention rate, the HIGHEST in the industry. Even higher than Toyota or Honda. I guess that answers the level of satisfaction question =)

    That leads me into another topic all together. Satisfaction really depends on the servicing dealer. Most people don't think of this, but service is what you should consider when choosing between dealers. How smart is it to save yourself $200 and not get pick up and drop off service for anything, free car washes anytime you think your car is dirty, and free lifetime oil changes like we do here. Next time you are choosing between dealers for the same brand car, ask to see the SSI (Service Satisfaction Index) rating on the service department, not the sales department. Everyone is happy with a new car otherwise you wouldn't buy it. Those scores will be high. Another way to think of it is this way: You are going to spend 3-4 hours with the salesman, and live with the service department. Which one should you want to be more happy with. I hear complaints about people don't get the right service, and that bothers me. It looks bad for the brand when it should really reflect on the particular dealer. Instead of saying Buick isn't taking care of this, tell us the dealer. Let people know who to trust and in what area you live in. Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole tree.

    Anyway, that is my rant for the day. Have a great one.
  • I am at the end of a '98 LS lease and need to decide whether to buy-out, or purchase/lease another car. So far, the LS has been great, is loaded, well-kept and has only 27k miles, but depreciation and lack of warranty complicate my decision, as well as upcoming college for kids. I'm leaning towards the buy-out. Two questions: (1) is there typically any negotiating room with GMAC/dealer with the buy-out and (2) is there any looming LS problems to worry about (e.g., extended warranty needed)?
  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    I have a 1999 LS...the more I "learn" about the GS(supercharger) the more I want one. I should have never test driven a GS!!! My question: should I sell my LS and purchase a GS??? OR Place an additional 2,000 in the LS modify engine; C.A.I. system, exhaust, brakes and keep it for a few more years???

    Besides fuel are their drawbacks to the supercharger...trans or motor issues??? What would happen if I placed a supercharger on a LS??? OR Would it be cheaper to buy a stock GS???

    Dazed and Confused,
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53
    By supercharging your LS, you will void your

    The GS has a "fortified" (heavy duty) transmission/transaxle that the LS does not

    If you really must have the supercharger,
    do it right and buy the GS and sell your LS.

    my 2 cents.
  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    What's mo'better...LS(200HP) or GS(240HP)

    Supercharger is a bad thing...Don't need another ticket. Supercharger is a good thing...I really have to get to the stop sign faster!!!(ha..ha)
    No really any advice....
    Yes, I know LS or's subjective!!!
    Much like that...Taste Great...Less Flling.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I'd wait till 2003 (I believe) when the new restyled Regal is due out. Plus, Buick may also be introducing a 300HPplus GNX which has me thinking already about trading the 01 GS for an 03 GNX. Wouldn't that be something!

    Good luck. You know that 3800 engine is no slouch!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Absolutely agree with you concerning the service.

    The last year my wife and I bought a new Buick Regal at the nearest dealership. One mile from me. 3 minute drive or 15 minute walk. Very convenient. They sell also Pontiac, BMW and MB, and are approved by local AAA. I thought it must be a good place. But my experience with the service turned to be negative.

    Our second car is a 98 Malibu, bought used at Chevrolet dealership. Serviced it here while the car was under warranty, even while the dealership is 11 miles from me. Their service is fist-rate. Would like to say anything good about the Buick dealership. Even while, in theory, Buick must better than Chevrolet.

    I cannot agree with you, though, about the specifics. You mentioned free car wash, and free oil change, and free transportation. All of this is nice, but is just an icing at the cake with generally good service. And can aggravate troubles with a really bad treatment.

    My Buick dealer have all of this - so what? After several contacts with them, I prefer to pay $15 for oil change at Firestone. Because the Firestone treat me as a human.

    I also decide that it is better to live with not-important defects, than to take the Buick service. The problem is I will be more or less stick with the dealer if need a serious repair, as long as the car is under GM warranty. I e-mailed GM, asking if I can arrange a warranty service at Chevrolet for a Buick car. GM answered that it is possible only if the car was bought used at the Chevy dealer.

    There are several other Buick dealerships around, 4 of them in 15 mile radius, according to GM. But how can I know, if the dealerships are better than the nearest one?

    You mentioned SSI (Service Satisfaction Index) rating of dealers. May I ask you, please, where to look for this index?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The good Chevrolet dealership is Richard Chevrolet, Cheshire, CT.

    The bad Buick/Pontiac dealership is Mauro Motors, Hamden, CT. They sell also BMW and MB, but last year moved the operation to other lot, in North Haven, CT.
  • FYI. Buick Regals are built in Oshawa, Ontario Canada along with Buick Century. The Regals have a very sporty shape to them. The lines remind me of 92-96 Toyota Camry. Buick Regal looks the best with 225-60/16 tires and alloys. The 15" wheels and wheel covers cheapen the look of the car.

    I drove a 98 LS with 23K miles two summers ago. It felt sporty, quite. One complaint was its soft ride. Since I was considering buying it, I borrowed it from its owner at work, and drove it home one night. Driving at 70mph on the highway, it seemed like it took forever to make the 32mile trip home. I bet the soft ride and soft seats will be tiring on 3+ hour trips. There was not enough left leg room for me either to stretch my leg. Wheel well was in the way. I am 5 9, and 180 Ibs, but I love the ability to stretch my left leg during trips.

    Buick Regal biggest attributes are its good looks, and GM's jewel, V-6 3.8L engine and excellent 4 speed transmission. I hear a lot people complain about trim rattle and squeaks. I am driving a 96 Toyota Camry XLE V-6. Toyota's 195HP V-6 gets about 29-32 on highway doing 70-75. Camry's gas tank holds 18.5 gallons.

    They say in 99 Buick added a engine brace across strut towers to increase stifness and regidity, and the ride is slightly firmer. Buick Regals also started using plastic gas tanks in 2000MY.

    Never worry about Regal paint job. GM Oshawa plants have one of the best GM paint facilities. The plant also makes Chevy Impala, Monte Carlo, and Lumina.

    Buick Regal production has been declining from 89K in 1998 to 78K last year. Some one said this car is lowest volume car in Buick line up. That Title belongs to Park Avenue. Last year, they built some 42K of those.

    With early retirement of Olds Intrigue, Regal's volume may pick up, but this year production numbers are way down across all US manufacturers, and its very unlikly that Regal will reach 100K. It does not make sense to have 80 days supply of cars, and give some $4500 rebate off the sticker to move the car. When those huge rebates go on, guess what happens to value of your used Buick Regal?
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Thanks for your reply. It was refreshing to hear the emphasis you place on SERVICE! I totally agree. When I purchased my GS, I was quite serious about buying a Lincoln LS. However due to a combination of price, dealerships and my like for the GS, I chose Buick. So far, I am quite happy.

    The LM dealerships in our area seem old and run down. They didn't at all give me any assurance that I would get service equal to what I paid for the car and what I truly expect.

    I purchased my GS from Marquardt Buick in Barrington, Illinois and have been quite satidfied with both the dealership and the service. If things change I'll let this board of Regal owners know.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I would not go back to that dealer you bought the car from! If there are 4 other dealers in the area, try them all until you are satisfied. Call them and make an appointment for an oil change (when needed) to check them out. If you are treated poorly on the phone, cancel the appointment and try another.

    Service is service and you do NOT have to go back to the dealer you bought the car from.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    ...but my mom wants to replace her 1991 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo with 150K. It's been a nickel and diming them a little recently and left her stranded once. Since she commutes 30+ miles each way to work, she needs something on which she can depend. She dearly loves the Celica but her confidence has waned. So... she likes my car and figures that, if I'd buy one, it must be OK. (I recommended the Celica too. They purchased it used for less than $11K and put 120K on it.) So... I went looking for her and found this:

    A 2000 GSE with 2614 (!) miles. It's at a Chevrolet dealership and was traded in on a C5. This car has everything but the wing. (Who cares?) They wanted $21995 but we bargained them down to $20450. I'm thinking this is fair. We could hold out and maybe shake them down another $1K but in that time, this brand-new-for-all-intents-and-purposes car could sell; another buyer was looking at the car as we were. What do you guys think?
  • A like new loaded 2000 GSE Regal with 2600 miles is worth $20,450 but since its at a Chevy dealer have your Mom offer them $20,000 and I bet they take it.

    In Dec we paid $15,888 for a well equiped 2000 LS Regal with leather and it had 18,000 miles.It stickered new for $25,000.This was a no trade deal at a Buick dealer 60 miles away.I offered less and they wouldnt take it.Our local dealer would have asked $17,888 or more for the 2000 LS we bought and would have sat on it until he got close to that.

    Let us know if your Mom gets the car.I'm sure she will like it if she gets it.Cars are selling poorly now and most dealers are carrying a huge inventory so its a buyers market.Good Luck.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    My last Buick was a '69 Special that had a lot of quality problems compounded by bad service from the dealer. Thirty years later, my next Buick is a '99 LS. The service from the dealer, whose aging facilities are located in a crummy area is great. His latest good deed was to replace the springs in the driver's seatback under warranty. At 25K, the dash rattle has mysteriously disappeared. My only complaint? Should have gone for a GS.
  • FYI... when I was looking for my regal these were the best prices I got, both from Buick dealerships

    98 LS with 27k miles and Gran T. package, leather int.... $13,650 (bet they would have taken $13,500)

    98 GS with 27,000 miles, spoiler, chrome rims, sunroof, etc.. $15,700

    98 GS with 30,000 miles... $15,000 (This is the car I bought because I don't need Chrome rims or spoiler, just that damn supercharger)

    And my wife really couldn't understand why I wanted the GS, she never drove it. I was seriously considering the LS, but didn't want to regret not having gotten the Supercharger, so I forked over the extra money... now I have no regrets and a faster car. I have read other posts about people regreting not having the GS and I think I made the right decision.

    And to anyone currently debating the LS vs. GS... without a doubt get the GS and if the wife doesn't understand why, hand her the keys for a test drive and get the hell out of her way. : )
  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    Ok...I'm going to buy a GS and trade in my LS BUT...Does anybody know why I can't find:

    1999 GS
    EXT-one tone maroon
    I personally don't like the grey two-tone(GSE)...or is this the only way the GS are painted??? I've seen one tone(White and Blue)GS's but NEVER maroon???
    with sunroof and 8 speaker system

    I've tried every new/used web-site...I can't find the Motts??? Does someone know of a car finding site??? I've tried: and every search engine!!! Is my search in vain??? I need something in the West coast...Arizona. Hell at this point I'll drive to the east coast for the car!!!

    If anyone knows something...THX
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53
    did you try
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Do not know about 1999 GS, but according to, all 2001 GS are painted in two tones, the lower one being "storm gray".
  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    Found an older 1999 site...maroon ONLY in two tone!!!
    I guess I'm gonna have to live with the two tone...
    I tried MAROON in El I come!!!
    One more question???:
    Where is the 7th & 8th speaker on the 8 speaker system???
    What size are they???
    2x(6x9)...Rear speakers
    2x(???)...Front Tweeter
    2x(???)...Lower Front speakers
    Are they in the rear doors???

    This GS better come with a cig.lighter and ashtray!!!
    Had to get the last one from AutoZone.
  • I hear you guys all talking about the GS with the supercharger, and how fast it is. You are entitled to your opinions, but I am extremely satisfied with our 2000 LS with Gran Touring Suspension. The 3.8 liter motor has plenty of power, and even cruising the interstate at 75mph, it will kick down a gear and accelerate up to 90+ in the blink of an eye.
    I'll keep my 3.8 that I can put regular gas in, while you guys spend an extra 20 cents per gallon for your supercharged GS. Enjoy!
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I think the 7th and 8th speakers on the Moonsoon system are with the 6x9s in the rear shelf. Probably tweeters or a small speaker like that. I don't think they are in the rear doors.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Hook dog - I, too am considering buying my car at the end of the [GMAC] lease. I don't know about you, but my buy out price is well above [by about $3K] the likely retail value at the lease's end. Asking around, I have been told three things. 1. GMAC is looking at the much lower wholesale price if you DON'T keep the car. 2. So, they might take less than the lease calls for if you will keep the car. 3. All of the leasing co.'s are being killed by the inflated residuals on the cheap leases of the last few years [is yours one of those?]. So, while GMAC hates to take less, you might as well ask [the worst that can happen is that they will say, "No"]. It may help to enlist the aid of your local Buick salesman [there might be a commission in it for him]. Let us know what happens.
  • I only found 1 solid color GS and it happened to be the one I bought.. sterling silver. Looks sharp with the windows tinted. Other than that I found 2 white and a blue 2-tone. The 2-tone does look sporty, but I didn't particularly care for it... seems the solid colors are harder to find... I was told by a dealer that you can still get solid colors on new GS, maybe he was wrong though.

    On another note, the Regal LS does have ample power for the average driver... I have a bit of a lead foot at times so the GS was the way to go for me. I wrestled with the sports car / family sedan issue for a month and found the Regal GS to be the perfect compromise (for a used sedan in my price range) Though I was very close to buying a Mark VIII for not much more money, but was only 2 door... man was it much more luxurious inside than the Regal, Lincoln knows how to build a luxury coupe. Maybe I'll be looking at the Lincoln LS for my next purchase.

    If the supercharger is not important to you, the Regal LS is more than sufficient, and you can get leather and Gran touring suspension and still get in $1500 cheaper than the GS... at least thats what I found in my search. Considering the LS has comparable horse under the hood as the Camry V6 or Accord EX your getting a bargain at the price difference.

    As far as the GS gas.. yes the premium costs me $15 more a month to run, but considering I was willing to spend $1500 more for the GS, I have no problem spending a tad more on the gas each month to have that power on tap. I am averaging 20 MPG city driving now.
  • frankkfrankk Posts: 35
    GMAC will likely listen to any offers one might make at the end of a lease. If you return the car the dealer gets a shot at buying it at the residual price, which is close to the retail price, so the dealer will pass. This means that GMAC will have to send the car to an auction, where the only thing that will be certain is that the price they will get will be low. Contact GMAC and lay down the cards. Tell them how much you are willing to pay. There is a good chance they will say yes. I have 17 months left on my lease, and unless my GS turns into a lemon I intend to pursue this path. If they say no, its their loss.
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