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Buick Regal



  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I passed a Corvette this morning, while driving my 1988(sic!) Ford Taurus Wagon. The Corvette driver did not mind, if ever notice...

    Hamden, CT near the border of New Haven, CT. City traffic. The posted speed is 30 mph in Hamden, and drops to 25 mph soon after crossing to New Haven. I did about 35 mph, 37 mph maximum, while the Corvette probably did the posted limit on the left lane. Passed it from right.

    The New Haven police like the location. Have a speed trap on the spot about 50% of time. All local drivers know this trap very well, but it does not matter - the police is ticketing somebody here every 10 minutes. Being a lighting rod for the speeding, the red Corvette driver most probably have to drive especially careful.
  • hb396hb396 Posts: 15
    Rotated tires on my '99 LSE at 26,000 miles and noticed that the front brake rotors both had grooves near the centers on the insides. Outsides were both smooth. Rotors were turned and front pads replaced under warranty. I think I found "The Rattle" folks. The noise was located in the dash, directly above the center of the steering wheel. I took my thumb and index finger and pinched together the top center of the dash and the black shell that houses the speedometer and gauges. The noise stopped. There is nothing holding those two pieces together, so I placed a quarter sized piece of velcro (isn't technology wonderful?) between the dash and gauge housing and there has been no rattle for a month. I'll let you know if anything changes. So..... be sure to have your brake rotors checked out during the next service and get rid of that annoying rattle !
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    I guess we can talk about wiper blades, now thats real interesting.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    forgot where but someone had a link up for theos silicone wiper blades that last for a very long time. Found it...

  • frankkfrankk Posts: 35
    Prior to it last redo in 1999, the 4.6 engine in the GT put out a paltry 215 HP. This was bumped up to 260 in 99. FWIW, I have beaten older GT's at the stoplight grad prix.
  • jaguarjimjaguarjim Posts: 2
    My remote entry device has the little red button that, if pressed, sets off flashing lights and honking horns for up to two minutes unless the button is pressed a second time. I've read the book and I know what the intended purpose is for this feature. However, having set it off accidently a few times, like when rummaging through my pocket for parking meter change, I would sure like to find a way to deactivate it.

    I've searched through the owners manual for a fuse to pull or a way to reprogram it like you can do for the door locks. There is nothing. I called my Buick Service Manager and he was unaware of any procedures for a manual override. Has anybody else dealt with this "problem" and come up with a solution? Thanks.
  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    I just picked up my new(at least new to me) '98 Regal GS. Love the car so far.... I
    wanted a service history record but none was available. My car has 60k miles and I would
    like to know what tuneup or maintenance needs to be done(assuming all is
    original on the car). I know the car has long-life plugs, coolant, & tranny oil but
    I don't want to run it that far without servicing these items.... anyone know the optimum
    life span of these??
    Car has original Goodyear LS's, so many owners don't like these tires!! seems to me
    a soft, quiet ride was GM's priority. Can anyone suggest a better tire that will still
    have a decent ride??
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345

    60k with the original tires? Several people complained at the board need to replace the tires after 20-25k miles. Either the previous owner drove very carefully, or he used other set of tires and put the Eagle LS back before selling the car.

    The 2000 GS my wife drives have only about 7.5k - too early for major maintenance. However, our second car, a 98 Malibu, have the same long-life coolant, plugs, and the transmission liquid.

    According to GM, the transmission liquid need not to be changed at all with regular use, and not earlier than at 50k miles with severe use, like taxi or driving in the mountain terrains. This is with Malibu, not Regal - check your the car manual.

    I live in Connecticut - a hilly place, but not mountains. However, mechanics are recommending to change the liquid at about 30k. I checked with a Chevy dealer and the Firestone mechanics, the both are very reputable, and was told the same at the both places.

    So I changed the liquid at about 40k. Turned to be, for the long-service GM makes a premium transmission filter, costs about $80 (US). My mechanic was surprised by the price.

    I asked the mechanic to fill the transmission with synthetic transmission fluid. Mobil 1 ATF. Bought it at Pep Boys, $6 per quart, and brought to the mechanic. Probably ATF this is overkill with the Connecticut climate, but the extra expense is relatively small comparing with the cost of transmission. Makes more sense with the cold Canadian winter.

    The orange coolant service is 150k miles (100k with Regal?), or 5 years. My 98 car was built in 97, already 4 years old, and I am planning to change the coolant with 45k mile service, at fall. For the build date, check the sticker on the door jamb.

    I believe, it is better to replace the platinum plugs with the 60k mile service. Even while they will serve to 100k according to GM.

    Other service items are listed in the car manual. At 60k, any car, most probably, needs new fuel filter, air filter, PCV valves(?), serpentine belt, and the general check-up. Probably needs new brake pads, probably air condition check-up, probably some new wires and hoses, possible injectors cleaning.

    Specific for GS: supercharger (a special oil must be added every 30k miles), and the cabin (pollen/dust) air filter.

    Tires: see the user surveys at tirerack:

    Personally, I would go to the Firestone Firehawk SH-30. Installed them on my Malibu the last fall and like the riding very much. Especially good at rain, and this is important for safety. Low noise. The best tires in high-performance category according to the user survey:

    However, the high performance tires are more stiff. The tires more comparable with the original Eagle LS are listed here:

    I believe, all 3-5 top models are good enough.

  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    Thanks so much for the feedback!

    Checked the door sticker & the car was built in April of' '98
    (Oshawa , Ont, which isn't too far from me). Appreciate the maintenance tips... I think
    I'll change the plugs & coolant this summer some time.

    Looking forward to using the heated seats in our cold winters. Seems to be lots of
    performance upgrades one can do, although this car is a rocket as is!! My first car was a '68
    Firebird with a 350 HO & Muncie 4speed & the best 1/4 mile time I could do with
    stock tires was about 14.9 sec. Can I believe that the 1/4 mile times for the GS
    are 15 sec flat???

    Also, thanks for the tire info... should be able to make a good choice when the time comes
    My LS's are 60% worn.

    The car had a few things done before I closed the deal.. i.e. new front rotors/ pads,
    turned the rear rotors, Rfront headlight changed due to large amount of condensation
    inside the lens(anyone had this?), new serpentine belts & some detailing work.

    This forum is a great place to trade info on one of GM's best kept secrets!
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    This was the latest model GT. Like I said I don,t think he was on it all the way off the line but when I started to pull ahead I could here him nail the throttle and he wasn,t gaining any ground on me. If he had jumped on it right off the line I,m sure he would have beat me but the Regal,s power never stops impressing me.
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    I live in Denver and would really like to install a smaller pulley to get me down to sea level performance. Someday!
  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    Has anyone heard of the "Tornado" device? I saw an ad on TV this past Saturday, and it mentioned this web-site:

    They claim it boosts horsepower and gives better gas mileage. I wonder if it really works.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    bought it over 5 years ago. Forgot where I read one of the auto repair journals where they had tested the product to show that it does absolutely nothing. I left the one I bought installed cause I figured while it didn't do anything, neither did it hurt anything.

    I wouldn't buy it again.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    please let me disagree with you about 300M

    300M is an awesome car. Most people never have any problems with its transmission. And as for the power of the engine - I regularly beat many sport-wannabe sedans and hang in there with cars like Mazda RX-7 while travelling at +/- 100MPH.
  • evizeevize Posts: 33
    Does anyone have first-hand experience with an SLP exhaust system on their GS??

    What performance improvement was noticed; was driveability affected; did gas
    mileage improve?

    Also noticing a problem with my transmission in the last couple of days....
    the 2-1 downshift as I come to a stop can be felt(it's rough) & when I take my foot off the
    gas to just creep forward a little, the car has this jerking motion happening.
    Ocurrs when car is fully warmed up. Anyone encountered this with their GS?
    My car is a '98 with 60k miles.
  • sailesaile Posts: 25
    I placed SLP Exhaust and Random Tech 3" downpipe(U-Bend included). ALL I CAN SAY...WOW!!! My MPG has gone...DOWN!!! That's my fault due to the way I drive...NOW!!! I bet if I were to STAY off the gas my MPG would go up. JUst remember the CAT-Back was placed for speed and nothing MORE. Yes it help the car breath better and should improve MPG but it's so MUCH more FUN to punch the GAS. It doesn't have that DEEP low hummm that you hear on a V-8 but it still SOUNDS GREAT!!!

    If you do place SLP please change the exhaust tip. I went with a SS 3x5 Oval Tip...mainly due to Tolan's GS_Plans. If your looking to Oval Tip:

    go to megs tips

    Ian Cruz []

    The best addition to improve MPG has been the addition of a K&N filter and pulley!!!

    Good luck with YOUR GS plans



  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Now have 3000 miles on the GS and really enjoy it. Haven't had too many problems other than something I call a muffled backfire that the dealer could not find the cause of. This problem went away when I switched gas stations. The other problem was wrinkled, dry leather on the back seat, bench. It's going to be replaced on Friday.

    AS a sidelight, these last two weeks while on vacation I was driving a Lincoln LS V 8 Sport. It's a well put together, quick, tight car. However, I was glad to get back to the GS. It's more comfortable, roomy and just as quick; though the rwd LS handles much better and feels much more secure on the road. For the $10,000 price difference, I'd take the GS anytime!
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Think I jinxed this board with my last post, so thought I'd try to get something else going. I am interested in your modifications:

    "I installed a MSP Cold-air intake kit not too long ago with the big K&N cone filter. The kit was installed for performance, not MPG, but after running a few tankfuls now, I've discovered that better gas mileage was icing on the cake! I'm now averaging 26.5 - 27mpg"

    Did the intake kit come from the K&N people? Was the installation complex? Does the installation effect your warrenty?


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    What does MSP stand for?

    It affects your warranty only if your dealer or GM can prove the warranty issue was caused by the/or result of the new intake. In that case, you may be in for a battle with GM.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    We'll have to wait for recarboni to rely re MSP. How are things in the beautiful state of Hawaii. We visited Maui last January; had a wonderful time!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Weathers been extremely hot....temperature in the 90's as well as humidity.....yuck!! Thank goodness for a/c.
  • digmyregaldigmyregal Posts: 12
    Don't know why I never noticed this before, but the dealer service center has been putting 5w30 in sometimes and 10w30 in other times. Now that we've moved to central Florida, should I be requesting one or the other? I want to stick with one weight, no more random. Thanks.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

    However, when questioned, each dealer will have their own know how that goes...
  • digmyregaldigmyregal Posts: 12
    Nevermind. I cracked the owners manual and answered my own question. It looks like 10w30 is the way to go in the Florida heat.

    Anyone have trouble with the front doors sticking? Mine rub at the very top corner where the trim is. I lube it with a little oil and they open much better. Don't remember seeing that mentioned here but then I haven't been on this board much lately.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    for the sticky door. The dealer will add a plastic piece to prevent your door trim from moving. It's this moving that causes your door to stick. Eventually, it won't close at all. Or you could take a 2x4 and a hammer and pound it back into place.
  • PAmanPAman Posts: 207
    As I said in an earlier post, I apologize for pointing my anger at you. In the past, the owner of a site controls what goes on or is attached to his HTML link. The fact is that the stuff was there, even though you didn't link it. Apparently, in their quest for new ways to get our attention and push their poison, some sleazy operators are finding ways to attach crap to a web address without the owner's knowledge or permission.

    Like I said before, I would contact your Internet Service Provider and the authorities, including the FBI about this. Attaching a porn site to a web link for car enthusiasts is going WAY over the line of taste, and may have broken several local, state and federal laws.

    By the way, anyone trying the link should be prepared to have lots of unsolicited junk sent to your browser. This happened to me until I shut everything down and rebooted. Once again, apparently it is NOT rcarboni's fault, but the unsolicited links are still somehow embedded in that address.

    I hope you accept my apology.

    Joe Wiggins
    San Antonio, TX
  • danadana Posts: 36
    If you place a link on our site, it is your responsibility to check it out prior to placing it on our Message Boards. Please check out any material before posting it in Town Hall. Our Membership Agreement does not allow for obscenity or profanity, and is rated a PG site. If you have any questions about our Membership Agreement, please take a look on the top left navigational bar....or you can link directly to:

    Secondly, if you have a problem with a User's post, please contact me or your Host Pat directly via email. Please do not post your comments here. We want to keep the topic on discussion and not attack other users. If there is a problem, please be assured we will handle it. Thanks!

    Happy Posting!

    Dana S. Livingston
    Manager, Town Hall
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Yesterday, I was in another board for Lexus. I noticed there that they had a DIRECT link on EVERY message there that said something like- Report this poster to the host. Any chance that could happen here? Probably not, because just trying to get the name of the Zaino topic changed seemed to cause a lot of confusion. Just thought I'd ask anyway.

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Don't leave buddy! Your input and past help is and will always be greatly appreciated!

    Put this minor incident in perspective...

    Don't leave, just yet.
  • nels1nels1 Posts: 25
    rcarboni, don't let em get you down. As for me I'm kinda sorry I missed it.
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